Trần Thị Minh Hải


Personal Inforamation:
 DOB: 16/05/1971  Passion: Communicational skills

training ; help youths discovering their hidden potentials
 Education: B.A, Mini MBA

Certification – HSB
 Website (for reference): Facebook: Ngọng và giọng
 Email:  Cell: 098 253 7171

Working Experiences

 Soft skills training at Vietnam Airlines flight training

center, Equest Academy, Bank Training and Consultancy (BTC), Doan Thi Diem school, Institute of Training and Economic Development (ITED), AFC Viet Nam, Tiên phong Bank, Center of careers development and business relations at Trade University, Academy of Finance, Students-support project at 2AndH company, KnVgroup.

Soft-Skills training classes

 

      

 

Communicational skills Customer Service (customer service process, phone etiquette, etc) Solving-problem Team-work Time management Presentation Professional etiquette in the workplace Working attitudes and behavior Sales skills in service industries Lifestyle and Beauty tips (for women) Job interview skills ( for students) Voice training for lispers

Personal Branding Classes

“You can do it!”- Soft Skills Workshops at Trade University

Career Workshops (hosted by CPA Australia)for Academy of Finance students

Sales-Skills Workshop for Tienphong Bank

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