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A Beautiful Girl

A Beautiful Girl

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Published by Dewo Sacharum

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Published by: Dewo Sacharum on Jul 05, 2012
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A Beautiful Girl

One day i met with a beautiful girl. On first saw i fall in love to her. So, i gave my heart go of my body to her. than i give her a kiss directly. But she kick my face. But i hold her hand and kissed her very slowly. I can taste this moment, its very enjoy. After that i got up and i realize that just my dreaming. Then i looked my pant. Oh no my pant is wet. It was first time in my life. And i loved that dream, i wanted again. Next morning i met her. She was beautiful. Because i am a gentleman, so i gave her my soft hug and great kiss. She just smile me. Oh, what my lucky today. And than i said, “will you became my girl ?”. she said,”no, i can’t refuse your offer”. I said again,”how if you married with me ? you could be a queen. I had a big house, many sport car, a wide garden and any else”. She said, “ if you say was true, i would married with you”. Yeah, i had forecast it since three years old. I get this when i saw a satan in the building beside my home. I get an illusion to forcast my live. So i become forcaster when i was adult. “ satan give me your power, and i wanted to be me doctor, please satan give me your power”. This my sugestion to satan’s stame. Satan was the bad thing that ever born to this word, so say “the fuck” to the satan. Then the satan was was died in the hand of angel. But the angel’s face was like a satan. So, i also didn’t believe with angel too. With whom i have believe ? with me you could to believe. And i can keep your trust. So, you can believe me. The name is yasifa and finally yasifa can believed me and we got married and have many children.

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