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Published by: Rhett Coleman on Jul 03, 2012
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Fallon News Timeline Greeting Intro Video Anchor Greeting Main Story Upcoming Shows Auditions Show Reviews

Community Misc.

Greeting- A short slug line given from the Producer of the show about the upcoming events of the broadcast that leads into the shows Video Intro. Intro Video- A short graphic video displaying the cast of the news broadcast. Anchor Greeting- A very short name introduction of the Anchors Main Story- A big event happening in the FSU Theatre world, that is made into a small story. (Can feature a main show) Upcoming Shows- Theatre shows that will be performed that month. May include interviews with the Cast and Crew for some of the shows. Auditions- Will feature Audition schedules for anything Theatre related around the area focusing on FSU first. Show reviews- Quick stories about last month’s shows and interviews of audience members. Community Misc. – An open forum where viewers can submit anything going on around the theatre community. (Fundraisers, parties, meetings)

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