ASSIGNMENT 1 BY: Chris Clifford – O2

Possible causes of defects in: Fridge:
o Compressor noisy o Freezer compartment ice formation o Water accumulation in vegetable box o Compressor not working o Not efficient cooling o Offensive odor o Food getting spoilt o Ice formation very slow o Compressor tube leak o Getting shock

o Screen blinking o Battery swollen o Battery not lasting o Charging point not working o Earphone only one working o Earphone jack creating interference o Microphone ic blown (unable to hear) o Sound ic blown (no ringtone) o Vibration mode not working o Keypad not working

o Noisy engine o Squeaking sound of suspension o Brake not working properly o Clutch very hard o Speedometer stopped o Mileage not showing correct reading o Fuel meter faulty o Headlamps not working o Tail lamp not working o Air conditioner not working o Automatic climate control not cooling as per the set temperature o Heavy vibration coming on steering wheel o Gear knob very hard

o Reaction to skin o Bad odor o Pungent smell o Reaction with air o Discoloration o Burning fumes o Very sticky suspension

ASSIGNMENT 2 By : Chris Clifford – O2
Launch of product Delayed Process of product launch
o Testing, qualification and certification o Pilot production and process prove-out o Forecasting and ERP set-up o Vendor qualification o Product and service manuals o Package design o Marketing and advertising program design and execution o Market testing o Sales and distribution planning o Sales, support and service training o Spare parts planning and logistics

Cause of delay
o Social factors o Economic factors o Organizational tussle o Political factors o Ego clashes o Environmental factors o Product launch by competitors o Price war o Economic slowdown

o Poor distribution o Poor advertising o Backlog in manufacturing schedule o Wrong forecasting o Poor resource planning o Poor allocation of resources o Functional department not in sync with each other

o Streamline process o Align workforce towards a common goal o Motivate workforce to achieve it quick o Create proactive environment o Improve market research data o Authenticate secondary data to predict launch o Proper training to salespeople o Support resources should be in place o Right product pricing should be forecasted o Demand of the customer should be predetermined o Product performance must be evaluated thorough testing and qualify the product for specific requirements

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