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CFO MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES: • Plan, organize, manage and monitor the financial-accounting activity of the company in order

to reach the immediate and long-term organizational objectives; • Implement the financial group strategy, policies, procedures and systems in Romania; • Plan, organize, monitor and manage the team responsible for the financial activity so as to accomplish the immediate and long-term organizational objectives; • Develop and implement strategies and policies on auditing, adjusting and implementing short term and long-term financial plans; • Participate in planning the company long-term strategies; • Make sure the company has a proper funding which would enable it to fulfil its on-going and future commitments; • Issue, develop and implement policies and procedures that maintain and improve the financial position of the company including financial planning, budgetary expenditures and statistical/analysis data reporting and collection; • Maintain costs under control; • Provide assistance, advice and consultancy to the CEO in all financially related fields concerning the company; • Settle and maintain efficient relationships with the related bank institutions, company auditors, fiscal authorities and other financial community members belonging to the group. • Participate in issuing and managing the company budget; monitor and control the needs and expenditure fund for personnel, equipment, raw material and other materials according to the budget; • Coordinate and control the professional activity of employees working in departments such as financial-accounting, controlling and pay-office; • Monitor the current application of financial-accounting and fiscal provisions as well as all the group requirements; • Issue various analysis regarding the assessment of the financial position of the company; • Monitor and control the calculation and on-time payment of all fiscal obligations; • Audit the monthly balance sheets and bi-annual financial reports according to the applicable legislation; • Monitor and control the correct and on-time issuance of various statistics; • Issue a quarterly balance sheet and P&L in line with the IFRs requirements and send them to the group as planned to strengthen the account; • Monitor the elaboration of annual budgets according to the settled deadlines and group’s requirements; • Control the company permanent payment capability and plan the cash-flow; • Oversee and coordinate the legal achievement of annual inventories; • Settle tasks and responsibilities for the staff under its order, based on their job descriptions; • Identify the training needs for the related staff and provide it accordingly; • Assess the subordinates’ activity and make suggestions for incentives, sanctioning, promotion, etc.;

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