Barrie Dentist - Dr. Elston Wong Dr.

Elston Wong hails from Ottawa, but has taken the scenic route to Barrie. Hi s undergrad years were spent at The University of Western Ontario in London (che mistry and biochemistry), his dental education completed at The University of To ronto. After graduation in 1999, he trekked off to Boston for a year-long hosp ital-based general practice residency at Tufts University. He practiced in a ge neral dental office in Saint John, New Brunswick before finally arriving in Barr ie in 2002. Dr. Wong enjoys learning about the progress that dental industry is making, and in addition to the reading of dental journals, tries to attend continuing educat ion programmes or conventions as much as possible. Since arriving in Barrie, Dr . Wong has attended conventions in Montreal, Vancouver, Hawaii, Sydney, Washingt on DC, Stockholm, and Singapore. The fact that these places are also fantastic vacation destinations is most certainly a total coincidence. â Dentistry is moving further and further away from the traditional break-and-fix or tooth-by-tooth treatment models. As expectations and technology are becoming mo re and more complex and varied, it is easy to get blinded by gadgetry and lose s ight of what weâ re actually trying to achieve: predictable, long-lasting dentistry t hat looks great. My goal is to help you navigate the seas of treatment options and to provide you with the most predictable, evidence-based solutions. I believe in technology, but only as far as it has been demonstrated to provide better, or quicker soluti ons. By taking a whole-mouth approach to managing oral health, we can be sure t hat we give the best shot (no pun intended) at providing you solutions that meet your needs and wants. I look forward to working with you to find your solutions.â Barrie, Ontario Barrie Cosmetic & Family Dentist

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