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Statement to urge Shan State people Dated: 02.07.

2012 The union government will review the national census. Therefore, every one of Shan State people should consider it an important issue and register personal identity cards together with family identity cards. In this changing world, it is difficult to travel without ID cards. On the other hand, when there is an election, as Shan State people, it is essential to have the opportunity to vote in electing our leaders and cooperate in politics. If we do not have personal ID cards with family ID cards, we would be the persons not listed in national statistics, and without homeland, which gives negative impact for future generations. Thus, upon hearing this news, please apply for the ID Cards at the RCSS National Statistics Department and RCSS will take the responsibility in urging the government to issue them legally. Shan State people, whether fleeing to foreign countries or hiding in the forest, should come back to their own villages without leaving the villages and fields or farms deserted. If we are not at the places, others will come to replace us leaving the deserters without village to stay in and the fields or farms to work on, which would make it difficult for the future of our children. If Shan State people go back to stay at the places, please give the list to our regional authorities. RCSS will provide rice for family consumption and rice grains and seeds for family plantation for a year. There will be no tax on the production from the plantation. In order for the people to have security, RCSS will take the responsibility. In the areas controlled by our regional authorities, we will open schools for the children in order to pursue education. RCSS will find jobs for the jobless people. During the ceasefire period, we will try every possible way for the people to receive better outcome. Our homeland’s destiny depends on the people working at the place. If the other nationals are allowed to stay and work, the better outcome will be just for the others.

Restoration Council of the Shan State