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Scribd’s Launch

Scribd officially launched on Tuesday and it really couldn’t have gone better.
None of the founders here at Scribd expected things to go so incredibly well.
We have received tons of positive feedback and an amount of traffic that our
servers were barely able to handle. We’ve had to add more servers just to
keep up with the demand.

On Wednesday, March 7, Scribd was the 832nd most visited site on the
Internet, according to We really didn’t consider this too bad for
a site that launched just the day before! In the first 48 hours, we had more
than 3,000 new users (although 1200 chose to remain anonymous) and 5,000
new documents.

All of this began at around noon on Tuesday with a great post about us on
Techcrunch. Before we knew it, the link to this was on the front page of
Reddit, and then on the front page of Digg. At the same time a link to
Scribd made it to the number one item on the popular list. We
have also been popular at sites like Stumbleupon, Fark, and CollegeHumor
which linked to individual Scribd documents.

In addition to getting a lot of new users, we have also gotten to know some
of these users and have received some great feedback. We’re doing our best
to keep making Scribd better and would love to hear from you! Please get in
touch. You can always reach us at Thanks!