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Goal of Discussions The goal of these important local discussions is to foster communication at the local level regarding Standardized Staffing. It is an opportunity for both sides to review the aforementioned material together and to explore concerns regarding the Standardized Staffing Model as it has been applied at the local institution. These concerns will be shared with the CCPOA and State representatives who are continuing to negotiate the impact of Standardized Staffing at the main statewide table. At this point, locals are not negotiating or reaching local agreement on Standardized Staffing issues. Instead, you are being asked to discuss these issues with your local chapter and provide a report back to Standardized.Staffing( the next working day. Please ensure all Associate Directors are cc' d in the emaiJ. If you have questions at (916) 445-7688. regarding this information, please contact Robert Burton,

Po...71llLEEN L. DICKINSON rector (A) ivision of Adult Institutions


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