~a~eooor:alQI'; one of lie d

most '!Q:*Giltlng Ipaf1J;of

It:hiin'kirng ,of: ar neW\i1IJiiI.ia .n. cri.Qfnal . (:ake de$lgrnlfornN~ Onfill$i:m.as tea. tab~9·.The blend o'f'
~he' RJnI~U~.' to Cl1ristma~is,

ag:e·-old! tradlitio'.i1S ,and modern ,customs, conlju!res up

an Slom of


for Ga:~edesi.gllf'ls.eaen one wJll1 its own s;psci'.aJ! story tD~eIL
Christmas Oakes lsa ,coUle,ot[(ln.of t:ake d~s]gi1s

each oa;pture a sman. parll: ,of Chirr-iS'~mas.r from 'tine,·trad~ional' to ~he l1o'v~my, As ~d~v~'iOp~: tl"n,9 '(jesi~9r1 OOQh caittel II for '~rioo 1m, make·eaoh one as i.ili aJ~da.s.e(j.I~01.,1I1u~p(lcssib]e as aJ~ong wali, the The twalvBca~eg in this liloQi<range from :silmp~ledesigns 'for the Ii'l:o\f~ce is!J-g.:aL~raft€ftomore ,l'ldventumuiS p:ro.illsc.ts. the advanced ..WhaJfever desigli'l y¢lu for ci'u::.IOgetor yiour Christmas cake ~ pe~hap8 :the Sili'loWboan:Ung Snowmen
pair of Mis,tl'etoe

on the slopes, a cute

Milce~or a Vita 01 Caml Srn~ers

on a eeld wi nt€l'f~,cevenr:nQ-Merry Christmas Cake's has .somethilrilg tD suit any CiilIri'simas '~ea Wible. To mak's' your Christm~ (:a~e.e~tra ' sp'ecial~ you can add yQl~f own

,.. III'


utni~qLle', ernClna~ tOlu::hesslLlcli1as iinscrili)ingla nrull'19 (If! ,8,sugar p ~ift.label, IIli.akilF:lg your ()"Wri '(;lhi~d~ faVGlllJitetu,y. o',r e<ven.fieabJlribg su!gar modei1s of your 'f'3,mil:y members, on 'your (::ake! Onee Ghri~masrcake ~he!r1I1:sel.\IIes. ~~ve reaml); ,sn1oyed puftingltogletliler ·the (ilesigns for Meirtl)' Christmas Ca,ke:s·- I 'hOIP€Iyou I~ave as mYc::h 'fun Irnlcdellingwiith sugar as :1do.
8!1l0.U~!d be

you ~ve masil:ered the. basi:r;s of modei~Ull1g insugarf making


jiust a.s e:n~oyable as 1i'n<e' mti;v;ities.

A rJpec,ia/thallle you to Be~'erkYjJennJl, ~ll1,re, Sarah (lOU Franco /org,i4,ing J7U!'he opportun'il)} to'.fu(lil a oream. t
Fifli,t pylbli'shed il"ll Si1lptembef ,21904, ifJ,y b', DurttJJr1 Publi:5hingl Umlted~
,Alfr'edHO'I)Sie. Hones B'usinMS Park" Farnh!i!fn. ,S~.!JfflY.,GU9 8SB.

No, par>dof :~hm, publicatrcn f1t"Ilay be rreprod eed, stored fin,a retrieval :systfi;m ortriiIDnsmi~1
.a:_nyform or by means iYJ:eCkonic" meChanrlcal. ptl,otooopyilng" prioR' writte~1 penmi5siOf! of th@ oopyrlQht
QW'f1!;!f •. Ai


r!Bcord'j'ng", or o~heMise',! WlttihOU1

ca1'.a-~ogue record 'o~1his book, lis ai\l',allable

fh:lm ~he Ehitiish Ubrary.
Jan Clemenit-May has asserted hew ,;lghrt under 'tlll$ Cop:,rfight, Das,fglils and Pillt.ents Act, 1'9'88"

llo' ~ideiltified

as the author of 'this woiT'k,

Pubtisher: B'ever/sy Dutton
Editor: Jenny Stewart

Editoria'; ,Assistant:' Clsr:e' Porter Desrgn: Sata'h Richardson

Design Ass/s:tan;t: ,FrancJsc-O' Cas'mano
Phot'ograrphy;' Allste( Thclf,pe
Printed in Spain
nUll' ,AYlthQr ~nd PubUsher have made eve::ry ,eff,Q!t to el'l'SIUre 'that 'the. OOI'Iteill'l15,of this boo'k" lif nom that 'some

f-oUo'IIYoo carerulilly, wii~1nO'~ciilu:se ,harm 0,1"injury or pose, liHIY' da!lg")er~ Pi~ oolible' items suoh as 'Wjres,. Iplastic dowelling rods afId polymyrene the cakes ilfltlis Similaril\y, tiny non book. All such ncrriii~dible itel\1ilS rf!Yls1, be lemov-oo


dL!llmmi0S hlwe been used in

.belom the oake I:>lem;el'll:,
liLOO~i'Q~ic glue !11lltS,t1i10~ 11'101""


equipm~,nt ,and Siubstances

such as

come Iinto eentaet with 'any cake or cake' covering injury:. damage. or lo~to guicieilri'nesand

that is h" be eaten,. Ne1itherihe, Aotho;l'
and cannotaaoept

th~ IPub~i,shet leB,n be :Ii!~d''respoI'lSn'ble '~or BrTor.s or omissio~s
inf:o.rmatJon printed

~flab:IIU.y '~r

pereol'1ts~r PfQpe-riy howev,er it may arise asa ffiSl.dt of ,aJ:rting lllPOIl o

111lIis book.

1\1ateriJais EquiPluent 4-6 6
7' 8,-9'

ModeUing Tips
Basic Techniques

Snowbo,ardiingl Snowm.en Presents Und,er'the Chr:istlml,asTr~;e:
Ice Castle Three Tiers fblrChristm.as LO~13

] 4~· 8 1
19..21 22~'26

Santal's on l1~sWay IMii:stleto!B and IMice
Pill,e of IPres!ents.

27'-,51 3:2-3~5


Arrd a Partr'ldge ln a
PEl,er liree'
Say a Lltt~l,e Pruyre,r for IMe! ~9-5,3

Oarol :Sill1~gers ChrIstmas Parcel


60... 64


Virtually aU of the rna' erials used to cover an.d decorat,e '-k ,. 'h'· bdible ~ h' ie '. fC th e cakes ill til 1800' k are le, _ , e, wrth th-' exception o'r one _ h" AI-1 f hor two me d-,.b-1 Items sue', as wires, ", u QI", tile materials .],",""e x
i, ,



. ..•


listed below are required

for most

if' not aU of the projects

and are available from your mocalsugarcraft

JI![al ziparl
Afil!f spreadingl a. thin layer of ,aprIcot Qllaze' over your rich frui~,caJ(e.it can be oovered 'lNHhmarZipan" IFor'th,slbest texture ,and tasM,fldways, use marzipan with a lI1iglh,almond lOontent (st Ilie.ast23,.5%) and a smooth. textlUlfB. You can mal(e
your O~'iJ\flI m;aJ'ZipMp,

but ,Ifindi It quicker and leaSierio

use a


to-use. paste suehas Squilft~s,Kttchen Marzip'8n. i

'I haVis, used ready-made' SLJgJ8lrrpasi:e as a, cak.e CQIV~t:iflgthroughout .~t:JIi:'5 book. Again. you 'can make your' ,own ,sugall1pas~e'~ u~ [is much b mt ,quioker to use ready-made paste. Always knead the paJsbe'befo~r,euse and keep ,any paste yoW halve opened bu~,are net using ssal~edin .a pla~lf:icfood-gnlc:le, bag 'to,
prevtent ltfrem ,dlryin~gl out ;SlJgarp~h\l' i:s

available iln a rmnge of coloura and

you '001'1,ahio use P8St iEl 10ad

cc,lloursto colour white sUg.arpaste' as· reqUiired (see'

SK Met.1Cicall Mt,{}elli,lg
P'aJ,te ,(/YLPfP)'
MM P is; avaj~abJe in :arl!:l~lgieelf

Food CQI~CiUirS,are: availiable in paste" dUlst and
,liquid fbnn but ~ha"V~Orily us~GJ Pas~e and SK

lOUiS,! Co.lours

ill!1thts; 00.011<. Pasta oo;!ours osn

'12oolol,;llm wlhi0:h ,are ready to use. To c:reate 'JlJrtl'her c{ornours~ MMP colours

be added lQsu9arpas'~e, IMexwcan ModeUllng: IP~lSt:e" ugar rFI~ori3t P,aste. or any other similar' S

coi~alJirClU1 be add'E:d (as,

sugar mode'lIi~ngm~liLJlm. To e.do~r
'suga:l'pllste, ,e~[t~sing pioote' JCQloUlr;dip a ol:raldailstrrck in~othe CTC~:OUIf~ i~ addl toa small
amount: of tf,ne sl!IIgarpaste to be cO~Qured ,a~;d

mg,ether .ar pastef'ood

w'i'th sUQaJrpa's,te):. M M P ~s id:eamfor rruove,lty mode~llin.gas it hol~dls shapel weill, has i~ts

smooth telidure ~ndldri~ssofl:.'enC)ugn to eat

blend 'thoro ugh Ity.'. nend this pi~oe lnto UH;.!! ire~t E
of 'the sugiaf1;leste to be C!Q~Q'ul~'(~d,. C:orm~irUJe:to

edd srnwl eimO'Lifnits 01 paste ,colour Ulrltill: the

required co~our~sachieved.

'W~~ne,Flesh, Teddy Bear Bmwn, Sunshine, Sort ,APricot Poppy, R{!oo. Pale Mint Sky Blue" Wisteria.
Slate Grey, Cream Cel~tlratiQn (not p!dlllred}.

rr~ ll!slngl SK !DI..iS'tCc"loulr to add a hitl~ ,ot cci~ou~~
a sheen or aJustfS,! loJ,sead'1';, 'f'at. bru:ail1to

aJPplythe c:oliouf to 'fIrm (but not dry) pasie.

SI{ S'lglllr F:IO'f~I~l PlLJte' (SFP)
SFP ls .a ~trQngeW'I~s;te than

Dust ,t::Q~:alurs sn .al:oo be!·m~)(edwittJ,OQoledl; e I boi led wat:e:l" Of clear splr1tto ,ct'ea,t:e an Qdib~e



MMP wh~ch mieans, i~can :befoilled 'out very'1h,inly w:atholJrt te,aning,.

This makes i~idea~mr makilng sligar
~1\Gwe'rsal!1d l,ea.'!;II{l!s

:such as, hol~y.


SK Edible, Glue, -

apply to slIJgar models

Ic,ing slUg,ar

-,keep an icin,g sugar shaker to

with an a_rt:nst~ brush. This, is, alii idem.1 medium t,o use ,as it is 'enfirely edib~e and driiB'S quickly 'with a transparent finish.

hand as it is used 1:0pre,vent pasm fro.m

'Coo,ledf, boned water - u-sed as a
i3tlcki'lg .agent, it is ,essenUal that tap 'W'at,eris, bo'F1·edl and allowedtocooli on a,cake. Clearspill'll .suTChlas' gin, 'vodka, or whi~e rum Cirufil ,also be usedfo,J this purpose. before looing' used

SK, R'oy,al I,cing - follow the manUifactul"e,(s
instructIons on '1:1119 pack to, make up the

mixture,then use the iic'Ir:lQ as requiredl, ~.g. in a pi pin.g bagl 'for in.scrilPnorrs or ,SPlply wT~h a
paJ~eUeknJi~feo cr-eele .asnowy t

eff'E!ct (lS In

Carol SUllgers).

EBch project comes wrth a Ilist ,of :speci~jc sugrucr:aJt equipment mqiJiroo. to complete tille ookle. Howev0r;, there, are a number of essential items listed here tih6i: it: ~'sw.orth lrn1avingbm,01reyou start. 'fou, [May wisill t'O invest
~ne:xtra tnQ~,Sand e!qu~pmeU1ft s~chaB eutters and


Gake smoothers

Modelling tools, includlr11g lball too!l,
bane tool and [Dresdsll teol

\reiners as you gQ.


Non -sti ok {polythene) board
Non-stick ~polythene) rolling pins:


large and small

Paint palette/saucer

• P,me1ie knlfe

Piping nozzles: vaJrOliS


~ Piping bags

.' Sharp knit,s

Sharp scissors SK BinJSI'l,es: s8'lec~ionfor paJiilttng.


dusting ,amj g:lluing

Sugar shaker (for icing slJg,fir1

MOdelling TipJ
T -W
until dry ..

o prnv!srntsu:g~5t;e

or IMMP~rom

s:~iGkin'gtl'Jr th~' board" 'rrdU~ing p~n or your

hands; ILIJ:i18 I[g!~trcJIusUng of icingl sUQ!ar. a

~_ I
~nl~ srrnall~
Orill aJ. Items

(:ake are ma.ci:e

'~rom, ro~la.o~past(3i. st:JCih asatedcly~ nose,

'hen mQde.'.llli.~,g fiQu.'.rss. Obje.~ts.·. :.f.rrotm.':l scr • IMMIIP;a:~w,a,ys aU!ow ~he pa,s:~e,to, 'flm'il

s;ligh~ly before' ,as5ierntl\~y. Ihi's: wU I fensw;e.~hla1t paste has: been roimexl 'ihinlly,.:s.uC'h
k_:ril:CI"H~1I'III tow,ei. 8S


the 'paste horuds~s-shape. :FOil' p,ieclBswher:e 'me

MMP Mdco~ouill'


IOClpS', a slm,a~l~piEH.)e, fftmd-rg,rade 'foam or I o ,can be' IJseCiIto su ppiol'il: 'the paste

them with SK, Jet EllraJck Pas1er food
Golcu ..Ir; l

Altema,l'EivEdy. you can pain~ ttle ~las,te CiQ:lolUron
usl nga fine IJru-s;h.


ICI.r~i3.tr.v."'.'W._iro~,,~~ used fair H~emssuctl as 'the halos f,orthe 'C;a~o'l

Singers, and

:RiJdeliphis antite:rs
i~n Sam'lta.'s 'on hiS 'Way!.
HQwelller, you muSJ


f Ji!JU lind you de l1'ot ha.v~thr€! outt:e'fS, lr5qu1ired fur a prrO~ie.ct,yoU! canl always make
you rown templates ffi'romafood-g,riade
m:atelrl~1 slLlch as gre,aooproof paper.

,rem,erniber mo, remuv"e

.no~ only' 'the 'wrr~s~ bu.~ also tJhe' paste In which 'Ehei
w'ir,es are insel1ed ~Llsuall')I'

' T

the head).

add ,eK~:rasupp.ol1toa.tigure~s

head~ whether-Ii: be a pelrs()!ll~animal or spagil1eflii ~nb:l'Ute body and p~8h the head ,Q,verit Use's Ilittle 'edlibh~glue

teaqy bear. insert a short leng~h ofraw~ drdEld

to seCUire ,tAB head lin
phl0@!. Remember ~o rern ovethe,s,paghletll:i !tlerofe,thecaKe ~s


e save' yQursel~'time: in the busy 111Jm-Up to

:Christ:mas. m,eIDke your modells in adivanoEl j'n cool, dry GI~:ndmjjon:s. IUllntil




BaJic Tecbnique.tl
Covering a Cake with Marzipan

a ItlhiWII layer

o,f;apr$oot gilaze over the ~op ,and
8 pastry

sides of the rich frurtcake' using



Rolmout the manilpan ana non ..S;tnek board dusted with j'tlng :sugar; then care~iUJllly' the ma!rziparn w~th'~h9 [lift roilling ,pi!", and pl!a.ce. i1:over the le:ake. :S,moothover the surface; mtlhe marzi:~n with your
hands and ease it downthsi sides

the lOak'@.


Use a, e~ke smoo'the:rto, achmeve a, pr'ofesrsiD:llaJ flin~sh,and

trim away the, 'e~§

ma12JpM from the oo<se of ~he

cake usingl a sharp :knif!el. Place the c:ak~ on the required drum, Befo!'e,eorverin.g: tlhe cake wi~h sugarpaste allrOW th~ Im,arzipanto' firm

preferably overni~ght

Covering a Cake and Drum witll
ug,arp te .all-in-on )
[I ha'V6 ust}d this metood to ,covet most 'of 'the cakes in litis book. ~f'you p.r'efef, yotJ Gain cover the edg,e of the d mm ooparatetyto the; cake' (see opposite)l.


Ughlibf brush th:e surface Oof the mQf2;ipanned ,oa~arldl

8lflQunCiitile edge! aHha board wUh cooled, bo,iled war~er' (Oli' clear SprIlrit)"

2~ ,3..

Rolli otil!t:aF'.i@!oo of sugarpa'8f:e on a Inon",s,tlick bosrd dusted
wi~h j:~ir!g sugar, The pa5~e' must bEl' :11ar:g:i3 JenQu.glhl

to GOMer l1a cake '8fI'd dri~m 'When mille.d ou~'.
GSimfltJliy mttthe, paste, and POSitiiOifi it (lV,er ~he e,a_k.EJi and




the paste wrth your hanas, 'th~n wilb'l"ia, Slm:Qoth'er. the'sides o,f 'Ile caKE B!nd

The p~s1l:@J shou:~d comedown
,COmirniUQ on~o, tille b.oaJl'd.

Use. a ·ca'kftl sm,ooth'er to acnieV't~ ,!lJ professionaJl fi nts:hand 'trilm away title e:xcresss(,Igarpas,te: 'fttim aJ'lOLln~me edge 'of
~l1eboard US!11g asharp knifeirll a dICJtWfIIIW,EUd mo~ion.

Covering a CakeDrum
Melhod 11:: To
co,ver' a

AIllow ~e! P;lrste te 'flirm, pfe~€!ralbl.y overnijlg!htt bef!ofe: addi rr9 any dooomUion.

cake drum I{as i~nIP'I o,r Ie i?resemlmlpages 36 te
39).., I:igtnrtly brushtfle

'Trimming a Board with Ribbon 1 cru~:;1 piece of 11Smmwidth Imibpon a

olDupme o~ oenthm,eires ,longer 'than the
cil"Cumfemnce of '~he cake drum ..

suriaue of the dirum w~th
cooleCl1,~bo~iOO water; '~hts


Aipply nO[1l~'k)xic9IlJe, '~Othee4g'e Of '~he

wUl help'Ehe paste s;t~clk
'~O~~Ie,dl'ium. IRoUI ~· :a,.pie,oe~'O~ suglarpal,d8 o

drum. making


inm: iWeq;~lue does

not come ilmo c:onta:c~'W~~il1the sUg'2rpa:s:te on tihe boarrd. or c;a!ke'.

9 n6:rH~liGkIbo,arlj dusted witnioing sugar,
position ever 'the. drum 'tneli1l smootli1 ~:he

surface with a srn.ooiher. Cut awa¥ ihe exOe~S pas,b:l'from areun,d ~he edge of ·the board !JsJng

:Socu rBttfle ribbon to 'the' ,edg:e· f 'tile o din'Ui1I1, IkiEleipinig, ih'E!! joi'n al Rle back (If the ,oake~

sharp kniif,e in aJ. d'OWinw,am mo~i{ln. the ,edge
10'" ,;:1,

Method 2:: To cover

cake druml

a~~er~heoaJk~has been. posrUotiedl,ro:111 out a

ItOng: strip ,omsugarJ)aaie and


.s.tmigiht: edg,e

a~ong 'one slide. Brush 'the ledge of the drum
with cooled boil'ed w,alE!:r. 1hen ~osi'~ton~he

pasteDn title: drum with tnll stranght 'edge

buHin1Qi.'up 8ga.inslUle cake. Smooth

ana: trim



1S.S·ciml and 20 ..Eic,m (:6:" ,amd


(1.21~',roulI'ici'cak'e' drum.


tm (40") pale b~rLlei ribbon

Bone 'too.1 ,(PME), Sugarpast:e: 1OOgllca"'20Z)'

g:r,eelrl, 2,ky (4IbB;Q\z~wlhib9
Small amount: SK, IFtoyad~crnQ SIK MexJrcan ModeUing !Paste
(MMP}: " 09] (1/3,07) 91:ilch o,f


DiJr6sden 1001 (JC)

Piping nozzll,e:



P'opp,y~Siky 8~ue,Slate 'Grey,
Sunshine. Tedldy Bear Brown, ,2{UJg (7'~1' White SK Food Colour !P'Gn:

S,K Edible Glue


,Slta.ek: 1h.~.small IeII' cake on top, of 1he larger c,ake' and

.~ 2

pos.ition off-een,tr<e en 'the eeke drum . Cut down '~hLe ,sides o~both ,cakes, 1;0 mate a, slope.

Use the ,oUJ~~. leces to 'term';he peak, ,of the p

mountain and other bumps to give an
uneven surtaee, Stick the. p:iece~ iln place wilh1 ,aprico~ !9~WB,.

crea~e long ru IiII miarik:s. flr(lm 1he kip of

the mountain! do,wn the side and (l,vet 1he board"

,g:laze anal oO'v,erwith 5K Marzipan. Roll
two saUl&ages of marzipan and bwiild up'

Brush the ca~e, surface wilth apricot'


the sides: O'f tne'snow nm, MI:1IJ~d '~be
marzipa,n w'ith your fillgers". smoothing it


DivIde the· 'grreeli1 sugallipaste

Into stx.

pieces, Vary1nIQI the si~es to, oreate

~nto~heItlu1irzip'an layer bene8tl~. et S aside 10 dry for 24 hours.

smaJl'srand :Iafger trees, Mou~d each pleoe in your hB.lflds to oreate a. cone'.


IPllSlh 111119 thick;Eir end c~f 'the Dresden tool

up the: e,entre o~ the cone Jfrom[the base'.
Starling ,at '~he1op o~ 'tme~,use a fine the' pmr otseiseors to mak;e inc:i:sionsand Uti
~he p'Blste
glJ ighUy


Brush .~ mBuipanned cake and cake

drum w~~!h 'C~i3!alralcohol ,or Gool'led~.
boiled 'itVater.,RQ~Iout a:p\proxima1iely'
1.81(9 (4.lb) of \vhR,Sl stigarlJ1aJstll3 and

"to fcrm br,anctu~s.


Using SK Edi ti~e!Gllu~·1attach the, trees on~o the cake", ,an,ang ingr them as

oOver the cake and board. Gut aw,8yt .any
excess paste, and smooth down any joins with your handS. Push the

sug;arpas,1e lnto any ci~e\I'ice,s, l

remernibe:~'tlhatlt does not maHer how
foughthe surf8Jc'e is, beouuSle'it is

:sulPposed to' loot :1 snow:1 [~~' Ike' desired,
use the bone tool to make, more

il1den~a:tiornsiin 'thel paste ..


Use the larg'er 'end ·of~he bone tool to


S owmen
IIll.,ide ~&. WAne N1 ~'ntbfQ,l1Ilf ~,p IPieeeS far title ~owmen. DIYrd'~ ~a.@n '$f ~t1QS>@r,pjepe$ 1irw(o diJ~Jer1t 'Sa~lj,0r1:S; roll, a large ~,a.rstua,pe, Ipiece 'lor 'UU,jIDelcly: a baml fGr'the'
Ihea;C'jand "two :sausages Dn not stic!kthe 10r arms" P~E{)i3iS: ~ogenH~~I"

yet., P'~$h a sheJrt ~iec,e '~fraw spag h~ttj ~l1.to~h~neek

~a to
folhow"ed by tneflattel'loo mEl', seoo1Fld s:~rip,.

slWpp-ol1 the h'Sad.


Mix a, p\lnch of Po,pp¥ MMP wiUlI :aUny' pie,G'fJ Of SJUl"ilsl~ine, Mf ~m,make' ,8mi1 M or.an:ge cCi.lom.. Oivide ~nfo ~lourand shape in~o p~mntednoses. Mark 1!hetDp with ~h~

ball, and~efl


Fix UU~ arms into p~au::eW:iitl,SK, Ed ibIDE!
Gllue~ :then lIJu5h~he heiill.cIover liTe .spagheUi :stiick. To lnnakathe bobb!le hats, ml~ ,a cone .out of MMP a.rl~ tffilirl th,E! poin.ted!ands:ligh(ly.

<edge .o:~a~,l!1i'fe and attachto us~ngSK Ed.fbll,e'GiIUi.





Mark \1he 'eYe'5f)nio each snQwman tUSiingl

an S:K [Blackberry Food Colbur Pen.

Rail out: a ,thin s~fiip for the Ibl'im~and



Make: a G1ifferentcolo!lIred

sn(]wboaJr,QI "or

nbbeei effoo~ w~t:h1h~b~(:~ O'f tal "_nife'"

each snowma,n by s~mpWyrQI!~ing! a ~sausa,Qeof MM'P and flatl:en~,ng it with :91.

Attach the eene,

then the



snowmants head 'UsingSK EdibWe Glu:e.
Shape i'tas required, ,arilld ·fin·ally attach a smal~ 'ba~l~iO'the

rollrrngpl:n. 181 ue a snowman body~o
eaoh snowtm8!ra.




Ttl IlfI,uBi!i;athe' baseballl hats, mil (Ji!lJta ro~ncJI iiso shape lofiit ~)vd!r~hjS ofthei d ~IJ'P head .6Il1d aftac:h with SK IEdlble Gmue..:Fcl! the, peak~ make a. crescent. s'h:aJpeand ~iix

Scarves and 'Hats


To malke a


roU out


smal~1 pie,ce of

MMPin nile 60kJur of your choice and

back OT 'front o~the C8_P1.

,cl~t uthivostripg. o
W~lit.e IMMlP.) Cut

(r,or the' pale~t Jd~m,HE! C

blend one 1ID~~he MM po ooI01.:II1s: with

mhe 'lasse;~sinto

01'1'8 en~

'To Fini,sh

()fea,c:h strip IJsingl a sharp knife(. :F1~aUen
,a~iny :tuM~of pa.s1tteoetM/eenyoUr fir'n:§llers ~m :the(knot and m~lke a smaUIstrip togo


Place some SK, Ro.y~1 loing ill1 a piping bag wi~h a no. 1 IPiFilng nouhE!. Pffipe:a. rI!IUG'

ioing onrol the end 'of ,alIIthe b.ranc~es Qf '~he:trees for ,3 c:ompJe,ted snow scene.

;8JrolJlind~he Il!1e,ck.


, _ Ii

AHa.ch~he' p:ieclEl 'of pas~e'atdu nd 'the neck fit'S't, then add, 'the 'fiml;str1]p~



A,ttac~ pale blue' ribbon to, 'I1e board w:ith non-tede sUck gliu,e.

500g (11b 1oz) SK. Mal2i~pan Sugarpaste: 150g1 {50.z} gfeen I 600g (11b Soz) red

50cm (20"}ribbon: gr~n
Shlf cutter (FMM~

IBane 'tot'll (PME)

Mexi'Esn Modellin,!;;! P,6;$te Piping nozzle: no'..2

(M M:Fi): 50g1 (1 ~/4G2) Flesh.,
50g (11~!4'~ Sky B,lu6, 50,9

(113,"ozl Sunshjne,,150g(50z) Teddy Bear Brown,. 50g (11sf 4,OZ) 'White
Sit( !Food Co~laur Pen:

Piping bag
IDowellling: md

S'K Paste :Food Colours: Blaakbeny •.~Ro&e'

SIK IEdible Glue

Co, ',ermg the Cake

1~ 2..

,Caver the oa!k.e wntih ma~ipan.

the:F1 place it. ·~ow.arcls t:irnle

back of the cake drum. arld~ei aslde to' dry '['Or:24 hours~

Govier the cake and board with red sugarpaste.

T'dd , r B-ar 1. lMa~e',a~eddy' I'om

appfQxima~'aly 5091

(1S'40,Z)1 elf Teddy Bear Browi'll MlIMP. Start,
by makingi the body' and iin&el1 a,siliort len glth of rawspaghe'ffi fmo the! neck.

Positio'n at tile' 'frlont of the tree ~and secure iln plaee,


Add '~hearms Sind l~egs"mar!dngl the paws witih ~hB b:1:ade(:I,f 81. Ikflie or. a D.resdentool" Make the head from a ban of paste then

add a snout· ,andi,ears Rn;;dly' attaeh a
black nose' ,8md mar,k on the fea:turiBS.

tile lne,adover the spaghetti at the

nect,8f1d seoure, W,jUll a 1itf(leSK Edible





Insert: a plast.ic dow~llling 'rocillintu 'the c,eke ~o'Wards'the' back so that 'it protrudes from the suriac:::e o:r:'l1e ca~e. Maki8 :0 large' cone from the gmen sugarpas,te., Cut into Ihel p',OO~8' with sharp scissors" malkiing sure you cut all
the way round the cone, Whi~,sty,QU are

;cutlt'll:g. push the rounded end of the' D,tesdlen tooi underneath 'the paste 'for e:x~jmsuppcrt.


Brust'l the dow1r!mng rod wah SK Edible

GllJe. position ·the Ch.Jistmas ~.reelovler ~he r-od aJnd&as.e the paste down.

Ra.,g Doll 1. Riell ,Oult a rOl1g.~hin sausage
Colour 1509 (,50:Z)of White


of IFmesh

MlMP'for '~hedoH's le~, and bend in half.

Tov Box
Make a ,cUiboid ifirom 1DOg (3,1l~Oz)1 of Teddy Bear' ,Bmwn MMP 'for the toy box. Mart the Ud witl1 a kn~;e., Soolure to thetop'of the calke besldeth!e,troo usilllgSK Edlibl\e Glue.

MMIP' pink

using a I'ittle SK Rose Paste. F'ood

Colour. Take a tillY pi'6ce, cd pink pasm and mak,e the shoes. Secure to 'the 'feet
'Wiith SK EdlbJ',BGlu.e·~Drape '~tJe legs over one eemerot 'l:1IiIe: cake,




50g (1~4P~

01 the

thr:rds of tFis WfJ,y' down to crea'E the:

pirnlk paste


ibaUIfor the

mou~h. lise the end ,of 3. s:tJr,iiim,[j] of spagheni ~a. mam 1h'EI dimp'I~818f,].d thel ,eyes" Pogiti'on the :heaol on top lo,f"the, tame ffisdi,n"lgIon 'the t:QI~tbo~ ,al'ld SOOU]'€l 'wi~h SJ< Edible Glue ..

pCiSl~ion the top at

l1a ~egs.

Ro~,~ i!ll:1n()ther 50~i {~3)~,ozjofpink lout

MM P and, using the! flIw'®ed ,end of ~he
Dwesdentool, mH over ~he:oolges'to
scfl[(liil M.d (dllil th.e baooof 1he $!~ri1..


Aolli 'two small ba~ns Ifl,esrr MMP :and 01'
pUls:h tn'e Sif~lall'Br 'Brrud of '[he lbotne tno I into Gae:h lone to mak!ethe! eal'S . .secure'

Ga~~un ~ltetap and: Ipinch to


il1lthe paste. AttaGh in p~ac:e over 1he:

legs andl at ttle: baseaf tihe:toreo usihgl
SI( Edlible G~ue.,

~ot!he head w,ith SK Edible i(;~~llle.Add ,a smal'l ba!1.of pas:tB for'the lli1los:eand tIDny
balls, of b~ack (:0Iiorured MMP in ilhe



Rol] I~ut. Ilong ,saus-a_g.es o,fA~sh twO'
MiM Pfbr the' arms ..SIi:g'ITti';lflamE!nat one, end il(Jf the. hands and maJke

e:'yeihDle~, ' ~ 1-.·.·Softenthe SUl'llsih1ne MMP With ,at ,If!ttme

smaJll cut for tl~ethumb. geCtueto thlB

boci1y at Ulle sinotlllaefS! pos~itjonin.QI one'
armovler thel toy bo<xand 'oneacrolSS

'Whi~e \lIeQle,tab~e'Tat IPloSIicE! thesoft:ened paste huo a BUgaJ!"sh,ap£lr wi,th '~he m,ui;ti
hole disc and extrude le~gths, of p'Bste



mwthe' l1'air.Sroure ea1:nl le~lsth of I~aiir ~Q~~edo~II"s heElidusiing the pDin~ed 'end!
o~tha, lD,n3sden tool i,arrtmgi ng ~he hamr in ,a~~i~c1iooo~ MaliQea shcdtu'fIi: d at 1h~

Ao~1,an e1agi-1,snapoollballl!,ol fl,esh MMP
mr~ta,e dloU'~ headl. Push me en01 ()if ,8

the pas1l,e,a/bOlllJit two

top for 'the '~rjng~.


To, F·m_i.,h


Usin~gany' r,emaining MMH .make

presentsto deGorar~e cake and 'ile
board. Make' 10I1"g,s1f,ips of paste. ~bll" the ribbons and' curl, _OlUnd a too,I,cr~he
end of a paintbrush.
2. '~


Write 'TOYS" en the ,lid of 'the' ,toy bo~
using ,ani ,8K Bl,aJckberry Food Celom



Pipe smallil.dots c,f :royal ,ici1ng arnundlhe, sides ol'ihe' cake' ,aJflldonto the bZlise board, SeCUllf9'green ri'bllon 8lroundthe ,ed.g~ of
the cake dflUlTI. with

a non-to,xwo glue,


sUck. IExtrudaa.lon:g piece of SlI'lsi1ine MlMP 1111'0.ughl Ulesuga,r shapolM' to decorate the tlie:ec, aUach at the' top of the, tree ,and wind areund to the boHom. Repea,t wlh s,oftanedl Wh~®eMiMP. R:olIlcut the
remBlin'ing Sunshine' MMP ,and cut: out a

star 'or the' top of the tr'ee. Secure, iln
pilac'6! w,flh SK IEditl'le Glue.


RioU small ballils of Sky glu\8! in place-en

emus and

Poppy MM pi 'for the baubles

ttH3 br.aJI1Iches.

Candv Canes
Roll out two :sau~~ge shapes, wom

Poppy andl White, MMP, et1cfnione,
,appil'OXlimaw'1y 1Scm (:5,") longl.. G'IU'E! title two I'engths to each oU'ler u:s,ing

SiK Edible Glue U1en twist togetller.,

Neaten ofllttnre' ends and m.ake


hoo:kshape'", SeCUrl1 kll plaoe on
the cake' wilh SK Edible Glue.


Stack Ico,ln 20.Scm (S")truitcai<es and cut into tbe: side 0"



4" (100m)., e" ('1scm) and 'two. 2!O.5cm (8') round iruftoakes
1.7krg (31b 12oz)SK Manipar1)

bOith cakes''lI'i!'Om! t.op' t,Oi [bottom Of1I'an: alllgile using ,!:1I.·s:harp
kJlllife. Th;~s wi Irform the ion!9 [j:lail'h and

2~5kg (5ilo Boil sugarpas,te': whi~a.
.8K Mex.ican lModeUingl P,alste (MMP),: .5009 Ulb 111Q1z) Sky

ean r'eUlisetihs!

pIeces 'you ha.vecut away to m~

a thicker path.


Glaze and marziipan the oarved cak'es and set aslde to dry.

B~ue', ,800g (~Ib 12oz)White
SK Paste' Food CO,h:lUI'S!,

GI:aze and ma1'2lipanboththie slm,alller cakes and :Ieave'to

BllueibeH, IKIY3JJ'il1th


dry an 1hei r respective cake btl'aJrdsfor :24 hall rs,
Relll o:IJ~1.5kg(:3)!b SO:;!~o,f' wn'it~iSUQ1arpast:e and! cover the stacked 20.:5cm (8".),cakes ,and ,drum,. SmooUn down'ttlel peste and cut away ,any 'ex)cess from

.sK Edibl.e Moor! IBeams,
Lustre Dust Colour: Sapphire SK Edible GEu€




Coyer bt)tih the other eakes 'in 'the same manner: with SOOg

(11b 10Z)' of 'white' sugtirpaste, .

30.,5cm (1:21 cake drum
10em and '1,Scm 1(4"and! 6"),
round ca1ke boards 1 m ,(40") pale blue, nbbon S dowelling Fads,



Plus.hthe five dowening rods, intol1hetop of the 20.,Som (,@,j
eekes, spa,qit1,g1 themequal~y~ Mark ;and c,lJI; dovm to si21eat

the surface of' Une cake.


PQsiltio,n the 15cm (6,") c,ake ,and! board On top of the
stacked cakes, resting: the' board ,001 the, dowelling support. cake. frace tIIi1e10em (4")1ceke all top

m the' '1 Bornl

mds for 6li1)

em 1'1
Mix together 300g1 (10iO"Z) ,of Wh,ite [MMP' with the' same
amount ,of white sugarpaS~e..Thinly

ron out appro)(.imately

201:tg. (lo,z) ,of the Ipaste endeut in10 four e€qusi squeres m alldng sure 1hat the sides, er'e tall,er lIthan '11:11.$0c:m: (t¢:")' 1

_cake ..

? -.

Us'ing a sharpknine

make .smaU Indsions .81t tile top, of


each sq uare, Brush ~ha'hack of each square, wiith SI( Edible Glue and seoure inW posltilon around tille! i acm (4JIl) ,cake. ,olJltting a,w~y ,amy Q,ver!apa: ..,Dust wit:11SK Sapphilfe, Mocm Beams LUB~Fe DlJsi
usingl a no. 1'0' SK IBrus!h.

each om;:!:into a cone", Dust with 8K

sa"pphire Moen Be:,ams Lusbre Dus~ and


secure in place with SK' Ed~ble IQhJ8.
Usin;g U1Q: bl'unt edg,8' of

kntif.e! m.ake

liftil,eindSlntatiof)s ~n thewaUs, 0'1the castle' to represent windows.

3~, To ma~9the'
•. 113

1url'leilSIII'Q~I out fQur eQual ,

/almoul1tsO'f 't:h~.same poote! ,about 50"9 (13/~,Qz)' each., into Iiong sausag:ef$. The

Icicle Walls
] ., Mh;(togB'tiler the nest of the wh~te stJIg:arpast'e and White MMB Add smaill

tow,SfS Should be thioker than tile w,81lils
and wider at the base. Dust ~he tlJrFe·ts with SK Sapphire Mioon 8,e8mB! !Lustre Dust andl secure, in plac-e with SK. Edible 'Glllu9.

amount$ o,f theSk,y

.E3I'ueMM P as, you

arel knead1ing' the: paste to cr;eate a r;angs


For 111.9 srnnglls,turr8il: ~nthe Icentr:et,take

appw:)(imately50g (1~/4oz:) of the' sugarpame/MMP mixture and rolllolJ.t: another 'tower as before. Oust with SK,


S,tar1ing ,at the' '~op of the 15cm (6ii) cake, roll out. out. ,and dust 'V'arieglated 5hapes to resemble shBirds o'f '['081.Fill( into, pesrtion along the flat baM.olf each Slhapewith SK IEdib.~eGlue,_ Make

Moon Booms lustre Dust. ,8111i1d fix it" on1lhe top .elf the castle withSK

"that the tilps are :cMiiSPand po~nte,d,and [bend!tlilem sligl11lyas, you work d~own the ,Qallk~ the lowe:r ph~ces. to Gontrn

5 '. ,


IEdible Glue. Use the remrain'ing tSOg (50~' .o,fti1e paste"1or the' tops of the 1urre,ts. Add a very -small amount
(If SK Bluebe,11 Pas~~


thie' same pmce~arot!llnd the

20.5·c:m rS") cakes and along·tl1,e, sldes of

OolounG 'the pas~e ,and knead weill'. IDir-Ji:de Into fiveIB.qu.al piieces and shape


T 1.0

F" · h vmts .

't ,.

no. -00 S,K IBrush, mark

the window indents, with a litle5K Hyacil1thl Pa~te Colour mix.ed

with cooled, boiil!edwater. A;pply lhe,Qol,QUlf wlith one, brushstroke •. be~n9careful no~to get ,col~olJr 'on Ihe ,surrounding areas,


Fix pa!e, blue· ribbon t:o the cake'
drum with iii iOorJI·.:to~dc: glllJe, stiok


Three TierJ
Mate ials
150m. 20'.:5cm ,and 25,.,f),cm
(6"'.8" andl 1.0") 'round Blaok Sf( Dust IF:ood CdilDurs:

, ,- fa.





SK Paste Food CO~OIJr.: Jet

Large' ha~lyIqutler(o'r templrale)
(OIP) ·SK: Gir,eat Ilnipressi,ons MedhJlm


51( Bridal Satin Lustre Dum: Colou r: 'White. S.atlln

Holly Ve~ner

Sugai~p.aste;11 Og (4o'z)1 green, 2kg (4~b6oz) wl1!Jite

SK Food Col,our P'en: Blackberry SK Edibl,e Gllue SK Gonfe~otioners" G'I~e

5mm ,st.rip cutter (JC)

SK Me(l(iicanModelling' lP~te
~M Mp).: 2:50g (Soz)' IPlQjp,PY" 10091 (31l;zO:t.,) Sky IBI'uEl:, 59

Ir'so'z) S,1a:~ 'Gmy., 100g

Piping bag

(3'~'2D,~)SUinshlilnB~1 Og (1laQil
Teddy' Be.ali BrOwn~ ,60g Cl!Oa:}1

Eq_ i ment

IDo.weHing rods

,and 35 . !icm (8;"'and "4 J~ found ,cake drums,

Ce,llP'ad 10em (4" IPoJysi:yrene' cube :2cnlll 1{3!.l') cl(1sed turved] .
oCrimpers lPME)

SK Sutl'af Florist Paste ~FP)':
15091 (5oz) Hol'lyl1vy, 1Ogl

20'.5em (8"), round cake board

P,al:eGreen. 150g (5,o~)'White

2m (80*') ri,aQon:: whiite

Coveri g- the Cake 2.
Cover aU three ook'E;lswiirt,",SK Marzip'an.. ,Alllow·to 'firm "or .24 hOllllrs.


Positi,on the 115cm .(6") ,and 25.5cm (1 0")
,cakes cintrQ' the .2{l.5cm {B") and 3.5.5cm


Cov,er .aU'~hree I{:aikes.with white
SJugarpasw, aliso ~a.veril'il'g'tile ,edges af t.he drums f,oT 'the small and large cake, CI',j:mp tl1'9 p'as:te around the ed,g.e 'of both drums.

1('14")' cake drums respec:tJjv1e)y. PI',ilitc.ehe t 20.5cm (3") ,c:ake"oOn the boatfd ofJ~he

same .s:iz:e.



Mark 'the posiliofl5 for 5 dowe'llli:ng rods in the lamgestca:ke., lhey sho:uld be faJirlty
wide (but no,t wider ttlan lh,e calke: en

] e


e arat


Cut :anathei'r dow,elniing ro~ to aiPPIU)dmately 11.5,cm (7' "1 i.e. the,
h,eignrt of: 'the oOl1leilYld cake Ip~lui8the:

top) ,and even'iy s:iJIS!oed' to' suppoftths: weight of 'tile: upper tffiers.~nseri the dowels, mark leach one 1 'or 2mm above

h"leight of ~he polystyren.e ,eube~Push lhe
lfiOd down 1i1"UiOUgl'lithe centre olttle<

the I'evlel,o'~thesugarrpaste" remove and
'~O the'

25.,5lcrn (8~~ cake IJn'~i~ reeches the il

required leng~h. IRei"'insert:the~

undernecsth the' eake.
sides a,f

dowets: ~nto '~hecake!,



B:rush SK Edwble GI'ue onll:ofour


p!ace the 2S.50m (,8:!i) ound r

~hepollys'tyrene, ,cube, leavi'fIQ the top and base, .Rolll out the' Sk.y :Blu~ MIMR
'trim to S~UlJ, l.e, 'tOem ):, '4iO.5e:r11I1l 1(401 x,

c~~, ,c8flu,ally ,an'~o,p of the ~arg:a caloe"
ens,uri ng the dowels take the w'eilght of



, 6 ),! and cover 'the sides, oftha euae ..


Pi~~ce a. no" :2 pipwng I1.Qn;le int,o a pilll,ing bagl ;andfill the bag wilh royal. cing. Pipe

Smooth ~he ja,ln. down 'the: f).ide wIrth your 'firngerti p, Ta,~ a smal~ amount !QW Sllmnsllins, MIMP
SJild ro:1I out into ,a longl s.tri:p.. Using a Sm:m stripcutte~j clit olJtseveral s1tip,s. lof'pasta Using ill, fine paiintbmsh, brush

a 'snBi.1traill" emu ncll1h:B bass, of .each
~ca.~e ,al1uJIJlilioW to dry.


Siecure, w'hi':te ribbo.11 aroiJ I1dth,e edge's,

of both cake drums IJIsing.a non-toxic gJueJs,tic:k!1taking care foensure
ttH~s.ugaJI'Pastie' ,on 'the looarrdJ.


SK Edible GlUe in diagionalliners on ~he! "C!lue paste., then atta,ch' the Y€JI~QWstrips" Trim. at the top and base,

glue: does, not comB inite' contactwitih


Mill( a littlle' Poppy MMP nto 30g1(1 o~ of 'White·MMP (or USB, a l,tHle Sf( IPolvnseijia
P,21Iste Food Colour) to create a !pal.le 'Pink

oolour, !Rolli om ·the, P'l!Isteand' out i~to
s'~ripsrneasu'ril1g 1'O.cm x 1 .3cm (4" )(
'i 12rc

1., Brush the

bank of eaoh strip, with

SK Edilbie' GIUQ ·snd:3i.ttach to each :side

of the present for the [ribboJl.


Putsh "thee cube down, o.verthB
dowellli09! rod protrudiill1gl~mm
the mi:d,die tier. The ,rod Sl'\{lil,J!{j!

come through Just .abov,e t1hat.
top, 'Of the


.......•..... 24····

Top Tier
1i _


RQU 1" 1O.g ,(4oi:} of green :sug!Qrpmlre Into a.,c)o~,e the Christmas tree, keeping for
ttletJasiE! 'nat Snip iirJ~otJhe paStewitn

"fi ne ,sorooors, to


bll'MIc:hes •.Flix l1e

b'~€l in~:o,pO<5i.~ior'il. 'thf!'h>p tier ~ttlSK on ,Edible Gl1ue,


IRol1 o:u~a. :small piece of Sunshline M MIP and eutouta smalillstarr usi'f!ga ,cutter. flix, to ~:hretQP' of the '~~ee withSH:; Edjbl'e G~'~.J,e.


To m!2~e!the mistletoefor~he,sides


the cake" mi'x toge.tbsr1 og (11s0i)df Pale,

Gr~;€!n$FPand ;5'0911~l!\'3t under 2:az) d:f
Whiit'eSFP to ma~ a pa~rer lrl~n. Rolli a out tne paste 1hinly :and lern out: t4 !ieav€$ IJsing it mi;s,uelloo ,cutter;, Veinl


Rioml ap'pRJ.Ximatel}t

18 tiC: :2(11 balll\s


Whlite SiFIF",BWlddust: with SK Whlile. Sati'n.

LJiJs1:r~lJlJstDu:s!t l1,e !m~st:letae ~eav,efi
wilt'! ElK H'i~lyl1lvy :Dus.t IFo.ott Colour!, then

&ac[hlea~ iw:! an SK Great Impif'8.5fimons
Medi~L1mNoHy Veiliner. then plooe'eaoh

o'!rer;.,cIlJsi: witn the 'Whiute SI~I~ 1..JI.Istre
Dust ;Securethe leavll:!$ iln J:lairs: around



a .spo;nge' pad and


a. ba~11

the, oaS'eof the! caRe: with, SK Ed ~ble
G.lue •.'~henacldUlQ tlsilTiesin gl'iCH..lPSG~

'~.ool.,o .~ofmn 1tYe~dg,w'J ~ee.pingt!'te t '~oDI ail.f on the ~as,te~ on 'lhe p~d. h hiSlf rPiwu.::hthe. bas'S :of each Ileaf and iill~\(),W 10,
dry en '~heCelPed.

'lWl'l '0rth~

~Itthe!' base of' thiEl' le,aves.

lVliJJle 'l'ier


To' ma,ke ~lheria ndy S'tic~s fOfth8! ,side: O.f the



'ro;11I ut.a e

longl sausager o~
W!htieaTIld Poppy MMR Twist th9 two

colours together ~hel'1l

ro~1 back ,and forth 1011 a bo8iKl. Cut into
'1 Oem (4Ii) h1!rlgths and hQo(( one: end.
You wlil need 10

m'iID<:~ 'ten (;;andy




Bealr :BJI'own MMP. lRd!ll,

two siicks.lil1la1kinQ them slightly thicker

at one lend ~and :po~l'i!tiOrr1' 1tie' OaliKe (I,fill

near the drum.


To delcoratethe

:s,ides. of ~he, lowertn)e~ 211 hol~ leaves.

you Wlin needt:o'malice

RoU o lilt some 'Hoilly/~vySFP' thinly ,and

'cut out Isallies uSil'1l:9! itR~ra cUJUeror the e template provl:dea. Vehi 'eaeh Illeaf in ,ao SK Great ~mpreasiorls Mecilium HQII:y Veif1.Sr,and soften the e.dg'e~ rnn~he same
'Way.as· before uslng a ball tOOl. Pinch

_thebase of 'eacih lea~ and ieav,e ') _.



pad to cI fy.

When 'qry, colour 'the holly rea,~es, with SK IHolly:lIlvy Dust: food then du~t
1he base of @ach I,eaf~vi'" SK Blaokbe.rry Dus,t Food! :Co.lo.Ulr.IDip ,eac,h leaf lilnto ElK

s,tlcks ,alto,ge'tner.Atea.ch areund the sjirne of the IIllliddle tis1r using! S.K Edible el:uB, holding each candy' sUck in :plaoe unt~11it is secure, To, make title drum, mill 1Og '(~f3OZ) ofJ Vlthit:eMMP into a ball. Ffatten the ball
. .

Oonfee:fioner'S~ G:la_z\e· end set' fi:ts,pdeto
dry. ire make the bertiias, roll approximately 30~3S; :ballis o,f P'O'P:PY" MM P and set



,of paste unt~1 rue: appnJiximatlely 2.Scm it
(1';) 'thiclk. Colour some Slate' G/my MMP
bli301ic us]ng SK ,Jle't IBlack. Pas:~ Food


IFix sach set of 'lhfleel helil),' l,eaV,9s

to the'

base of the, i.ower Uer 'with Sf< EdWble
Glue. 111en add four or fiv,e barr-lcss at the base of the les.ves".

CQlour Idl into.


long, thin stjrip' a.6om

,(l;"t) wide and Gut

in naif. Secure, ,a,stlip'

3Jflound the, 1DJi) arid base, O'f the drum.

Us!lngaJl1Y re'm,aJnilng pi'aces ,o.f IMMf;, M,ak,e a

Draw on 'the strings HlI'Ound the sidles of 'the dn.:lm wiith an SK· Blackberry CollOLlIrPen.


drum to the!

number of: paroe:l~s,in differ-ent oo~ours,and
shapes. Mak_e, ribbons and bow,s f:o:r each palrcel,ths:n

'cake usitng SK IEdibWB 'G,lue


secure them to t\tJe cake Urs]ngl :BiK

Make the drumsticks 'from



Edible -Gilue.


,800g (t1b t2oz) SK Menlp.~n


on oM way.




~SlUgarpi3iS1te'~l (1 f:pZ) OIl
dl1oco~8.ta, 160g (5,1J2;Cz) green,

:501Og (1'Ib "'!D!Z) r,ad. 350g:


:S,maIU ,amtHmt SIK Royal ic;"ng
SK Me)l,ican JModelllil1Q Paste

,(MMP},:10g {,i'/aQZ} ROSSe 2f)g (3/4'1'oz) Slate Gre,y;. 109 (1/SOZ) Sky .Bhue" " Ogr P'30z)1 SunsliJine, 300g ,(1Q1'20,Z} Teddy Bear 'sro,wfII

S·KPaste Food CoJ:ou r: Jet Bla.ck :S K Metall lc
Ll.Jstri8 Dus:t. 'OoloiJ r.


S'K Food COi!our Perri: IBI'aokbem; SK EdiibleGlue Raws,pa,ghefti

Meth 0 d
'Co,vering the Calc . DrUfil

1. ,2.

'Cover the, cak,e·druiTI with 2:00g (ioz) of' 'the w!hit:e.

Tex,ture: the paste usi'ng-,a bone toollto, create an uneven ,sno!l!.'J' 5uria,oe.


25 .. cm ,(1O~1'fOund cake' dmm S 1 m (40~J):ribbon: red

Fix 'the ribbonr to 'the ;side o'ff the cake drum wij;(h nOI[1tOl1(iiC: lue, an,d :set aside to ,dry., g

Bone tool! ~PME) II)r;esden~ool(;JC) IPiping Ilou!~::no. 11 IP~pinglbag
Two ;28-gauge '~!oristry v{'tlres

Carving the 'Cake


Cut '~he 20.5;cm (8,!, sqlJ,ar;e~ruitcBk8in half to make' '~~'D ob~llln!9s,. Gut aseetlen a.w,ay frern one- 'han, approxima~e:ly6.5'~m (21/2n) 'Wide (thrs willi tarim RUci"olp!h's 'body I,mad',.

tight ibrown flori,s~rytape





Add some SIK J"el Stack P,as1e: Col'onJr to
me 5,1(Slate Gr&y MMP to make blacll

1" ••••••



! I I •••••••


D'ivide,~his paste' in half and use one pIeoe to <caver 'the tOoP m tf'!:El' ,sac<!(,jsmOOithin91

down itttoe edgeswi~h yDU.r finglers.
Rol~ OU~ 150g (51()12) of Ted~ Bear Brawn MMP into a ~ongrec.tangular shape., Wr,ap the pa..sie around the 1ITl3f'Z!npan :sec'lJrmng

at the back wifh a liltie' SK,Edii!l~e Olue.

Smooth down ·the ,edges: with your ~inger$. 'Gut

away ,any

exeess ,Paste around the


base, Mark the sack withl a Dre,s-d'el1 tooll; thi·s, will make it look a though it. Is 'full 'of


USling th~ diag-rartll as a guide, cut ,out a p:l,ece 'for 'the footpl'ate and place 'thils Or!
lop of 'the cake a,t~ttmE!' ffont end af'the'

presents. SIi':g'htly liC,11 ovell'1hetop of ~he'


sllei'gh Usilligl a sharp Iknle. carve the
cake to shape. the' front and bsc',k, ofrthe:

. leigh
To make, thel footpJate'i Im!11 the .out
femainrng bl;ack MMP; Gut to s~~e' nd a



Us.e the last: pieoe of' IC,aJ1(,e' (from the ,ofjliler haU) to make tfie sacik. Gar'\l\e the top Bnd sides of t.l'le cake' with a sh8Jll" kni'~e!o craats a m.ore lioitl.md'eds,hape t 8rHj malke small! wndentations in the top tor the presents" P£ac.ethis, en the back oftlle 8,16Ig,l1.

sec:ure in pll,ace wlth SK IEg'ible G~ue..


RoH out ,atlout 50g1 (1~i40,z) oi red sug'arpaste. big enough to cover 'the ba.ci(. of th,e sleigh. Out a mcta_ngu lar shape and ft>t; into position around'the ledgE!a 'With SI< 5dllble, Glue. For the 1rontend, rol~out about '1009 (3';1'202) o:Fred $ugarpas.te :and eut QUit a longer roo~angle tcrfjt from the! base' of the board to the 'f:ootplate. S,seuf"e' with a ,Iittl'e 51( Edible G:lue at the' roges;. Use a [Dresden tool to mark,' both the tfol1t and back [pieces Wili1ha semI.! p.8.ttern.


Shapel the smalll piece of cake that is l[left into a rounded body for Ruclorphl mra.kil'lQI ffi s~ghtlybigger at· the baclk. IGo,verthe ,sleigh!, :sac,k, ,and Rudo~ph's
body with mefljpsnand overnight aUow to dry


P'osiUo,nthe mariipan",co.v~{ea shlll~:gh at '1\he-'bacik €If ttl,s bawd. ~e-alli'ng,enough room ,at the 'froni. 'f;orRuf!.elp!h.

:-, 2- 8····.··.'

lRoll1OU~ another 1:.50g (SOil) O'f' red .s.ugarpast,e and ,cut a pjaoe t,o ·fji the s[de of the sh13tigh (see tempta~·ej. ~hike' sUtre

that wt matches ·ttle 'firorn~: maim an but n·· ..... ""': · 1 ...... ""',. h"""ng Io'n- the '. b"''''·!I.. 'Ag .... ,.,n, t-h-",.*·i~· _' .......'11'1. 11i""-"lt ~v "",~ ",~

25).. .Max'€!' a. ~ra.irnfrom Sky Blue IMMP, 'fixing the pieces logeths'f Wlith SK Edib,jleG,lua Rem~mbElr tt:! ke,ep, back a sm'allpil1ch clf 'w'hne~ pinlk an d r,ad paste 'f'lll' IRudolph ,.

goes aro:lJnd 'the' ba,c.:kof 'the saiok.
Secure in prlaae using SK Edible Glue .. Re:peatthe process fo'r the other slde

but In a miirtor Image of -the first silde,

16·'.. I",

DUist'the sl'e!gh w.i~hS!KAnt[que· Gold

Co"VStthe body with 17eddy Bear Bmwn MME US,EUl. DreseJel1tool to matI!;; wher:e ihis hInd Ileg will be.

Metalli,c' Lustre Oust Co,lour.
,Add the snow on end 3riOurn:.:l the:' ~l'eigh

by Ii'QUtnglong pieces of- white 8ugarpast'e'. Brush ,SK. Edibl,e' G~uealongl the base of the s~:e[gh,and 'flix 'the snow
in place, Push a bone 1IDo~Idown ln~o the! MMR, making the same, partiems asfor tille snow on ~he b,oa.rd, for~he snow on



,Roll Oli~ 'fil1ree 511'1811, sausaJ,ges 'for j:ust Ia.ying en i't!) aJnd secure 1n~o


(don't worN: he hasn't lost a leg he's,
positioil1 with SK Edible Glue, Smooth

fhe paste inte, fJhiebody to hideths! jblins.
Mark the J6ints. with a D,resdsn '~ool.

,tJhe: sleigh, mlillrK 'the pas~e with a
Dresd,en tool before' securing into I~08~ftjon over 'the,,arcihles~ back ,and front.


Usilf'~,g choc:o:lateslJgarpas,te:, stiJape lllreB hoows and press ~he oonetooJ on the und'emeath ,of eaeh Affix to1he end
of' eaeh I'egl.


Roll out a smalll' IPrece

,m white

sugareasta and outJ:l'ut a..-rectangJlEl 'f:ot=

S~ll1ta's pl,ate' ar the front. Secure in pl!aee wkh S .Edicte 1(3I~ue.,Write ~sama


Ma!k:e the' !tai] trom Teddiy Bear Brown MMP; secure ~in1P~laoewimh SK IEdible Gluel andsmoath :tl1e jain. Mark with

[Dresden ~ooll.
Shape a. small piece of paste, for the ruff' alrld neck. attach in p~laceand mark the

M:Ql!r;el trees,~rom 150:g (5,oz) ,of glr:een four su.g,arpas,te (815 described on page: 1.2). Position
olile on th€! boardat the 'front a:ndthl"e~ benind the sleigh. securing into position with S;K Edible Glue ..,Adrdl <a,UtU8~1i10W on 'the Il:u.Ql1ches 11Llsingi

wilh a Dresd!en tool, Push a piece ,of

rawspBghefti into the neek to support

6- '.

the head when it is in place. Re-sel'V'e ,a ,sma:1I ,amOiunt of TeddY Bear Bro,wn MMPf,or 'the ears and tuft of hait

S.K IRioyal ~cing.

IR'oln' there,st Into a. POOl" :s:hape f,or th€!
head ,and run 1he blunt :~ide of a knife al"ound the-smSlilerend to mark the

Parcels and Presentsl
Ulse ,any hlft ov&.r J~lIieces MM P and af firugaflpaS1eto make ,8 se~ection raf p:8rcels, a
ball ,8ndl some eiill1dy sticks ·(described: on pagEl!

m,outh. BnJsh a Ilittle SK Edible Gmue aroundl the: top ow'the neck, and position Rudolph "s head in: place',


Make 1he reins and riloseband frern redl

sugaJrpaste. SeGure into place withl Sf< Edible Gh..lfl'and push ,8 [)J)8sdSf1I too'l into, the ~clill1isor a f

11~ Roll

QU~ two

smaU ba! Is of whit~

neat 'f'in ish..

sugaJrpa~tefortheie'y~~ andfl.~~~eflll

belwE!,en yourfil"llgers,. Secure above the: nQseband and mark~he eyebamls. ,and ,eyebrows wrthan SK Bhitkberry Foodl

Rolli] a smalll' baH of md sugarpa_stefor' Rudo~phts famous noS/e',MeI s,eCUif,eimo
i~~ao8 wiith SK IEcUbl,eGlu!e.



iRoll OUi~ two biillis a!f bo~h Teddy BeaJ


IGi€l'!1tl Y' p~ac:eRurJ()IIP~n3M the,wont of the 1

ii3[~Qwn and ROSIe MlMP: p,l,ace on 'tQ'P G,f each otherarrud pirnlc:h between your

s[sighi ,and $~OUire to, 'the board with' St< Edi boo Gil ue, To.make' the ~nt~:9m.bend 2'$,-!gauge fjorfstJrY wir.~~ •ape W1i~ wrap ~ijQhmlbrownf~btiSiC~ '~-pe around
the w~ms·to cove;

'ff;ing'e~s.,Shar:le in~olpointed ears and ,
P:OSiUflfl om eit:h&r si,c:ile,of Rudo;lph's

hoead usiiin:g 1he. ,larger end Of'2 lb.onei 10,.01.

1 O.

comlpletely., IPush the lends iln~6tfle headl, ,Qi,thersio,e.
o~tile hailr ,t!Jft .. ,As t'ne antler'S are made


St"MliJpe!the .Iast. pi,eo8 of teddy-Bear
Bro'Wl1i MMP into a. bJft (I,f hanF ,and plsee

1irOm wi re and Ilav.(l,-mean plLlshed iirrtto, ~hehead. remember ~ r;emove' th~ the-ad ,~nd :aniUet'S,comp,!mely bafore e~ii!"!gthe

A.udoi'ph!s; hood between hls:ea,m.

Mark with- a, Dr:8sderilltao:lin "the 'Same 'way as '~orthe taijli.



21150m {S") square oake, dl'1l.lm

600g {111b 1oz)1 SK Marzipan SugalJl'8ste: 500g ('1,!lb1oz)

50cm (20") pale' bluer ribbon Mistle1De cUitter (Tl) IBone tool (PiMI~)' Dresden too~"(J'G)

SIK MexlcflF'l ,Modelilung Paste, (MMP): 15g (11~z)Slab~''Glrey,~
10Dgi (31/liOZ) 'Whits'

0131Board (CO) C-ellPad~(oq

SK Sugar IRcnist Paste fSFP)i;' 60g (2:oi)'aach of Pale Gl"een.

'Sman Ce:IPi',c ,(Ge)

SII<Dust Food Colour: IHomly/hry
SK, Bdda,1 Satin LlJstJie ,Dust

'Wire: cutters

tOoloy,rs: ChUlan Pink' 'Whilb:! Satin Sf( food ,Colour Pen:
B~adk:berry SK Edible Glue'

ICovering the 'Cal~'e t .' ,pi]aoe' the cake· '€entra)ly' on the ,c:a,ke drum.,

Brush the'

,cake with apricot gJ:az;e and cover wI1ih SK Martipal"l. Set
'~odry '~or2-4 hours.


I~"'2 . -'.'.


,.-'.rer the' cakeand.daaJrn in pale .!4f:


s~,g,~rp,1f!:.and,C:~.,.',a _~ny' e*c~ paste fmm the board. , • •

1Fi y

to mark th,e central vein; Run


bone tool

,arolllndithe edge of the I,eaf to soften the

Secure, pale' bWue ribbon ,around the drum using a nea-toxic


••. .,'

,edges. Set aside on tl1e Ce!!P'ad

to dry.


steps 3 to 5 fo:rthe othe!r leaves,

making ;as many as, requiired. ~have

IIJsed11 alkl.9 .V,!", but more


b~ ,_,ded


''ffIa' cake

is bigger ~ ~ee:p

~h~'I'stlet(l)e in prrop - '. n.

1. ,2.

Cut Scm (:2:" Jengths of white wl'rsfor the. berries ,and makle a hOok at one end, Roll some Whi'ls' SFP into small bails for

Dus~the m]s1h3 tne, berries with St< Wit!. _.

• 4'


•• _411

Satin Lustre Dust and tape 'into small bunches of th r&9S or ,tours uS~l1g~ra~e groollflorist!l'Y tape.

tiemes. Dip "the hooked end ot' eeeh piece of wire, into Sol< Edible IGI'uG: and
Uum I1=msh into a balli,em paste, securing theWlire Ily gently' plnc:ning the SfP around the base. Comple,te alii 'the 'wired berries ill·the, same way 8J'Id set aSl]de to
dry on

the base ofe:actl teaf w.uth a IlitUa

SK. Holly/I'IIY :Oust Food OQ'tour to give~ them SOrTI'e dafiirniion and then dust' W'il~:h SK Whih~18a.tiiin lustre. Dust


9.. ,

,Start ta,ping t1he ,end of a. white wire with


pale greenfrloristry tape and fhentape in
U'I,Q leaves"

Roll' out some Pale,Green SFP on a C~IB()ard ILJntij~ p~tste Is 'CJ'tJite!tthin. 'the Dip a ~2.SGmll(5rJ) ,length cj whih:l! wire

Tape down to' 'Torm. a sit:e:m

and bring in a bunch of mistlet,oe
berries. TO' make the mi$,t~letoB' more'

inm S:K Edib,le Glue, aAld insen a~·the
~lhi'Gker end of 'the :suglatlp.aste. Be carefu I

aut'hsntic, make two or three ,and maybe. even f,our branches. Tape them in the same manner as. tbefirst. joining them at
dij'Harenit Wev@ms. [F~nany,tape aU the wires

nat to, p'ooh thiS WlillS too, f~ othelN~'i:se·it

may come thm~gh the SR~;.


PISli~"ethemisUe~'Of3utter !aentraHy OV'e!f c the wire ,and cut out a mistlle,toe leaf., Pu:1I away 'the' eXC8$S paste ~fromam.wnd the cutler and

tog,ether, form ing the soom.


un the

I'eaf' ortto trle! CeiIPad.


pointedel1d of the


Mix togeth'0r OOgl (aoz) of White MMI!p with '1Og '~V30z)1 Slate ('1my MMP to of

make a, pale ,grey o.olour. Oi:vida the'
paste in half for the ·two mioe;,



D,ivide both pieces, Of pas,te rough try lin haif, using one naif f'Gr- each body and the' other ~alf

'the top,


tt1e, ieaf to

the h!ead., ears, arms"

the borto'.m

fee't: andl '~aiI. Ro~1·two si ~gh~~' len:gtlhened

thaJntne grey onesend S1t~ach~he p~nk-

ci~ch~lS. 'the, glrey with SK Edble ,Gille.. tD
Pi rich the paste 'belw,eelr'll yo,ur fin\gers and :S1eo:lJre, in plaQe 'wiih S:K Edi ble Glue ..


Bend and Bihape the mistlletoe as
d.E!simdl. FiI'~iasmaU C;eIPic, with



1MMlPaJrII:d irrlsert, into, 'fu,e-

back haLmr ·of '~he,calke" Push thel en.d (j'f 'ttl~ mmst'letb.e stem into it~e OeiPic and
pC]is~tienl~he mi:s.W~~oei o<e"ndirl[l1it over

pear s:niiJpes b~ivli"eef,J1your pa;!lms'for ·the: .Ic~dies. S'. - cc'ttllem ~oti1e: ~,With



.-:;'.:cle:Gllue.Piush -,.,mall pie_f
:spagihettm ~nt.o 11'1:9 ~


of leach bod,_ -

•. -,..

Divide tll1e r:ema.ining 'grey slUg~lirpas~e, illll l1alf ·and !mH,sac:h plece
CfLll'11ing rowndarld~he
~~"",r,,,-,_. . - ....mli·...tl~ ...··'


form two

taW~s. Secure at base {)if the' m~ce:!one

Roll,ioultoWlFsmaller p:ne,oBs of pastBfof the back ~eBt EJfldthen indent the:ir~oes
w'iththe Dresdll::rI 'tool. Secure intcr pos,l~ion ia;~the: bases; .o~b ot.h bodlif~S:.


Cllraw bot:n~e'[s of' eyes and wtn1iskers,



a,tt:a:ch~dI t(j'


ante the mlce with tile S ,.
noses. [)llslUle

-nkbellni ,'.1

FlOod Oo,iour P . -m:l ,aolourirn ~ih--'.. w'i~1lSK ChiffOW1IP'ink Lustwe Dust:.


c:heekB @f one rn .~_


Ro]1 out. motlr sll~gtrtl'l{ thinner Illen,gttlsfor

'their arrms" m!914dnQ th:elll'fing:ers

WirUl tt1,& Dr~~den t.ooL Position just bel~owtheir neclks~, rapping their arms i1UO!IJll'llcI each w other,

To Finish
Roll the iremaInIng baby' b~lue 5ugarpaste


A.a,1I out ·two baUs for ·their heads. ,amid
then I~ull out the pas,t:e;i~.one lend 'to fOrm the srioull:. Rolli two ti~nyotillUs.)IL)W pale

intQ di1fe!rent :siz:ed baJl~s~!ndattao~1
around lbaS9 ofe-aka and on the ooaK!. Scatter ba~ mngroups amund the top I:;

grey MI'M brush 'With 8K Ed~bl(3GI:U0 P:

the miSl:le1{)~to hidetlflGr CeIPiG •.

and atl:,ach a.t Uua PQ,imed ,end


head 'to matketwo noses. fliJlS,h each ' head ontotJhe sp8ghefti, mak.ingi sur€!

~he,m~ce are cheelk

~o cheek.

2 ..



MaJk~four (lir'Cles (.if 'ihe' glr~.Y ~,a:stefre~ the, ears. Cokl'iJrar ,t~n.ypiiece of Wh~tei
M:MP pilhk using

b~1118,with ,a. ~ ittle.SK Whit~,

a hin~ 'Of

SK Rose iP'wtre


Food Coi,o'ur. lDivid~ t$1e Jl,ink pas,tleinto

give: a

lou F! 1Fm1:ake four d rcle-s,sUrlhtllll smaliler

sl iglht- shaen.

SK Pasb9!Food Colo'l,Ir; Jet Sleek, 15CIl11 and ,20.5.cm ~6" ,and S:J'}

·13K,Ous,t F'ood CQ~,our's: B !a,ckilei"r)':" Holly/holY
SK Metal! lo lustre Dust

square 'frultcates
1kg (2'lb 30z)SK Marzipan ,Sugarpa5~e~ ,250gl. ~OZ)I blu.e,

CiQ:lour: Antlqrue GQl'rd
S.K Food Col'our P,ens:'

400g (14oz) cream. 3509
1[12'OIl} pall,e bllJEl.• 21CDg (7oz)
f,ll~n k,

H(zdlyl1lvy. P'riinsettia SK 'Edibl,e Glue

2509 {gaz} Ired,. 2009

(7Qz) yelilew .8K, MexJcan Mod!ellilng P,!!sre
'(MMp):' 100g (31'20:z:) 'Cream

aO.5pim (12'1 squafiB ca'ke drum t.5m (60'" ribbo'li: bJue 7mm strip 'cutter (JO)I

Cel,ebration, 50g (13/4.oii)
Pale Mint, 100g (3:1/20:lJ IPoppy, 1110.0g (3,1'2'0%) Sky



~31/~o2) eddy' T

El,ear 8'l1'Owl1. ·50,QI. (1 :1I/o,1O:z)

tOg (H30,~ SK Sug,ar flori'sit Paste (SPP'): White,

Mtulti-nHlbolll cutter (FMM)

Meth d
Cov, ering

tb Cake'S

·, .. 2.'


cake drum with blUe s!lJgarpaste. Cut awa/Y any excess p.aste.around 'the board ed,ge and set aside, to' dli'Y~ Out thE! 20.5em (8") square caikQ i'ntothroo lpiooas: one 1.. ,cm (3'~') Oube.one7 ..Scml x 12.5cm ,xl.Scm (3" x!$" x 5 r

, oon_~ ..· ~~,,?, · . ,. w~ .... ~~ '': ";\.J~~'. .:". Ir'l

""..... (J,~


. .

3"!}and onS 12.5cm x 20..5cm x 1.5:cm (51ix. 8" )it 3,") C:Ubojid. GI,6\le' and marzwpan '~dlfive oakes ,and set a5dde' to dry for ,24 hours,

Uslng an ·SK POlrlse'tiia Food Colour Pen d[ra,wasifimpUfied blossom pafiern

onto tbEI'. 511garpaste"


,Rolli OI;J!~ U19;

Whita MMP and I::UI: out: using a '1mm (no.. 3,)

![engttils' of lribbons


G'o1d Parcel
Cover the 1:5am (6j~),SqUfU'€l' cake with cream

strip cutler. ,S~cure lal1g pieces, to the

ce.mm ,of 1heparcel ,and 'M:fst down the sidle1s, and onto the bOlardi, flxingl in plaoe as yOU' go 'with StK Edible Glue.



Out the iremaifnii"l'g ribbon strips, ilmo Scm (2"') p[I,ee',es arid attach 'the ~nds to.gather with S,K'Edible i(lillue to fOrm loops. IRepea1tthis fOI msks abC),~it,siixt,een loops in total •.Allow to 'firm slightly.so that the pa~,~ h,oh!:is lts shape.

Using the mUltlliribbon ou~er. take the, 4on1 «1'/2'" spacers and wavy edgE! 'cutler.' RoH eut

the: rer[118ill1ing ore-run 8ug;arpaste and cut:
tvvo long strips,. Cut two, small[sr ~trips for


the tails [of the bowan:d maJkJe 8ii1 inv,ened
IV' at one end of each strip" Cut two slighUy shorter sbo\ipSi for eaoh loo<pof 'the bow ,an d a s'm,all~i fl,a,ttened. disc for 'the

Brush some' SK iEdible- G:lu~ 'in 'the oentre o,fthe present and .a:Ua,c.h ·each llloo;pin turn t.Q 'torm a bowl' rnaJi<ing sure' tha.!:I: ens i,s pushed Into, th~ toip. to hide

all the ends.

Bwush one side of ali the stIi'ips, with S1K Antique [Gold !Lustre Dust: and 'vb;;' 'each one h'l place' on the psmel witli SK Ed~ble

Blue Parcel
Gover ~he"
12,5cm x 2U.,scl'n x 7,,5cn'l




Mix. Q,Smalliamount Q'f cooled, bo[Hed w,ater or Icl[ear 8lco:l'1;o:1 with SK .Amique, [Gdid Ilustrie Dust Us'iw1J91 no, 0 'SK a. Brush, pajnt 8. patt:ern ontc the parcel to represent wrsppwng pa~r.

(5" x ,s,"



[cak'~ wl~thpale'
blue sug;9Jpaste"

taking carre to smocti1 down the joined

Pink Pres'en 1., CO,v't:lll"'the "Oeml
round c;a.kewith.
pi n.k sugalpas~e.

Rol,~ 'Otlt: '~'he:Sky 81J-te MMP[ andl cut I,eng

stllips, Ulsing a '7mm std,p cutter. !Position (4")1

the bl ue[sttips diagpnal,!y ontihs' pareel
arid secure with SK Edible Glue. Cut away any e.XC~9Sat ~.I1a base, SeOUr€l
'~he cake to the iboa~dl wiir~h .ali<' IEdib,le Q·!ue.

Pos,Jion on 'the
cake bO$rd, ne'::ato 1he gold parcel.


,Ron out 50g (13140zj o~ Poppy M M1P andi


,cut a long strip

ucsiing 4crn (~11/,2")

Red Present
Cove rlhe,

spacers on 'the flibbon cutter and straight edg,e,wl1eels. Fix the .~1ripoffi-, oentre gn the parc~~ bringhi9 i:t u.p and over the !bSi,dk·"lIirll'l away anll" fJXGa·SS,

final cake with

the rad

'from th'e base'..



F'Dr the label, ron out some Whilbe SFP


Rollout the
Pale Mint MMP' and out approxima.te:1y SO S1arrsus.ing a small star IcsJiy.x. cutter.
Stlok 'ti"lostars,allover
~ill(1l: p'Biroel;with

thrnnlly and cut tlO the shape of a labet
Use the dir.inkir'1llgtrawto s make a hole

for 1he loop ~o'go ~'hroUigih.


SK IEdible Gilu9'.

Roll out a long" tlli n stdng of White: 1M Pr M land s~ulre ~~'tOI the tOPi t.if the paroe[ land through the Ilabel hole, securing '~he laDal at the same tl.me. Make Sur's ,everytM~i1gis-firmly attached with SK ,Edi ble r3lue..




r,emaining: P'oppy MMP and

enee a.gail'l' Ulse~he':ribboinl cutbar.

strairght edge wtieel ;and space1r to out a ,appro.,~imatBly 5(lm (2!.l) longl and cut a 'IV' in '~he end of
fang strip. Cut two pieces bothl. Pin en the ~ops o,f the



W'mS'lIO'luichosen iin:sc:lI'ip,tniO:n on 1hre
~iabel 'W1~th an SK Poinsettia f'ood Coiour

'io[J.'ether and sseura into pCllSiit~a'nW',ith SK Edib:t~ ,Glue.



Cut approximate.ly

nlne Imore pieces

Yeno~v BOj
L .,
Cmi,er the 1.. cm (.3'fl) ube 5 c
cake with

'from the Ro·ppy MM~ each measuring 4cml (rl.1~{)Iloog. -Joln 1he ends ~og,e~her

to·furm loops and fJlilSHilonthem over

tile' other' two stw,ips. in a. ciroul18Jr


finishingr wiUI 'Dna loop in 'the ,centre,..
Secure all the loops with :SIKEdib.le





Secure the parcel to tlle aake· drum

top of the, gold parcel witlh SK Edibl,e G~:ue"

behind the 'yelto'w box ..


US~iigSt( Hollyfhry and Poinsnia IFood'
Colour PBflS~mark a hoilly des:ign on the
Make, a teddy frQm lied'dy Boor Brown Fix 'the ribbon tc i,h,s the' non-toxic

'caKel dltllm using

glue stiCk.

MMIP I(se~''Presenits

Under the


1'0 add afes,tiw touch.
makea sprig O'f: hoHy

Chlri$Uflas.1ire;a~ lPag:e' 16 'ror frull il1ls:tructbns). ,Arrange ~h8 Ilimbs so Ulhar~
the bsarls lying on hlliss[id'e andaUach


~ns~mc:ti'ons on page 2:5)

to this top of the: present,

in one comer oi' 'the. board.
and place



100m, 15cm and 2D.Som('4'! 6" Bll'1Id S",) round 'fruitcakes

10em and 1,!Scm ,(4'f"and 6")

round oBJk:e boards
Sug'arpaste~ 100g (3,1 fiGZ)

choool8Jtre'~, 1 .,5kg (3,lb 410'.:1:) ,crea.W11.25Qgl (~."o:z) 'Qlr-e.en
SK Mex!ici~m Modelilling Pasta

I(MMP)I:75g (23/4:oz) Flesh, 25g 1(10z) POPPy •.2,sg ('1'oz) IRosie",,20g fl.a:oz) Sky IBlue" ,25og(1ioz) SIa1l~~ 'Grey,~sman

Numeral cutters ,(J'C) lBaIVbone toot I(PME)


SClft Apri'oot~,1Oijl 8cm (aM) wide eglg ..shapsd polysty-rene ball 2c.m (JI.() closed Icurv,e~:I'

0/3'02) Sunshine. 2.5g rlIDZ,~ Teddy Bear Brown, 1,OIlg (8,'/20z) Whibi>
SK Paste F;ood Colours:

Edelw91lOO. ,,Jet B,lack
SK IEdubl!e,MetallIc

ori'lm;pers (PME)

Lustre' 'Dtinl!Cin:gstraw

D'ust, Colour: Antifque G,oh:~
SK '~ood Colour- 'Pen: -.,.--, --


Raw spaghetti


ICovering rhe 'Cakes

Pear Tree


Wrap brolNn flaristry 'tape ;around



IP'os.]tion 'the lairge's,t ,ealke central iy on the

dowfJ.J!nngrod fJrom top, to bottom. Ptlsh tiEl' dowelli ng 'nJd lnte the centre c,f the
smallest cake ,and push '~hepolystyrene b'al! over 1 e dowellingl 7.,5cm (S."),.

cake drum and the other two cakeson
tlile' respeotJivB ca~e b-oaros. Glaze and mamiipan ,aUthe cakes and set aside! 10 dry fot 24 houn:;,

rod by ,about

2 ,.

RlollIout 800g {1~b 12oz1 of cream sl..I;garpas~e' ,eOV'Br the large cake and
and drum. Crimp the pBIlstElsround '~he


iRiOllout 1100g (:31/20Z) o't gm~n

bnJsh.the, poly~tyrene balll wimh SIK ,Ec.Uble,Glllle: and (lOVer the bel ~

edg.e ofth:e drum. Cover the' two, smaliler
cakes with cream
$U ~arpas.t:e.

'Wi~hthe- ,sugarpaste. Smooth ·the
,SIJQIQljp,Rste down with your hands ,and remove ,any ex.oeS5i paste from undlemooith.


dowelmng rods wnto,lne

largest: [calks" 'ensuring '~heyare evenlly
:Sipac6d. Mark eadh one just above the


Reserve about ,20g (~t4~Oz) green of sugmpas:te ":or 'the peers and 10,g' (1/.jQZ)1
for the' 111III ffl!sid':s; ~op,and k

l'eve'l,of 'tlhe sLa'garp.ast8, removet cut down to size ,ii1Ill'lId r,e-inslsrt. Gently pla[ce' the' mrd:dle c:ake and board on top of the, base, cake., nnalk~ng sum the doweliling rods ,give ,g)OodislJ(lpol1 and are ,covered
by lhs cake. Dows:!1 the' mld:d!e cake iin the' same: 'W~l and p~aoetile sma~les;t ceti<f;I' en lOp_

oo"n ourt'the

Ir.em,ainder: :Miake i'eaves from 'the sugarpaste with 1he! daisy cutter and.
workinglfrom the base
'~O ti'l,B' ~{JIP~, se u


IEdiible G'lue andi the larglsr lend olf the ballll tool to secure ttH!l!' leaves to the ball. Mak_9, sure you I[eave' enough room 'for~he
partir.ldge' 1'0 g.o, on 'the t()P o;ftl1e tiree,. M~e 4..

tiny bow 'from :P[oppy MMP and

Letters and Numbers
RQII out the .remaini,I!1Q .cream sugarpaste and cut: out the numbers 'from 1 to 112and the letters, fair the rrlsOrilp1liOlnl, 'Ql1th'9 'M<elftl1 da,y' at Chr,istm,as mly tn:Ie love gav,s~o me". Allow to
dry;. and then brush the IIle!ttars and numbers,

aHach to the GhJEI.


wm, SK, Edible.

with SK Antique Goilid MetaJltc; lus~m Dust Be careful not: to break. '~hepieoes as you do this ..PosItion leach I:etter [onto the caRe sid 99

.and attach wi"th S~KEdlible

Glue. [Do not attach the numbell"s at this, s,tage.


oif '~he, reserved !Q!reerrusug:arpaste'foF the
Ipears. Make i1!pprC}'ximat.€',ly 111pears and

MOldlel a b~acikbkd 'from MMpfoHowin:QI ti~le

.push the wundedeind

of a Dresden '10'01

stagls, ph;ort:o:grapl1l and secure middle

'~O 'tlnemp


ilma the: base. DU8~wilrth S K AnUQue Gold Meta!li~ie Ilus,lre 1[)1~:stCalliour,

ti:er near

:lhe hen.



pear:s :around 11'1;9 tree ,9_1,,,01

one :at the iJotliom IQf~h9 IJe,e and securre wittru SK IEidible G!I~e~ W1oidifl!9 'them ln plaJce as the Ig1lue'dries.


Maker '[he p.al1ridg'E! fo~~lawiftig!tiIh8 stage pnotoglraphi and secure on '~opoftheltree.

2 Turtle Doves
Model a 1uf1tle

.5: Gold Rings
Divide1"Og (1/S0Z,) o~cream sugaJr[paste! in~Qfive ball!s~pllsh a hO~iehrough the midd!eand t f~aittten dowl"l t~hesides; :1:0 make a IlI'iing •. AII'low to fUm"!,Un.en p~t'1it wiltli'l SK. EcUbte- Gold Paint!; ,anid cle.anthe brusih 'With the! SK Glaz(jj C~:eam1ler straight a,~y. Soour~ eUfi.ve ri ngs ,around the. rlU mber 5 w.frU'iSK IEdibme Glilue.

M tAl? ~dllowif'1\9

the st'a,ge
and Slecll!llllE! to th~ to" ,of the

mffidldl:etier with
SK ]E;dlible G,IU9.

6 'Ge,es.e a Layl ng'

IM(ldel a hen from MMIPfollowingl t~e slagle' pnotogir;8Jph,and saeu re to ~he:'top of the, middl'e tier near th,e dove.

Make lEInre::d~or "the gloose usil1gJ a mix ~ Olf SK: Ted~diy IBear 8rown lI1M'Pandi:a

Ipin~h !Cl,fSunsl1~neMiME Mark the n~8~
witlh 3t-lDrssdern liDo.lanlQi 'fi:x. ji~to, the

calk.~wtth SK, Edible IGlue.



Make a, goose


the stage'

photogr,aph" ,and then secu fie 'thel goose t6 the nest using Sf( lEd~bleGI:ue.

7 S"\>vans a



Using ,5g (1/5Q~) 'Of SK Sky 8iluB M'MP ri'lmxBd

w.ith SiKEde$weiss ,colour Paste to make' it
lighter, mark the iMMiP w;U:h 'the!Dresdenl tool to make i~ look nk,e 'water;, Secure lt t,otne' base ca:1cewi'~i1 Edi'b~e GIUft SK


Make: the swan 'fol'lo~ingthe s·tage

iPi1otograph. 'then attach the swan to the
'wa.t'er using] SK ,Edible Glue.

8 Mai,ds a Milk~ng' 1. Make' two bu:ckets '~rom WhirteMMP.
P,aint each bucket wUh: SK E'd~ble;Silver P,aint, le'aving' the,1tOps white. ,Attach a bucJket'to the oiBlIi<e'IJisin,gS,K IEdtiole Glue.

Gnds Of the arms to maKe Indents, 'fair
the' h 9J:i1lds to goint.o. Use the' ,other end

of the Dresden 'Iiool to rrujJk.'~:he


Milk,s the collar ,~nd hands ,andl securie


Make! the )fo~kefm,m ohooolate :sugarpast1e and Dosrii'orrl on 'the si,d,e ,of
the cake at an 3ng lel. Attach the otillS'f

it1 place, Secure one hand oveorand betlind tl112 top of 'the yol!loe. Mark up '~h,e
bodieia 'With a crlsscrces pattern usJn!g
an SK Blackberry Food CQlour Pen.

bu,eket toO 'the cake 'wUh SK Edibl',e Glue wi,th its handle over 1the hooked end 'Of the' yokle.


To maj('Ei the head" rolll fiP'proximatery 5g (1/~az) of :Fllesh MMP int-o an egg sha;pe.
IlPlUish a pi,ece o:F'i'aw s,paghettl into' the


To m.ake the skirt" cut out ,a tdangle shtape ofr,om "Teddly B'ear IBrown MMP,
push yol,u fingers, into the bottom ,of the 1rlfelJl1iQI!e ,arid pindh th~ sides. Mark from

!bod lee at Urue l1ecllc,i!1I!l"Idposrtion head on tQ'P'1 pushlng'


down, gently ,and

the 'to,p,'end of 'the skirt with ,ill IJresden ~ool. Secure to, th,f,jcake direc,trny under
the voke.

securing wiH1 S,I( ,Edible Glue. Use'ths end ,of 8" drln ki:n,S! str,aw to, mark the

mo.uth and mali;, the dimples and 'B)liBS with a pteoe o,f r,a.w ,spaghetti. Add a
llose' a!l1d eers,


F~r' the, shoes, Illrl~ke:wo tii'~aJ1gles~,ro:m t chocolate 5u9,~rpaStB and fb: ~o tlhe


undernea!th of the: skirt with SK Edible: G~llue.

,small amount ,alf SUnshine MMP and Imark I'VI

MaJk:ethe plaits and '~ringe from

,shapes down thB pl',ails w.1~thhe t Dresden tool, fix the' plaits and min918 in


fOl"the pinafore. CUi~ out a t:r.iang!lewom

pmace using SK Ed~bl,e Gh.l9.

Wihite, MM P. c-ut off the t:op ands(:ore
down from top


bottoml with a, IDrs8Ide\l1


M,aKe mhe nat from White MM R making:

'~ool. iFix 'to Ihe 'fronto~ ine skirt with 811{ Edib!!e Glue.

sure th6l;t it: will fit ov,er him- head. Purll
each side out sffii.ghtly'and flick, JJp at the


ends, Secure'

For the' bodice. mil

pear:shape f'rom

into, pOSition 'w~ithSK Edib,lle SliWa.

'glnsen 5ugarpast:e:.

off iSlt the waistliille and secure t"O Ute sl!chttop, and the sirde

(l<ff,he cake: with SIK Edible Glue. Pinch OUi~ :Ei!lightlliy erween your 'fing~r' and b 1humb for ihe bust.



Finally. mark the, ,eyes wrth SK J,st Black


:M.ake;the arms 'from White MMIP;.ma~k
the ,elbows wl~h a DresdentoeJ,1 and bend. Stick into pasillion either s~de",of the Ibodioe 'JIij~hSK Edibi!e Glue., Push ilne

Paste food Colour
uslng a fine brush or

an SK EUa,ckJbeny
Food Colour Pen.

rotJTlded end ,ar the Dlftll!sdlsf1I'inol into the


· I ,,"., ,an'cmg 9-La'di es D

Attach a small bun to !the back clf' lliet'
head and' wrlt.ark ifll l1e same way. For ~he

frslnt 1cUlrls~ finy pieces. Qf St( mill Sunshine MMP iinto·thin strips:,. (lut to


IFeqlJlnred litingth

and secure ~ach one'

to thie hair lioo IUJsing$K EcUbl,aGilue. Gently IcmI .n dilfferent dinfr;tiolls u:$litng

U'le poi n~ed end aithe Dr,ssden tooW.

10 Lords a 'Leaping1

Take the Rose MMiP ,and! remove enough fOf ·the s;leeves. Filollthe, reston the, bd'ard 'With you r palms untiilyou
_ av,s a eons shap,e., Push down the top
,SiLl ·that

i~is roundled and bend it over

sUghUy. Marrk title dress, wlith the Dllresdefiltool.j puillillg tile tool iin a cUnMlng monon to give the, dress moveJlment: and iiftrn!g the hemline ln placlQS,. _SecUf £! to. ttl,s base' board: with


SK, IEdible Glue~
Divide the! reserved Rose MMf'in
'101'" the

I.. ,Push .s.raw'

spaghie,ttti stic,k lnto '~he side

of the base cake. leaving enough protruding togliv'E!i'sup\port to. the Ilord's body; Malke thelr:ous8'm toola!nd pushthe.m from c:ream sugarp'a$bi!. mart:, them with a D'reooen ,onto ~lne spag:i1e,tti s,tk~k at the .slde of the cake". Fix. with SK.

sll,eeves, mark them ¥til~ha Dresd,en 1001 .and secure Inr,g lPositjQfI

with SK Edlibl'e 'Glue.


Ron a small! amnount of- F1Iesh MMP
around a s'Uck of' s,paghE;'ltti for each arm, le'~ving a shQrt I,engtlll pfotrud iog at 'one .lend. Push this end lnto the :s,I.:sev9,

Edib'Je! Glue.


~l1enfllat1ienl and mundthe

'ends for

IFor hilS,stoclidngs. rolrn two 5ausag~~ om Sky lBllue MiMlP, fl:afl\en at orte 'Bfld ar1'(j fix theml to each trouser leg wf;l:l1S,t( Ediblel
(~llue. Make'~vo slightly stockings. pOinted shoes

Meik,ethe head as befo,re,fhen make
the hair from SUnshil1G MMP andlillouid

from Sky larue, MMP ,and secUlr~ b:J, the'

it to' the back of her head. Draw '~hehair
down 'Ito hell" neck and ,atOulnd her esrs


Make '~he w.a'istco.a~'from Sky Blue MMP~ and ljl1en add the arms. Add a rumls 00'

and for~J1,oo:d with a IDresden tool.


each ·'::,d,eeveand at: the neek, marking wif!h

Maketlil!!' piper's hea.d in the same' way as before and
SOCUi~ '~O the




lM:akl3!'~hee~d as for '~he' lther h o


Mak,athe bagpi~esfrom Peppy MMP

and add white' hair..,Add culi1l31 on ~he top, ,and sides of his hood'i -then adld a ponyh~dlwith a boW' mads f'rom Silky' Billue

,an.dmark'th e pattern with tihe Dresden
too:l. Push three p:iGC9S of n~,w8p,aghettil into1he, top undernea,th_

the' bagpipes and



His, hands, should be fix"ed he is 1P"layi'ng them.

to; 'the pipes as

11 Pipers Piping

Push a spagll~l:tiI stiok into, his mouth and' the other end In'tothe bagpipes. Make the' spol'ral!1l', hair and f,eather'i'rom

Teddy Bear l3'fown MIMP. then. mak-e t.hel Ihat and spartan detail, frem chocolate s~,!l;glarlpaste.Secure ai~1 he pieces in ~ IP,Ia.c1e wrth SiK ,Edlilble GiLlie.





Make the piper's. legs 'lO"Om a;pprolfimately l' 591 ,(11:20~'1 O,ff ch'lloolatt'l

bend one' leg and secure "to

fue b:lard wah SK Edibl'e G[ue. Make 1he body and arms in tihe same wa'J'ss l1i'ar
the milli<lmaid usi fig brown paste.


Bre~ore the affirm are fixed in p~aoe~make

the slhoas" be,ll~, shoulder pads, from 'and
Slals Grey MMP mi.K!oo with SK ,Jet Black IP:as;ta Feod Col'otlr~ Mak'8'two «lival shapes 'for shoes! then millou~ "therest of the MlMP Imix and


for tile drum.



('/3'0iZ) o~'Wh~teIMIMP~nto a ball and :ftarten. Colour Slate Gray iMMP
b[~c:!kand maketw9 st,dps to 'flt around the top,a.nd boRom ,of the dnJlrl1't,SeoliJre' into, IPiace 'wi~thSIK IEdibi:e 'Gilu€l ,~nd cut

out 1nto nvo


enefor the belt and ~he otherhlr the baJnd f-rom his .shou1lderr to his


AUach witilh ,SK: lEd ibl1e' G llie. Fh~lttefl ,two ~malll ballliso~ Ipaste' for his :shoul!der pads and aUach 'w[th ,SIK IEdi'b~el G,llIIe.

,ll" any' exceS<El:, Secu,uie the: drum 10 the' ,cake' boaRi w1i1~'h EdibWe: Glue .•Roll SK, out two pi,eces of chocoIat'E! :!iugarpaSit,e


for 'the drumsticks and Ox 'to the lop of' the drum wifh 91K lEdiblle, Glue.


Mak'9 the f;eafher fr;o,m a small oval of Whiil;e MMP witl,

balll of Peppy M'MP at


Col'QlJrsome Slate Gre'y MMf vviithSiK J!e,tBlack IPaste Food Colour for the
drummer'S; ~,egs,shoes and hat For

!he base,


legs •.rolll Gull: a long s2luS@Jge 1ha'~ gets

To Finish
,Attach the numbers.

'tlhlnner at ,each end. IPul~ea~'h end
!rOundto. meet and stick the sides

the, cake wirth SiK Edible' Fina]ly~securre go'id riibbon around the

togetller with SK Edible GI'IJ@. ut ·off C the 'ends to give'.a straj"gh~ ed.ge. Use' '~heout: of 1pieces to ma~e a: pair of shcue5" then 'fIX '~hEHliie the Ilegs with SK to Edibl,e··Glue_ Seoure the legs ,and shoes to 1I1e .Iower 'tier;

ledge olf tlIhe',cakle drum ..



me body' and arms

from IPoppy MMP finthe
same 'Way as, 'Jar thel
mil kmruid , omitting~:l1e buS'tl


Make ·the DuHon!;;and shoulder pads, '1n:!m White
MMPand fii.~ flhem to the

tuni:c with. SIK Edibl.e Olue.

Marl< en the detai~wi~h ~he
SK Blackbenl) Food Cll!llom



MaJk;e his head mn'the same
way as the mil k,maidl•.fi~ing i~ to' a raw ~paghenistl!ot
PIUShBd il1to

the' "['op of his

body. Draw a strap under his

ch~nwith the SK BIBCkbeli1lY Food ·Colour Pen.


Make, an oval shapefor the ha~,fromthe black p\aste and use, YOlJr'finger S:['Jd~hur.nb 'to
pull out the edge so the


fits, oller the 'fop' o~ his head.

Secure with St(. Edib~e ,Glue.

'ay aulttte-_ rrayer; T' •. . J ,\Ill S
.··r,~le·····.i>, ,. 0,.' ., ,LY14.
qlllpm nt
1Gem (411, arncl 'M'OI',5,.5c;m
1(6")' round fruitcakes

l,IY' 1(25.5cm) round cake drum

400g, (iI4o;z) 81<'Marzipan :SlJgarpa.s~e::. S'OOg nile 1,Oi)'

1,.m ,(40"')1 gol:d: I~ibbon
Garrett frill cutter' ~OP,)
Balli '0001 (PMEl

SK Mex:tcan Mode'lIil1g Pas!t'~ (M MtP,): 1O(lg (3~~2m:) Pha:sh, 1 2(10g '(lOZ)1 Whtte SK SUQ',sr~gri;st Paste (SFP)' 1'Og (1/SQZ,) Whit.e SK Pasts' FlOod Colours: Oaffodill. ,Je,t EUaok .SK Metal11ic Lustre Oust
COI,Qll!r: AntJ]qlJe Gamet 20m (3/4'")1 closed curved lJowellliing rod

This gorgeous

cr:imlPers (PM E)

lit Ie Christnlas. ,ang,el wiU add a

S:K.Mini' SUvw IBaHs, S!K Edible Glue

b eaven] roue b
to your

fes' ivi' ieg,! Co. ring the Cakes
Stack aU thrree e:akes on lop of 'eaoh o1:her.with the smallest at: the top, and spl"e<ad a HHh!t priootgl~ein a betw'eel1 '~hem toi hold'~h~m togeths'r, PI:ace the
[cakes off oen~N!,0(11 the eake drum.


Working "from top to bottom, cut ffway the! cake usingl a. sha,rp Ikni'Fe' untml')lOu ha.ve' ,aohi'8y.ed

,n cone


Brusliil tllt:fe,cone with apricot gllaze. cover with SK Manipan and I,eave to dry for :24 .hours.,


Prepari rig the Halo


Cute, 24;-gau.ge whUe 1f~orisit~ w~ir,eirr'i

BodJ! 1. eover

the eeka with, ,4009 (1 thJz) of white

hailf to oreatea.pieoe approKimately
15:cwn £6"} IOr"lg. KJ'iE!ad1 Ogl (1i/3oz.) of
White· S'FP then roU it :~nt,(),tt '~hinsaJLJsa~ei 12.5em (51") long.

sug,arpast:e by wrapiping tffite,pasta around the CQne, Qut aw.ay ~heeJ!lioess paste ,and 5:mootntille f,oln at the back wlith 'yourflngel1ip ..


Dip,uhe 'end Of Ule wire r!nl0 SK IEdiblle Glu:e. lliase the, e"r:!dof ~h~ wii1E!i In~:o the SFP and plush ~t 'the way thrdY!Jhthe all leng~h:o;f 1:il-e' paste. ILeav,etil1e:8i1i'1ds Q,f

? ......

Usettull ex.oess pas.t~to, cO\lier~he bOe!lfd ,aftlund the angem. Crimp, the lpaste ,aU til1e
way ,around tlhe edge cd 'Ui1e board 'iLlsingl

Icrimpers. Ifix gold rillbbofl ,around the
,e:dgi~!()~ ~t:n.eboam ijs!lng tlian ..~oxic s;ti:c:k: glllue,.ma~i~ng surEl! the Ig'luE! ~oes not

the wi re shOVllJng.
&Jniing the t.wo ,enastoge:iher

and '~wjst ttl

secu rEIthem. Gradld!ialUy wort ~heSAP
dowlll the twist~d wire so lh,t i~, over:s c

come 'ilrn'to oontact wfth ithe sUIgii~ifpa:s,te ..


Reserve a ·tmny piece o~!whi~e sugarpa~stElI

amolU(.2..5cm (1"l, Benld the circle ,of wire'
Ib'fDwllby 90~'and :set.aside 10 dlry.

for the: eye~; allld h:air cu~i, then d~vJlde lns' flemain'ing
.~01["19(3':':20j;)' O',f

srug.iMp!aste if'll hair', Sna:pe
hVO IOllgtJianIQ!les.1torthe


a_!'m:S·, Use: a"

[);~denjtool. to mark creases ~n, ~the a 'elbows. fiR UU~: oirn~ed end QUhe srrns p to the top; of 'the! cone Sind dO:"!iJ.n~tne
~ront:of the' glown.


Ua~,k.,two panels ·dow.n thiS from of the
gID,WI1ir and

the Guij:s of tl1e:s:leeves with

fine pointed end o:f a Dr€'sden~ool.

Secure ih~ hands, ineachslee,ve wlh S!K: Edib~:efjllue and then! s,ticktheim togethief
linito a pray,er position.


Push a dowell~ng rod through U'le calk,s 'fromtlne tenltlre hole of the, angei"s c,pll;ar.
L~aV8,ibetw'esn 2.5cm and Scm (11 ,_and

2") protruding from the top,to suppo:rt:

Collar 1. Ro,lI out
20g (3/40iZ)

'thie :hl;la,a"



Brush the po.iyst.yre~e ball with ,SK
Edlb~e Glue·• .Roll out SOg {110%) ,of FI'esl1

MMP and eut out 'two' rirng~s Sling u
a Garlrett

IMMP and wrap this; around


poly,styrene! Ib,ollf cove:ning it ·completely. Gare,fullysmo.oth 'the paste down to a
point, then cut away the excess, paste atu;! smooth (war ·the surfac~· with ·the

Cut tjhnJlJgh eaCh ,one, Ikeeiping the paste

in a circular sha,pe.

lpalms of 'y,our hMds.


Ug,ingth'€l riveted end of tille' IDresden tool" friU al{mg one edge of the paste. iSling the pes,ta reund to form a ti:maJl,er
(;,1 rcle,

2 ..

tPos;i~ioill ~'he o,Q,veTtoo ba,U ,overtl1e:
dOWEll ling

rod and push down liinto the

ruffl~ed coililar. Vo,u may need to smooth down areas, of paste 'W'here pressure has, been ~ppl~ied when putUllgl the: i'le·ad into' IP·lace. for the mou~h~II.ISB' 1h'8 wilde ~'I1doW a:
piping, nonle toindeni a large sm~leon

le~vin:g a thole! about ,2.,Scml 1(,1"~

wide mnthe eentr,e, and ,all1low 'toO'verlap" R'epeat with 'the, second Garrett 'fmiilill and place on top of ·th,efi'rs,t. Dus~ t~sledges; wi~h SK ,AntiQue' Go.ld Lush'iS Dust Oa:lou.r. III _ Attachlfle finished co,llar to the,top o,t 'the'cake with SK IEd~ble 'G~ule. AdJUS1:the' ruffl'es as desiJloo USWFlgl'the pointed '~he,Dres.den IQat end .a~'

'the angel"s faee,


TaJkaa small' amOILJM of flesh MM Pf,ortll19 'nose" ro,1I ii1~O a ball and! stick inl

IPllaoew th SK Edible Glue',


RaUI'Wio sm,aH balls ofFI.esh iMMIP'fot the ears" flatten sli:ghtly' and gent:!y push 'ffie' smaller ,endl of '~he 'balil topl into each .one'.
Secumeither side of

1he head wilth SK Edibl~e GI:ue.,


Colour at very small amiOlJ,m of the

tihtolmr end to resembl 9 ~eathers,.Make

£iBSeNad white 8ugarlPaste' with S,.KJet Bfa,olk Pas,tJ3' Food Gol:our i~iJlld make1wo

tJhem alii the way 10 the base; Jettilng~he

MMfI tafi(,Qa natur,all shape.

sm.aUI bailis 'or 9:yes. Aiji:s,clh ,~bovethe
nose 'wliith SK IEdibt'B Glue,.

" ,.

fi)::th e'wings to the back of the angG',~ 'Wi~JIS:K.Edlible Glue, holding in p~ac:e
IJ I1ti IIthe~'

sugarpas'te reserved ear~ierw:lth SK
Da.ffodil Pa5'~e Foodl iQ'c,lolilr. Roll: finto iii



,Smooth down the, join at the" ba.cll<so' ihe win.gs look part 01 tine. gown.

'Mllln sa:uooge and 'O~,1Ir1the ,emld. fix to 'the
top 101the' head with SK EdWble GIlLIe.

To Finish

Gentiiy dust dovlIn the fro:m pane~s,and sleeves of tlile' g,awn wtth SK·,Arniq Ill!
Gold lus:h'ie Oust using' a sma 1m brush,


Ta~e.the p,fepared' halb and IPush into the back of the' head' un'~iilhe wire· has t

in~o Umepolystyrene.,

Brush alhinlliin:e, 'of SK Edib~e GIIIle: around the base of the anget Cme~IJUy :piCi~ up the SK Mini Silver ealWs wj'th twe'emrs one-bY-Qne and IP1;:lsill:ion on

Wings 1. Divide

the rem,ann[ng White MMIP in


tile line of glue.

Ro~1out ilhe paste on a non-stick board
iandshape the, wings, kee:ping~hfil~op
IC:lIlrve~s thlic:ker.,

Using the same' method,
ad:d a liine of silver bailis


mCllJflJJthe front PBlI1e,ls"
sh~eivJes'iedg,es of e·aoilh

UBin:!:)1 th€ larger ,end at 'the balill mol!

Imake small! downward :strb,KeS, 'from the'

wirng and the ange:l~ h~~o,.


15.. em (6,D) round fruitoake 5 340g (r2az) .sK UarzipaJl

Cover the' 'cake with S,K,Marzipan and place centmrnly on the
drum. leave tc firm ior 24 heurs,

500gl (11b 10'l) SiK :Royal Icing
SrK Me:dc8Jrl1 MQdemling Past,e'

(M MP): 1SlOg ;(6o~ 'White
SK Paste IFood Colour:

hoirbo '



WhiU,t the nfhl.Uzipan on ·the calke msdl')iiilng!, model ·the
choirboys 'f'orthe c:atre! top. Divide 90g (SOil) of White!

'SJ:( FOloo C:Olout Pen:

MMP ~nto ithmrds and put fwo of1he piece<stQ, one! side" Working Oti '~hefilrs't ohoirboy. taJke Oin: aJbout a 'thirdl o;f the pa.ste for the head and hands, ,and use U"ne rest '10 roill a
balll f'or the body. Bong,ab~ 'the ballil' then round off the top end 'flatten the b:~B.

8~:,aekb€lrry SK Ed1ble Glue Raw .spaghetti

Using '~l1erem.aill1i"11g :pieee,,of ,pai"s-te!, roll two arms, 'ellongatethe' '~op part
·,2'IJI"Som ,(81 round caJk;e drum 300m 1(20ii) ribbon: white. with

:~nd mark where t.he ;elbows w:ill be usiing
the pointed end of a


Dre,s'Qen: tool'. Fix the
arms, tG1h'8 body wiith SK IEdilj:e, GUUB. PloU
,8, ,sm!al!~rOl:ll'llcl

Wf,f'e cutters




'ror "the 'oollar

and: fix. at the neck with SK Edibl,e' IG'lue.
Ingel1 a. short lengtl1

.of ifaw sp~gh&tt;i linto

th,e nook :to support:

·the head. Make the
1o~he,rwo choj'rt:loy.s t

'from tilllel remaining

ISOg (2:02) o~ Wh~bel

"'l' ·C:I.
Boll a cane, m Wl1iibe· M MP or rug:arpaste
,anJdsni'p into the
paste! with fiif)e :soissor,s'tn fOIiim

MMP. t: .J.
Colour the remailning MMP wiEh a hin~ of
5K iPoiill5€1t1lia ,Food CQlour to make a pa.~epink :S'hade. Oiv~detile paste into three" one 'piiecefor each choirbo-y., lake o,ff a [p,inch o'f PS$te for 'the le,n,



and hands ,and make' ~he head from the lremalinfng paste, Rol'lla'b.aU'for'thehe.ad
snd push the paste ,over fhe spaghetti in

the' !leek. lMar~ 'uh,e eyes and mouth witlh a Dresdei1~oo.l.


Mb{ up 50119 (11b '110l) of SK Royal ~dng. 1"0 gil!Je! 'tllle· ioing a Wittle mom 'elastittiity~
5m~(1.h~aspoon) of 9 ~yeer~ne ,5 00gl per


RoUltijjny bails of pasi,e'~o(f"1he ears.and nose ,and secure mn pl:a,c-€!' wliit:n ,SK E.d'ibl'9 Glue. 1P~lJsh the

IPiaek, 081n be added if r,equired. Using a pallle&1,ekJ1 smooth ~:heidng all i~:e. over ~he caJkeand bo'ard. Beat tlhe remaini~ !c~ilS'~O peak con.s~st'enoy soft and ,emabe peaiks ,on tha ca.Ke sUlrf,ace" Irea-v'logEm flat alisa in the centre, A1illow'~o


end 'rOt:~he

Dresden ,too~into 'Ulle ,ears,.


Make' '~,w,ohands and sec:l.Jre 'th:emin~D
the 19nds, o~ the sleeves., Overlap, the

hands '1,0 5t1pport~he book.


Make a. songbook. for each of the
Cho,irboys by Gutting]

a.,~ec:tanglle of

'White MMP and indentingl the spins'
the centre wiith

knUe. Camf'uUy'

plaoe '111013 ibao,lm, in the hands Qif the!
C'ho,~rboys,(lind secure· with S,K Edible' 'Gllil.Je..


Position the choinboys arliol trees on top of
the cake, :ande;eeure in place using eirther SK Ed[!blre G~l.Je or a Htlle rQy,al i,cilng.


Ta' make 'the haillo.s" Icut. ,a, p[ecl6I of 33,~auge floris,try wire i,o approxim.ately
7.Sam (3"')' IQngfcT each 0"8'. Wrap the w.n) ,around 'Ute top of the D,~esdlen toel,

D,rawdetai]s o:nrtotlle·choirboys and ~on,gbQdks us'ing ,an SK Blackberry food




t~lentwiist.lhe e'ndstog:etherto 'arm a leop, Band 'the loop over then curt oft the
ends, lesJiing app'rO)d1mate~y'I.3.Gm (.11~)1 "
01 twfsted wire to pUlsh in~o '~Ileback o,r


aro'YJn:d~he edig!51of
the board

the· head. As tile wire! has been inserted
direcU_y ~nlo the, heads, ensure 'tha.t the

with a
'gI1lJ8Sbck ..

heads, ere removed cOlmpretely bs,Jol'le' the oake'iS 'ea;tran.

ChrMtffltL1 Parce
M terials
20,,5cm (13").round iruiitcaike
500g (11br1 rut) SK Marzipan

SlJgwpas~e':' BOg'(Soz)! blue, 500gi ,(1110 1,az), oream Small amount SK IRQyal Ilcing
,SK Mexican lMod€imng P'a_oste (MMP'): 1509 (5n~ Poppy SK Sugar Rlori~, Pa.sle (SFP):15g ('/i!O,z)r Holl¥/lvy. 109 '{'/30z)r White,

'SK Paste food, Co:lour~ Semens 5K DuS'~' Food Cn!!OLlffi:: Bfacikberty" HOllly/l~vy SK Food CD!lour Pen:: Blackberry
5K Edible Glue SK ConfeotJioners' GliUe

25.Scm (Ul'1 round cake drum 1 m ,(40t'l) blue ribbon
Large' hnilycliiter (or 'template)

,(o,P) SK: Great Imp~i!jIDns M€dium H::dly \rainier M Ulltti Fl'ibbon rCutter CFMM)
IBo,:ne too~ (PME)

Covering the Cak


IP'osi11:O'J1'1lhecall!;e: cel1t!l1'al~y n the, cake diruml. Q,laz,B and o

IUsi'ngthe back ,of a kJnife,. 'indent apprax:ilmaooly 2.5cm (1111' dowr'lifrom the top, of the cake to re~iemble'a lid ..To, ensurethrE!' Iln,e'is' 3'traight, you may wi·s:hito Gut asti'ip of
gre,aiSeprIDo~'paper !otne

IPlipingnoal!e:: n0. 2' IP.'ping bag C'elPadi IFoam p~eees

helg]h~:reqUIMffidMdl :a11Itachlt

,2:cm (3t4"JI closed ctllrv,ed crnmpe:rs (PME)

,am~nd the: ca'~e whilst you Wi/ork.


Boll! out a II!ongsb'ip of blue suga~paste and cOVer the

Greaseproof paper ({)fptionaIJ

board arou;rni: the ,ca~e. Trim~o' size, ther;J G~imp around the '~clge.,

5,. 6,.

Write yom chosen Food Co!'our Pen.

Cluis'1l:mas mes,sa_ge:

onto tine' ~abelusing an S,K.Blackberry

]~ Roll out 1091{~J30iZ) Qif Whrte, SIFf;

8:tllJlshsome' SIK I~ib]~e (=UUE! thi;l: crentfe in



the lbow andl posutiorlooch

loop, lna

Ilabel 'from 'I:he SfP and maKe a hole!
lIsi'ng.tlhe, ,end O'~ a. drilillkil19 stra,w ,at the

ciml!e'. m,aking :sum[~)ur airElaltha
Dover tine

t'Op to

b~~~-s,of tl&:!e('ith~r~.

IPQ·lnlte,d ,end o'f the !Iabel. Slla~pe ,ove;r (1l, couple o~!fiQam p[iace<s, and lreave to dry ,on ,3 C~.IPad.

To Finish
• 11 _. .IL _

.Ad:d. a~~nt 'o~51!< IBemens Paste' Fooai


·fb· :a. Utti!e s~~ IRGyai 1J(:Lng~() create

a ereem co'~our. P~:a,cea no :2 J;)iph1Q rr.lozzie! in a. p~pin,glbagii[ito .. d>f1Uwith ic~ng" IPipe sets oftilme dots, IWil· ~iymtmetrijcar a. pattern around the


RoU olltlong Ille~!gUlsof P"~ppy MMP
and ollt: long' ·strips witin the ~ibbCin cutt8ir~ Us,e onelarge,spaber Bind the straJight,edge


whee,!s" Run :th.e qu iUilllg


For ,extrai decomHon

make ,two tnolliy

wheel alen;g bQ!ti~siides ()~theriblOon
slU'~p,.~ogiv'e,tnB ,e,fredeif' ostu;\ch ]1'1;,

~eaves~:~oi.m. HoiiylilW ·SFP;. ve'inl, dli,st~nd g~a:2e ..Add thIS,€! ber~es made from
IPoppy MMP. PhJice tihe sprig 'Omtlne.


Attachtvlfo, tong lengths, o~ ribbon to the pWilJr:celll with SK IEd'ibiJe 'Gnu.s, ClUQSSUJQ'

boardl {Dlet'il'Il]led :i nstmc:tiol'ls 'for mak:lng

them over at the oentre .and secu~ing ti1:em down 1h9sidesh Glut away the bas'S for a .ne,at~.ini5!h.
'c.ut 'the,Q1t.,her riboon lengths, 'downto 'i.:50m ,t:3~~} pieces. Position a small piece: o~foam ·or rolled~IJP klir~iChen paper 00
1I:hestrip and ush'lg 5:1( Edlibl'Q Glue,

holly' can be seen on psgie 26.)
(J .,

AHa.Eh b~'ue:flibbol1 an::mrtdfhe edlglB 'Of th-e calke dru III with a norl-tcf:<io gl~ue s~iGk\'.

~he~ndstogeth~r oller 'the foam io

makeha loop. Leave to ,dry. Maim approximately
twelve loops 111he same t



IFi~,th9 labsltn the top, -and side' of 'th~l!

cake. :Aoi~:a frong,ti'1irru 5"~us.aQeof Wh u~e
S.FP; thf'iEla.d ~ttl1lmugh U1E3: ~labe,~ ~ole land a,ttachto 'the rl~bbon li'l1the centre cake wn:h SI!( IEdiIbIEi'Glue..
. ..

ot 'the

-kl ,.d· al t: Th ..ese mmiature trw.tca···es' are 1tes presents ror someone special such as, a grandparent and are great fun- to make,
to ,.


Fer ,eaenl cake~glaz,e and lm:ialrZipana HJcm (4") roundfWiwcakEl (you

wm need


'm SK Marzipan). For the C

ristmas Pudding cake, you will need to trim around th.e base of the eaks

beforehand to ar-ea,te a more' roYnded~al~,e. Plaoe~1:he cake onto a 15cm 1{6i')round ceke boord, allow to dry ov,ern;ght and then add the deooraticn 01 your enc,ice fallowing the instructions gi,lIen.

,sugarpaste,! 150g (sol) :blue Smalill ,s.mount SIK [Roy,al :Ic,ing SK ME:Di:ican Modeliling Paste '(MMP)!~ 10g {l/aOZ)1 [Pale'Mintt ,small amount Soft A!pricot smaH amount

Sunshine, .SOg

t'i~:l40ZJ White

51( Food COI!OlJf P,en'~ B,Iac:.kberry


Pip'ingl nozzle: no. 1
Pi pJnQI bagl


Cover lhe caJke wiith bllllle sugarpa__Slte. and 'SAlOO'tt1 'the top, :and ·sides. To ma.kel '~h:a'tree'! maKe :fl, 'COIll9! s,hape, worn the green $UiQ'arpaste a.ndcul irrrto t1he pas·te witlr:l1iin.e scissors (as,

Snowmen)1 and addl S! nose mads! m-om Soft Apricot MMP and s, :scari made from Sunsihine MMR Secu~ ttle :snowman :to the boan::!at th~ front of 'Ihe ,caksi. Rolli 18ny I,eft:over' bi'lie sugarpaste ilnto small ball!s aind attaeh

d!escriibee in Snowboarding' Snowmen.


pages tnre 13"). Secure, 1:0 th.e Ibo'srd 'With SK Ed~ble Gllue. M~e the.snowman.t~orn Whitel MMP

the basel

o1ths cakie usInQ SK EdibliQ Glue. Pipe slli1I1aJl dots on the cake



tas described ln SI'liO,wboardir1lQ


ChrutmaJ PuiliJing

1ag. (t/30z)

ohosolaw, 50g(13/40iZ:) cream, 1 {lOg! {a'l/2oz)whii~e

S~. Me;xic;an Mcd!el~iingPaste'
(M M P)~'Hlg (1/30Z) P'oppy

SK,Su.gar Florist P,asle,.(SIFp):; 1Sg(1l2QZ} H:on.y/I\f~1' SK Past€l~ ,rood (:'olour: T~dy [Bew IB(O,Wrl


Colour~nQ wl1 itesugarpaste with 'S:K
teddy Eh'1!8J' IBruwn Pasf!eFood CO,JOUf

Knead the ,chocolate sUig'~pa~te urntil soft. F~att:eilfl e'v~l:aj ~Simr~U g ibalilisof p~ste

RaIl out' ~:hepaste into a l~ong,s:t~ip.longl
lenough to g;o ariOUir1ild the cakel, Wr1ap the IFJ'lisf:e .?iround the Ciilk·e maki~~g SUFEI ,

to repres~nt:C:lJrr:am~ and seoureto' ~he
:s!ld!es o,fth 6l ci1lIks< withr Sf:( Edible 'G~ue.

the'sugarpast:e lis cQvering:th:e' oa~e! ;at
the tlot~om e ,Srmoo,thN1S' paste with Cut ,away


Floll~ the cream sugar,paSfue, and out: gently p~111 (Hl~tlheedg:es with your
fingBrn~fli Im.a.ke! it iaok m~e,t: is runninQ I


hands and joi n j:t t09Ie~hera.ttn&haek,


dowrn ~he :side of' the pudd~ng,~ pl~aoe
o,verthe top of tile cake.


pa,Ste ;a;t 'the t:op

and bottom

and ,smom:h Ulue:s'I!.I'Iif,a,ce


COmp!l&tetl'l8 pudcnng by ,add in;g a spt11g of



~()lIy (as deSo'ribed I~,n

tille!cake with a ball, and! a bone tool.

pag~ 26).


tat ric Is
Sug'arpas,m: , OOg (31,2'0z)

liJmuei,, BOg' (502) p~nlk,

SIK IMexkar'l

Mode!Uiln.g Paste:

~M MP):1 Og (1'302:) IF'aUl!:Mt~nt, sm~ I amolJwm~ IPoppy. 10:9
1~,1sQ~) Wtlitl9 t

SK foqd ColQilJr P,an: :Blaokberry ~




SK Gr€at Imp~e${ll.f:ol'1s Medium

Ho~~y e~ner' V

IlDrinki ngstr,a.w

RiOlll out ~he pi nks.usall'pas~

,flO Ci.

oov,er the: cak.el,

smoothi I1g down ~hetCPI aI1cltlll,s·s'ides Cut. away an y ,exoeSiS :SUQa:J!'pEtsteat: 'the base.


Ro,1Io.utUlie' bl ue su:garpas,te to fot'i"fD~ long ~~ripl', USi~ng 'the !'iI'!ulti~r'lbbon cutmiri pla,<;le,a. ~lpa,cerbetvlteenthe wavy
e¢g!~d whe~ls., cut twn 'long' strip'S'mea;suringl mughiy

3,ll.5em (12"), two 7,.Sc,ml (3") 'strips and ni I]e: $f:n, (2!~l ,s~rips: .

SecmJn.g with 51:{ Edlibl.e 'B~ltu~~ 'cross o~erfhe I,wa IOJl'lg:as;~ h~ngths at Ina hlP and 'cut :awa.yn'eoaUy at l:he IttOpstOg1eU1ierand :secureat thecress over:.


OJ: an

inverte(j'V' into E!'3Xl"il0f :the?.Scm (.SFI'):piooes~ p~nc:htile

Brush seme St( Edib~e G!iu:e,en

one end

lRo'ya11:01'119 in a lPipmn)g bag with a. no. ~ 1

of each 01 thiEl·shorl: pi'eC€Ha, iiI:lld join U!!8 ends; 1og:ether ~'O make :IJI I("o~'.,.SeGliJi~e

the' i.oops,on~a.p ,of 'the oalke m'akJng
i ••


noull:e. flo:Uo.ut ·the Pale Mint MMP' and cut out

sure ithelcentire ~s COVEllrea.

'three hol:iy ll'eave,s" VeIn irlmn :S,K. GireaJ~
Impr;essio~s IHo~'lyVein,erland s8Curein'tio posi~iomil tn.El '~ront !alit


Ron 0'. the Wthi:te MMP ~nd CUi:~ uta D
ll:abe~ sha:~. Use:1h9 end of a.drinking' ·$b;aw~o make a horne' in the Ilabet lRol1 out fille remaining: IM'MP'to make the

ar the cake bass

wilith Sf( IEdilbi:e Glue;, .Add some berries madefr:om P~Gl:ppyM:MR

~maill '~oopo·f stHing. 'and sreciure both 1he


Us.inr.g an SK" Ellae:kberny

~abe'~and s.lTing Inio posmuon on ·the' eeke ..
,1.-, r

Food Co:toUirPeFl~wrlte
your ehoSiBI'1l f'estilr/'8'

mes'sage on the: lab.el.

Piip@ sma~1 clots in 'grouips .ef tJnlree
:around fine silc~,es(If 'the oake us!fing srK

200m '(7Qz) 8!lJg.arpl~ste: 'Whii~ Sm'sU am.ount SK: R.Oi'f3110ing SK Ms::(i]c3:n ModeU'ifll91 Paslt~,



Pale Min!;

snfJ'aliamount Poppy! 10g1
1(~/~olJ' S:lat!3 Grey" 1 Ogl !f~j~Ol)

Soft Apr~cot
SKPas:~e F,ood O~llolJr; J'e't

:SKFoOd' CiClilllJiur P·erl::


SK Edibi~ Giue:
Raw' :spa.g~eJttti

SK Gre8~ Ilmpressions Sirmall

Ho liy Vei'ner


Cover~he ·,cake wU1I11 "51091 (5021)

O'~ wh



dow:nthel tn:p

the sides..Mark ~cebJrJei~,~U~he

'way ,around ~he ,edle o,f 'the f:a~e with ~he back of a knife-,. Reml out 1 'Og (1/~Ol) of wh~te :sugarpaste to a t"e;ctang I@ 2',5cm x. 7J5cm (11" x 5") and agai [l.markice' b~otOksoverti.:l,t'l' 10p.
Bend ~ntoam anctl!and secure 10 t~e


Make a. JJi!5lar :s;ihaps !from abo;u~ 1091

whit~ ~ugm-pa~lefQr the body.

SeG'uJreon to~p' of 'the'f'eet wiith SIK IEdible' Glue.

front oftlhie, cake.



Acid some SK Jlet alack P',i3ig,teFood

Sprea.d some

SK: [Royal ~Idn:g on Ittwe

ColQlJjlr~o the ·S(I~b~ 'GrtrY M MP ~o maK€l: black. IROIIII ufuthe pa.s.t:eafld o

beerd ,around 'the basel of the calke and mnthe:!OdoonNay of~l1"el i'!lioo. RO~II ma~1 s ba!,~$of white sug!rsil'pag,te, aind" pus:n then~ ~ n.toltle: roy,all~ici ng.


a. Idis'

shape·. PuUth,e mciP Gorner ov,er ~he

'5, h~ad, OOUriS ""lithSK Edlib~e S

Glue and.llposition 1Mi' wings"


Make small holiiY IDeav,e-s land berri'8s fr,om Pale M inlt :~nd;tihe POIilPY MMP us;ingl ilhe s:ame method as in the


Make a. beak 'frlOm'ttie I'as,t pileci~of Soft Apricc1t MM'P~S:hapeit i~tol a triangle! seeure ~n IP!ac@Wi~h SK E,d:itl!e(=Uueand
mant:·two nostrjil8wi~h tile end ota raw

G.1lr:i strn SJS famel.


U:UE!: igltoo

with SK Ed~bl,a IG~UE!'.

spa,g hettii sUck.


To makie1;he. penguin, div[Cce''~he 5aft


Mlariiron thaey,es WiUll an SK. B iackbel1}l'

Aprrcot ~-li1M linto 'thwee. IRiOU '1\11/0 P ,Otilt

Food COi:otJr Pen and IPOls~tion'thue penguilr1 on'the cake tlo~rdl beside titl~, ig1loo.

1,Eiet,flat1en and mate

'U~ll"iee indentations for "!Doesun ,ead1.

Te[~:0'115,9, 3,71447

CeICr~ft~.I (GC)

IOrc,/;:ariJ' PtTlOlt,ctd (OP)
5'1 HaUybur!;on Road H,ov!'a·
East SusOO,x
eU\Jl3 '1GP' "Jel: 01: ,273 41 '9411B

S,up1JJi:arsof' floral alas tor :s1.igaroraft and cold po,rc:e,ta1n

,C{}'~lel}ti()uery SilPpliiJ
31 Lower Cathedral Boad

ManUlalc,turenl,an:c1 :su,ppJ/ers



liel: 0.292@1 37:21' 61;

quality sugare-ratt' O!Jf-llern :and toois. S:~Dp ilJnd mail order.

andtrad(!. supptier. Whole·saie, ot 71nksrtecn Tw,o rf7)


MafliIJmcrumrn of :!iirJgarcrnff tODls ifJrird

,C:t;llpitt Gerke Art
Tel: l(li845 10:01 05,14
.Manufacwre.mana wfuJ{esale cSftf;pifers .of' cake dectlratLrtg Mol' su,garoraft ,fllquiprrnEmt· atlrd'Q'6~ra'tjQns,.


Tel,: 019.2.31 ~tH3a69!9
Manufacturers' iilnrdsuppJie;ts a'ni~t'fM,bakt:~~rynd (;'atefing a
!O'f cake

.6Qlu i:resHouse




3Waverliey Lane:
Farnham SUlrre'y aUg SBB
1:e~I:. .845, 22 .55 '6!7112 0


IGU,,"h Paul



Tel: 014·80 412t}45, www. ..guyp1aul.co.uk
T~d9srJp'ptiem of :too.fs and m~r'erials fO'f the ,aft ot bakery" 8uga:n;ra:ft ;and

www.squwres,-grroup.co.uk www.squ~res-$t1op.com
Su,g:arctaft c(liaurs:, ,too$s, equ~pm.ent~ sitrll'€t ~para:ilofS" (lQUV,&\nVll'Jo, ma,rzipans~ ,and sugarpasfeg'. Sh.op', school and maJJorrrer.

'10 00'de,coration.

Je"n IClttter" C.,_ (J,C)
Te!l: (00.27) 31 701 1,4f31 www_j~mcutters@iafri'rJa"com Man:utacmrem (J.f cu'tt~.rs.

lj you 're plantunq ,t make

Chr,~rlnlt,l: r

cai:« to hrigl~tn Up your table' thi:" year hut lu~,eJd,(lI1U! iUdp£rlltiofl, look


Bring a J/,P't£le ttl your


JjaCCLJ thiJ hrtJtnla,~' ",~ith ,Q

Jpecial cake ,eJ'~911f,y) en iHerry _~ri.('ll1Uld "'t.lkeJ th' ()fl~l:J.1t£tle jrorn latenleil JU.'larcr"Qj~er an J :/e'nuf,lt-Ma,y.,

Ie AU the

basic 't!eclhln~qlJe-s, are, ,e:xpl,ai,nled iflclludling how to



a fruit'c,ake usiin9 sugarpasb, as


covering and tips


for working wiith Meudcal'l MlodeUiingl iP,late" Each piroleot i:s,accompanied by ful~11 iinmruc1j,o,n,s for carving, oOiV'e~ing iand decorating th'El!' cake,

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