Public Speaking

Public Speaking .Public Speaking Produces Anxiety in Most People People’s Biggest Fears 3. Death 2. Snakes 1.

Overcoming Speech Anxiety     Acknowledge Your Fear Act Confident Channel Nervous Energy Practice. Practice. Practice  Ask Friends to Be Practice Audience .

Overcoming Speech Anxiety   Visualize Your Success Use Deep-breathing Techniques   Focus on Message. not Fear Give Yourself a Mental Pep Talk .

How do you start a speech ? •Choose an Appropriate Topic •Get attention •Be energetic •Structure your speech •Transitions •Tell story •Delivery •Eye contact •"Wow" factor •Humor •Something to think about •brain storming .

When you smile 28 muscles work.Frowning takes more muscles than smiling  There are 43 muscles in the face. when you frown 42 muscles work.   .

Understand Audience   People Think Faster Than Hear Have Short Attention Span Thinking……   Jump to Conclusions Easily Distracted .

Organizing Your Speech  Speaker’s Outline – Introduction – Main Point – Support – Transitions – Conclusion .

.Develop Central Idea Write a one sentence summary of speech. It provides us with the skills we need to be successful in life.

Sources of Supporting Material      Libraries The Internet/World Wide Web Common Knowledge Direct Observation News Paper .

Don’t Use Someone Else’s Speech! .

Rehearsing Speech  Practice Out Loud   Practice Standing Up Watch Yourself    Practice Gestures Practice Eye Contact Practice Volume .

  .The 5 P’s Plan Prepare Polish Practice Present  The better you know . Don’t apologize for being nervous.the less anxious you’ll be . Smile and act natural.

 Developing public speaking skills is a life-long experience. .REMEMBER!!!!  No word such as “a perfect speaker”.

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