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Clinical Tips in Homeopathy Evil Spirits were knocked out by Belladona During early days of my practice, I was once

invited alongwith my family members by one of my friends on Eid holidays. As we entered their home, the father and mother of my friend were sitting on a bed encircling their daughter-in-law and murmuring some verses from the Holy Quran. As my friend was not at home, therefore, his wife escorted us to the Drawing room and asked to wait for her husband. The atmosphere of the home was not lively but scary as if something unpleasant would happen. In the meantime, the father of my friend entered and informed that my friend was just coming. He sat on the chair and narrated in a hesitating tone that his daughter-in-law who was married three months ago had been overwhelmed by some evil spirits (demoniac) as diagnosed by a spiritual leader. However, another religious scholar opined that the girl was hysteric and needs medical help. The father disclosed by giving further details that during such attacks, she becomes so violent that she growls with fearful protruding red eyes and strikes whosoever comes before him. At times, she is abusive and also tears away her clothes. The father asked as to whether homoeopathy offers any treatment for such patients. The one and the only remedy according to the stated symptoms was Belladona which was given in 1M potency twice a day for two days. After three weeks it was reported by my friend that an attack of mild intensity was still recorded. The final forceful punch of Belladona-CM knocked out the remaining spirits and made them fled away forever restoring the patient to normal life. Regards. H/Dr. Sultan Mahmood, Hillview Avenue, Rawalpindi (Pakistan) Bothrops can make you speak During the 2nd week of February, 2009, I was examining the patients at my clinic when my daughter informed on phone in a shrieking tone that Mama had suffered a sudden stroke and lost her voice. I excused with the visiting patients and rushed to my home. On my way to home, I was so perplexed that despite my best efforts, I could not recall a single remedy to my mind for this ailment. In fact, I was in a shocking condition and feared as if I was losing something very precious. As I entered the home, my wife was continuously rubbing the left side of her neck with her hand and trying to speak out her ailment with a rolling tongue in her mouth. Doubting of a facial paralysis, I gave 2 drops of Causticum-1M in some water which she swallowed without pouring it out of her mouth. After an hour, I administered Lachesis-200. As I observed, there was no distortion of face which invalidated the chances of paralysis. Blood Pressure and pulse were quite normal, grip of hands was OK. However, my daughters insisted me to visit the hospital for thorough medical checkup. The Doctors could not ascertain the cause of this stroke that rendered my spouse speechless as all the tests including ECG, Blood CP and even the CT Scan of brain were normal. During the process of these tests, I kept on administering Causticum which showed some improvement in the speech with utterance of broken words as if intoxicated. Nevertheless, I carried on exploring the right remedies which could fully restore her speech. Finally, I was convinced by Bothrops Lanceolatus the characteristics of which have been stated in the Materia Medica of Dr. William Boericke as Inability to articulate without any affection of the tongue. I therefore started giving it in 200 potency and the patient was seen on the path of further improvement within the next 24 hours. On her complaint of pain and stiffness of neck, Cimicifuga-200 and Lachnanthes-30 were also alternated with Bothrops being the principal remedy. It took about 10 days to restore her speech. Now she is well communicative and even shouts whenever something wrong is committed against her will. Thanks to Allah and Bothrops, all family members are happy to find her back in normal

life. Regards. Homoeo Dr. Sultan Mahmood, Hillview Avenue, Rawalpindi (Pakistan) The Power of Ignatia 21st November, 2008 was a gloomy and disheartening day for the residents of Hillview Avenue when an ambulance carrying the dead body of Dr. Masood reached the vicinity. Everyone was mourning and shedding tears over the death of such a popular, compassionate and caring physician who remained in the hospital for about one week after a road accident. It was especially an irreparable loss for the widow and three children of the departed soul. Yet another blow and misfortune from the heavens fell when the ailing father of the grief-stricken widow breathed his last just after four days. The widow of Dr. Masood was torn into pieces with the series of these two colossal tragedies. After 3-4 days, my wife enquired as to whether there is any remedy in homoeopathic system which could console and act as antidepressant. Ignatia flashed into my mind which was anxiously waiting for her. The remedy was thus administered in 1M twice a day for three days and amazingly, the widow started coming back to life within one week with a sound sleep at night. Thanks to Allah, she has also started taking interest in her home affairs with the soothing effect of Ignatia. I salute to the power of Ignatia.

1.Pituitary-Sudden acute pains like angina,renal or biliary colic,if no clear modalities are present. 2.Staphylococcin-To reduce pustule formation[like hepar],summer boils[200],fever[30] 3.Lac defloratum-Any kind of pain with profuse urination. 4.Insulin-Progressive emaciation of children though eating well.take lot of sweets. 5.Cortisone-Excellent for frozen shoulder,intercoastal rheumatism,asthma<lying,<midnight. 6.Leucoderma-Mica,ASF,Merc sol. 7.Eel serum-In coronary thrombosis alternate with crataegus 8.Lycopersium-Asthma from dust 9.Sanguinaria-Asthma from incense stick. 10.Thyroid 6x for scanty menses,30 for heavy bleeding. 11.Methylene blue-Fever not reducing with usual medicine. 12.Colostrum 6x-Infant diarrhoea due to mothers milk,sour smelling. 13.Leprosy 3 drugs-sulph 30-loss of sensation After sensation returns-Hydrocotyle30 for reducing skin thickness Lastly calotropis

Alumina-200 in alteration with Merc. Sol-200 is efficacious in curing intense itching when worse with warmth Coffea Cruda-200 in alternation with Kali. Phos-200 is useful for treating insomnia Never forget to give Sulphur-200 as inter-current remedy in sexual weakness In Ptosis (Drooping of eyelids), try Causticum in high potency in alternation with Gelsemium and Kali Phos.

2-3 doses of Kreosotum-1M are sufficient enough to control the urgent call for urination In violent dry and fatiguing cough, Rumex-30 has given me good results Consider trio of Colocynthis, Gnaphalium and Rhus tox while treating sciatic pain In Anorexia, the combination of Cocculus-30+Pulsatilla-6+30+China-30 recommended by Dr. P. N. Pai has been found useful in many cases Most of the cases of Dysentery have been cured with Colocynthis and Merc.cor Trio of Arsenicum alb., Ipecac. and Natrum sulph has been found reliable in Asthma Streptococcinum 1000 helps bring down high fevers in sore throat or viral fevers when the indicated remedies do not help. Anaemia,Menses early , profuse, Frequent U.R.I. / Asthma, Calcarea Carb Potency --- 200 C, Repeation --- once in 10 day,After repeating 3 times increase potency to 1M

Eczema when it is ulcerated is a great head ache no...Try Hepar sulph 200 3 dose in powder form which should be taken in one spoon of water till the pain subsides along with Apis 30 3 pills twice will get a time to select a medicine in the mean time also reduces renal complications. then RA factor and ASO titre if well selected remedy fails Penicillin 200 7 doses in powder form on alternate days ie 14 days with but for one month, repeat if necessary for another month. if not getting the desired results add 2 dose Streptococcin 1m 2 dose after the 14 days medication. never forget to evaluate cardiac complications in badly managed cases, go for an echo. please let me know about the response.. Dr.S.K.Banaerjee Allen College of Homeopathy

Apathy to illness Gels, Phos Ac, Plumbum Met. Abortive - Pinus Lambertina (less than 3/12 gestation),(15dr bd = 40% success in 3/52),Caulophyllum (over 3/12),NB. Consider constitution & month Abortion habitual - NBWS habitual abortion - ?month ?constitution Anus burning Sulph, Ratanhia, Cantharis Anxiety+++ Kali Arsen Anaemia Ferrum Phos, Aletris Farinosis, Ferrum Met,China (anaemia + oedema +pumped out) Acidity (when well-selected remedy fails) Robinia tinct, Nat Phos. 6x, Hydrastis tinct Antibiotic Rx - (has depleted vital force) Medorrhin (OAJulian) Anal fistula - Paeonia Anus wide open - Phos, Apis Altitude sickness - Coca Autism - Kali Brom, Tarentula, Zinc Met ADD - Kali Brom, Zinc Met Antisepsis - Calendula, Echinac, Gun Powder, Myristica, Tarentula, Merc Cor

Alopecia - from hormone changes, HRT, ChemoRx, DXT Thallium 30 or 200c,Pilocarpus (Jaborandi) 1oz tinct. in 4oz coconut oil, massage in, dont wash out 2-3/52 action,or 10 15dr tinct massaged in at bedtime,or Arnica (when result of shock) can be used in oil Appetite stimulant - Alfalfa B Bells Palsy - first 12 hours - Aconite.Prolonged - Causticum (aetiol cold dry wind),either side - Merc Burning trio - Arsenicum, Phos (in spots, nervous system) Sulph Biliary colic - Berberis, Cardus Mar, Fel Tauri, Cholesterin, Chelidonium,Calculobili Brain fag - Aethusa Cyn, Brahmi (Boer p1054) Burning cancer - (often with DXT) Anthrax, Euphorbium, Arsenicum Belching (LOUD) - Kali Arsen, Arg Nit, Asafoet Bladder CA - Taraxacum, Terebrinth, Solidago (in bladder CA with suppressed urine, it can prevent use of catheter) Backache - with leucorr - Mag Sulph, Eupion (with pain back to pubis) with menses Sepia,with pregnancy Bellis P Blood pressure - high systolic, low diastolic Baryta Mur Bone metast/sarcoma - Nat Silico-fluor, Angustura Vera, Crotalus Casc,with burning pain Euphorbium Breasts - pendulous Chimaphila Um,to dry up breast milk Lac Can,to increase breast milk Ricinuc Comm tinct Chest (lack of reaction) - (ie when vital force is depleted) Laurocerasus as intercurrent Cough - NBWS pnuemonia/flu Sticta (dry), Erydicton, Pix Liquida,asthmatic wheeze Hepar, Kali Carb, Phos,bark Dros, Kali Brom, Spongia, Sambucus,catarrhal Arsen, Dulc, Ipec, Phos dry sibilant Spongia dry tickling Rumex (in throat) cough ends in vomit Mephites 1st violent then weaker & weaker Ant Crud hacking with haemoptysis Acalypha Indica hawking Sticta rattling Ant Tart, Kali Sulph, Occ Sanct, Lycopod machine gun Corallium croup Acon, Spongia, Hepar (Boenning Trio all 200c) also Kali Bic, Hepar, Iodum Cradle cap - Silica, Calc Carb, Mezereum Cataracts - Silica, Conium, Calc Fluor (prophylatically - Cineraria tinct, undiluted, few drops daily) Centrifugal action - Xray Convulsion tria - Acon, Acetanilidum (when predisposition to febrile) Strep Coryza (stringy) - Kali Bic, Lyssin, Hydrastis Coryza, alternate days - Lac Can Catarrh to clear block in Rx of Lemna Minor (30-200c),Sang Nit 30c, Teucrum Marum (more for paediatrics) Bell Dulc Kali Sulph,Constrictive sensation - Cactus Cramp writers - Mag Phos, Plumbum Met CFS - Conium CCF - LVF Lach, Phos, Venoms

RVF Stropanthus, Dig Climacteric onset Sx - Sulph, Lach, Graph, Mancinella, Morg Bach, Sanguin, Sepia, Calc Carb Conjunctivitis - Euphrasia wash (& protect from sunlight),in neonates, where vomiting Puls 50m, , Mum h/o gonorr (ie yellow leucor.) Arg Nit Calcan. spur on heels - Calc Fluor, Hekla Lava Congenital overgrowth - ie extra digit, ear pinna Carcinosin destruction - ie cleft palate, spina bifida, cardiac PDA Carcinosin Cold sores - to manage neat lavender oil, Vit B complex, Vit C 500mgs/d CA - antidotes DXT Cadmium Iod. Fluor Acid, Phos, Rad Brom, foetid odor Hoang-nan pain relief Euphorbinum (burning) Nat Silicofluor (bone scraping pain) CA remnants/deposits Malandrinum CA specific organs - Bone Nat Sil Fluor, Angustura, Euphor, Crot Casc Mouth tongue Kali Cyan, Crot Horr, Galium Aparine Bladder Taraxacum, Terebrinth Breast Ast Rubens (Sycotic diath, CA breast & axilla) Calc Fluor (stony hard) Chimaph (large pendulous) Conium ,(trauma leads to fibrosis) Lapis Albus (soft & pliable) Phytolacca, Plum Iod (with soreness & dryness) Thuja, Thyroid, Calc Iod Stomach (caecum) Ornithogalum Cervix Hydrocotyle, Ustilago Intestines Arsen, Sedum Repens, Ornith Larynx Phos, Thuja Liver Cholester, Hydrastis Lung Cobalt Mur Pancreas Phos. Pylorus & duodenum Ornithogalum tinct (single dose) Rectal Kali Cyn (Kali weakness) Sempervivum Tect. Skin Cinnabaris, Eosin, Galium Aparine, Rad Brom, Thuja, Canth, Kali Arsen, Bovista Stomach Bismuth, Cad Sulph, Hydrastis, Lobelia Erin, Ornithog, Sed Repens Uterus Aur Mur Nat (ossification) Elaps Corr, FraxinusAmericana, Lycopod, Murex, Thuja, Thyroid Constipation - (purgative palliative) Merc Dulc, 3x bd hard & massive Mezereum crumbles, mucus+ - Ammon Mur hard & large + white coated tongue Ant Crud chronic, anus feels stuffed full, throbs Apis chilly, fat, rectal fissure Graphites sphincter slow to close after, sensation many hammers Lach sticky, esp post-measles, sinking sensation stomach Hydrast dry & crumbles edge anus Mag Mur (well selected rem fails, with bile & nausea in child) Nycthan bottle fed babes Alumina, Mag Mur (more constit. Bry, Nux Vom, Plum Met.) Colic & cramp - > bent double < cheese Colocynth flatus with colic, whines, restless - Cham , with urge after eating < night, strong desire sour China

> bending backward Dioscorea > warm pressure Mag Phos sensation abdo pulled toward spine Plumbum Met excrutiating pain in bowels every 2-3/52 Cuprum Acetum choking sensation rises from stomach Mancinella pain+ with constipation Pitruitin Diabetes - Arg Nit, Phos Ac. juvelile Phos with skin Sx Syzygium Jam with kidney Sx Uran Nit, Phos Ac, Rhus Aromatica Depression - hormonal, puberty, climacteric Mancinella post natal Cimicifuga Diuretics - Apis, Apocynum Can, Mag Sulph Disorders - conduct Stram obsessive compulsive Caps, Tub, Bell, Anac bewildered Agaricus Musc, Kali Brom opposition defiance Tarentula Distension - no bowel sounds post abdo surgery Raphanus 30c Diarrhoea - early am, rush, no control Aloes irritable & excessive disposition Nux Vom dryness, < slightest motion burning, <3-4am Sulph post vaccine Thuja soon as pt stands Nat Sulph profuse, putrid, polychromatic, painless, prolapse, gushes green Podophyllum < at night Puls, China, Ferr Met from eggs China, Arsen gushing Crot Tig, Gambogia with pain+ pre & post Trombidium chronic for instant relief when picture confused (ie Nux Vom, Merc Sol, Sulph) Holarrhena Antidysenterica tinct ongoing, appetite loss Stercula 30 & 200c on NBWS prolonged h/o long illness to exhaustion (2yrs+) from lactation, diarrhoea, masturbation etc China with liver pain, mucus+++, periodic Chaparro Delirium - religious Stram rage & violence Bell sexual & lewd Hyos alternating manias Veratrum Alb haemorrhagic + Merc Sol features Strept Ear wax black - Puls, Calc Sulph, Caust, Elaps Corr, Lach. Verbascum Oil 3 x wk for 3/52 then 1 x mth Ejaculation - prem Lycop, increased desire but lowered ability Selenium, Caladium delayed Nat Mur, Lyssin, Selenium Egg allergy - Cal Ovorum E coli infection - Chimaphila Um. Exhaustion - workaholics Avena Sativa 10-15dr nocte weak post illness Sterculia weak from discharges (ie leuc, lact, prolonge haemorr) Aletris Farinosa

Eyes - puffy underneath Apis, Kali Arsen puffy over Kali Carb Eyes tarsal tumours - Platanus Occid 6-30c Eye scar tissue - ie post trauma Thiosinaminum sensation eye pulled to back of head Hepar, Oleand, Paris Quad Eye sensitivity - bright light (spasms) Lyssin coloured light Artemisia Vulg Emaciation - to fatten tubercular diath Hydrastis post electric shock/living environment Electricitas Ears cracks behind - Nat Mur, Caust, Psor Foetus moves violently - Psor Fistula esp anal - Silica (80%) then Fluor Acid if still pus present Fastidious - Arsen, Nux Vom, Carcinosin, Graphites Flying fears - with nausea Arse. Fright fear remains - Opium Falling down sensation - Borax Fever - sudden, high Veratrum Viride Antipyretic (where predisposed febrile convulsions) Acetanid Flatulence (Nash trio) - Carbo Veg, Lycop, China Flushes of heat - Lach, Sulph, Calc Iod, Sang, Calc Carb, Iodum Facial palsy - from dry cold wind Acon damp cold Allium Cepa Fleas - Staph, Psor Gastric Sx - low abdo Lycop whole abdo China upper abdo Carbo Veg Gastric ulcers (to CA) - with coffee grounds Cad Sulph, Crot Horr Gums receding - Fluoric Acid Gingivitis - with bleeding+ - Carbo Veg, Kreosotum, Phos Glands - feel crushed Rhododen feel bruised/sore Arnica stony hard Conium, Bromium, Calc Fluor. Gall bladder colic - Berberis, Cardus Mar, Fel Tauri, Cholester, Chelidon. Gnats to keep away - Calladium Headache - neural psoric vascular sycotic bursting/splitting syphilitic base of brain tubercular temp blind sight returns as headache < - Kali Bic, Iris, Nat Mur, Lac Def from fasting Silica, Lycopod throbbing Bell, Melilotus, Nux Vom chronic Nat Mur R side from neck to eye Sang, Gels, Silica > menses Bell < sun Glonoine, Bell with constant desire to urinate (which >) - Nux Vom, Thuja Head injury post trauma ie forceps Nat Sulph Head cant hold - Calc Phos, Aethusa, Abrot. Hippocratic - Arsen, Carbo Veg, Ver Alb.

Hydrogenoid - Thuja, Nat Sulph, Ant Tart, Caust, Nit Ac Hypersexual - Cantharis Hayfever - blocked & congestion Occ Sanct sneezing, ulceration, epistaxis Bell, Dulc, Kali Sulph periodic Arsen < Summer, irritable Ambrosia burn+++ itch+++ - Arundo puslike profuse mucus Pentorum Hyperactive - sedative effect Passiflora Inc Hydrocele - with crushing sensation Rhododend Haemorrhoids - when well selected remedy fails Collinsonia Paeonia constriction & itch (in rectum) Ratahnia glass splinters burn for hours after stool Aesculus Hippo portal congestion, leads to backache Thuja cauliflower shape Lapsana Com tinct Blumea Odorata bleeding Heart - damage post infection Naja Hyperemesis - Symphoricarpus Rac 200c Kali Arsen Hot water desire - Chelid, Arsen, Sabadilla Homesick - Phos Ac, Capsicum, Carbo Anim Haemorrhage - (esp nasal) bright red profuse (organop - Erigeron, Ipecac from injury to chest, haemoptysis Millefolium from pulmonary TB - Acalypha Hair loss (see Alopecia) Hysteria - with flatulence Asafoetida Hypertension - Crataegus tinct or 30c (dissolvent power) Lycopus Verginicus tinct or 30c Spartium Scoparium 1x or 30c (diuretic) Strophanthus, Dig, Rauwolfia Serp tinct Hysterectomy - NBWS - Thyroidinum Irritable family - Mr Nux Vom & Mrs Sepia,Cina, Cham, Silic, Tub children! Intestinal obstruction - (in kids) Pitruitin IBS - to open case Sulph 30c with jelly mucus Gaertner, Aloes, Colch Intestinal shedding - < Autumn Colch,Kali Iod. Insomnia (see sleep) Influenza - (small rems) with cyanosis Acetanilidum relapsing with toxaemia (slimy stool, sinus Sx, slow digest) , Eucalyptus epidemics Sarcolactic Acid Insects - fleas Staph, Psor Gnats to keep away Caladium Lice body Bacillinum, hair Staph tinct. Impotence (see ejac) - desire but no ability Selenium, Caladium Itching > heat - Rhus Ven, Thyroidin Joints cracking - Benzoic Acid, Thuja

rigid - Caust, Stellaria pain - Kali Carb (sensitive, sore, swollen) Kali Iod (hot, diffused, syph degeneration) contraction - Cimicifuga, Caust, Guaciacum, Cauloph. Jealous+++ - Lachesis, Hyos, Apis Knee injuries - sinews, periosteum, tendons Symphytum Larynx - sensation of hair in - Naja Liver - Mag Mur, Lycopod, Chelidon, Berberis, Hydrastis, Nux Vom,Card Mar Lungs - R upper Arsen, Calc Carb middle Calc, Sang. ower Lycopod, Bry, Kali Carb, Merc Sol, Chelidon L - upper Phos, Merc Sol, Stannum, Tub, Sulphur, Therid lower Nat Sulph, Rumex, Syphil haemorrhage see under h Leucorrhoea - profuse Alumin 10d pos menses Conium, Borax, Bovista running down legs Alum, Graph, Calc Carb, Sepia, Sil, Stannum, Syphil Lack of reaction - chest & heart Laurocer collapse, cyanosed, wants fanning Carbo Veg in person with lax fibres Capsicum worn out constitution at menopause Ambra hysterical women Valeriana old folk, chronic catarrh, feeble pulmonary circulation Bacillin Mouth thrush - Kali Chlor 3x, or Calend tinct or Echinac tinct as mouth wash, 1/4 tsp in cup warm water ulcers Kali Chlor or Echinac as above Memory impaired - Brahmi, Lac Can, Angust, Anacard, Caus. < Music - Thuja, Graph, Kreos, Nat Carb < Motion - Ipecac, Erigeron, Bry < 1st Motion > cont. - Anac, Conium, Caps, Lycop, Puls, Rhus Tox, Strep > gentle motion - Puls, Ferr Met. Mucus stringy - Kali Bic, Hydrastis (concom empty sensation in organs esp stomach), Lyssin (cc anticipation, anxiety++) Milestones delayed - Calc Carb soft bones, curved & deformed Calc Phos slow development, thin & brittle Baryta late learning due to mental deficiency Caust paralytic weakness, disturbed function Mumps - Jaborandi, Puls Menses - with diarrhoea Amm Carb, Bovista with constipation Silica PM hysteria Kali Brom, Oenanthe Croc suppressed from anxiety Kali Carb PM weakness & anxiety 1 wk prior Kali Carb regulator Senecio Aureus, Puls, Janosia tinct 2x or 3x or to regulate young girl when cycle muddled by allop Rx Senecio Aur, Turnera, Kali Carb dysmenn with congestion Viburnum very acute dysmenn Pituitrin depression hormonal Mancinella All Sx > with menses - Lach, Al Cepa, Macrotin

Menopausal - Graph, Sulph, Lach, Nat Mur, Calc Carb, Sang, Mancinella, Morgan B, Sepia Moon phases - affects mind (schizo, psychosis), menses, asthma, osteoarthritis, neuro (tremors), allergic skins, migraines New moon < - Arsen, Calc Carb, Lach, Nux Vom, Phos, Sulph 1st moon < - Arsen, Calc Carb, Puls Full moon < - Arsen, Calc Carb, Lycop, Phos < increasing moon Arnica, Calc Carb < waning moon Dul, Thuja New & full moon < - Arsen, Calc Carb, Lycop, Phos Moonlight < - Thuja, Ant Crud Nose enlarge turbin - Sang Nit, Arsen Iod. Nose (picking off other peoples) Mercury Nose polyps - & deviated septum Sang Nit, Lemna Minor Nose rhinitis - management of Avoid dairy products Nasal washes each nostril alternately, (other closed) inhale then exhale 3 5 x bd, tepid H2O Nose cauterisation - NBWS with coryza+++ - Arsen, Arg Nit Nits - cider vinegar, neat t tree, conditioner + comb, electric zapper! Nipples - retracted Silica cracked - Ricinus sore Sarsapar Noise - continual impact tinnitus & partial deafness Arnica, Nat Sal any Sx triggered by noise - Theridion Neuralgia - pain like chilli pepper, facial pain < air Capsic irritable, hot sweaty head, easy anger Cham periodicity China colic > bent double, suppressed anger Colocyn in rectum Plumbum concomit chilliness, resulting more pain then more chilly Puls linear direction of pain Allium Cepa L sided Spigelia arms, shoulders Staph sycotic, < wet Thuja Nausea - < smell/thought food Colchic (more < smell, esp fish)Phos, Arsen, Sepia, Ipecac, Coccul from eggs Chin. Arsen, Thuja, Sycoti Co Organ affinities - Skin Calc Carb, Cypriped, Petrol Muc membranes Hydrastis, Sedum Acre CNS Arn, Gels, Ign GI stomach Condurango, Ornithog Rectum Hura Braz, Ruta, Scrof. Liver Carduus Mar, Chelid, China, Conium, Tarax, Solidago Pancreas Senna Urinary kidney Berb, Form Rufa, Sars, Solidago Prostate Chima, Sabal Serr Spleen Ceanoth, Quercus, Helianthus Mammary Aster Rub, Phytolacc, Scroful Otalgia - Kali Carb, Merc Dulc, Kali Mur, Spigelia, Verbascum, Cham Otorrhoea middle ear - post vaccine Tellurium, Merc Dulc, Kali Mur

Oesophagitis burning - Iris Versicolor Osteomyelitis - Angustura Vera Osteoporosis - Kali Bic, Kali Iod, Phytolacca, Hekla Lave Ovaries - NBWS oophorectomy Oophorinum PREGNANCY PLUS Delusions - re abnormal foetus Lyssin Vomitting - Symphoricarpus, Kali Arsen. 200c (hyperemesis gravidarum) Cocculus, Petroleum, Sepia am Amygdalus Persica, Symphor, Arsen, Kali Arsen (SKB 3) - Arsen, Cerium Ox, Ipecac Heartburn - Sulph, Lycopod, Nux Vom. Toxaemia - Kali Chlor (Syph background) Constipation - Molasses 2 tlblsp in hot H2O every am Alum 200c painful urge long before Collinson 30c pelvic congestion & piles -Hydrastis Breasts - to increase milk production & quality Galega, Ricinus cracked nipples Ricinus sore nipples Eup Arom tinct, Lapsana Com tinct retracted Silica, Sarsaparilla LABOUR Hypoxia - Arnica 200c 1m SKB 10 rems kit - 1 - Cimicifuga 30cc 1st stage short lancinating pain & rigid os, shivers 2 Caulophy 30c initiates contractions (also Zinc Met 200c) 3 Puls 200c 4 Secal Cor 30c 200c (help expel placenta) 5 Kali Carb 200c sweat, backache, weakness 6 Calendula 30 c & 200c 7 Chamom 1m pain, aggression+ 8 Gelsem 200c lack of tone 9 Thyroidinum 10 Pitruitrin slows 2nd stage if going too fast Forceps NBWS - Cicuta Virosa, Nat Sulph Episiotomy bad eff of - Staphys Pus antisepsis - Myristica, Echinacea tinctures,Hepar, Sulph, Silica, Merc Cor, Gun Powder Pleural stitch - Bry, Kali Carb Prostate - enlarged Ferr Pic tinct, Sabal Serr, Conium Thuja, Sabadilla, Serratula Palpitations - Iberis, Phos, Dys Co, Cactus, Bell Pneumonia rpt attacks - Kali Carb, Thuja, Eriodict Pruritis Vulvae (thrush)- Origanum hypersexual Radium itch > warmth Oleander very sensitive itching To wash Echin tinct douche 10-15d where leucorr+++ Calendula where ulceration ,Syzyg Jam Pain - (SKB 3) Acon, Cham, Coff rapidly shifting Puls (wanders) Phytol (wanders) Kali Bic, Lac Can, Mang Acet. as if pulled from front to back Plumbum in small spots Kali Bic, Lyssin, Hydrastis

ascending Ledum descending Kalmia Latifolia Restless trio (SKB) - Rhus Tox physically Aconite mentally Arsenicum physically & mentally anxious & restless Recurrence - Bell, Sulph, Calc Carb Rubbing < - Calc Carb, Phos, Formica Rufa Rubbing gently > - Plumbum Met, Phos, Calc Carb, Crot Tig Rheumatic - Stellaria (no 1 Syphilitic) Kali Bic, Kali Iod, Phytol, Rhamnus Calif Rheumatic degeneration with early arthritic deformans Colch with burning bone pain Euphorb with stiffness & erosion in pockets (lacunae) leading to caries, spine & bones Stellaria more Sycotic (with nodosities & tophi) Amm Phos deep seated Sycotic Radium, Xray (SKB) good chain Rhus Tox Calc Carb/Fluor Radium also Thuja Xray inflammatory Bell, Formica Ruffa, Rhamnus Calif Management of - avoid all moist heat, damp dwelling, cold shower apply dry heat (not hot H2O bottle) ie salt bags, sand bags avoid < at full or new moon, 11th day wax & wane avoid spinach, pulses, red lentils, red meat, liver, kidneys, red wine, juicy foods, curries (all raise prurine & therefore raise Uric acid levels) re neck Sx (raise swollen ares generally) use neck pillow in bed Rectum - sensation sticks Rumex, Sulph glass Ratanhia burning Sulph, Cantharis, Ratanhia Radium post Rx - Rad Brom, Calc Iod, Phos Renal asthma - Eel Serum (WB p254) Shoulder frozen L - Ferr Met, Kali Iod (sensitive+++) Sourest rem - Rheum (rhubarb). Suppurative - Myristica, Hepar, Sulph, Silica, Merc Sol Scar tissue (Tyler trio) - Cause, Gels, Silica internal & external Thiosinaminum 30c topical Anagallis tinct where itch+ on actual scar DPT 30c Styes (not related glasses prescription) Thuja, Sulph, Puls, Med, Staph. Stammer - Spigelia, Lachesis, Stram (mmmmm) Zinc Met (repetitive) Caust, Bovista, Cicuta Vir, Kali Brom (< 5am) Stoop shoulders - Kreosotum Sun bad eff. of - Nat Carb, Bryonia, Gels, Glonoine Sweat relieves - Acon, Nat Mur, Psor SLEEP Sleepy (Nash trio) - Ant Tart, Nux Mosch, Opium Sleepy but unable to - Bell, Opium, Cham Sleepless generally - Passiflora Inc, Coffea, Crataegus, Avena Sativa, Opium, Piscida, Sambucus, Zinc Val, Zinc Phos (overloaded business) Kali Phos with anxiety - (& worn out generally) Mag Carb 30-200c (< climacteric)

Avena Sativa (with neurasthenia, for workaholics, short term effects of) Sleepless + neuro Sx - Zinc Phos child wakes, plays - Cypripedium tinct 2-5dr nocte Sleep > back - Arsen Sleep > abdo - Ammon Carb, Cina, Podo Sleeps into < - Apis, Lach, Opium, Spongia Sleep cold knees wake - Carbo Veg Skin itch > cold applic - Cantharis, Fagopyrum Skin cracks (fingers) - with pus Silica no pus, thick skin, deep, painful Xray thickened, no pain - Morgan in Summer Sarsapar in Winter Petroleum, Psor Skin urticaria - general Bombyx (WBp94) from shellfish Urtica Urens rom cold allergy Dulc extensive Thyroidinum Scrofulous - Calc Carb, Calc Phos, Hepar, Silica, Tub Smell loss of - Arsen Iod Sx all < damp cold - Aranea, Allium Cepa, Rhus Tox, Nat Sulph, Ant Tart, Thuja, Dulcamara, Calc Carb Stomatitis - red Merc, Kali Chlor 3x tsp cup luke warm H2O white Borax Sinusitis - finger spot Kali Bic Profuse Puls. L Spigelia R Sanguinaria Complete blockage Hepar Sulph 1x in warm spray H2O Scabies - Croton Tig (> gentle rub) Smoking - (constitut is best) Plantago 30-200c Caladium (sex desire+ w/o erection) Tabac, Quercus Spinal damage - nerve Hypericum cervical Cicuta dorsal Agaricus Seizures - < sound - Theridion Talks in rhymes - Ant Crud Throat colour - brown/red Lycop shiny/glazed Bell purple Phytolacc Teeth - extraction - as haemostatic 1) Arnica 2) Hamam 3) Thuja Toothache - Plantago tinct on cotton bud, Menyanthes (> rubbing) < sweet Spongia < meat Staph (PQRS) Ailments from wisdoms - Mag Carb, Cheiranthus < tea - Thuja, Cinchona, Selinium Tinnitis - Nat Sulph, Proteus Torticollis - Lachnantes, Sticta, Caust, Fel Tauri (WB p390) Tonsilitis - huge chronically swollen Ailanthus, Baryta Carb Thoughts lascivious - Hyos

Testes crushed feeling - Rhodo, Spongia Thyroidectomy NBWS - Thyroidinum TROPICAL DxMalarial prophylactic - Artista Indica tinct 10d bd whole trip Terebrinth 30c x 2 + 200c x1 prevention forms antibodies NBWS malaria cachetic emaciation, has ability to stop recurrence (by involving liver cycle) Malaria Officenalis NBWS malarial tablets Chin Sulph, Chin Arsen Malaria - prodromal ment & physic excitement, face red & hot Cedron Chill general coldness renewed every movement Nux Vom & China heat craves warm drinks Casc, Chel, Sabad Urination pain - before Borax, Lyssin, Sanic, Sarsap, Lycopod after Berb, Thuja, Equis, Medor, Sarsap, Nat Mur before & during Borax, Lycop, Sarsap, Equis only urinate standing Sarsap only when kneeling with head pressed on floor Pareira Urine - white sandy gravel Sarsap brown sand Phos red sand Lycop Uric acid diathesis - (to lower levels of) Oc Can tinct, Benzoic Acid, Berber, Sarsap,Urticaria Anti gout - Urticaria tinct, Hedeoma low pot/tinct Tophi - Amm Phos Uvula - oedema, no thirst Apis oedema, little red - Kali Bic oedema, redness+++ - Rhus Tox Uterus - 1st degree prolapse Helonias Cham (lack of tone ie multips)Lil Tig, Sepia Haemorr acute ie pphaemorr, retained placenta, metrorrhagia - Cinnamonum tinct 5dr cup tds followed by constitut Erigeron (bright red < least movement) Vertigo - looking up Silica, Puls looking down Kalmia, Spigelia general Silica, Conium, Cocculus Vaginal Vulvitis - dry + itch Rhus Divers, Tarentula dry + leuc Echinac dry + sore Calend thrush - Kali Chlor 3x, Calend tinct, Echinac tinct as local wash Voice - loss Coca tinct or 3x 2-3dr in cup luke warm H2O 6hrly for 48hrs prior audition or Borax 1x in cup luke warm H2O same as above (where more anxiety, tension, nervousness) singers cold Allium Cepa 30c, Arum Triphy Vocal cord nodules - (with husky voice) Kali Iod, Caust, Coca Vaccination bad eff. of - (JR NBWS vaccine otitis, fevers, behaviour) Thuja, Silica, Sulph, Ant Tart, Mezer, Crot, Variol, Vaccinum, Bacillin Skin reaction post vaccine Crot Horr, Malandrinum Worms in UK most common are ASCARIS & OXYURIS Rx with Cina, Santon, Tereb, Tub tapeworm - Cina, Calotropis, + colic Filix Mas with salivation Lycop, Granatum 30c after rpt allop de-worm Rx, pinworms + rectal itch++

nasal polyps & adenoids Teucrium 12c all kinds of worms Cuprum Oxy Nig with diarrhoea Cina, Merc Sol, Spigelia with infant diarrhoea Sabadilla with convulsions, if Cina fails Cicuta others Kousso, Sulph, Merc Sol Washing manis - Lac Can, Syph < warmth of bed - Apis, Cham, Dros, Ledum, Merc Sol, Puls, Sabina, Secale, Sulph Whooping cough- < night Dros With cyanosis Mephites Very acute & cyanosed Castanea,Fluoroform, Ouabain Warts - Ferr Pic Weather changes - cold to warm Bry, Gels, Nux vom, Sepia warm to cold Arse, Caust, Duld, Nux Vom, Ran Bulb, Silica Warfarin withdrawal - gradual + Crataegus tinct 10dr nocte in luke warm H20