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Ad Agency


An Ad agency is a service provider that works for clients to create an effective and goal-oriented advertising campaign aimed at representing the company positively in the eyes of its target audiences or customers.

American Association of Advertising Agencies define An Advertising agency as an independent organization of creative people and business people who specialize in developing and preparing marketing plans, advertisements and other promotional tools.


Ad Agencies are outside companies that provide for the marketing and advertising needs of other business and organization. Advertising agencies offer a full range of advertising services and advice based on market studies and advanced sales techniques.


Mudra Communication Ltd.

Mr. A.G.Krishnamurthy founded Mudra Communication on 25th March 1980. He started Mudra with one Brand Vimal. Today Mudra has 125 clients. In 1991, he created Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmadabad (MICA), the only Advertising School in Asia.


Vimal- only Vimal Rasna- I love you Rasna Dhara- My daddy strongest Reliance- karlo duniya muthi mein MC Donald's- Mc Donald's mein hain kuch baat.

Ad agency Functions
To advertise their products, brands and services to present customers For planning and creating an effective advertising campaign. To take over the process of brand building, pushing sales through other promotional techniques like sales promotion etc.