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It was Friday afternoon, and Arthur was relaxing.

"Whew ... no Mr. Ratburn all weekend," Arthur said. "Arthur," said Mom, "I just heard some bad news. The snow collapsed Mr. Ratburns roof, and he has nowhere to stay"


__ -r.....

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" Arthur said. his eyes glued to the TV "1 knew you'd feel that way. still watching TV "Stay HERE???" Arthur ran after Mom. too bad." "Oh." his mother said. . "So we invited him to stay here." Arthur said."Oh. okay.


.--.. ~-:r":.-_ .. -...... --.. eating from my spoons.... -: - Later that day.. and touching my stuff!" Buster agreed...... walking on my carpet. "Its too weird. "School is at school and home is at home because that's the way its supposed to be. "\ ) J o \ ~.(] I) 0 /" .._ ..." "Exactly!"Arthur nodded. "My teacher in my house.." Arthur said. 'D r I --().... () )"') ) )" _/). .. ". Arthur told Buster the news.

.. - ..

/ .Arthur tried to imagine Mr.. .) ... Ratburn staying at his house.. - . -' . l I I \ J -.. but the picture in his head was too horrible. \ } ~ \ I I / I ~ .) J .J' .. . I I I ." .


d D . "Come say hello!" "Hi." sal. W ..W "Is it true you torture kids?" "Here I am!" Arthur cried." said Dad. no fair:. Ratbite. Mr. Arthur. . "He's staying in Arthur's room!" sang D.W's room." said D.W "I put your sleeping bag in D." said Mom. "Welcome! Hello! Come in!" "Please take these up to your room.W!" called Mom. "H ey."Arthur! D.

-- .' .' .

"Cake?" said Mr. Ropeburns.. "I think I smell Dad making a cake. Ratburn." said D. too.W. Arthur sank onto his bed.. He ran out. "Mr... " Arthur quickly leaned against the poster.Eyepiece ~ . "Cake!" said D. "look what's under here..W She ran out the door. . relieved._ Adju~lYIet\t I<nD~ I." he said.

Arthur quickly changed the channel. Ratburn. Ratburn came into the room." said Mr. "I don't always dress for school. rtnur was watc ing The Bionic Bunny Show.. different. when Mr. "Youlook ." Arthur said.Later. But .. ..

" Mr." said D.Rarhead.W "The world was so simple until now" .- """'I HMr. D. "you were lucky you weren't ' in school when the roof fell in." said D. "We have houses just like you do." "Oh.W.W looked confused. Ratbum. Ratburn explained." said Mr. "Teachers don't live at school." "It was the roof to my home..


Ratburn covered Arthur's history book with a handkerchief and waved his hand over it. the book was gone! "Shazam! No homework tonight!" "Wow!" said Arthur." Mr. . Ratburn said. "Can you teach me that?" "Sure.After Spooky Poo. When he pulled the handkerchief away. Mr.


/ / / / / / / / / /1 /r .


"Sure you did. "Arthur got an A.At lunch." Muffy said." said Francine. everyone was talking about the math test. "Its not fair!" "Yeah." said Muffy: "But I studied hard for that test!" Arthur protested. we could all get 1\." everyone said.sif Mr. I II I I ." Buster said. "Youbeat me. Ratburn lived with us and our fathers made cakes for him. '\ "I got a C minus.

D O • o ~~~~~~~~~--~--~ .

"Sorry We're already going to the Sugar Bowl for some hot cocoa.J D U 0 0 o 0 0 o o (') C) ') 0 0 <J U 0 '_ 0 .0 0 0 'J 0 () () 0 0 ~ 0 ~ o o () r) <J 0 0 0 '.--- "Want to go to the Sugar Bowl for some hot cocoa7" Arthur asked Francine and Muffy Francine shook her head." .

. . -0 ....- ~/ - c -r-.. ...\ .. r-...I' 0 b r: "". r O [) 2> o o 6 ~r-..... .--...r r. .....-. 0 r---" r 0 O - " "..." r:> ~ v ."" !J "'" '"'" (........ ( .

" sang Binky "That means you. CJ o o a ."Teacher's pet. Arthur!" Then he handed Arthur a note from Fern. Arthur walked home alone. teacher's pet.

"It's great to get home." said Arthur." . "and forget all about school.Pal was at the door to greet him.

. "Hi. Ratbum was at the kitchen table. eating cake." He quickly left the room.Mr." said Arthur. "Oh.

_-' .

" "Soon they'll realize that they're wrong." said Arthur. "And you have studied hard lately. "Not as soon as if he gave me an F. "that'll prove I'm not a teachers pet." "If you give me an F.• \: "I -- r>«> "Youknow I wouldn't give you special treatment." said Mom. . Ratburn said." said Arthur." Mr.


.." I "Really?"said Arthur..Nir. 1 '__~-61 .rthur. r.. "1i\. Ratburn nodded.. Ratburn walked over. . . won't be staying at your house anymore. so .r-----=---=--==::_. "I need to be closer to my house to supervise the work on my roof. \ ~ -I 1 I .

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