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Original document location: http://sfrecpark.org/documents/item7GreatHighwayMedianProject060612.pdf
Original document location: http://sfrecpark.org/documents/item7GreatHighwayMedianProject060612.pdf

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Published by: Ocean Beach Bulletin on Jul 09, 2012
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May 30, 2012 Recreation and Park Commission Philip A. Ginsburg, General Manager Dawn Kamalanathan, Director of Capital and Planning Division Karen Mauney-Brodek, Deputy Director for Park Planning, Capital and Planning Division/ Frank Filice, Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Department of Public Works, Infrastructure Design and Construction Great Highway Median Improvement Project between Balboa and Lincoln



Agenda Item Wording: Great Highway Median Improvement Project between Balboa and Lincoln. Discussion and possible action to approve landscape median improvements as apart of road resurfacing work to the Great Highway between Balboa Street and Lincoln Avenue to be performed by the Department of Public Works. Background / Description: The Great Highway west of Golden Gate Park is a wide multi-lane paved roadway under the jurisdiction of the Recreation and Park Department (RPD). The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for maintaining the Great Highway. The roadway pavement varies in width from 70 to 74 feet and has a large paved median. The parking lot adjacent to the roadway adds an additional 110 feet of pavement at its widest point. The roadway and parking lots are utilized by vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, joggers and a number of special events each year, such as the finish lines for the Bay to Breakers and Nike Marathon. See Attachment A for existing conditions. As part of the Great Highway Paving Project, this project would add landscaping and curbs to the existing striped medians and to improve pedestrian crossings from Balboa to Lincoln. The medians will increase pedestrian safety while maintaining the existing traffic flow and turning movements. These improvements are meant to beautify and improve the Great Highway’s median space and better connect the western end of the City to the Pacific Ocean. RPD facilities adjacent to the Great Highway are the Beach Chalet, JFK Drive, and the western edge of Golden Gate Park. This work would be funded by the 2011 Road Repaving and Street Safety Bond Program and would be performed in conjunction with the resurfacing of the Great Highway starting at Point Lobos and 48th Avenue and continuing south to Sloat Blvd.

For over a year, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research (SPUR) with support from the RPD, DPW, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the National Parks Service, has been working with the public to develop the draft Ocean Beach Master Plan. This draft Master Plan is a series of concepts which may inform future activities along key areas of Ocean Beach and the Great Highway from the Cliff House to the north to Skyline Blvd to the south. Proposed Improvement Project and Outreach Process: The medians would vary in width from 10 to 18 feet and follow the existing median locations. The median will be planted in a mixture of hearty landscape materials suitable for the marine environment and site line requirements. The narrow medians will be used for turn pockets and pedestrian walk-throughs and will have a light brown concrete cobble. Boulders will be used to define the median nosing. See Attachment B & C for median design details. The design provides 29 feet in both the north and south bound direction for two vehicular lanes of travel and future bike lanes. The median fronting Golden Gate Park accounts for a number of turn pockets, pedestrian crossings, underground access hatches to SFPUC facilities, and signals. The Balboa to Fulton median will be similar to the existing medians to the south of Lincoln. DPW has presented the median improvement project to the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) and RPD staff. DPW has worked with RPD Operations staff to evaluate potential conflicts and address concerns. In developing the draft Ocean Beach Master Plan, SPUR has held a series of public workshops during which roadway concepts were presented, including the improved medians. During the outreach process, the community repeatedly expressed an interest in greening the medians as well as improving the visual and physical connection between Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach. This proposed improvement project responds to these requests. Funding: The fund source is to be provided through the 2011 Road Repaving and Street Safety Bond. Next Steps: DPW is to bid the project summer 2012 and construction is to begin fall 2012, ending in summer 2013. DPW will continue to work closely with RPD Operations staff during throughout this project. Supported By:
SPUR SFDPW Opposed By: None known

Recommendation: Staff recommends that the commission approve landscape median improvements as apart of road resurfacing work to the Great Highway between Balboa Street and Lincoln Avenue to be performed by the Department of Public Works.

Attachments: Attachment “A” – Existing Conditions Design Board Attachment “B” – Median Layout Plan Attachment “C” – Concepts Design Board

Attachment A

Attachment B

Great Highway Balboa to Lincoln Median Layout

Attachment C

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