Free electron bands for fcc structure

G – center of the BZ X – [100] intercept; K – [110] intercept; L – [111] intercept; G - X path D G - K path S G - L path L

Brillouin zones .2D BZ construction •reciprocal lattice •bisect vectors to the nearest neighbors •area defined by bisecting lines represents 1BZ .

Zonas de brillouin en red cuadrada .

Zonas de brillouin (red cúbica simple) 1 2 3 .

Zonas de brillouin (red bcc) 1 2 3 .

Zonas de brillouin (red fcc) 1 2 3 .

e libres (densidad arbitraria) Esquema de zona extendida .Zonas de Brillouin y Superficie de Fermi Ejemplo: * Red cuadrada * Aprox.

Esquema de zona repetida: Segunda zona de Brillouin .

Esquema de zona repetida: Tercera zona de Brillouin .

Esquema de zona repetida: Cuarta zona de Brillouin .

Superficie de Fermi en esquema de zona reducida 1 2 3 4 .

n = 2/a3 à kF = (3/4p)1/3(2p/a) GN=(2p/a)[(1/2)2+(1/2)2]1/2 \ kF = 0.The Fermi surface of alkali metals kF = (3p2n) 1/3.877 GN First BZ (of a bcc lattice) and the Fermi sphere .

The Fermi surface of copper (similar for Ag and Au) Band structure (Cu is a monovalent metal with fcc lattice) Fermi surface (a cross-section) Periodic zone scheme .

The Fermi surface of Al (Al is a trivalent metal with fcc lattice) Empty lattice result Actual Fermi surface . .phys.3D Fermi Surface 1 valence e2 valence e3 valence e- Na Ca Al web page: http://www.

AFOSR. University of Florida Jian Chen Seagate Technology (15 March. This work is supported by NSF.phys. Plenum 1986. Research Corporation.Periodic Table of the Fermi Surfaces of Elemental Solids http://www.A. 2000) Ferromagnets: Co_fcc Co_fcc Alternate Structures : Source of tight binding parameters (except for fcc Co ferromagnet): D. and Christopher Stanton Physics Tat-Sang Choy.ufl. Selman Hershfield. Jeffery Naset . Handbook of the band structure of elemental solids. Papaconstantopoulos. . and a Sun Microsystems Academic Equipment Grant.

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