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Published by: shadybros on Jul 03, 2012
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Introvert shadybros

TITLE CARD INT. DAVE'S ROOM - MORNING DAVE, 17 is waking up while his ALARM is going off signaling that it's 9 A.M. He walks over to his window and looks outside. It's very nice out. Sunny and bright but a slight breeze which rolls in through his window. He's slowly gets up quietly and dresses. It seems like he's going to be going somewhere where he has to look good because he's dressing up moderately well. DAVE (V.O.) I'm not really going anywhere. It just looked like such a beautiful day... might as well dress nice. (Cont'd) Dave goes into his bathroom and brushes his teeth, flosses, and brushes his hair perfectly to one side of his head. He goes downstairs and makes himself a bowl of cereal and toast. He sits quietly and eats, savoring every last bite. DAVE (V.O.) My names Dave. I like books a lot; epics are cool but mostly coming of age dramas are my favorite. Those are always exciting. (Cont'd) Just then Dave picks up an ambiguous book from the counter. He puts on his shoes and sunglasses from a cabinet. DAVE (V.O.) I usually try to always read different books and never go back to one. Life's too short and there's too many good books out there y'know? (Cont'd) CUT TO: EXT. NICE NEIGHBORHOOD - MORNING Dave steps out his front door and onto the walkway at the front of his house. He begins walking around the neighborhood a specific way. It isn't clear where he's going but you can tell there's a destination he's planning on getting to. DAVE (V.O.) It’s clear I'm a quiet guy. I don't talk too much. I guess its nerves, yet I don't

really know what I'm worried about. (Cont'd) Dave's at the edge of his neighborhood in a forest and casually steps inside without any hesitation. DAVE (V.O.) Summer arrived about 3 weeks ago. I've spent my days in the woods near my house instead. It's nice there. Peaceful too...I'm never bothered. (Cont'd) CUT TO: EXT. FOREST - MORNING Dave ventures into the woods a specific way. He quickly pushes down branches and other obstacles in his way. He arrives standing right below a tree house. It only has wooden planks and stairs and 3 large pieces of cardboard placed about 20 feet in the air between 4 trees. But it's clearly enough for DAVE who looks anxious to get up. He begins climbing. DAVE (V.O.) My Dad and I began building a tree house in the woods behind our neighborhood about two years ago. He figured I didn't get to go outside much just staying in my room reading so he decided to make a tree house for me instead, it was a good idea. He climbs to the top of the tree where a few comfortable pillows are lying beside a tree. He sits down and begins reading. The day continues and he keeps reading while making remarkable progress in the book. Eventually day passes and night seems to begin. CUT TO: EXT. FOREST - DUSK It begins getting dark but Dave remains intent on reading. Suddenly the phone in his pocket goes off. He takes it out and it reads (Mom- It's getting late, time to come home). Dave looks disgruntled but appropriately begins leaving. DAVE (V.O.) My parents think I'm weird, that's obvious. Yet oddly enough I know they love

me for who I am. Different...quiet, not like kids my age. It's probably obnoxious how much time I spend up in the tree house. I get their frustrations, but where else is there to go when I need time alone? DISSOLVE TO: INT. DAVE'S HOUSE - DAY Dave looks noticeably younger here. He's sitting in his living room with his parents crying on the other side of the room. He looks sad himself but doesn't really show off much emotion. DAVE (V.O.) The first time I used the tree house for more than just a place to get away was when my sister ran away from home. She always seemed a little distant from us, but that came as a huge shock. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. FOREST - DAY Dave is in the tree house wearing a nice suit. He looks much sadder then in the previous scene and is laying there staring at the trees. DAVE (V.O.) A few months after my sister ran away my grandpa died. I was always close to him, he understood me more than most. Any sort of social interactions I had with my peers died when he did. That was until a few days ago... FADE TO: EXT. FOREST - DUSK Dave is walking to the tree house when suddenly he see's two boys already up there talking. They don't yet notice him and so he tries to get away. JACOB (Happy) Hey! Hey what are you doing? Come up here. DAVE (Nervous)

Okay. Dave nervously begins climbing the planks up to the tree house. They help him up the last step and then they all sit back down. It's quiet for a few seconds. NICK Wait I know you. Aren't you Dave something? DAVE Yeah that's, that's me. JACOB Oh yeah I've seen you around don't you go to Roseville? DAVE Yeah I do. NICK Are you a junior? DAVE No a senior NICK Oh, cool. A quiet pause. JACOB I swear I've seen you before but I don't know how...oh wait you know what? You're that kid that loves to read all the time. Like you’re always in the library during free periods. Dave looks like he's almost been caught stealing something. DAVE Well yeah I just really like books.

JACOB Cool. So do you like come around here a lot? DAVE (Shy) Well I'd say so. My dad and I built this like two years ago so I come here pretty often. NICK Whoa that's sweet! JACOB Yeah my dad won't do stuff like that with me. But anyways we were randomly walking around the woods and found your awesome tree house. But I think I've seen you around the neighborhood too. I live like...four houses down? DAVE (Awkward) I've never really seen you but, I mean I'm sure we've like, talked before at some point. Another silent pause. NICK You're a quiet guy aren't you? Dave doesn't seem to know what to say DAVE (Annoyed) Well, I don't know I mean I guess. NICK No I'm not trying to be mean it's just weird I haven't really noticed you a lot. Dave sits there clearly not enjoying his time. DAVE I'm going to go.

NICK What? No just stay for a bit. JACOB (Agitated) Dude he's not trying to piss you off. Dave begins going down the ladder, he stays staring away from them. DAVE No it's fine I just got to go. He continues down. JACOB Well maybe we could hang out some time? DAVE Yeah, well I'm kind of busy but if I ever have time I'll just stop by. He lands his feet on the ground and walks away. JACOB Alright well, see ya. DAVE (Disappointed) Yeah, see ya. Dave gets out of sight of the two teenagers. NICK He's kind of weird isn't he? JACOB Yeah there's something up with him. FADE TO: INT. DAVE'S HOUSE - MIDDAY

Dave is waking up from what now is obviously a daily routine in the summer of waking up, dressing nice, getting a good book, and venturing into the woods. He walks downstairs and begins pouring cereal. DAVE'S DAD (O.S.) Son? Dave looks behind him and see's his MOTHER and FATHER sitting at the kitchen table very properly, they seem intent on telling him something. DAVE'S MOM Dave, could you please sit down, we'd like to talk to you. Dave sits down opposite them. DAVE (Confused) What's going on? DAVE'S DAD Dave. We don't exactly know how to put this. DAVE'S MOM It's hard for us to really tell you this. Just know that your father and I love you very much. It's just, we've been having our differences lately andDAVE'S DAD (Interrupting) Dave, your mother and I decided we are going to get divorced. DAVE (Shocked and Angry) You're what!? How could you just DECIDE this? It's so abrupt! DAVE'S MOM We've been talking about it and we've decided it's the best for all of us. DAVE

It's completely unfair for me! How could you possibly know this is the right decision? What about me? DAVE'S DAD Dave we know this is hard for you but you have to just respect our decision. We've been discussing this for a while now andDAVE (Interrupting) Oh well thanks for letting me in on that conversation! DAVE gets up quickly from the table and runs outside. His mother runs after him and goes out the door yelling after him. DAVE'S MOM Don't go into the forest again! My God just come talk to us. Don't just run away! DAVE is already too far away running into the forest. EXT. FOREST - DUSK Dave runs quickly into the forest at a brisk pace. He begins small sniffles and is obviously very, very upset. He stops and looks up. The tree house is destroyed, lying with all the planks and wood in a big pile. DAVE (V.O.) I don't really know what happened to the tree house. It clearly had something to do with those guys Nick and Jacob finding it, but I'd like to think that they weren't the culprits. (Cont'd) Dave is shocked and angry for a moment, observing the scene. He then calms down and but is now sad. Dave begins to walk slowly back home. EXT. NICE NEIGHBORHOOD Dave walks into his neighborhood slowly and goes up to his front door, it's unlocked. DAVE (V.O.)

Maybe they told someone else. They seemed like good enough guys. Plus they seemed to like me more than others. (Cont'd) INT. DAVE'S HOUSE Dave walks into his house and his family is waiting for him. His mother sighs deeply and he comes over to them and sits down. His father pats him on the back. DAVE (V.O.) At the same time, how could I even know what others thought of me? I was so reclusive and shy. I realized that day that even if some jerk knocked the tree house down just to piss me off, I'm extremely glad they did it. FADE TO: INT. LOCAL BOOK STORE Dave is sitting on the side of a book store. A large book is beside him while he writes in a journal. He's finishing off the last few words ("glad they did it") A girl, EMILY, notices Dave and slowly walks up to him. EMILY Hey. Nice book you got there! Dave hesitates for a second, glances at the book and speaks confidently. DAVE Thanks. EMILY How many pages is that mammoth? DAVE (Laughing) Like 900. EMILY Wow, I'm impressed. It’s cool you openly admit to reading books, no one does, I once tried to get my mom into books and

she could never get past like the first 50 pages. DAVE Guess people just aren't as hipster as we are. Emily laughs. EMILY Oh my god wait we like literally are though. DAVE I know. Do you write everything on a typewriter and only listen to music on records? EMILY Well duh. Also do you take vintage pictures of long roads for the heck of it? DAVE It's clearly the only sensible thing to do. Emily gives a quick, cute little laugh. EMILY Anyways it's really cool that you're into books, I swear there isn't one guy in this town that’s ever picked up a book to, you know, actually read it for fun. DAVE Well I guess I'm just a different kind of guy. Dave gives a warm smile and Emily looks impressed with the confidence. EMILY So, this is kind of weird because I really don't know you but I'm having a big party tonight, if you’re not busy want to come? My names Emily by the way.

Emily reaches her hand out for an ironic handshake; Dave reaches forward and shakes it in an intently dramatic way. Emily laughs. DAVE Sure. EMILY See you there then. Emily walks away happily and Dave smiles. DAVE See you there. SLOW FADE TO BLACK

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