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Open Your PSP

Open Your PSP

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Published by Vlad Dobritoiu

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Published by: Vlad Dobritoiu on Jul 07, 2012
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Open your PSP v1.


What you need! • Small screw driver philips no ? • Thin razor blade .

If the screw is to long it will break the LCD screen! .• • Open the battery compartment. NOTE!! When you assemble the PSP make sure that you use the right screws. Remove 4 screws.

• Remove the screw .

Unlock the socket and release the flat cable (open the socket before you pull out the cable). new power button can be bought from www. Remove the metal strip. if not it will break. (Spare part. NOTE!!! When you assemble the PSP make sure the power button is in right position.divineo.se) .• • • Remove the top shell.

it can easily crack.• • Remove the LCD screen from the holder.se) . Lift the lcd slow so you don’t break the cables underneath. NOTE!! The LCD screen is made of thin glass. new LCD can be bought from www. (Spare part.divineo. blade to release the 2 hooks on both side. Use a thin razor.

its not fun when they break .• Unlock the two sockets and release the two flat cables. NOTE!! Be carefull with the sockets.

• Remove 8 screws. .

. Pull out the two small cables. Pull out the power cable. Lift the mother board straight upp.• • • • • Unlock all sockets and release the flat cables. Remove one screw.

www.console.divineo. Team UP and Pantsi @ www.• This is the mother board of the PSP.console.se/forum .se . Written by Admin admin@console.se Thanx2: SONY.se @ www.

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