Dreams and Wishes Booklist- June 21st, 2012

We will read these books today: Applemando’s Dreams by Patricia Polacco. Applemando shares his dreams and brings color to his village. When You Wish Upon a Star by Ned Washington. This classic Disney song makes a beautiful picture book. Joha Makes a Wish by Eric A. Kimmel. Even though he has a magic wand, all of Joha’s wishes turn out backwards. Wish : wishing traditions around the world by Roseann Thong. What is your favorite way to make a wish? (This book is from another library.) Other Books You Might Want to Read: Non-Fiction: The Three Wishes: an old story by Margot Zemach. Be careful with those wishes. Dream : a tale of wonder by Susan Bosak. A beautiful story about living your dream. The fisherman and his wife by Rachel Isadora. What can the fisherman’s wife want now? The Magic Pillow by Demi. A young boy wants to be rich until he dreams about what will happen if he does become rich. The Life You Imagine : Life lessons for achieving your dreams by Derek Jeter with Jack Curry. All-Star shortstop gives advice on working toward your goals. Fiction: Annabel the actress starring in “Gorilla my dreams” by Ellen Conford. Annabel’s first starring role is playing a gorilla at a birthday party. Circus Wish by Sue Bentley. A magic kitten helps two friends get along so they can have fun at the circus. Look for other books in the series Magic Kitten. Whoosht Went the Wish by Toby Root. Henry wishes for a pet but the Mountain Fairy adds a wish of her own. Be Careful What You Wish For… by R. L. Stine. This Goosebumps book shows what might happen if wishes go wrong. The Wish Giver: Three Tales of Coven Tree by Bill Brittain. A strange little man promises to give people EXACTLY what they wish for – and he does. Picture Books: The youngest fairy godmother ever by Stephen Krensky. Mavis wants to grant wishes but finds this harder than she thought. Jubal’s wish by Audrey Wood. Jubal, the bullforg, wishes that all his friends can be happy and his wish comes true in unexpected ways. Sweet dreams, Willy by Lizi Boyd. Willy won’t go to sleep so he finds other things that are still awake - birds, fish, the moon and the stars.

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