February 10, 2012

Mrs. Noreen Young Restaurant Manager Jollibee P. del Rosario Branch Dear Ms. Quijano: Good day! We are students of the University of San Carlos taking up AC527 Management Accounting Synthesis for the Academic Year 2011-2012. We are conducting a Project Feasibility Study: “A Study of Selected Fast Food Chains in Cebu City: Performance Measurements”. (PLEASE MODIFY THIS PART CAUSE IT DOESN’T SOUND RIGHT) The study aims to determine if performance measures are employed in fast food chains in Cebu City, what these performance measures are, the effectiveness of such measures. Choose whichever is applicable sa atong study: ///We would like to arrange a meeting with you at your convenient time to ask the following questions for our study: ///We would like to arrange a meeting with you this (insert date here) to conduct a personal interview. Should you have any inquery you can email us at (insert email here) or contact us at 0923-4567890 We are hoping for your positive respons to this request and we guarantee you that all information that you will be providing us will be for classroom purposes only and shall be dealt with utmost confidentiality. Respectfully yours,


MARISSA M. BALDECIR, CPA, MBA (naa pa ba?) AC527 Adviser

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