The NEW Meditatio Series Introducing the Meditatio Series The practice of meditation —the simple practice of silence and stillness— harmonizes and integrates all that we think and say and do. In this series authors from around the world each present a meditative guide on a core element of Christian life and spirituality. They help readers focus on going to the heart of the Gospel teachings and integrating them into their lives.



The Meditatio Series is a joint venture of Convivium Press with the World Community of Christian Meditation with presence in over 100 countries. The series offers brief contemporary guides to the practice of meditation found in the teachings of the first Christian monks leading to a felt sense of God’s presence and closeness. Of interest to: General interest readers, prayer groups of all Christian denominations, spiritual directors, retreat directors, persons in active ministry, church resource centers Categories: Prayer, spirituality, meditation, personal growth

The Goal of Life
Fr. Freeman shares insights into understanding Jesus to better understand ourselves and the goal of our lives.
978-1-934996-30-0 Library Bound 80 Pages US $ 12.50

Laurence Freeman, O.S.B.

Why Are We Here?

Laurence Freeman, O.S.B. Fr. Freeman engages the radical question of our being in the world and guides the reader to an openness to the prayer of Christ in our hearts.
978-1-934996-3 1-7 Library Bound 80 Pages US $ 12.50

Experiencing God in a Time of Crisis
Sarah Bachelard Bachelard, an Anglican priest, suggests how the practice of meditation may help us endure and integrate times of crisis, collapse, and distress in our lives.
978-1-934996-32-4 Library Bound 120 Pages US $ 1 3.95

1 Laurence Freeman 2 Sarah Bachelard


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