Foster Road: From Mean Street to Main Street

On June 20th, over two dozen neighbors from Mt Scott-Arleta, Foster-Powel, and Lents gathered to talk about Foster Road. Attendees heard presentations from three organizations discussing the issues and potential changes to turn Foster into a more inviting main street for the neighborhoods. Respondents were asked to state their level of agreement with a variety of statements related to potential changes on Foster Road. They had ve choices to choose from:

Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree

What do people want?

100% Of respondents selected agree or strongly agree to one change: More Appealing Sidewalks
Many other statements received a positive response. The vast majority (more than 90% of respondents) strongly agreed or agreed that they wanted:

Increased number of safe pedestrian crossings Increased comfort for pedestrians crossing foster Increased comfort bicycling on/around Foster Increased safety for bicyclists crossing Foster Decreased number of severe car crashes Decreased aggressive speeding

What are people unsure about?
Not everything received full agreement from the respondents. While none of the respondents strongly disagreed with any of the survey statements, a few changes received responses in disagreement. These potential changes were:

Wider bu er between pedestrians and moving cars Increased bicycle parking Reduced number of cars Consistent/Convenient on-street parking at businesses
Still, it is worth noting that over 50% of the responses agreed or strongly agreed with the statements, indicating a generally positive reaction to even the most controversial issues.

Foster Road: From Mean Street to Main Street
What do people like?
When asked to circle the characteristics of their ideal "Main Street," some items were selected above others. Everything was selected at least once, and the following illustration identi es the level of popularity with the scale of the text:

Where do we go from here?
The neighborhood associations are excited to learn from as many neighbors as possible about the future of Foster. If you were unable to attend the June 20th meeting, we want to hear from you. Please take this survey online at:
The summer of 2012 is when the planning for the future Foster Road will take place. Let your voice be heard by the city bureaus. Mark your calendar for the next o cial project open house on :

September 30, 2012
Please attend your neighborhood association meetings to stay informed and involved in this and other issues facing your neighborhood. Lents Foster-Powell Mt Scott-Arleta

7:00 PM, 4th Tuesday (except Dec) Lents Adventist Church Auditorium 8835 SE Woodstock Blvd

6:30-8:00 PM, 2nd Monday (except August) Sweetness Bakery & Cafe 3524 SE 52nd Ave

6:30PM, 1st Wednesday (except August) Mt. Scott Community Center 5530 SE 72nd Ave

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