HISTORY OF BARANGAY CANAYNAYAN Barangay Canaynayan is located at the Northeastern part of Sta. Cruz, Zambales.

It is seven kilometers away from the town proper, and surrounded by Barangays, Guisguis, Guinabon & Babuyan from the east; Barangay Potol, Infanta, Pangasinan from the north, Barangay Tabalong, Pamonoran and Bangcol in the west and Baranga y Lomboy in the south. Barangay Canaynayan is just a sitio of Barangay Guisguis and became a barangayon ly after the Martial Law of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos during the 1970’s. Barangay Canaynayan originates its name from the Zambale word “naynay” which means “al ways”. Two syllables were added, “ca” at the beginning and “an” at the end; so Naynay bec omes Canaynayan. “Always visited”. Because of its geographical location and hospitable attitude of our people, this palce is a perennial venue of Tupada, Tupa, meetings and many other forms of ga therings. People from surrounding barangays used to come here just to east Rice Cakes, Suman, Bibingca, Bubod, etc. Some people of Pangasinan used to come here also for one important reason, to ge t Potable Water from our spring without being “charged”. They could get as much as they could, free. God give us this basic need free, so we give it also, FREE. This is the history of our Barangay.

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