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7/2/12 Livestream Chat

7/2/12 Livestream Chat

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Published by Justin Vacula
This is the chat log from the 7/2/12 livestream discussion "Women and the secular community" that was broadcasted as a special episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast.

More info and the video of the discussion:
This is the chat log from the 7/2/12 livestream discussion "Women and the secular community" that was broadcasted as a special episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast.

More info and the video of the discussion:

More info:

Published by: Justin Vacula on Jul 03, 2012
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JasonPA: Euphony, it won't blow over until that clique chills out Euphony: I've seen Vacula talking about

it a lot JasonPA: true Euphony: I don't follow Watson as much so I'm not sure what she and others say JasonPA: it makes sense that those directly involved might comment, but yeah even Justiin needs to move on Notung: anyone planning on calling in? Godlesscat: If I am in a bar with friends and I get approached , 1 st I say no then I embarass them, then I go to the manager CommanderTuvok: Euphony: I thought you hang out at Skepchick. Watson talks about this a lot. Euphony: I said I read her sometimes. JasonPA: but what is he to do if he's being blacklisted from the movement over this topic? you know? Euphony: It isn't often CommanderTuvok: ok Notung: i think move on about certain incidents etc. but there is a chronic problem with dogma and vilification of dissenters etc Godlesscat: no one is being blacklisted Notung: we can't move on from that Euphony: Vacula seems as popular as ever, unless I'm mistaken CommanderTuvok: Vacula is a good guy, badly treated by Lousy Canuck JasonPA: so does Sam Harris, but as an atheist he's still limited access to things Godlesscat: I have never been sexually harassed in the atheist community at events Godlesscat: I have been sexually harassed A LOT from other business events JasonPA: the other thing was they were calling things sexist that were gross exagerations, but if anybody challenges that they look like sexists JasonPA: it's bs Euphony: I would imagine it's somewhat better at atheist events, though I've never been to one JasonPA: define sexual harassment and sexist Godlesscat: someone grabbing me Godlesscat: someone showing sexual interest and me asking them to stop JasonPA: i hate that so much of this is nuance and difficult to actually discuss Euphony: Is it possible that some atheist men are defensive about this issue? Godlesscat: they do not, 3 strike they are out I report them Euphony: But atheist women could have prejudices as well Euphony: I tend to trust people's experiences and believe them when they say they feel unsafe, but I want to know why Godlesscat: everyone is human first Godlesscat: that may be how they feel but I would have reported it to the hotel Euphony: I think people should report things. Euphony: Sometimes their concerns might not be taken seriously Euphony: maybe they don't feel safe enough to report it Euphony: because they wouldn't be taken seriously Notung: that's unfair - as karla said, she's been making substantial and useful points Godlesscat: I have never been at an establishment that did not pay attetion to my concerns Godlesscat: NEVER Godlesscat: I could use them if they ignore someone reporting Euphony: I've never been to an event. It could be a possibility at some, but I don't know from experience Godlesscat: errr sue not use Euphony: I'm going to sign off for tonight. Lots to think about. Hope we can all get along.

Notung: nice speaking to you euphony Godlesscat: Paul is talking next masakari2012: it's an illusion of safety Notung: i don't have a problem with policies Notung: CFI had a good one - i'd go with that one if i had to choose one Godlesscat: I think the SF that Greta posted was better Notung: also, it's commonly forgotten that TAM had one last time Godlesscat: You do need to act depending on the situation JasonPA: i actually think the code of conduct is a good idea as at least a last resort. It probably shouldn't be made a big deal and posted all over every mention of the events. JasonPA: it should be background Notung: i agree Godlesscat: The venue is responsible Godlesscat: it's ego Justicar: Who is on Skype? Godlesscat: yes it is Notung: soon events will have to be called The Amazing Meeting in Which Nobody Harasses Anyone JasonPA: NO TOUCHING!! like Arrested Development Justicar: Who is it who has called in on Skype? I was on the phone and didn't hear . . . Godlesscat: Paul is next Javana: I can't hear the callers either JasonPA: yeah it's hard CommanderTuvok: Volume is a bit low on the callers, but I can just make them out Notung: justicar - that was ellenbeth wachs Notung: now is paul loebe Justicar: Ahh. Thank you, Notung. Godlesscat: better :) jason_nepafts: is the caller audio better? Javana: oh that's much better jason_nepafts: great! killnine: Hellooo JasonPA: another issue related to what he's saying, is why does our ommunity attract so many folks who behave like that in the first place? Godlesscat: I don't I block Godlesscat: as they are saying.. .people also forget there are real people on the other side JasonPA: when there's too much of that, it turns away more...mature people Notung: hehe Notung: mentioned Justicar: How does one get to call in on skype? send them an invite? Notung: yeah add them as a friend i think JasonPA: add them Godlesscat: yes Justicar: ok JasonPA: ha JasonPA: my local newspaper's comments are sickening Godlesscat: this should be discussed at the events Notung: this radio thing is far more productive than blogwars Justicar: It's interesting he says it's anonymity despite the number of people who aren't anonymous. jason_nepafts: *** Send us an invite at "nepafreethought"

jason_nepafts: I'll accept you and then you can call JasonPA: True, Justicar Justicar: It's just confirmation bias. Godlesscat: emotional JasonPA: i don't see Paul Krugman getting into blogwars in the comments section of his blog with George Will JasonPA: or at Will's Godlesscat: Who is Paul Krugman? Notung: yeah blogs can be good - but face to face usually ups the standard and politeness JasonPA: nobel prize winning economist writes for NYT Godlesscat: ahhh JasonPA: i just meant you rarely see mainstream, successful writers getting involved in drama like this Justicar: Leave my stream alone, sir! JasonPA: did margaret downy call in? Godlesscat: right jason_nepafts: can everyone hear the caller okay? Notung: just about CommanderTuvok: a bit low, again JasonPA: justin is like 3x louder than her NukleoN: Little quiet JasonPA: creating drama when everybody else isn't as outraged as you are and as you WANT them to be NukleoN: Hey, nobody asked anyone to shove porcupines up orifices yet! What strange land is this? Notung: hehe NukleoN: You can know based on your own past-performance in emergencies Godlesscat: LOL NukleoN: That Sagan poster is awesome. JasonPA: my house is on fire right now, i think i'm handling it pretty rationally Notung: i've had a porcupine before on pharyngula NukleoN: Permission to hug, LOL! Godlesscat: It is clear when I meet someone who is not a hugger NukleoN: Yes, you may approach. Hug initiated. Enjoyment factor=orange alert. Wut? Notung: "please may I hug you" sort of ruins the moment NukleoN: ^agreed Justicar: In what sense is there a hierarchy? NukleoN: Most of us aren't Aspies tho Notung: my housemate is a D&D woman NukleoN: You men are driving all the women out of D&D conferences! *jk* NukleoN: Roll for saving throws. Gnoll takes initiative. D20. JasonPA: socially inexperienced males bumbling their cummincation with socially inexperienced females (who may not be practiced with receiveing a lot of attention) NukleoN: Yerp. Big Bang Theory. Amy Fara-Fowler NukleoN: Sheldon Cooper NukleoN: AWESOME is how we look. JasonPA: not me, jason Justicar: WHOA Justicar: remove the guy? for not doing anything wrong? JasonPA: upskirt camera shots isn't wrong? Javana: I agree is about individuals, not men or women NukleoN: alleged upskirter, but was he really taking upskirt shots?

Javana: Now it's time to sing the Atheist Air Hug ? Justicar: Security investigated: no evidecne has been presented he took a picture up someone's skirt. NukleoN: Removing someone might just be a first step, as a precaution. Was he barred from the rest of the conference? Don't know. JasonPA: then what happened? NukleoN: My gramma hates atheism NukleoN: So, my gramma can suck it Justicar: And then they let him go and he finished the conference I am told. JasonPA: "don't be the old guy in the club" - dave chappelle Notung: hmm the video has stopped for me JasonPA: vide froze for me NukleoN: Grandmothers are not a good gauge masakari2012: The rumor was started that he was taking upskirt photos because he had a camera extension, but he didn't take any such pictures NukleoN: I heard that too, Masa JasonPA: if it didn't happen, then great Notung: it was practically libel NukleoN: But still, the allegation can be investigated until it's discovered what really was going on masakari2012: he was told to put his camera away while on the casino floor, and that was it for the camera issue Godlesscat: what about grandma? Notung: because he was named at one stage NukleoN: I see a lot more issues with cameras on poles in casinos than upskirting NukleoN: or, issues the casinos might address jason_nepafts: Thanks it gets compliments every live broad cast Godlesscat: where is it? Godlesscat: city? JasonPA: this pocast is being produced in the Belagio in Las Vegas Nevada NukleoN: *Bellagio NukleoN: What are your thoughts about the cricism of D.J. Grothe? NukleoN: Criticism even Notung: it was unfair Notung: he's a good guy JasonPA: i mentioned it on Justin's fb page NukleoN: Cool, and yeah, I think it was unfair too Justicar: Thanks, ma'am and sir. JasonPA: i agree with Notung Notung: nice show - cheers NukleoN: Vielen Dank CommanderTuvok: Thanks for the show. Plenty of interesting and civil views. NukleoN: Thanks for the utter lack of porcupines Notung: hehe NukleoN: :D Notung: come to ERV! JasonPA: what is ERV? NukleoN: I like ERV and Abbie Smith is coo Godlesscat: what is ERV? Notung: scienceblogs.com/erv JasonPA: thank YOU, justin

Javana: Now it's time to sing the Atheist Air Hug ? NukleoN: I might do that Notung: we all chat in the periodic table of swearing thread NukleoN: hehe Godlesscat: ^HUGS Notung: i warn you, we have an absolutely terrible reputation jason_nepafts: Thanks everyone!!!! masakari2012: Here's that exact link... masakari2012: http://scienceblogs.com/erv/2011/11/26/periodic-table-of-swearing/comment-page102/#comments Notung: thanks for the podcast! CommanderTuvok: Apparently, we are all evil. CommanderTuvok: Anyway, I'm off bed. Night. JasonPA: stop JasonPA: stop NukleoN: AMG JasonPA: i am not Notung: i listen to it every hour of every day jason_nepafts: LOL NukleoN: Better than a Christian side hug NukleoN: See you all! Notung: nice chatting with you all! NukleoN: Aye! jason_nepafts: This with be available in our VIdeo-On-Demand section soon. JasonPA: does this play on a 24 hr loop? Javana: Bye everyone jason_nepafts: Ok its available in the VOD at nepafreethought.org/livestream

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