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James H. DeGraffenreidt, Jr., President

Maryland State Board of Education 200 West Baltimore Street Baltimore. MD 21201


Krista Kurth, et al., Appellants v. Montgomery County Board of Education, Appellee

Dear Mr. DeGraffenreidt: We are writing to express our concern regarding the delay of a decision in the above matter. The multiple consolidated appeals in this case were filed on or before April 7, 20lI and still await a decision by the State Board of Education. We understand there have been some preliminary motions before the State Board. However, subsequent to the filing of this appeal the Montgomery County Board of Education has entered into a ten year lease of the Brickyard school site to Montgomery County on April 16,2011. The County in turn entered into a sublease of the Brickyard school site on April 16, 2012with a private corporation to construct, manage and operate private ball fields on this school site and construction could begin on August 16,2072. We believe that it is in the best interest of the citizens of our County that the State Board of Education has the opportunity to render a decision in this matter before any change or modifications are permitted to be made to the Brickyard property. If the State Board determines that it cannot reach an informed decision before August 75,2012, then every appropriate action should be taken to ensure that any subsequent decision is not overtaken by circumstances and rendered moot. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.






Delegate C. William Frick


Delegate Ariana Kelly

Delegate Aruna


Delegate Susan C. Lee


Members State Board of Education Montgomery County Board of Education Dr. Joshua Starr, Superintendant MCPS Montgomery County Council County Executive Ike Leggett Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission

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