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Elective 1 Course Outline (Read)

Elective 1 Course Outline (Read)

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Published by: Anel Capa on Jul 09, 2012
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Universidad de Zamboanga

School of Allied Medicine
Department of Nursing
Main Campus, Don Toribio ST.,Tetuan, Zamboanga City


: The course deals with the history, philosophy, theories, principles, process, modes and interventions of spiritual care. Emphasis is made on the process of spiritual formation and the role of nurses in providing spiritual care. Concepts, theories and principles in Transcultural Nursing would also be integrated. : 4th year, 1st semester : 2 units lecture : 2 hours per week / 36 hours per semester. : None


: Given relevant situations/conditions, the student will be able to: 1. Apply principles, theories and strategies of spiritual care in understanding the spiritual needs of the clients. 2. Demonstrate traits and characteristics that reflects the holistic development of a nurse. COURSE OUTLINE PRE-MIDTERM  Introduction to Spiritual and Cultural Diversity in Nursing. - basic concepts and definitions: a. Culture b.Health disparity c.Transcultural Nursing (introduction) 1. History of Spiritual Care in Nursing 1.1 Pre-Christian Era 1.2 Christian Era 1.3. Post-Reformation Era 2. The Nature of Spirituality 3. The Spiritual Need 3.1 Distinction between Spiritual Needs and Psychosocial Needs 3.2 Clarifying Spiritual Needs in Terms of Three Dimensions 3.2.1 Physical or Biological Dimension 3.2.2 Psychosocial Dimensions 3.2.3 Spiritual Dimensions 4. How Nursing Today View Spiritual Care 4.1 For a long time, spiritual care was frankly Religious functions and Intervention limited (at least officially) to calling the hospital chaplain 4.2 1960-1970 - a growing interest in the spiritual, psychosocial and Emotional aspects of nursing care 4.3 1971 - The nurse ministering to the whole person 4.3 Spiritual Care- a natural part of total care which fits easily into the nursing process (e.g Spiritual Assessment and care) MIDTERM 5. Concepts, theories and applications in the care of the Human Spirit 5.1. Virginia Henderson 5.2 Faye Abdellah 5.3 Joyce Travelbee 5.4 Betty Newman 5.5 Parse, Peterson and Zderad 5.6 Jean Watson 6. Ethics in Spiritual Care Nursing 7. The Nurse’s Role in Spiritual Care

liaising with hospital chaplains Teaching Methods/Strategies -lecture and discussion -group reporting -case studies -brain storming Requirements:  Quizzes ( announced or unannounced)  Individual or group report  Oral examination/ graded recitation  Journal writing  Major examinations  Reaction/reflection papers  Group recollection/retreat  Concept mapping case studies  RLE feedback diary related to spiritual care ( to be submitted every week) Course Completion Requirements:      Participation includes being present in the class.1 Patient with acute illness 8.5.The influence of cultural and health belief systems on health care practices. Meeting the Challenge 10. The quizzes will cover previous content and/or content to be covered during a particular class session. meaning and purpose and hope 10.6 Referral or utilise members of the team is as important for spiritual care as it is for other aspects of care 7. Students must achieve a passing grade of 75 %or above.5 Awareness and respect of the patient’s culture.2 Recognizing the nurse’s own limitations 7.6 During disasters 8.7 Documenting spiritual care PREFINAL 8.3 Mobilising the patient’s spiritual resources and patients expressed needs 7. -Transcultural perspectives in nursing care across the life span.2 Attending ongoing education courses and workshops dealing with spiritual care in nursing. and engagement in the lecture/learning activities. Student Papers and Case Presentation  .4 Older Adult 8. death in the imm ediate family).Cultural competence . participation in discussions. contact the professor as soon as possible to arrange a make-up examination. Lack of preparation at the scheduled exam time is not an acceptable excuse for not taking an examination or quiz. FINAL TERM 9. reading relevant literatures. Patient’s Needing Spiritual care 8.1 The therapeutic use of the self in meeting the needs of the human spirit: The need for love and relatedness.Theories in transcultural nursing. social and spiritual preferences 7.Cultural competence and the nursing process . Major Examinations Students are required to be present when an examination is given. and meet the standards of the school attendance policy.7 During emergencies 9.3 Children and Families 8. If unexpectedly absent for an emergency (i. complete all required quizzes and examinations. .7. interacting with colleagues. Students who do not take the exam on the scheduled date and do not contact the instructor within 48 hours will receive a 0%.1 Nurse’s Spirituality Understanding own and the degree to which one’s spiritual needs are being met Resolving one’s spiritual concerns and distress 7. Personal Spiritual Development: Theological Reflection 10. submit all required exercises and projects.4 Developing a relationship of trust between the nurse and the patient 7.2 Chronically Ill Patient 8.e. Transcultural Nursing . Quizzes: Unscheduled quizzes will be give n periodically throughout the term. Dying and Bereavement 8.

G (2005). (2004) Spirtual Care in Nursing Practice Prepared By: Anel Garcia Capa R. Department of Nursing Noted By: Haidee T. Marilyn E. MST Director. Kristen L.N Instructor. Perry . assignments.  Journal writing Group recollection/retreat Assessment / Evaluation   Quizzes . School of Allied Medicine .M. P. (2004) Fundamentals of Nursing (4th edition)  Manual of Nursing Practice (7th edition)  Daniels. Pacheco R.Rick et al. Saile RMT. Department of Nursing Approved By: Janet Q. (2001) Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice. reaction papers and oral recitation Major Examination Total = 40% = 60% 100% References:  Potter. B. et al.N.N.Ph. Laput R.M. Fundamentals of Nursing (6th edition)  Kozier. A.(2004) Nursing Fundamentals (Second edition)  Parker.N.N BSN Academic Coordinator Reviewed By: Vivian C.  Mauk.D Program Chair.A.

2012 JUNE 30.. philosophy. : 4th year. principles.D Program Chair.2012 SEPTEMBER 15. 2012 OCTOBER 20. Concepts. MIDTERM EXAMINATION Patient’s needing spiritual care Patient’s needing spiritual care Transcultural Nursing Transcultural Nursing PREFINAL EXAMINATION Transcultural Nursing Personal Spiritual Development Personal Spiritual Development Meeting the challenge/ application of concepts FINAL EXAMINATION / CLASS RECOLLECTION Prepared By: Anel Garcia Capa R. Department of Nursing . Zamboanga City Elective 1 COURSE TITLE COURSE DESCRIPTION FOURTH YEAR SECTION B SPIRITUAL CARE NURSING : The course deals with the history.M. 2012 OCTOBER 27.Universidad de Zamboanga School of Allied Medicine Department of Nursing Main Campus.2012 SEPTEMBER 08.N.2012 SEPTEMBER 29. theories and applications in the care of the human spirit.N. PREMIDTERM EXAMINATION Concepts.2012 JULY 14.N Instructor.2012 JULY 21. 2012 CONCEPT Spiritual and Cultural diversity in Nursing Care History of spiritual care nursing and the nature of spirituality The Spiritual need Today’s view on spiritual care nursing/spiritual care. 2012 OCTOBER 13.2012 JULY 07.2012 AUGUST 25.2012 AUGUST 11. Emphasis is made on the process of spiritual formation and the role of nurses in providing spiritual care.2012 (Midterm starts) AUGUST 04.2012 SEPTEMBER 22. process. Laput R. 1st semester : 2 units lecture : 2 hours per week / 36 hours per semester.2012 JULY 28.N BSN Academic Coordinator Approved By: Vivian C.2012(prefinal starts) SEPTEMBER 01. Ethics in spiritual care nursing Nurse’s role in spiritual care/documenting spiritual care. modes and interventions of spiritual care. Pacheco R.M. PLACEMENT UNITS HOURS PER WEEK DATE JUNE 23.2012(prefinal starts) OCTOBER 06. theories.Tetuan. theories and principles in Transcultural Nursing would also be integrated.Ph. Elective 1 (Spiritual Care Nursing) Reviewed By: Haidee T.2012 AUGUST 18. Don Toribio ST.N.

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