To: state of Connecticut Department of Social Services. From: Anthony McKnight Sr. Attn: L.

Serreno Date: June 26, 2012

This memo is to notify your agency that the individual Anthony McKnight Sr. rejects any and all references made by your organization and its members referring to me as being a slave, property or inventory through the use of ANTHONY MCKNIGHT, OR ANTHONY MCKNIGHT SR. This representation by the state is a fraud or attempt to defraud or attempt to cause fraud, and is being used as a deceptive practice of the state. The plaintiff Anthony McKnight Sr., cancels all contracts or food stamp benefits using or referring to him, the person, as ANTHONY MCKNIGHT. As of receipt of this memo please cancel all benefits relating to the person Anthony McKnight Sr., and cease and desist any reference the same. At no time during the receipt of these benefits or requesting these benefits did the plaintiff have knowledge that he was in fact being considered a property or inventory or slave of the state. Please read the included court documents, and attachments. Your office has my birth certificate on file. In the future, if your department has any correspondence it feels necessary to issue, please use my birth name, which is clearly stated on the birth certificate provided by the plaintiff Anthony McKnight Sr., and not the deception of the Roman Laws, customs and practices. Thank you.

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