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Treantmonk's Guide to Wizards Being

Treantmonk's Guide to Wizards Being

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Published by: akza2 on Jul 03, 2012
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Alarm:When you are high enough level to make this spell worthwhile (4th level or
higher), the immeasurably superior rope trick is available.However, this is handy in
conjunction with rope trick (cast it on the rope).
Endure Elements:Circumstantial at best, it doesn't provide any statistical energy
resistance, but useful in very hot or cold climates.
Hold Portal: I like this spell for blocking off a retreat in a hurry, but in all, this is a
highly circumstantial spell.

Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law: Massively useful spell that makes you
immune to mental control (great as a "at need" spell to cast on allies under mental
control to give them another save at +2), and also makes it so summoned creatures
can't touch you (considering they almost exclusively rely on natural attacks - this is
good).  A +2 deflection bonus is just gravy.
Shield: Short duration +4 shield bonus to AC.Not great, but it stacks with Mage Armor
and any of the other common armor bonuses a Wizard can get.Generally, buffing AC
isn't a wizards best defense, but still OK.


Grease:Very nice battlefield control.No SR and targets Ref or fall prone.Whether you
save or not doesn't prevent you from hindered movement or being flat-footed while
moving.This also blocks potential charges instantly.I even occasionally use this at
higher levels.
Mage Armor:A standard that grants +4 Armor bonus for a long duration.It's not self
only, so buff up your allies as well (doesn't stack with Armor though)
Mount:Works as advertised, and the creative can come up with more uses for this
spell.A quick getaway, cover in combat, you get the idea.
Obscuring Mist:A useful quick defense that blocks vision past 5'.A good defensive
cover when doing spells that don't require you to see your opponent - like summon
Summon Monster I: I love summoning, but when you get this spell at low level, the
duration is a problem, when your level increases, it becomes a fair bit underpowered
since the creatures themselves do not scale with caster level.The Riding Dog is pretty
tough, and may have use for mid-levels - though the SMIII list has creatures a fair bit
Unseen Servant:Reasonably useful telekinesis spell that lasts a long time.Use to to
carry your stuff, or make sure that other wand is really handy, or to massage your back
after a long day of putting down the fighter.


Comprehend Languages: Always worth a spot in the spellbook, but only circumstantial
on the memorization list.
Detect Secret Doors:Not a fan of using a spell for this.Very short duration is the
killer.If I could have it up for a long time, I would like it much better.
Detect Undead:The Range on this is really too short to use it for much besides
detecting invisible undead or undead behind the next door.
Identify: Spellbook?Yes.Memorize?No.
True Strike: Your attacks are pretty much all touch attacks, and if your chance to hit
isn't good with that, then don't cast touch attacks.


Charm Person: Save or lose that only works on humanoids.That said, a failed save
ends a battle before it starts.Worth one memorization.
Hypnotism:Fascinate is not a terrific condition, I'm just not sure of many uses for this,
never mind the HD limit.
Sleep:Probably the best 1st level spell when you are first level.Once you get to level
5, it's not worth the space in your spellbook.


Burning Hands:Blast only spell that has an area of effect, but you have to get really
close.For a first level blast, it does what it should.

Floating Disk:Holds a great deal of weight and keeps it handy to use for a good
duration.Not fantastic, but OK.
Magic Missile: A standard, but a pure blast that doesn't do great damage.
Shocking Grasp:Horrible spell that requires a touch attack for so-so damage.


Color Spray: Almost as good as sleep at first level, but remains useful much longer.
Disguise Self: Not something most wizards will want or need, but circumstantially
Magic Aura: Stupidly circumstantial.
Silent Image: Remains useful to level 20.Gives no save unless the illusion is
interacted with.Makes a great spell or wand.
Ventriloquism:Probably circumstantially useful, but ghost sound will serve 90% of the


Cause Fear: Decent debuff at level 1, but doesn't last.
Chill Touch: Touch attack that makes the victim angry with you, and lightly damaged
Ray of Enfeeblement:In 3.5 a great spell, but nerfed to the point that it simply isn't
worth casting anymore.


Animate Rope: Crazy circumstantial, and I can't think of many of those circumstances.
Enlarge Person:Very nice buff for that Big Stupid Fighter so he can be Bigger stupid
Erase:Really pointless spell.Never worth memorizing that I can see
Expeditious Retreat: Situationally helpful, though generally I prefer Mount which will
perform a similar function, but provide more options
Feather Fall:Circumstantial, but a lifesaver when you need it.
Jump: Bonus to acrobatics.I just don't see the point.
Magic Weapon:Give a weapon a +1 bonus.It does allow that weapon to bypass DR/
Magic.The duration isn't great though
Reduce Person:Actually a not-terrible buff for yourself, improve your "to hit" and your
"AC", not bad for non-str based melee types (like rogues) as well.Note that cast on a
small creature it makes them tiny, which may have uses, but prevents them from
threatening adjacent squares.

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