The Sloan Team

at Fidelity National Title WHAT WERE THE ACTUAL NUMBERS? May 2012 The total number of May sales for Orange County, (the last full month available), was 3,124, not including trustee sales auctions, where investors paid cash at the courthouse steps for 169 properties. There were 1,542 equity sales, (non short), for single-family, and 506 equity sales for condos. The short sales numbered 371 for single-family and 238 for condos. Bank owned listings sold nearly all that was listed with 304 single-family and 163 for condos. There were 1,294 Notices of Default recorded, down nearly 35%, and 987 Notices of Trustee Sale, which has declined sharply from monthly highs of over 1,700 in 2011. The median price for all of Orange County for all homes was $435,000 which is up 2.4% for year over year for May (2011). The slight increase comes from rises in condos and new homes, not single-family which actually declined 1%. However, the big news is in the volume of homes sold which rose 23.1% in May 2012 compared with May 2011. It would seem we are headed in the right direction.

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