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Natural Strategies to Kill Cancer

Natural Strategies to Kill Cancer


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Published by: Maksun on Jan 09, 2009
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Not all beta glucan is the same. The most common kind is a split cell brewer's yeast beta
glucan that is inexpensive and not effective. Oat beta glucan is less inflammatory, but
the best type, with the most research done on it is a whole cell beta glucan from baker's
yeast. Being an extract, it does not cause problems in people with yeast allergies. This
beta glucan has been proven to be one of the strongest immune system supplements in
several studies.
Researchers have reported that this orally administered beta glucan provided tumor-
protective effects by statistically decreasing the size and weight of tumors removed
from study animals. Beta Glucan enhances about 75% of the function of the immune
system. It works well with products like the Get Healthy Aloe MPS that concentrate on
the other 25% of immune function.
Researchers at the Tokyo Dental College, University of Louisville and Biopolymer
Engineering, demonstrated that mice in a colon cancer model treated daily with oral
beta glucan after 21 days, had a 21 percent decrease in tumor weight and volume,
compared with untreated mice in the control group.
Peer reviewed literature from Harvard, Tulane, the University of Louisville, and Baylor
agree. Properly manufactured Beta glucan may be the best activator/potentiator of the
immune system ever discovered.
This Whole Cell Beta 1-3D Glucan is one of the most tested and scientifically proven
immune supplements there is. Testing shows that it supplies more beta glucans by a
significant degree than other beta glucan products, including the mushroom products
that produce beta glucans. It is the type that has been used in the vast amount of studies
done on beta glucans by the US military and other researchers. If you want to be taking
supplements that have a great deal of science and research behind them proving they are
effective against cancer, and proving that they provide more beta glucan for the money,
get the Whole Cell Beta Glucan. Suggested usage is one 500mg capsule for every 50
pounds of body weight.

AFA Blue Green Algae

AFA Blue Green Algae (A wild, fresh water blue green algae) consistently increases
energy levels and gives people a greater degree of health. Like all nutrient dense green
food concentrates, it helps the body detoxify and is an excellent alkalinizer.
It supplies small amounts of premium quality nutrients generally lacking from our diet -
- virtually every nutrient -- in an energetic form that maximizes their benefits because it
is harvested wild and is processed correctly.
This supplement also has cancer killing abilities.

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The Chicago Tribune, February 9, 1996 reported "Blue-green algae... has yielded a
promising new family of anti-cancer drugs, researchers said Thursday. The compounds
derived from algae have shown remarkable ability to shrink tumors in mice, enough to
cure some animals, said Gregory Patterson of the University of Hawaii."
"Mice were implanted with cancer cells that cause breast and prostate cancer in humans,
and treated with algae-derived compounds called cryptophycins, which appear to attack
the internal structure of cancer cells, blocking their ability to continue spreading.
Patterson said."
There are other ways this algae may be of help with cancer.
Virtually every trace mineral is contained in it as it grows in mineral rich Klamath Lake.
Trace minerals are needed for enzymes to function. If respiratory enzymes in your
mitochondria don't have the trace minerals they need, they will be further impaired.
Containing high amounts of chlorophyll, it is an excellent detoxifier. Chlorophyll is
thought to be especially valuable for dealing with cancer. Because its structure is very
similar to hemoglobin, there are some who claim it may help transport oxygen. And
being a concentrated green food, it is very alkalinizing.
Along with Oxy E, it has often been known to help reduce the side effects of
chemotherapy and radiation therapy. And will not interfere with any medication.
It was one of the first living organisms on earth. The basis of life. Billions of years old.
Cellular biologists say that the enzyme system in this particular algae is virtually
identical to the enzyme system in our cellular mitochondria. The mitochondria is what
produces the energy in our cells.
So it may supply additional respiratory enzymes to replace the damaged ones. Which
would be important indeed, given Otto Warburg's research and his idea that to fight
cancer you need to take respiratory enzymes to replace the damaged ones. This algae is
processed in such a way that its enzymes are alive and viable.
This algae contains a significant amount (about 3-5% by weight) of the essential omega-
3 fatty acid linolenic acid. The essential fatty acids present in it were remarkably
bioavailable and led to the accumulation in the blood of EPA and DHA, two long chain
fatty acids associated with brain function and cardiovascular health. In addition, it led to
a decrease in the blood of the inflammatory fatty acid arachidonic acid.
This data suggests that this blue green algae may be a good dietary supplement to
prevent deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids. Your cells need an adequate supply of
omega-3 fatty acids to oxygenate properly. In addition, it's...
Proven Effective at enhancing Natural Killer Cell activity by 40%!
In March 1998, an article was published describing the effect of this algae on the
migration of Natural Killer cells. This study, performed by Dr. Gitte Jensen at Royal
Victoria Hospital, demonstrated that this algae triggered within 2 hours the migration of
nearly 40% of the circulating natural killer cells. (Which the body uses to destroy
viruses and cancer cells.)
This study was repeated, and confirmed the results obtained previously, and further
revealed that this effect is seen only in people eating this algae on a regular basis. (This

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second paper appeared in the Jan '00 issue of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical
More research has shown that two phytonutrients in the AFA Blue Green Aglae actually
work to enhance the production of stem cells. These facilitate the repair of diseased
cells in the body.
Suggested therapeutic dosages range up to about 15 grams a day for the most serious of
conditions. Until one becomes healthy, at which point you cut back. Use about half as
much for not quite so serious conditions. With both well known for providing an energy
boost, blue green algae combined with Oxy E does a good job of getting people more
active and energetic.
Start out using small amounts of the algae and work up to the larger amounts. It comes
in two forms. Powder, and in 500 mg tablets or capsules. If you are comfortable
drinking it in liquids, the powder is the better choice as it is less expensive, and soaking
the powder in a liquid for several hours makes it even more potent. Tablets can be more
convenient, and many people don't like the taste of drinking a concentrated green
People start out taking 6 to 10 tablets or capsules per day, about 2 to 3 teaspoons of
powder. The 1 pound container of powder will supply a high therapeutic amount of 15
grams or about 9 teaspoons a day for a month. Two of the 500 tablet bottles will supply
an equivalent amount. Or get just one of the 500 tablet bottles if you are not going to
use the highest therapeutic dose, but are going to take a normal therapeutic amount. And
of course, the 130 capsule bottle can be used to try it out.

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