What are faux stars for? That is like answering to “what is cheat for”!

Everybody knows what cheat is about: covering the culprit against its victim. Your false stars are there in order to hide you from you much as to make unscrupulous people profit from your own inert disinterest in any skies or angels at all. True natal stars have of course nothing to do with either eastern or western superstition: there is no such thing as 12 ascendants rising at east. The only relevant culture that stands on its own feet is China. Zodiacal errors were never allowed through eons. A Chinese feudal – often trained shaman in one's own right - would delight in cutting the heads off irrelevant (or even dangerously relevant!) prophets, thus the Art marveled the stars with divination systems, occult star lore classification zodiacs. We are talking of greater China – as not necessary associated with whatever notion of any factual “Chinese” people at all - which would encompass the septagraphs of Sikkim, the “prehistorical” astrological Art of Thibet and the 10 branches of Mongolian astrology. The Academic Zodiac is in perfect harmony with all Chinese, Egyptian and Tibetan zodiacal systems. Of course, true skies accord with true skies from Cherokee calendars through aborigine dream time to Navajo Rabbits' Paws. The skies never changed as concern such basic principles of precession. Only in superstition all stands still. Superstition that served as cenotaph becomes mausoleum for the dead souls of the 6 666 666 666. Woe to the believers in 12 ascendants for they shall not even find hell!

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