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Select a director, treasurer, and secretary Meet once a month to talk about church missions Meet once a week to pray for missions Assign each individual or pair a role Maintain folders on missionaries and ministries Write missionaries (or call) on a regular basis Monitor missions interest in the church Build a missions emergency fund Maintain stock of missions materials from AGWM Communicate with district about missionaries and needs Plan a missions workshop for church leaders Feature a missionary or ministry every month Promote missions in every church department Plan missions conventions (flashpoints) Plan missions Sunday as a team Plan a missions trip (1-2 years in advance) Invite a missionary to share at your monthly meeting Visit other church missions committee meetings Plan an appreciation banquet for mission supporters Write a missions newsletter for the church Start a missions blog (online) for church missions Develop a strategic plan for church missions Talk to church departments about adopting missionaries Decorate church for missions awareness Maintain the church missions display Promote and assist missions fund raising projects Set aside funds for Christmas and birthday gifts for missionaries Offer hospitality to visiting missionaries (baskets, etc.) Communicate with Flashpoint or MAT office for resources

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