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Published by: Pradeep Gautam on Jul 07, 2012
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A Survivor’s Guide to Solving PeopleSoft Integration with SOA

Jun Choi Lori Haussermann

Did you know …
PeopleSoft 8.0 introduced Application Messaging, Business Interlinks and Component Interface to support external integrations in 2000

Did you know …
Integration Broker was introduced with Tools 8.40 in 2002

48 provided greater SOA capabilities with more Web Services adoption .Did you know … Tools 8.

1 introduced more than 300 new web services .Did you know … PeopleSoft 9.

Agenda Keys to Success SOA 101 Industry Trends and Challenges PeopleSoft Integration Tools Integration Broker Demo Additional Resources Q&A .

Keys to Success Strategy/Roadmap – Have a Plan Change Management/Org. Culture – Executive sponsorship Tools/Technology – Trained staff who understands the Tools/Technology .

SOA 101: What’s in a name? A collection of services that communicate with each other Loosely coupled services. no dependencies Code not built for specific application. platform independent Business process centric Based upon open standards Re-usable Most common implementation is with web services .

separate systems from several business domains. discovered. – Oracle Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a flexible set of design principles used during the phases of systems development and integration in computing. – Wikipedia . A system based on a SOA will package functionality as a suite of interoperable services that can be used within multiple. and consumed by each other.SOA 101: Definition Service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides a standards-based platform that allows services to be provided. to facilitate the creation of a orchestrated business process.

WSDL and UDDI open standards. .SOA 101: What’s a web service? XML Request XML Response WS Consumer WS Provider A standardized way of communicating using XML. SOAP.

Provide agility through modular and business process approach Low cost .SOA 101: Benefits Reusable .Eliminate redundancy Transparency .Reduce integration cost Increases value of existing IT assets and reduces total cost of ownership. .Simplify integration by open standards and platform independent Flexible .

Industry Trends and Challenges Multipl e Custom Custom System Payrol System ls email Legacy Systems email Reporting System Custom Application email Legacy Systems Training System ema email Recruiting System email Financial System Legacy Systems email HR System Payroll System email .

manual processes Proprietary Point to Point interfaces High integration cost .Industry Trends and Challenges Traditional Silos Disparate Systems Inflexible.

Industry Trends and Challenges SOA Web based Web Services Client/ Server On-line Point to Point integration Hub and Spoke integration Batch PAST 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s FUTURE .

77% percent of companies will have SOA initiatives underway. . AMR Research predicts that SOA market will double over the next 4 years.Industry Trends and Challenges AMR Research estimates that by 2012.

PeopleSoft Integration Tools Integration Broker Component Interface File Layout SQRs (old conventional way) .

4x .1x 2002 8.x 2000 8.PeopleSoft Integration Tools Integration Broker Component Interface Application Messaging Business Interlinks Message Agents 1997 7.

Integration Broker: Architecture .

Integration Broker Asynchronous – message put into a queue and does not have to wait for any response Synchronous – each system involved is waiting for the other system for a response .

Integration Broker PeopleTools WSDLs Services Service Operations Handlers Routings Queues DMS Scripts Messages Schemas Application Engine Programs Application Classes Component Interfaces .

control operations processing order . manages delivery and receipt of messages Nodes – Respresent each system/end points involved in the integration Service – Grouping of service operations Service Operations – Performs work of the service Messages – Request and response documents Handlers – Defines the business logic to use with the service operation Routings – defines the integration between two nodes (source and/or destination of request). for asynchronous service operations only. ensures message is delivered to right receiving system Queues – Renamed from Channels from prior release.Integration Broker: Definitions Gateways – All messages that enter or leave the IB pass through the Gateway.

Used for 3rd Party Integration .51.Integration Broker: Message Types Rowset-based – PeopleSoft to PeopleSoft Nonrowset-based – Used for 3rd Party Integration Message Parts and Containers – Used for 3rd Party Integration Document-based Messages – New in 8.

Integration Broker: Setup Setup Pub/Sub servers – PSADMIN Setup Integration Broker – PIA Gateway Node Message Queue Service Service Operation Routing .

Integration Broker: New in 8.50 WSDL and Schema-Managed Objects (new object types for WSDL and XML) Graphical Routings Application Engine Handler (for large volume. can be run via Process Scheduler and not the IB Runtime) Improved Logging Integration Load Balancing (master-slave) iWay SOAPSwitch no longer provided with PeopleTools .

Integration Broker: Utilities Service Operations Monitor Generate SOAP Template Handler Tester Service Operation Tester Transformation Tester Schema Tester Service Administration Send Master .

htm .Integration Broker: Monitoring Message Statuses Error New Started Working Done Retry TimeOut Edited Cancelled Hold Error Messages Logged: PS_HOME\webserv\peoplesoft\applications\peoplesoft\PSIGW\errorLog.

properties file Receiving PeopleSoft node has not been added to single signon Service operation version on target is not active Pub Process Status Stuck in New: Sending Queue is Paused Pub Dispatcher crashed or was brought down Sending Node is paused Previous service operation had a status of Retry.Integration Broker: Monitoring Publication Error Messages Pub Process Status Error: Receiving node user profile not authorized to service operation Inbound routing is not setup on the receiving system Service operation is not active on the receiving system Service operation has not been granted security access on the receiving system The source node is not defined in the target database Handler PeopleCode is bad Remote application server is down Receiving Node is not defined in the integrationGateway. Error or Timeout Sending domain is not active Incorrect Gateway URL defined on Node .

either because it crashed or it was brought down Receiving Node URL is incorrect in Gateway TimeOut Check URL Check Node password Check remote system Pub Contract Not even created No publication PeopleCode exists Publication PeopleCode is incorrect No outbound routings exists for the service operation .Integration Broker: Monitoring Publication Error Messages Pub Process Status Retry The remote node cannot be pinged successfully. the publication contract will be processed when the remote node comes back up No publication handler is available.

Integration Broker: Monitoring Subscription Messages Sub Process Status Error: Service operation handler PeopleCode errors exist Application data errors exist Sub Process Status Stuck in New: Application Server down Pub/Sub processes not configured on Application Server domain The Subscription Dispatcher has crashed or has been brought down Receiving queue is paused Receiving node is paused Previous service operation had errors or timed out Sub Contract Not even created No handler exists for the service operation Service operation handler is missing method Queue routing rules not set up properly .


com/ http://peoplesoft.oracle.com/ .com http://www.Additional Resources https://support.ittoolbox.com/pls/psft/homepage http://blogs.blogspot.com/peopletools/ http://peoplesoftintegrationbroker.oracle.oracle.

Additional Resources .

Summary Have a Plan to support SOA to increase value of existing IT assets and reduce total cost of ownership Identify and define re-usable business processes as services from Peoplesoft and other systems with an enterprise approach Integration Broker: A tool for implementing SOA with PeopleSoft using open standards .

com .Jun Choi CTO.Haussermann@ngc. ERP Solutions Practice Northrop Grumman Information Systems Jun.Choi@ngc.com Lori Haussermann Senior Consultant Northrop Grumman Information Systems Lori.

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