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OS JULl' 2012
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USN Pacific partnership mission ends the US Navy's Pacific Partnership 2012 (PP12) conducted in Samar Island with its base of operation in this city formally ended Monday, July 1. 2 'Sexual abuse' talamak sa NPA - Phil Army Talamak ang pang-aabusong sekswal particular na ng mga !ider n9 mga rebeldeng NPA sa mga kababaihan particular na ang mga menor de edad na recruits ng mga ito sa iba't-ibang bahaqi ng bansa. Manila Bulletin p. 14


Ngayon p.2



Ito ang katotohanan.


People's Journal p. 12 Manila Bulletin p, 8-9


DZRH Airs radio drama on peacekeeping The AFP has linked a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) for OZRH, the flagship station of MBC to air a series of radio dramas about success stories of rebel returnees, while highlighting heroism among our military forces, in efforts to achieve long-tasting peace. Search off Operatives of the Philippine navy and the Philippine Coast Guard already stopped the search and rescue operations for four missing fishermen, who were hit by foreign vessel along the shorelines in Bolinao, Pangasinan last June 20, 2012.


Manila Bulletin p. 13

Arms race with China futile


While the Aquino administration is cool to the proposal of Senate President Juan Ponce Ennle to amend the constitution to allow more military spending amid heightening tensions over a territorial dispute in the Panatag Shoal, another senator says an arms race with China is futile. P-Noy wants US spy plane help in China dispute President Aquino may soon ask the US to deploy spy planes in the West Philippine Sea to help monitor the disputed waters, a move that could reignite tensions wtth its giant neif.1hborChina. Chinese patrol ships conduct drills in South China Sea Chinese patro! ships took part in a formation practice in the South China Sea, yesterday, a report on the Chinese web portal said. Phil Star p. 4


Manila Bulletin p. 6




Phil Star p. 4


named new CAAP director general The Board directors of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) on Monday unanimously elected LtGen William Hotchkiss 3fd as director general of the agency,


Manila Times p. A-6


PhUippine, US troops hold naval exercises ~ The Phil and the US began the 18th annual Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (Carat) exercises in General Santos City and Saranganj province on Monday amid growing tensions in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). CARAT to test coast watch project in Mindanao Hundreds of Filipino and American sailors are scheduled to conduct minesweeping and night sea insertion operations in this year's joint Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT)

Manila Times p. A~2



Phil Star p. 1


Filipino and American sailors and Coast Guards began joint naval exercises in southern Philippines yesterday amid fresh tensions between China and its rivals for territory in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) US hospital ship docks at Subie The US biggest naval hospital ship, in the USNS Mercy, docked at Sublc Bay yesterday for six-day visit to restock and allow its crew some time for rest and recreation.

PH, US troops start war exercises

POI p, A-1



POI p. A-15


3 Camp Aguinaldo robbers nabbed The AFP yesterday said it is exhausting all efforts to account all those responsible for the series of robberies inside its General Headquarters at Camp Aguinaldo In Quezon City. Its follow-up operations resulted to the arrest of three suspected robbers.


Manila Bulletin p. 2


in military camp robbery nabbed Three of the notorious Bah ala na Gang, tagged as responsible In at least one burgtary inside Camp Aguinaldo, were arrested in separate operations launched by combined police and military operatives in Quezon City.

3 suspects

Daily Tribune p. 4


3 nabbed for Camp Aguinaldo burglaries Three men have been arrested in connection with the recent rash of burglaries at Camp Aguinaldo, the AFP said yesterday.


Phil Star p, 13


Abu tagged in Dos Palmas kidnapping nabbed Joint police and military security forces captured on Sunday an Abu Sayyaf member tagged in the Dos Palmas kidnapping 11 years ago.


Phil Star p. A-19

NPA rebels bum military asset's house in Agusan The house of the former NPA supporter truned asset of the military in Purok 3, 8arangay Kasiklan, Las Nieves, Agusan del Norte was burned by sW:ipected NPA rebels Friday .

Phil Star p, A-19

17 18

Allies (photo) in The US Naval hospital ship Mercy arrives at Subie Freeport yesterday and humanitarian Zambales to participate in medical missions. (photo) Cha-cha for AFP budget shelved The House of representatives may not have enough time to push for specific amendments in the 1987 Constitution, particularly to the provisions intended to boost the country's military capability following China's intrusion into Philippine territorial waters, officials said Monday.

Dally Tribune p. 1 Phil Star p. 1

Standard Today p. 1


~dO 9
re Gazmin sounds like a politician

ng matagal.

Ngayon p. 5 Police Files p. 4 POI p, A-20

8rgy. tanod, binugbog ng 2 sundalo; kasamahan ng mga Army gumanti Blnugbog ng dalawang sundalo ang isang barangay tanod sa Brqy, Sta Cruz, Curnmao, lIocos Norte.




Imbestigasyon, Atyani


ng AFP sakaling


sa kuta ng ASG si


Tiniyak ogayon ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) na magpapatuloy ang kanilang imbestigasyon sa umano'y pagdukot kay Jordanian joumaUst Baker Atyaai at dalawa pang mga Filipino crew nito sakaling makalabas na mula sa kuta n9 Abu Sayyaf group (ASG).



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July 2012



USN Pacific Partnership Mission Ends
disaster' response exercise effective today," Layug said in his address. Layug described the PP12 as "a very extraordinary event - the bigCALBAYOG CITY, Samar - The United States (US) Navy's Pacific. gest humanitarian mission in the Pacific region (by the US Navy) and Partnership 2012' (PPI2) conducted in Samar Island with its base of op- a gathering of several nations coming together for a common purpose of eration in this city formally ended bringing much-needed help to ourpeoMonday, July 1. pie and improving our capacity to have .During the formal closing ceremoa synchronized and well-coordinated ny conducted here which was attendresponse when disaster strikes." ed by US, Japanese and Philippine The PP12 was said to have been military officials; national' and local the largest Pacific annual humanitarofficials of Samar, non-government ian and civic assistance (HCA) misand other private and civic organizations; and the Philippine Army's 8th sion benefiting selected communities in Samar Island by the US Pacific Infantry Commander, BGen Gerardo T. Layug declared the mission for- Fleet in the Asia-Pacific region. It was formally opened here by U.S. mallyended. "Finally, by the power vested in me Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K Thomas, Jr., last June 19. by the Central Command; AFP and Among others, the HCAobjectives as the commander of the 8th infantry division, I hereby formally declare . included the delivery of basic services, strengthen alliances- and ensure the closing of the Pacific Partnerthat the international community is ship 2012 humanitarian assistance

better prepared to synchronize delivery of foreign humanitarian aid in times of natural disaster or crisis. . ExChange of information by experts on disaster preparedness/ response and damage control were also conducted during the two-week! mission. Main activities during the mission were a medical & dental mis-' sion, veterinarian mission and engineering works. . For his part, Samar Rep. (2nd District) Mel Senen Sarmiento said in a speech, that the "PP12 was a successful one, exceeding targets without any untoward incidents happening."

He informed that the mission' treated 16,469 patients over and: above the targeted 10,000 patients even as seven engineering projects. were completed against the four orig-' inally planned and finished ahead of schedule during the duration of the' mission. ;


'Sexual abuSl!.~'J - Phil. Army


Talamak anq pang- .


f.,·· .••·••.••..•••• ·• ·.·

~i<:E••. §f5~~~~f:~~~~~~~~!f~~u;;;;~=;~~~~J~'·', •.•·-•··.···5295·•·--.)-.t-./ j~T~.I1O 1693j :.52&7 ····.-~ ···(·~) .• ·•·•• •• .•••• •
-----lI92~·.·.••·.•· _

aabusong sakswal partikular na ng mga lider ng mga rebeldeng New People's Army (NPA) sa mga kababaihanpartiku-' lar na ang mga menorde edad na recruits ng mga ito sa iba't 1bangba~agi . ng bansa. Ito ang ibinulgar kahapon nrArmy Chief It Gen, EmmanuelBautista sa pagsasabing hindi, lamang sa Western Vi- • sayas kundl sa. buonq ] kapuluannagaganapang , g~rapalang pagyurak sa

Iba pang opisyal n9 NPA sa mgil kababaihatlg. recruits ng kilusang komunista.. ·Se~uat opportunism happens within the circle . of NPAmovement andit's nationwide", ani Bautista basesa intelligencemonitoring at testimonya ng mga nagsisukongrebeJde. na hindi na masikmura ang nasabingrnakapanindig balahibong nararanasan ng mga kababaihang bikflma. Karaniwan umimong • srnasamanta:ia ng mga NPA Commander ang . pagpasokngkababaihang recruits nila lalo na ang mgaesludyantana'nabilr . lIog' nita ang kanilang ; mga ulo para sumanibsa ' .

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\ ")-

ITO ANG MaJ.Eduanlo Rosario. of .the Anned Forces of ·tbePhllpplnes recentty signed a lI16J11(JI'aJldum of agreement with officIals of ManJIaBroadcastlng Company led by its president RupertoS. NlcdaoJr., chief finance officer Eduardo COrdova and Atty. Rudolph "U"~JIH", . president and ole of DZRH wbich will aiUt 581rfesof radio dramas about success stories of rebel ees, while highlighting heroism among our military forces, In efforts to achieve long.lastlngpeace. The 2nd Infantly Jungle fighter DIvision of.the Philippine Armywlll provide core subject for"lto angKatotoba, nan, "a 3~nute soap opera every Saturday 9:30 . p.m. wiffilnthe "Abot-,Kamay. ".,program anchored by .veteran reporter Norberto "Bing" Fonnento, head of . the defe .. e press corps. The first two episodes will feature Jennilyn P!%laro Espinosa, alias Ka KC, and Eleonor Orgena, alias Ka Lyka,two veiy young mothers. from Quezon province, who were recruited Into the New People's Army but eventually returned to civilian life after having been cauglttwith the socalled "Mqrong 43~". '. "~~ ~:•

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Airs Radio Drama
On Peacekeeping
The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with. Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) for DZRH, the flagship station of MBC, to air a series of radio dramas about success stories of rebel returnees, while highlighting heroism among our military forces, in efforts to achieve long-lasting peace. Major General Eduardo del Rosario signed the MOAfor and on behalf of the

AFP while the radio station was represented by MB President Ruperta S. , Nicdao J r, chief finance officer Eduardo Cordova and Atty. Rudolph Jularbal, vice president and DZRH Officer-inCharge. The 2nd Infantry Jungle fighter Divi- . sian of the Philippine Army will provide core subject for "Ito ang Katotohanan," a 30-minute soap opera within the Saturday evening program '~bot-Kamay," anchored byveteran reporter Norberto . "Bing" Formento, head of the defense press corps. Airing at 9:30 p.m., Formente's program will also feature live interviews with the actual subjects of the radio documentaries. . The first two episodes will feature Jennilyn Pizzaro Espinosa, alias Ka KC, and Eleanor Orgena, alias Ka Lyka, two .very young mothers from Quezon prov. ince, who were recruited into the New People's Army but eventually returned to civilian life after having been caught with the so-called "Morang 43.~'

SAN FERNANDOCITY, La Union - Operatives from the Philippine Navy{PN) and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) already stopped the search-and-rescue operations for four missing fishermen, who were hit by foreign vessel along the shorelines in Bollnao, Pangasinan last June 20, 2012. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) Executive Director Benito Ramos, said the search for Fred Celino, Arnold GarCia, Domy delos Santos, and Amante Resonable, all of Bolinao, Pangaslnan, has ceased. But Ramos stopped short of speculating the missing are ' dead, saying: "We are not lOSing ~:':~e~~~aOUn~eNt~t~~a~ei:;!_
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. "'-' " ...;.,...;.,...;.,...;.,...;.,...;.,...;.,...;.,...;., . = Sible, especially with the power .. . ..•
, of prayer." (Freddie G. Lazaro)



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July 2012



Arms Race With China Futile

While the Aquino administration is cool to the proposal of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to amend the Constitution to allow more military spending amid heightening tensions over a territorial dispute in the Panatag shoal, another senator says an arms race with China is futile. In a press briefing, Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the Aquino administration sees no need for Charter change in its dispute with China. "If we can resolve problems or we can resolve issues without .go-

ing through amending the charter, . and not just to prioritize military we will continue to do it that way," spending over education and other Lacierda said. social services," he said. Meanwhile, Sen. Antonio TrllTrillanes and Lacierda were relanes IV said the Philippine govern- acting to Enrile's proposal to amend ment should peacefully resolve its the charter to enable government to territorial dispute with the People's prioritize spending for the military. Republic of China and "revive our "We have not made any discusrelationship as economic partners sions right now on Charter change. and not enemies." The President has made his posiThlsIs a better alternative than tion very, very clear on that point engaging China in an arms race with respect to Charter Change," "which is impossible and increasing Lacierda said. military spending may be a futile "What we are doing right now exercise," said Trlllanes, a former is to create a minimum defense .Navy officer. position. That's why we are acquir"With all due respect to our Sen- ing military hardware. So that part, • ate President, although I agree that we are going to do. We are in the the Constitution should be amendprocess of doing (it) right now," he said. ed, it should be for other reasons




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DJ July 2012

President Aquino may soon ThePCG chiefsaid they still .....The Mer:y has}2operating "government organizations ask the United Statesto deploy have to discuss with the Navy ro?ms,anmtenslve-cate unit i and international agencies to spy planes in the WestPhilip- the details of the assistance. with 80 beds, four mod~rn! build stronger relationships pine Sea (South China Sea) Filipino fishermen are ex- x-r~y equipment, a physical i and develop disaster response to help monitor the disputed pected to return to the shoal therapy center, computerized i capabilities throughout the waters, a move that could. once the fishing ban has been tomography scan unit, dental' Asia-Pacificregion. reignite tensions with its giant lifted on July,15. ,. clinic,angiographyciinic, eye The PP12r the largest joint neighbor China, Since April 10, the Philip- '.laboratory~ two oxygen-pro~> .•....... ' .,. .. .'_ . uW~ might be requesting pines has been in a stand?ff'ducingrooIDs;bloodbankarid, hu:narnt~r~anmlsslon In the overflights on that," Aquino with China as both countnes ·l,OOOregularmedkalbedsan.dAsla-Pa~lfic~ ste~I?e.d ~rom said, referring to USP3C Orion claim ownership of Panatag can accommodate 200patients 1 hum a,;utan an lUI tI a.tives spy planes. "Wedon't have air- Shoal.. . . per day; . . f~llowmg t~e. tsunann t~at craft with those capabilities." . .- ~ .. _The Mercy is scheduled for' h~t'Indonesia In 2004.which The Philippine government" . killed more than 200 000 The. President ordered the argued that the disputed areais port call in the Philippines for . people . .. , 'ullout last month of a Iightly wi thIn me country's200-nauti- the Pacific Partnership 2012 ":1_ . Mercy ." USNS was built as P armed Coast Guard ship and cal mile exclusive economic FI h an annual US d ci (PP12), Pacific an .'. tanker .by National . ., 011 a fisheries boat due to bad zoneaspro';idedbytheUnited eet umanitarian an CIVIC St I C f S D' C li weather around a srou p of Nations Convention on the assistance mission. . ee III an iego, . forma ?' 01976 She wa a 1rock formations about 140 Law of .the- Sea (UNCLOS). It joined the recently con-jc., .' named' and con ert d st remiles(225~)westofthemain .eluded PP12, the largest joint. ..... ." v te 0 a Philippine island of Luzon, Another US ship 'humanitarian mission in the hospital and launche~ o~July ending a two-month standoff docks in Subic {Pacific, which was held nom .'.20, 1985 and c()mmissioned between the two sides, Meanwhile, aUS hospi-: June 18 to 3D, involving the on Nov.8,1986.: '.. But there were reports that tal ship docked at theSubic US, Philippines, Thailand, C t~madlfFc;cess)oke~:: al the Philippine Coast Guard Bay Freeport yesterday to .... ustralia, Malaysia" Canada, MO. rn;l 0 ur?o~ A e (PCG)will go back to the dis- participate in amedicaland:F~ance, Japan, New ~ealand,' ~~y ~1 7remam in e area puted area to secure Panatag hun.1anitm::ian mission in the, Smgap o.r ....,. ..... ....... ,.K. e Chile, Peru un';(f~ y : it . ) f .' . (Scarborough) S. hoal and will A' P ific "t· -. .'. -.. .' e VlSl IS or routine be assisted by the Armed.Pore- . :,121- aC1}C ~egl ~. '.. . . sartd the Netherlands. ship replenishment, mainte'Ih; .U::;NS.Mmy 1S the ~U_". .. The humanitarian mission nance of shipboard systems' es of the Philippines (AFP). Navy s pre,lTI.. and state of ..covered Catbalogan City, Cal- .a. d crew liberty,"Bur. os said, i n peG commandant ViceAd- I .the -, r, hospital ship' one of bayog City and the towns at gl .. emphasizing that the visit .miral Edmund Tan welcomed: two:n its fleet.TheUS~lbt~ry ",of Silanga.. Gandara, Caray- .'.is not related to the Panatag reports that the AFPwould be Sealift ~ommand maintains ···.ma!\Veriato, alaga, and San ··Shoal dispute;· M . assisting them, saying he sees\Jot~ ships, whoseperson~el Isidro.' ..,. . . I·. The Mercy docking came no conflict working alongside don t carry any destruct! ve . .' The province of Samar, a eight days after the nuclearthem at Panatag Shoal, which weapons.. '.. disaster-prone province, ben- powered US submarine USS ssIOnof the ,.efitedfrom the mission's medi- Louisville made a port call in islocated 124nautical miles off The pnmary Zambales province. Mercy IS to provld: and ~~P-calassistance,veterinary and' Subic,-Alexis Romero,Evelyn He added that coordination port the r~pld mobile medlc~ldentalassistance programs, ...• Macaitan,BebotSison,Reuters between the two government and surgical treatment to au ,..>Militaryengineersfrom the; agencies should be intensified and groun~ combatants of 'PhilippinesandtheUSalso • not only at the Panatag but, Army and.AlrForceper.sonnel \1.·.·.C.·.·.on .•dtid.·edengineeringaSsis.-. · in other parts of the country , deployed m,the w~r zone. 'tanceprojects that involved as well, '. The hospital ship also pro- . the construction of schoolsand . : Tan,said there is "no prob- vides m:'obilemedicai arid health centers. , lem.WIththat. It would be b~~~ surgical hospital for the appro~ore thar: 16,000residents ter If both the Navy and PCG priate USgovernmentagencies. reCeIVe? a~slsta:nc~from the wou~d support each. other in ~ in disaster and humanitarian humarutana?- mISSiOn.' • helpmg se~ure the fishermen. activities. an I~ow on-its s~ven~h year, '. .... . . . .. ..1 not only In Panatag Shoal ;'r_.rorrIURQ-!;;IlIilU..uo;oac! pa:cificPartnershlp bnngs to-~2·1693,LocaI:5287,5295 but in all other areas, of the gether US military personnel, ...._ ;......;...J country." host and partner nations, none.









Chinese patrol, ships conduct drills 'in South China


Chinese patrol ships took government, 'th~team is expart in a formation prac- -pectad to travel mote than tice in the South China Sea>2-400 nautical miles during yesterday, a 'report on the the patrols. Chinese .government's web The report said the ships portal sal~.· , reached Huayang Reef,a cor.The Chinese government s ,al reef in the Nansha Islands report said fou.rChina ~~rine last S~nday, and anchored, Surveillance (CMS)ships con- northeasto£ Yongshu Reef, ' ducted a formationpractice~ar ~after, covering a distance of YongshuRee£intheSouthChina '1,800 nautical miles. " Sea. "': Monday's practice came "The two-hour practice ses- . amid an ongoing territorial sionwasfulfilledsmoothlybut row with the Philippines in , a helicopter scheduled to take Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal part did not do so, due to ad- in the West Philippine Sea. verse weather," the report Said. --I~ eaiiy Ap~n, hilippine P It .satd the eMS patrol forces spotted Chinese fishsailed from south China's ' ermen' taking endangered coastal city of Sanya last marinespecies from the area, June 26 to the South China but were blocked by Chinese Sea to conduct regular op- vessels when they tried to erations.. ' make arrests. According to the Chinese: - GMA News


July 2012

L~]IaniIa t!U~ I
Hotchkiss named new CAAPdirector general



TrIB BOARD of Directors of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) on Monday unanimously elected retired u Gen. WiIliam Hotchkiss 3rd as director general of the agency. ', Hotchkiss is expected to use his air operations skills in assessmg.and finding solutions on pressing CAAP issues, in consultation with the Department of Transportation and Cornmunicatlons and other air transport organizations. These include the runway congestion problem at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and bringing the airport's category status to higher level. "Good governance will be pan of my agenda," Hotchkiss said. "Air lsecurity] operations are not new to me, but I need some time to fully understand the pressing issues facing eMP before lean make the right decision to institute reforms. • Hotchkiss said that Transporta- .

tion Secretary Manuel Roxasappro ached him last May to offer the position of CMF director general. 'IRet) u. General William Hotchkiss 3rd brings to eMP his ,comprehensiv:e air operations expe.rience and proven people management skills: Roxas said: ." A staunch advocate of discipline. good work ethic, and prioritizes safety in air flights, he fits the bill in overseeing the operations of CAAP," he added. Hotchkiss was the former Com.manding GeneraiofthePhilippine ~.Air Force (PAP). He was responsible in managing mote than 15,000 PAF . military and. civilian personnel to carry outtheforee's primary mission .of securing the national air defense, Hotchkiss also headed the Special . Aircraft Accident InvestigationCommittee that investigatedthe tragkAir Phil,ippines crash in Davao City in 2001. ROSALIE (. PERIABRAS

Philippine, US troops hold naval exercises
(PSi9), BRP Salvador Abcede (PG· TIlE Philippines and the United States 114), and BRP Teotimo Figuracion began the 18th annual Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (Carat) . (PG389) - as well as several air assets of the Armed Forces. Three US exercises in General Santos City and ships also partldpated=Usbls Sarangani province on Monday amid Vandergrift, USNS Safeguard and mogrowing tensions In the West Philip' bile salvage unit USCG WaiSche of pine Sea (South China Sea). . Arrival of a US Navy Task Force . the US Coast Guard. Aoout450 US naval forces and which will train alongside its FiliCoast Guard troops, including US pino counterpart from July 2 to July Army Special Forces, will be inlOin Mindanao Sea, volved in. the maneuvers-that will Commodore Philip Cacayan, commanding general of the Naval Forces last until July 10. The exercise includes in-port , Eastern Mindanao, said that two US training, riverine operations, dive .........,_.__ Navy ships arrived at the Makar port arid salvage activities. While here; •. ,..... ••••.•...•... , in~~:t;~~~~~fn~u~:~ ships joined the exercises=-Barko ng hold rock concerts in Sarangani and Republika ng Pilipinas (BRP) Magat General Santos. Salamat (PS10), BRP Miguel kla/var


f"""'................................... ~~~


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03 July 2012



CARAT to test coast watch project iii Mindanao'



CARAT to test

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Americansailorsarescheduled also test the effectiVityof the .gisticCo111manclerof Western .. to conduct minesweepingand .CoastWatch South, a sea~al'l:d .··Pacific€Ofumand's.7th·Fleet,'the·PhIHppinesno longer night sea insertion operations land-based r:nonitoringsys~ this year's US CARAT has presence in the area after in thisyear's jointCooperation tem to detect, in teal time, all commander, said the. naval President Aquino ordered a AfloatReadiness and Training naval activities in the coun- exercises have nothing todci pullout of two government (CARAT) here, itry'ssouthern backdoor. with any territorial disputes ships last month due to bad Senior USand FilipinomiliThe main objective of the in the West Philippine Sea. weather. .tary officials said yesterday Coast Watch South project is "We're a long way from It remains unclear whether that the drills ,will test. the to get real time movements the South China Sea. Notl-t- Malacatiang would order a effectiveness of the US and of local and foreign terrorists ing in this exercise would redeployment of vessels to asAustralian-funded multimil- within the country's porous be provocative, Weare here sert the country's ownership li n-dollar Coast WatchSouthhmaritime border with Indo- because the Philippines is a of the area. o , ct inthe MindanaoSea. .nesia and Malaysia. . treaty ally," Carney said: The Communist Party of pri:~.Gen. JorgeSegovia,mili- . •.•.US Ambassador. Harry' Capt. Dave Welch, com- the Philippines (CPP), as extar head of the EasternMind- Thoma~ Jr., who. attendedmander of ~estroyer Squadron peered, opposed the conduct Y C mmand (Eastmincom) the official opemng of the 31 based In Pearl Harbor, of the joint naval exercise, an~o Phllippine Navy Easte~ nine-day naval event, said Hawaii, leads CARAT Task saying it reflects the supa~ . ,, US sailors and Coast Guard. Group 73.1.. posed US plan to dominate Mmdamj.ocommand~r Phihp personnel will be interacting "The. Philippine and US the region. . .. C~cayar:,both b~~edin Davao . with their Filipino counter- Navies share a special relaThe CPP said the USis usCity, said thatml~e' co?-nter- parts. to further hone theirtionship and history;" said ing thebilateral exercise to ~easures ,and mght mser- interoperability skills. . Welch, "Our bilateral op-expand itsnetwork of bases tion naval He said he is also looking erations and training have and ports. . techniques' being introduced forward to US sailors-engag- matured over the past 60 The Philippine Navy ships t 1 . ding their Filipino counter- years, and CARAT Philip- that will join the activity in this year s J~m bn~va. : in karaoke singing.. pines is a model for how an are BRP Magat Salamai, BRP coa~ ~ard ?nll~ . eof .: Thomas, however/avoided exercise series can evolve to Miguel Malvar, BRP Salvador fQ~ erst time in e ea . 'answering questions involv- bring new value each year." Abcede and BRP Teatime EiguMmdana,o.. .. .'. ing the current territorial racion. Segovla said the }?~! av~lstandoff between the Philip- Nothing n to do with. The US Navy, on the other and Coast Guard aCh~lti~S'::~ ipines and China in Panatagterritorial dispute hand, will deploy the USS Turn 0 ag .Shoal with China's warning The Armed Forces of the Vandergrift and USNS Safethat it will resolutely oppose Philippines (AFP) also clari- guard, a salvage ship. any provocative actions its . fied that the CARATexercise The Philip p in e Coast -maritime territory. is not related to the territorial Guard and US Coast Guard He said that the decades. row in the West Philippine will employ the BRP Pamold alliance between the Phil- Sea.. panga and the USCGWaesche, ippinesand the US remains AFP spokesman CoL Ar- respectively. strong, and reiterated the nulfo Burgos Jr. said CARAT Other assetsthat will parUS stand that all territorial "was planned long before ticipate in the CARAT are disputes in, the West Philip- the standoff in Panatag a Philippine Navy Islander pine Sea must be resolved Shoal," . ,plane, a USNavy P3C Orion, peacefully. Burgos said the activity is'SH-60B helicopter, and BOSingapore-based Rear Ad- not a response to China's de- 10seB helicopter from Philipmiral Thomas Carney Jr., 10- cision to send patrol ships to pine Coast Guard.
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The exercise will involve around 400 personnel from . the Philippine Navy, 350 !.from the US Navy,S(Hrom . the Philippine Coast Guard, and 150 from the US Coast Guard. Meanwhile, USNS Safeguard has been diverted from , General Santos City to Manila to conduct search and salvage operations in the mouth of Manila Bay for a missing. Philippine Air Force (PAF) , trainer plane. "One of our ships, USS 1 . Safeguard, will conduct. the actual salvage operations . within Manila Bay area for the PAF missing plane," said Carney, referring tothePAF' SF260trainer plane with two pilots onboard thaf plunged into the mouth of Manila Bay while on a routine proficiency training flight several weeks ago, an houraftertaking off from Sangley Point Naval Base in Cavite City. , Combined efforts of Air Force and Navy search teams to locate the trainer plane, as well as its missing pilot and ! co-pilot, have yielded negative results. Underwater robots used to sweep the seabed of Manila Bay failed to locate the missing plane, which fishermen saw plummeting into the sea near an island in Mariveles, Bataan. He said there are 25 US . Navy divers and 70 highly trained personnel in rescue and salvage operations on their ship. ~ Alexis Romero, Roel Parefio, Pia Lee-Brago


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troops start war
By Aquiles Z. Zonio
Inquirer Mindanao


and Jeoffrey Maitem
FILIPINO and American sailors and Coast Guards began joint naval exercises in southern Philippines yesterday amid fresh tensions between China and its rtvals for territory in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). A total of 450 troops from the Philippine Navy and the philippine Coast Guard and 500 of their counterparts from the US Navy and US Coast Guard are participating in .nine days of joint maneuvers in Mindanao Sea. Playing on the Philippine side are four Navy vessels and one Coast Guard ship. On the American side, two Navy ships and one Coast Guard vessel

US COMMODORE Dave Welch is welcomed bya local

businessman and naval reservist at the start of the exercises.

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ue involved in the war games. The US forces arrived in Gen.ral Santos City on Sunday as :bina sent four patrol vessels to I disputed area in the West 'hilippine Sea amid a simmerng territorial dispute with Vietlam: '

::hina-Vietnam row
Beijing summoned Vietnam's Imbassador to China last month to protest a new law ~assed by the Vietnamese parnament that placed the disputed Sprady islands in the West

prepared to reassert its Philippine Sea under Hanoi's sovereignty over a shoal it is dissovereignty. Hanoi ignored Beiputing with China in those wajing's protest and did nothing to ters. weaken the new law. Filipino and American offiIn response, China called for cials said, however, that the war tenders from foreign companies games, the 18th in an annual for energy development in parts series called Cooperation Afloat . of the Spradys claimed by VietReadiness and Training (Carat), : nam. Hanoi protested, calling had nothing to do with the dis- . Beijing's move illegal. Beijing pute between the Philippines responded by sending four "and -China over S~arborou·ghsurveillance vessels to patrol. Shoal, a resource-rich coralthe area. . and-rock formation in the West The deployment was the latPhilippine Sea. est move in China's increasing Scarborough Shoal is within .. aggressiveness in claiming ter'..ritory in the West Philippine 7" the Philippines' exclusive eco.. Sea. It came as the Philippines )a nomic zone, but China insists ... .' , the shoal is part of its territory. .

Two Philippine. government vessels faced off with seven Chi- ' nese vessels at the shoal starting in April. President Aquino withdrew the government vessels. from shoal in mid-June, citing stormy weather, temporarily ending the standoff. . But he threatened to send the vesse~ b~ck if the Chinese ships an? . fis~l1ng boats poaching in Philippine waters did not leave the shoaL· The ~hinese ships and fishing boats did _not leave, prompting a Malacanang decision to send government vessels back to the shoaL





, ,

The government is also lifting participating forces." CoL Arnulfo Burgos Jr., a fishing ban in the area on July 15 to allow fishermen to go spokesperson for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, said back to the shoal, presumably in time for the resumption of . the exercises would involve the surface, air and special operathe standoff with China. That will be five days after tions troops from the Navy and the Coast Guard and their Carat ends, with Filipino Coast Guards acquiring skills they . American counterparts. The exercises cover shoremay need to apply when they based cross-training, diving, return to Scarborough Shoal. salvage, air operations, at-sea Skills training fleet training and search and rescue operations. A. statement from the US The sea exercises will be held Embassy said Carat was "dein the Mindanao Sea, The rest signed to' enhance maritime will be held in areas controlled security skills and operaby the Naval Forces Eastern .tional cohesiveness among Mindanao. These include in-port training, subject matter expertise ex'changes, diving and salvage training in General Santos Bay in Sarangani, and medical and community civic projects in General Santos City and Glan, Sarangani. The joint forces will also engage in friendly sports competitions. The 'games planned are voUeyballand basketball,

that we do with the Philippine Navy and the Philippine Coast Guard." Burgos said Carat was not related to the Scarborough Shoal . dispute. He said the venues for the .exercise were selected a year in advance. But one of the Coast Guard . vessels participating in the joint exercises is the BRP Pampanga, which carried the Philippine flag at Scarborough Shoal. .

Leftists protest
On Sunday, protesters staged. a rally outside Makar port in General Santos City, denouncing the. presence of US troops that arrived on board USS Van- . dergrift, Senior Supt. Ruel Beranggo, . General Santos City police chief, said security had been tightened in areas where US troops and their Filipino counterparts would hold medical missions, Militant groups denounced. the joint exercises, saying Carat was 'part of continued US interference in purely Philippine affairs.i..; RyanLariba, secretary general of the left-leaning Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, said his group would stage a caravan' from General Santos City to Glan to dramatize its opposition to the war games. The US Navy is also conducting Carat with its counterparts in Bangladesh, .Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singa-' pore and Thailand. With reports from Jerry E. Bsplanada, Dona Z. Pazzibugan and AP .

Annual exercise
Capt. Dave Welch, cornman-. der of the US Navy's Destroyer Squadron 31 based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, will lead the American contingent in the joint exercises, Welch said the joint training with Filipino sailors had nothing to do with the dispute between the Philippines and China over Scarborough Shoal. "This exercise was planned several months, ago," Welch said. "This is an annual exercise


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.. ·Campi~gu.ii(J,J.p:)•• ~.•.. ·•·•·.· •• ·.··•· •••..•
i;:.. ·

Robbers Nabbed
prehended by a combined team from PNP Station 7 and Military Police (MP) Battalion in Murphy Market; The Armed Forcesot the Philip- ' Quezon City and was detained at PNP Station 7 for illegal possession pines (AFP) yesterday said ,it is exof ammunition and a bladed weapon. hausting all efforWto account all those He was also believed to beinvolved in responsible for the series of robberies theft cases with his brother. inside its general headquarters at Norman, CawUari's accomplice Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City, Its and an alleged notorious criminal in follow-up operations resulted in the the Murphy and Crameareas,,,,a~. .arrest of three suspected robbers, apprebended June 3~ in'Carn#riq~x" Col. Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos, AFP .. t, in Murphy. S . ..•i ..,>i>~j. spokesman, said the three separate ....•.... i'Vle·ar~currentlyacting Ol1th~.i,; operations were carried out with the testimony of the three that othe,r police, adding that the three arrested members of their group are still af had admitted to their crime and even large. We are also collecting soH~' pointed to at least three others as pieces-of evidence that will suppolft their cohorts. .allegations against this group," He identified the arrested susBurgos,';, .' pects as Jerry MolinaCawilan (alias "Police and military units are alse' ', Ontong); his brother, Daniel Molina; following a lead from the three susand NonnanGarcia. . pects that implicate other members of Burgos said one of the three artheir group involved in theft and burrested suspects; Garcia, was tagged glary cases inside camp Aguinaldo as responsible for stealing the car and breaking inside the quarters of Col. and surrounding premises. Reports on their contacts inside Camp AguiNelson Chidrome. The vehicle was naldo are also being investigated," later found abandoned in Bulaean, he added. Cawilan was arrested Jurte28 Meanwhile, Brig. Remigio De through an order from the Quezon· Vera, Camp Commander and ComCity Prosecutor's Office having been mander of the Headquarters Support . charged with a separate case. He was Command, called on visitors and also positively identified for breaking residents of Camp Aguinaldo to bear . into the quarters of a nillitary personwith the security adjustments being nel also inside Camp Aguinaldo. implemented inside the camp. Also on June 2a;Danierwasap~



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3 suspects in military camp robbery nabbed


By Mario J. Mallari·
Three members ofthenotorkms na Gang, tagged as responsible in at least one burglary inside Camp Aguinaldo, were arrested in separate operations launched by combined police and rnllitaryoperatives in Quezon City: Camp Agulnaldo-Militai'y Police (MP) commanding officer Maj.· Garry Plngen identified the suspects as Jerry Molina, alias Ontong; his brother Daniel and Norman Garcia. Pingen said Ontong was the first to be arrested by combined

operatives of the Camp Garcia on Camarilla Street, also .De~taI Service, earlier this month. Aguinaldo-MP Battalion and in Murphy, Cubao. He was Chidrome lost two cellular phones, .Quezon City Police Station-7 at .Implicated by Ontong in his while his Mazda 323 Sedan, which criminal aCtivities. was'WtiaUytaken by the robbers, the Murphy Market in Cubaoon . ~~ are collecting solid pieces was recovered in Bulacan, June 28. Brig. Gen. Remigio de Vera, Qntong was positivelyidentified Of evidence that will support allegations against this group," CarnpAguinaldocommander; called as a suspect in the robbery on visitors and residents of Camp incident at the living quarters of a Pingen said. . Pingensaid followup operations Aguinaldoto bear with the security soldier inside CampAguinaldo. continued for the remaining measures being implemented inside Later on, Ontong's brother Daniel was also arrested for members of Ontong's group who the camp. . "The security of our soldiers, ,illegal possession of ammunition were also tagged in the Camp civilian employees and our guests . and bladed weapon. Daniel is also . Aguinaldo theft. However, it has not been inside the camp is our top priority a suspect in the heists inside established whether Ontong'sgroup and the adjustments that.we are . Camp Aguinaldo. OnTune 30, follow up . burglarized the quarters of Col. making are also for their utmost operations led to the arrest of Nj'llson Chidrome, of the AFP- benefit," De Vera said.


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3 nabbed for Camp" Aguinaldo burglaries

~, \tt


A,butaggedJn Dos Palmas kidnapping nabbed
, ZAMBOANGA CITY - Joint police and military security forces captured on Sunday an Abu Sayyaf member tagged in the Palmas kidnapping 11 years ago.' ' 'Basilan provincial police commander Senior Superintendent Alex Linesis identified the suspect as Aldo ' Amsawi, alias Aida Asani, a follower of slain Abu Sayyaf chieftain Khadaffy Janjalani. ' The suspect was arrested during achec}ipoint operation in Barangay Magahda;Lamitan City.' ," ' At least four warrants of arrest £Q1' serious ill'egal detention were filed againstAmsawi since 2000. ,.. Amsawi was tagged in the mass kidnapping of students and teachers , in Sumisip, Basilan and the abduction ' of 20 Dos Palmas tourists, including three American nationals and 17 Filipinos. , - RoeI Parefio

Three men have been arrested in connection with the recent rash of bur&laries at Camp Aguinaldo, the Armed F~rces of the Philippines (AFP) , smdyes~day. , AFP spokesman Col. Amulfo ' , Burgos Jr.identi£ied thesuspects ' as Jerry Molina Cawilan: his brother, Daniel .Molina; 'and Nonnan Garcia. " Cawilan was seen breakirig mto the quarters of military personnel, while Molina is believed to be working with his brother. : Garda is reportedly involved in the theft of a car owned by , military dentist Col. Nelson , Chedrome last June 16, The vehicle was recovered inAngat, Bulacan three days later. ,."Reports on their contacts inside Camp Aguinaldo ate also beinglnvestigated," Burgos said. At least 15 incidents of theft have been recorded in Camp Aguinaldo since Ianu- . ary, Among the items stolen in the camp are laptops, cash, ' wallets, camera, and a desktop computer. ' ' The thefts prompted the AFP to impose stricter security me~ureSin the camp, including , settmg up a checkpoint to screen . • visitors from 10 p.m. to 5:30 a.m, .Brig. Gen. Remigio de Vera, cofamander of Camp Aguinaldo, appealed to visitors and residents of the military, , headquarters to bear with the security measures they are implementing. "


.NPArebels burn military

asset's houselnAgusan

BUTUAN CITY -The house of a former New People's Army supporter turned asset of the military in Purok 3 Barangay Kasiklan, Las Nieves, Agusan del Norte was burned by suspected NPA ~ebels Friday. .' , -': rep or! fromLas Nieves police to ' Pollee Regional Office-13 here identi- , fied the victim as Pep ito Baron. , Police said' a group of NPA rebels led by a certain Kumander Bel and Ka NapNap burned the house at around 6:30a.m; , , " " ', ..• '.' Therep6rl did not indicate 'whethe~ there were people inside at the time the house was burned. '.- Ben Serrano

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Meanwhile, Antipolo Cit){ Rep. Romeo Acop, vice chair. : man of the House committee provisions of the Constitu; .o~public ~rdet. and' safety, .. tion related to the imilitary : reiterated his appeal, to the' budget given the absence ,of . President to create .a ~pecial. By Maricel Cruz significant developments on . body that would Iookinto theTHE House' of Representatives may not have the subject until the middle offinids generated from the .sale the year. of military camps. '' enough time to push for specific amendments "It's a complete surrender, "Acop, a retired police genIn the 1987 Constitution, particularly to the provisions intended to boost the country's as far as the Cha-cha bill is eral,said President Aquino, military capability following China's intrusion , concerned," said Ocampog.on should look into the bottom of the proposal, which remained the controversy that had led to into Philippine territorial waters, officials said , MOnday, pending on his committee. the failure to modernize the: Gonzales cited two reasons Aimed Forces. " , House Majority Leader and Mandaluyong Rep. Neptali Gonzales Jr. said the remaining why the' Charter change bill days of the third regular session of the 15th could not be pushed this year Congress, slated to open OIl July 23 in time for •as broached by SenatePresiPresident Benigno Aquino III's Stateof the Nadent Juan Ponce Enrile: the tion Address, would be devoted to other priorproposed 2013 General Apity measures still pending in the House. propriations Bill and the 2013 Misamis -Occidental Rep. Loreto Ocarnpos, ; mid-term polls. chairman of the House committee, on constitu- . "The proposal of Senate ,tional amendments, agreed with Gonzales, say-. President Enrile is very noingit would be too kite for them to amend certain ble, but I don't think we have' NextPQge , enough time to push [for] Charter amendments,", said Gonzales, chairman of the committee on rules. : "We are running out of time .beeause Congress will be very busy deliberating on next year's national budget, and of course all candidates are now preparing for the 2013 elections." ' Emile blames the country's . lack of military muscle as the major reason for China's aggression. He has asked Con, gress to push through witIJ Charter change to give priorf ity to military spending in the national budget, , Maguindanao Rep. Simeon Datumanong, a senior opposition lawmaker, shared, En] rile's views. "I agree with Senate President Enrile to amend thtl Consti~tion to make national defense a priority for a bigger budget to enable our country to defend its.' territory and . honor," Datumanong told the I"""""~"'_~"'_"""""'--_~~_~_-_"""""'''''''''''' Manila Standard .

Cha-cha for AFP .Cha-cha ... ;
budget shelved:

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Masyado nang matagal
LASINTATLONG NPA rebels ang napatay sa dalawang . engkuwentro noong saoado. Ito angpinakamalaking tagumpay ng militar laban sa NPA sa loob ng ilang taon. May mga armas na nabawl, at walang. namatay sa mga sundalo bagama't may mga nasugatan. Malak! ang naitulong ng mga sibilyan sa pamamagitan ng impormasyon, sa mga kilos ng mga rebelde; kaya naunahan nila baqo sila matambangan. Ayon sa tagapag-salita'ng militar, baka nananawa na ang mga tao sa mga NPA, kaya nakikipag-ugnayan na sa rnilitar, sa gobyerno. Mabuti naman. Dapat lang, di ba? Pero akala ko ba ay tapos na ang NPA? Noong Abril 'Iamang ng taong ito, 11 sundalo ang napatay ng mga rebelde sa isang ambush. Ito ay matapos ipahayag ng militar na mahina na ang NPA at rnataki na ang nababawas sa kanilang hanay! Tila sampa1 nga sa AFP ang . nagawang pananambang sa mga sundalo! Ngayon, nakabawi narnan ang AFP. Pera paano pa nagiglng aktibo ang NPA, kung nabawasan na ang bUang ng mga rebelde, mahigpit na ang pasok-lebas ng pera Sa bansa at wala pa sa bansa ang kanilang pinuno? . Mahalaga sa isang hukbong katihan, 'o'sa kasong ito, sa mga insurekto, ang patuloy. na suplay ng armas, bala, pagkain at pera. Saan kinukuha ng NPA ang tanat niyan para magtagal slla ng ganito? Ito ang dapat alamin ng gobyerno. Kung wala na ngang pumapasokna mga suplay, malamang nagiging mga magnanakaw at tullsan na sila para lang mabuhay. Kaya siguro nananawa na ang mga tao sa mga aktibidad nllal Ganun paman, kalaban pa rin sila ng gobyerno na dapat nang tapuslnl Ang rebelyon ng NPA ang plnaka-matagal sa Asya. Noong 1969 pa nagsimula ang armadongsangay ng Communist Party of the Philippines, na halos wala na rin ngayoa. Nawala sa usa ang kornunismo nang maging kaakit-akit ang kapitalismo sa mga ban sang katulad ng Russia at China. Kung bakit pa rln pinipilit ng NPA ang kanilang idolohiya sa lalawigal) ay hindi na talaga maintindihan, Baka mga bandido na lang ang mgaiyan. Mataga1 na ang apatnapu't tatlong taon kahit kaninong panukat pa ..ang gamitin. Dapat tapusin na ang NPA. Kung puwede, habang nakaupo ang administrasyong ito, kung ayaw maklpag-usap ukol sa kapayapaan, hayaan na ang mga aso ng digmaan ang tumapos sa . .kanua. Sago may mamatay pang mga sundalo dahil sa ; kanilang istilo ng pag laban.


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HAZING; noun, tmpositlonof heavy or disagreeable tasks (ex, on a new student):Pahirap. (pagpapahirap) sa isang baguhang estudyante, Maraming universities at colleges sa ating bansa ang nagsasagawa ng HAZING sa mga baguhang estudyante, Swerte ang makaligtas ng buhay sa todo-todong pagpapahll:ap ngmga opisyal nito sa baguhang miyembro, Ang Ateneo de Manila University student na si LenyVilla ay isalamangsa~araming estudyante na dumanas ng pag~pahirap at ity namatay dahil sa hazing. 8i Villa aynag-miyemthat could adversely affect the mental'health bro sa Aquila Legis Fraternity. Buhat ng mangor dignity of the individual." . . yari ang insidenjeng ito, dumarni ang bilang ng . The hazing results in death; rape, .sodomy Iehislatura namay kaugnayan sa anti-hazing, at or mutilation, a penalty cf life imprisonment naiwasto rin ito ng mangyari ang insidenteat shall be imposed. Violators face 17 to 20 years ruling ng Korte Suprema. imprisonment if in consequence of the hazing Saila1im ng bagong panukala batas, angHouse the victim shall become insane, imbecile, ire-Bill no. 6084 ang lahat ng gawaing hazing ay Potent or blind. Violators also face the penalty idedeklarang iligal, sa halip na iaayos lamang ito of 14 to 17 years imprisonment if the victim sa ilalirn ng kasalukuyang batas. shall have lost the use of speech or the power Ang sabi ni Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy tohear or to smell ..or shall have lost an eye, a (Partylist- Bagong Henerasyon) "Kailangang hand, a foot, an arm or a leg. Likewise, if the ·itaas ang parusa sa krimeng ito mula sa malta 'victim shall have become deformed or shall nanggang sa habambuhay na pagkakabilanggo, . have lost. any other part of his body, or shall I ·rl'·nP.lnrl .. sa seriousness ng hazing incident." have lost the use thereof, or shall have been ill HB 6084, makukulong ng 17 hanggang 20 or incapacitated rendering the. victim not fit to taon ang lalabag sa panukalang batas na magdework for a period more than 90 days, the. pen" deklarang criminal offenseang hazing, Subalit alty on the guilty party shall be 12 to 14 years. hindi sakop ng pannkala ang mga rniyembro ng Anned Forces of the Philippines (AFP) at Phi- ' . The bill, on a graduated scale, also impose penalties down to the short period of six lippine National Police (PNP) dahil sa kanilang , months and one day and a penalty of not more ginagawang physical, mental at psychological than P50,OOO if in consequence of the bazing testing at training procedure at practices upang patatagin ang kanilang physical, mental at psy- . the victim dill not sustain and was not subjected to substantial risk or physical injury or death. chological fitness.

Isasama sa panukala ang suggestedcorrections ng Supreme sa Villa case gayundin ang karagdagangpagbaba$o base Sa katulad na insidente at lehislasyonb. United States. FUrthermore, hazing includes other forced physical activity that subjects the individual to an unreasonable risk of harm or that coulq adversely affect the physical health or safety of the individual. It also includes "any activity that, would subject the individual to extreme mental stress, such as sleep deprivation, forced confinement in a small space, forced exclusion from social contact, forced conduct that could result in extreme embarrassment, or other forcedactiv-





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Voltaire Gazminsounds like a politician
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journalist Baker Atyaai at dalawa pang mga Filipino crew nito sakaling makalabas na mula sa kuta ng Abu Sayyaf group (ASG). Sa panayam kay AFP spokesman Col. Arnulfo Burgos Jr., slnabi nitong nasa bahagi pa rin n9 Patikul, Sulu sina Atyani at dalawang kasamahan nito para sa kanilang misyon. Kaugnay nito, siniguro nJ Burgos na walang gagawing pag-aresto ang kanilang tropa sa Mindanao sakaling lumutang sina Atyani. Aniya, walang kautusan na inilabas sandatahang lakas para sa nasabing hakbang. ang

8rgy. tenod, binugbog ng 2 sundalo; kasamahan ng mga Army gumanti
LAOAG CITY - Binugbog ng dalawang sundalo ang isang barangay tanod sa Brgy. Sta Cruz, Currimao, llocos Norte. Nakilala ang biktima na si Rudimar Labangcoc, residente sa naturang barangay. Ayon sa salaysay n9 biktima, nangyari ang insidente nang magronda sila sa kanilang barangay nang makita nlla ang isang sundalo na nakasakay sa isang motorsiklo na walang plaka at mabilis ang pagpapatakbo nito. Nang madaanan sHa n9 sundalong nakilalang si Pre Darwin Fernandez ay pinagsabihan ng barangay tanod na magdahan-dahan lang sa pagpapatakbo ng kanyang motorsiklo. Kaagad bumalik 51 Fernandez at sinuntok si labangcoc ng dalawang beses ngunit hiningi ng biktima na mag-usap na lamang sila sa harapan n9 barangay chairman. Matapos ang ilang minutong pag-uusap ay agad nagpaalam ang sundalo ngunit nang bumalik ay kasama na ang buong tropa ng Philippine Army na nakabase sa naturang barangay. At nang uuwi na sana ang biktima ay hinabol pa ng isang sundalong nakilalang 511st Sgt Eduard Tomio at hinawakan agad ang kanyang leeg at hinila na dahilan ng pagkapunit ng kanyang damit. Habang isinasagawa ang komprontasyon, nang makita ni Tornio ang tanod ay agad kinausap at inilayo matapos ay pinagtatadyakan na naman. Umawat naman aog halos buong barangay naturang kaguluhan. sa

Imbestigasyon, ifufuloy ng AFP saka/ing makalabas sa kuta ng ASG si Atyani
Tiniyak ngayon n9 Anned Forces of the Philippines (AFP) na magpapatuloy ang kanilang imbestigasyon sa umano'y pagdukot kay Jordanian