Quick Start for Photo Album

This section provides an example of rapid album creation from your images and instructions for uploading the created album to ALBM.com. It is assumed that you have already installed and run your copy of Photo Album  

Album creation:   - Choose one of the offered album templates   - Name the album (if necessary you can always change the album name)

Choosing the template and naming the album


- Create the album by clicking on "Create Album" or by double clicking on the template  

The new album created  

Album navigation:   - It is possible to scroll through pages by clicking on the Thumbnail page under the album   - For larger albums, use the scroll bar under Thumbnails when searching for the necessary pages.  

Adding images to your album:   - You can add one image by dragging from the Image Browser into the album to any place with the prompt "Drag image here".  

Choosing a cell for adding a single image.  

- When dragging several images together, you can choose one of the following three options:   A) Fill existing pages – images are added to all cells from beginning of the album in sequence, except for those that have already been filled with images (including the cover and title cells)   B) Fill existing pages and create new – same as Fill existing pages, but additionally creates random album lists of the PAGE type (not COVER and CHAPTER) for images which did not fit into the existing pages   C) Create new pages – random album lists of the PAGE type (not COVER and CHAPTER) are created for images being transferred, regardless of whether there are empty cells in the album.  

Options for simultaneously adding several images  

Album editing:   - Images located on one page-spread of the album, are reversed by dragging with the mouse

- To delete the image, drag it with the mouse outside of the cell until the “cloud” appears on the cursor, then release the mouse button. The image will be deleted.   - To add COVER, CHAPTER or PAGE templates click on the plus sign in the lower left corner and choose respectively COVER, or CHAPTER, or PAGE

- Choose the most suitable option among the templates offered and add it by clicking on ADD button. This can also be done by clicking on the plus sign in the right upper corner of chosen template, or by double-clicking on the chosen template.

Choosing of page template
To change COVER, CHAPTER, or PAGE templates to a more suitable template, select the page of the template to be changed and click on the “wheel” in the right upper corner, or double-click on this template. The template to be changed will be displayed in the middle of the page, the templates options – at the bottom on the page, and images located in the template to be changed – at the right at Browser’s LAYOUT IMAGE. Then choose the necessary template, click on it for overview, edit the images on the page if necessary (see paragraph Adding images into the album) and add it into the album by clicking on the “arrow” in right upper corner of template thumbnail or by clicking on the APPLY button, or by double-clicking. -Transferring a page to another album chapter is possible by dragging it with the mouse.

- Any caption in the album can be edited by selecting with the mouse.

Caption editing

Images editing: To edit the image, click on the image you want to edit. The image editing toolbar will appear under the image. Capabilities of image editing toolbar: - 360 image rotation using the “wheel”, which is located at the left of the toolbar - Image zooming using the scroll box - Changing the visible area of the image by pressing the left mouse button.

After clicking on SWIRL button in the right upper corner of image editing toolbar, additional functions will appear: - Clicking on the first icon will make your image black and white - On the second icon – your image will become sepia. - On the third icon – 5 kinds of posterization (are switched by repeated clicks on this icon with the left mouse button).

By clicking on the “wheel” at the right upper corner, the previous mode of the image editing toolbar will be returned. Publication on albm.com: -Choose File -> Publish to ALBM.com or Command + P

- If necessary, change the album name (you can change the name any time)

- Click on the PUBLISH button - Login to ALBM.com or create new account if you do not already have one

The album is created – enjoy viewing :)

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