ATC 104


1) OBJECTIVES:  To know why you think and act the way you do.  How gifts affect your relationships.  What career or ministry suits you best.  How you use your gifts will bring you joy.

THREE(3) CATEGORIES OF GIFTS Read 1 Peter 4:10. Here unmistakably, is a statement that every believer Has been given a gift. Here also is a command to employ it for the benefit of others. We can be confident that God will not command us to use something we do not possess. There are 3 groups of gifts talked about in the New Testament. The Manifestation Gifts (1 Cor. 12:7-10) Here the Holy Spirit manifest the gifts through when He wills. The Ministry Gifts (Eph. 4:8-11) Here the gifts are the people given to the Church. The Motivational Gifts (Rom. 12:6-8) The word translated gift in Romans 12:6-8 is charisma (Greek: divine gratitude, a spiritual endowment, a free gift) so this is not something we can earn, in fact, the command is not to try to deserve it, but to use it. It’s a possession, something already given to each one of us by God at our creation. Also mentioned in 1 Peter 4:10. They are the motivational forces of our lives and unless they are channeled properly we cannot help but feel frustrated. But once we discover them, we discover a tremendous potential for happiness.

to encourage the development of that gift. 139:13-16) … just as DNA eventually brings forth our physical character. Each child has a motivational gift and bent – direction to be fulfilled by using his motivational gift (s). The Sea of Galilee is always fresh and support life because water flows in and out. Romans 12:6-8 We are commanded to use our gifts to benefit others. so that when he comes of age. is to neglect God’s purpose and plan for our lives. Parents are to discover their children’s giftedness and “train them up” in it. Our gift was built into us when God formed us (Ps. … “In thee gift” – indicates that the gift was already “in” Timothy when the elders prayed for him…… “Given” in the Greek (didomi) – “to brought forth. in God’s will or out of God’s will. Our gift colors all we see . enthusiasms and action that make us effective members of the Body of Christ. To neglect our gifts. We are somewhat blind to other perspective. a perceiver looks at life through the perceivers’ eyes. Our gifts can be a bent. shown and uttered” – it’s likely that when the elders were ordaining him. Each of us has an “in thee” gift and like Timothy. we are to use it for the glory of God and the benefit of others.EVERYONE HAS A GIFT 1 Peter 4:10.childhood (Prov. abilities. We are not to neglect our gift (1 Timothy 4:14) “Be not negligent of the in thee gift which was given thee through prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the elder hood” – the inter linear Greek – English New Testament. For example. we are wrong to say our way of seeing is the only true one. Our gift gives only one perspective of the whole …God has purposely limited our giftedness so that we must work together and remain dependent on each other to grasp the whole truth. he can use it to the glory of God and for his own true fulfillment. the gift that was already “in him” was identified verbally. unlike the Dead Sea that only receives water. so our motivational gifts bring forth the interests. right or wrong. We are each partly right. . Everything will look either good or bad. we need each other’s viewpoints in order to see the complete picture.22:6 Amp) .

poor self – image. anger (Matt. have never received Jesus Christ as Lord. sin – distorts and pollutes the gifts. and have had confusing teachings on the motivational gifts The following obstacles will block the flow of motivational gifts. 12:28 Teacher – the mind of the body (Acts17:11) Exhorter – the mouth of the body (Acts 13:15) Giver – the arm of the body (Luke 1:5.g. fear. are spiritually fed and not growing. 31:20. 6:22-23) Server – the hand of the body (Prov. trying to be someone else. Isaiah 51:9. what we make of our lives is our gift to God. irresponsibility (Luke 12:4-8). PLACED IN HIS BODY Romans 12:4-5 You don’t have to be or do everything well. Exodus 17:8) Administrator – the shoulder of the body (Isaiah 9:6) Compassion person – the heart of the body (2 Thess. We can take each gift to correspond to parts of the physical body. IF I HAVE A GIFT. What we are is God’s gift to us. Your gift is the best God could have given you for the working out of His purposes in your life and for the benefit of the other people whose lives you will touch. . ss Perceiver – the eye of the body (Matt. you should concentrate on those areas where God has gifted you. 3:5) WE MINISTER IN ALL AREAS We are all endowed with enough of each gift to be able to operate in that area to some degree. Bondages e. 13:16.Each gift is of equal value All the gifts are equal in the sights of God and in their value to the Body of Christ. Don’t ever let the knowledge of your particular motivational gift keep you from ministry in other areas. 5:21-26. 1 Cor. when called on. WHY HAVEN’T I KNOW IT? Many do not yet know their motivational gifts because they were never thought.

HOW TO TAKE THE TEST AND SCORE YOURSELF None of us are exactly alike. differentiate between learned behavior and the way you naturally act or think. Each of the seven motivational gifts has its own set of problems. though many share your gift. It will help us use our time and energy in pursuits in which we tend to be successful and also be a blessing to others. Be honest! Remember there is no right or wrong answer. 0 6 11 16 21 1. You will know better to pray for God’s help and grace in overcoming the problems. Say. “No. your expression of it will be unique. heredity. As you take an honest look at the problem areas: You will realize you are not alone. to to to to to 5 points 10 points 15 points 20 points 25 points = mature = growing in grace = average = immature = need help THE PERCEIVER . Avoid trying to be what you are not. education. It’s equally important to identify areas where you are the least gifted so you can recognize your areas of dependence on others. marital status. Rejoice with those who are gifted in those ways. cultures. This is simply a self – discovery process. self – image etc. These differences come from the influence of variables such as health. You alone know yourself enough to be able to score properly. thank you” with confidence when asked to do things that are outside the sphere of your giftedness except when there is immediate need). It will assist you in discovering specific solution. location. Don’t score yourself the way you’d like to be or the way you think you ought to be. it’s helpful for us to know that along with the gifts there will be specific challenges. a perceiver (one with the gift of prophecy) is one who is .Greek: Prophetcia – “an inspired speaker” in the context of motivational gifts. economics. While scoring. You will use the negative scores to see how your maturity level is coming along.

Onesimus (Philemon. being of use in a wide variety of ways. repairs and maintenance work ( sanitation and technical Dept). wants evidence of repentance. child-care. showed love with actions. 25:30) Possible area of Ministry : practical Ministries e. church kitchen help (during conventions. baby showers.g. The person with this gift should be functioning – at least to some degree in the area of teaching . outreach ministries and the creative ministries depending on talent and interest. John the Baptist (desires God’s plan. sees blind spots. dramatizes. weddings etc). promotes growth. speak persuasively. A perceiver then is one who readily perceives. obedient to God. tapes ministry. Col. hospital calls. Jacob (Gen. Acts 6:5. recognized practical need. handling people move. depending upon the Lord’s direction. 7:20. receive revelation through intercession. did more than needed. THE TEACHER Greek: didasko – “to teach or to give instructions”. Other ministries include – caring ministers and creative ministries depending on talent and interests. 3. strong opinions. The serve receive joy in helping. office help. sizes up character. THE SERVER Greek: diakonia – “doing practical things in order to be of service to other”. 1-2). prays about. intercessory prayer group. identifies evil. grieves over sins. 8:5-40). encourage repentance. 1-66) Jonah (Jonah 1-4) Possible areas of ministry – prayer and healing ministries e. strong convictions. carrying out instructions. Ananias (Acts 9:10-17) Hosea (Hosea 1-14) Jeremiah (Jer. Philip – the deacon (John 1:43-45. church secretary. black and white standard. 4:9). prayer – group of your department. doing mails – out. naming ceremonies. counseling ministries. and then proclaiming it – or. boldly operates on spiritual principle.g. Other ministries include – educational ministries. 7:1-60). perfectionist sees others: Phoebe (Romans 16: 1-2). Stephen (Acts 6:1-15.especially sensitive to perceiving the will of God. financial support. 2. praying for it to be accomplished. preparing communion. Bible examples – Luke 3:23. Bible examples – Luke 10:38-42. proclaims and promotes the will of God. frank and outspoken. assisting. 1-52) Isaiah (Isa. encounter/deliverance team. Other examples – Anna (Luke 2:36-38) Mary (Matt. John 12:2 Martha – (showed hospitality.

youth ministry. Others: Silas (Acts 15:22. home visitation. adult classes. Sunday school teacher. book reviewing. expects a lot from others. Possible area of Ministry : Counseling Ministries e. 1 Cor. pregnancy counseling. 3:6. It is not so much the content that the exhorter wants to impact as how that content be made effective in people’s lives. Bible teacher. but the exhorter makes the most interesting and palatable teacher. prayer counseling. well versed in scriptures. Thomas (John 20:24-28). church library. student and researcher. 24-28). Leviticus and Numbers). encourage others. eloquent vocabulary. workshop leader. . marriage counseling team counseling. The word “researcher” would also be appropriate because some of them are specially draw into fields of research. 13:14). practical faith. Bible examples – Acts 4:36. delight.2:13. biblical focus. retreat speaker. the exhorter aims for your heart. Possible area of ministry : Educational ministries e. speaks impressively. focus on people. nonjudgmental. completed what he started.g. children’s ministry. All of his efforts are geared toward edifying and encouraging others. encourage development. seminar leader. intellectually sharp. and creative ministries deepening on talent and interest. open to new truth. Titus (2 Cor. editing. Every one of the gifts can teach. Bible school instructor. exhorted faithfully. and may or may not be overtly involved with the function of teaching or they may do their teaching through writing (papers. Bible examples : Act 18:24. helps fellow believers. tutoring.11:22-26 Barnabas – named: son of encouragement. counseled group. Aaron (Exodus. The teacher aims for your head. Luke (Luke gospel and Acts). truth produces change.g. teaching new believers. 16:25). accepting. THE EXHORTER Greek: paraklesis – “a calling to one’s side to aid”. life a witness. books) rather than in person. strong convictions. accurate facts. articles. researching.others. He can also be called an encourager. 7:6. word studies. taught practically communicated. positive and joyful. loved by other. Timothy (Timothy 1& 2).Apollos – Logical and cultures. helped apply truth. teaching focus. Other – Aquila and Priscilla (Acts 18:1-3. Other ministries include – leadership ministries. women’s Bible study. 4. sent to encourage.

political causes. prosperous.4:12). Part of the reason may be that the givers “left hand” does not know when his “right hand” gives alms (Matt 6:3). to college students. succeeds in undertaking. our biblical example did. in high schools. can be a leader or a follower and like the perceiver and teacher has a love for the word of God. blessed for blessing others. assumes responsibility. Solomon (1 Kings 1-11. placing Bible. motivated to organize broad perspective. draws criticism. a leader even in jail. successful in business. leader. tv/radio programmes. faith in God’s supply. wise in decisions. Cornelius (Acts 10:1-3). gave energy and time. drama. THE ADMINISTRATOR Greek: Proistemi – “ to stand before or “to preside” * He is born leader. Bible example : Gen. We could use other word such as: facilitator. sets long range goals. outreach ministries and creative ministries depending on talents and interests. enjoys challenge. and superintendent to describe him/ visitation. But when it comes to use of resources. God is his source. others – Dorcas (Acts 9:36-42). wisdom. 39:4. 13:14 Abraham – had possessions to share. practical ministries. street witnessing. organizer. worked under authority. door-to-door witness. wise in finances. follow – up calls. 1:7. share or impart” It is to be done with “haplotetes” –simplicity. Bible example : Gen 37:9-10. The giver shares several traits of the server. caring ministries and 6. problem solving. enjoys supervising. 2 Chronicles 1-9). gives by God’s leading. Epaphras (Col. ruler. Other ministries include – prayer and healing ministries. Another is the givers “all – round” personality. He will entered into leadership just as surely as a Joseph. gave Lot choice of land. mime teams. zeal for dream. outreach center. crusades. sincerity and liberality It’s the least likely to be identified of the seven gifts by the one who has it. THE GIVER Greek: metadidomi – ‘to give over. the giver is unique. < . 5. bus ministry. blesses those around him. Possible area of ministry : Outreach ministries Child evangelism. missions. vacation Bible school. wants quick fulfillment of dream. 41:29-40 Joseph – Visionary. Others ministries include – leadership ministries.

helping elderly. deliver communion. nursing homes. 22:23. receive. overnight guest. planner. 13:55. 16:31. food for new moms. baby sitting. church administrator. John 1:45. note that he’s often called the “weeping prophet”). John 18:13-24) James the brother of Jesus – (Matt. 48:7. driving service. . thoughtful actions. Bible example – Luke 10:30 – 35 The good Samaritan – great capacity for love. 1 Kings 1-2) Anna (Luke 3:2. the legal father of Jesus – Matt.. Gal. helping handicapped. help unwed mothers. Matt. 2:13. removed physical distress. removed potential emotional distress. Other ministries include – educational ministries. rides to church. (pity on). Trusted inn – keeper. 48. counseling ministries and creative ministries depending on talents and interest. took action to remove hurt.Others: Nehemiah (Neh. 1:16-24. drawn to the hurting. and the creative ministries depending on talent and interest. 6:42). 2:4-51. clothing bank. 1-7). Ruth 4:11 Rebekah (Gen.Matt. Possible areas of ministry – caring ministries. practical ministries. ruled by heart. 15:7.2:9). response of the heart. 15:13. Deborah (Judges 4-5) David (1 Sam . helping needy. leader. home group leader. Jeremiah (but with the call of a prophet. feeding hungry. Organizer. Mark 6:3. 9 :18. 35. show) mercy (on)” we have chosen to use compassion instead of mercy because the latter can carry negative connotation of weakness. hospital care. empathized. Rachel (Gen. hospital visitation. Other ministries include – prayer and healing ministries. Others – Ruth (Ruth) Joseph. 49:31). emcee. Luke 8:41-45 Possible areas of ministry – Leadership ministries. specifically by divine grace): have compassion. THE COMPASSION PERSON Greek: Eleeo “to compassionate (by word or deed. entertainment. department head. 1:19. The compassion person is to show his compassion with cheerfulness. missions. 2 Sam. Luke 1:27. hospitality. troubleshooter. committee chairman. Jairus. Mark 5:22-43. prison visitation. 7. 29-31. mission’s coordinator. Christian education director. 24:29. Acts 12:17. street ministry. 35:8. 1 Cor. have obtain.

writing. designing posters. song writing.THE CREATIVE MINISTRIES – All the gifts can function in this ministry depending on their talents and interest. arts and crafts. leading worship. puppetry. church orchestra. Please note: The various gifts can also function in the various Departments we have in Church for example you may not have the best voice in the choir but when you employ your unique gift to serve others in the choir you will find immense joy and fulfillment while other are blesses by your gift. bulletin boards. . playing organ. decorate church. choirs. playing piano. church band. dramatic reading. translation work. mime presentations. drama. Music. interpreting. trio/quarter. making banners.