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Installation of XAMPP
• Before we install drupal 6, we need to download:
• xampp • drupal 6

Installation of XAMPP and Drupal
• • • • • Download the xampp from (www.apachefriends.org) Install xampp and activate mysql. apache server. Download the drupal 6 (www.drupal.org) Extract and rename like(eg:paramprojects) as the folder name. Place it in xampp/htdocs

Installation of XAMPP and Drupal
Before install drupal we must create database in xampp • Create a database in phpmyadmin
• Your new drupal website will be displayed as shown below

After the creation of database
• We are going to install drupal 6. • In drupal, we choose the language first.

Drupal Installation Requirements
• To solve the requirements problem. • Copy the file .site/default/default.settings.php into the same folder named as settings.php

Setup database
• Enter database name. • And select the database type. • Give the database user name as root.

Configuration site
• In the configuration site, we give the sitename,site email address,user name.

Successfully installed the drupal
• Our own account has been created. • We start to create our websites.

Add the dowloaded themes
• Download the free themes from drupal.org • Those downloaded themes have to extracted in into the location sites/all/themes. • Finally, enable them via administrator login

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