!!!English Composition!!!

persuasively and grammatically correct.  English composition skill is mainly composed of writing paragraphs. essays. and other formal & informal writings including business correspondence as well.  As a college or university student and in your professional career.English Composition Defined:  A piece of writing. . you'll likely need to be able to write succinctly.

and some stand alone as a complete composition.!!!Paragraph!!! Most paragraphs are part of a longer piece of writing. Some are quite short. In short. we can say. a paragraph is a group of several sentences dealing with one main idea. some are long. .

. we can say that an essay is a group paragraphs dealing with one main idea.!!!Essay!!! An essay is usually a short non-fictional prose composition which deals with the different aspects of a single subject. Normally.

Urban Facilities Information Technology and Education . places. AIDS The Seasons in Bangladesh  Narrative essay narrates a series of events. Normally. It may be both subjective and objective. and objects. it explains a thesis.Classification of Essays  Descriptive essay describes persons. The Happiest Day in My Life A Road Accident  Expository essay contains an exposition or explanation of some subject.

examples or details of various kinds that support the ideas set forth by the introducers  Viewpoint or Context Modulators.logically conclude the ideas discussed in the paragraph in psychologically satisfying manner.a smooth transition between different sets of ideas  Terminators.Sentence Functions in Paragraph/Essay  Introducers. .topic Sentence/thesis Statement  Developers.

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