Install Bundle Patch 1 for OBIEE 11g on OBIEE 11.1.1.

Disk: • • • 3.5G – for downloaded patches 4.32G – for installing (size increase after patches installation) ~4G – for unzipped patches (temp)

Backup UserScripts.js and mapViewerConfig.xml Do everything from console with Administrator rights (because ora inventory is in Program Files). set ORACLE_HOME=D:\obi6\Oracle_BI1 set PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\bin;%PATH% set JAVA_HOME=%ORACLE_HOME%\jdk set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH% set PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch;%PATH%

Patch 14223977

Patch 14226980 Patch 13960955 .

Patch 14226993 Patch 14228505 .

js and mapViewerConfig.Patch 13867143 Patch 14142868 Restore UserScripts.xml .

%PATH% set JAVA_HOME=%ORACLE_HOME%\jdk set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin.%PATH% set PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch.%PATH% cd %ORACLE_HOME% .Patch 13952743 (JDeveloper) set ORACLE_HOME=D:\obi6\oracle_common set PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\bin.

Instructions for users Clear browser cache Re-install Oracle BI Admin Tool Uninstall previous.0: Uninstall it: .6. download new one (from BI home page) and install it.1.1. My initial version was 11.

1.1.Install new one: After install 11.1.2: Re-install BI Publisher Desktop Do not do this if you are using BI Publisher Desktop 11.6.5 MS Word plug-in!!! .1.

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