Solutions for HW1. Problem 1.

Time mean speed: Since the headway in each lane is constant we can assume that during a specific time period N vehicles in each lane will pass the specific spot.

Space mean speed: . The space mean speed is estimated as the harmonic mean of spot speeds. Since, the headway is constant, the number of vehicle spot speeds N in each lane observed within a time period is equal

Problem 2: #5-2 Average headway: h=2.4 s The rate of flow: Speed: S=50 mi/h The density of the traffic stream: = 27.27 veh/mi/ln veh/h/ln

Problem 3: #5-3 Occupancy: Occ=0.26 Length of the detector: Ld=3.5 ft Average length of vehicles: Lv=18 Density and occupancy relationship: veh/mi/ln

000*0.07*0.12 0.Problem 4: #5-9 For Urban Radial Route: 0.000*0.60= 1925=3600 veh/h Problem 4: #5-10 .07< K factor<0.60 DDHV=AADT* K *D Lower limit for directional design hour volume: DDHV=50.12*0.55= 1925 veh/h Upper limit for directional design hour volume: DDHV=50.55< D factor<0.

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