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এ এ । । „ ফ ‟ ( এ আ । এ আ এ আ ।‟ , । এ , এ , । । এ , „ এ আ ।‟ এআ „ আ আ এ এ (এ এ । ) এ এ , ফ ফ , ,„ ‟ এ । আ । ।‟ এ এ ।আ , আ । এ ) , আ আ ?আ এ । , ৪৫ এ , এ এ ,

। । —


, ;আ

।আ । ? । এ আ এ । ।এ । আ ।এ আ । এ আ এ আ আ , ।‟ ।এ ।এ ফ এ । আ ।এ ।ফ আ ,„ ।

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“ . “এ ” ‟। ! আ „এ ‟। আ এ „ ‟ . „ ‟। „ এ ? .আ আ .আ „ ‟ . !” ফ ফ . • ’ !এ . এ . এ আ ১৩৩ ফ . আ আ „ ‟ . . . . . এ এ আ -আ আ „ ? ফ -এ -এ আ . এ .“ ফ . “আ 2 এ এ আ আ . ফ । ”আ . . এ .„ . -এ এ এ আ আ এ আ .আ ‟ . - -এ ‟ আ এ „ ‟ এ ১৯৯৩ আ . ‟ আ আ ” আ . আ - এ ‟। এ . “আ ১ . ‟.এ . ‟ এ ফ ফ .এ এ „ .“ আ . . „ ‟ এ ‟ “ এ এ এ ” . .“ ” „ . এ আ এ -এ -এ এ . ” এ এ . ‟। ফ „ ‟। . আ ৩৫ এ এ এ এ .‘ . “আ ” এ এ .

আ এ ? এ . এ ! আ .আ ?এ এ আ ? . ? আ ? আ . . এ আ আ এ ফ .আ .এ . এ এ এ .“ এ ? ফ এ ! এ .“ আ আ এ ৪ এ -এ ” . .আ ৯৬ । . ?এ আ আ . । ফ ফ এ ?” ! -এ আ -এ আ . আ এ আ .এ এ এ . . .আ আ “এ এ এ . . -এ ‟ ১৩৩ . . আ ফ এ আ আ এ . -এ আ ফ এ ? এ আ ? . ফ আ এ ফ । 3 . আ . । আ এ এ ? ? এ এ ? এ এ !আ আ -এ . এ এ এ ৯৬ .এ আ ফ এ .” -এ „ ‟। এ „ ‟ . . ২০১২ এ আ ” আ .

However. were met with loud applause and cheering. "But it is a pity in a way because the great advances in physics have come from experiments that gave results we didn't expect.a one-in-two million chance. after whom the particle is named.we have observed a new particle consistent with a Higgs boson.3 gigaelectronvolts (GeV) .5 million chance that the signal they see would appear if there were no Higgs particle." said Dr Fabiola Gianotti. a full combination of the CMS data brings that number just back to 4. spokeswoman for the Atlas experiment at the LHC. spokesman for the CMS.about a one-in-3. Both of the Higgs boson-hunting experiments at the LHC see a level of certainty in their data worthy of a "discovery". the hunt for the Higgs has been compared by some physicists to the Apollo programme that reached the Moon in the 1960s. however. they had attained a confidence level just at the "fivesigma" point . More work will be needed to be certain that what they see is a Higgs." Prof Stephen Hawking joined in with an opinion on a topic often discussed in hushed tones.about 133 times heavier than the protons that lie at the heart of every atom. wiped a tear from his eye as the teams finished their presentations in the Cern auditorium. 4 . adding: "The last few days have been extremely intense. "I would like to add my congratulations to everyone involved in this achievement. Atlas results were even more promising. "This is an important result and should earn Peter Higgs the Nobel Prize." 'Dramatic' The CMS team claimed they had seen a "bump" in their data corresponding to a particle weighing in at 125. in the mass region around 126 GeV. BBC News website.Higgs boson-like particle discovery claimed at LHC By Paul RinconScience editor. the current best theory to explain how the Universe works." he told the Geneva meeting. home of the LHC in Geneva. at a slightly higher mass: "We observe in our data clear signs of a new particle. The particle has been the subject of a 45-year hunt to explain how matter attains its mass." he told BBC News. Prof Incandela said: "It didn't really hit me emotionally until today because we have to be so focussed… but I'm super-proud." "We have a discovery .9 sigma . However. Prof Peter Higgs." A confirmation that this is the Higgs boson would be one of the biggest scientific discoveries of the century. lots of emotions. at the level of five sigma. They claimed that by combining two data sets. But which one? That remains open. director-general of Cern." Commenting on the emotions of the scientists involved in the discovery. "It's really an incredible thing that it's happened in my lifetime. This is indeed a new particle. it might also be something more exotic." he added later." Dr Gianotti echoed his thoughts. Scientists would then have to assess whether the particle they see behaves like the version of the Higgs particle predicted by the Standard Model. commented: "As a layman I would now say I think we have it. The results announced at Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Prof Rolf Heuer. full of work. was unequivocal: "The results are preliminary but the fivesigma signal at around 125 GeV we're seeing is dramatic. Geneva Cern scientists reporting from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have claimed the discovery of a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson. "It is a historic milestone but it is only the beginning. Prof Joe Incandela.

which took place in the divisional cities of Dhaka. Apart from the online registrations. The Daily Star was the title sponsor of the competition. "We're on the frontier now.com team visited hundreds of school across Bangladesh to run activation programmes where students could register to participate in the contest and could also qualify for the divisional round after appearing in an offline spelling contest. the Champs21. organised the Daily Star Spelling Bee contest for the very first time. the participation of the students in different levels of the Daily Star Spelling Bee competition was remarkable. Dr Pippa Wells. Spellers could attempt as many times as they wanted to and the highest score of an individual speller was recorded against his or her online ID. divisional round and television round. "We're reaching into the fabric of the Universe at a level we've never done before. but on the other hand. studying in class 6 to 10 was eligible to participate in the competition regardless of their medium of education.an online vocabulary game where spellers had to spell words after listening to an audio. the country's first E-learning service.or transforms . while Horlicks was the power sponsor and British Council was involved with the competition as a knowledge partner. Any student of Bangladeshi origin." said Prof Incandela. there are still students who are diligent enough to know the spellings of even the most difficult words found only in dictionaries. Rajshahi. These could get back into line as more statistics are added. anecdotal evidence suggest that these auto-correct options are making people's spelling skills worse. Scientists will have to look at how the Higgs decays . Thankfully.All the matter we can see appears to comprise just 4% of the Universe.com Remember those tensed moments when you suddenly had to stop writing during the last minutes of an examination because you couldn't remember the right spelling of a certain word? Spellings of complicated words like 'loquacious' or 'perspicacious' have always been a source of difficulty for most students.into other. All the episodes of the competition from divisional rounds and onwards were aired on Channel i. Sylhet. The television episodes of the contest were emceed by Romana Malik Munmun and Imtiaz Nawsher. Champs21. Though introduced for the first time in Bangladesh. on the edge of a new exploration. a decay path where the Higgs transforms into two photon particles was "a bit on the high side".com. Khulna and Chittagong. where they were given an ID and a password to play 'Spell Bangladesh' -.com. said that several of the decay paths already showed deviations from what one would expect of the Standard Model Higgs. since arrays of spellcheckers have become so available on computers. For many participants it was their first appearance on television and young spellers could not but feel excited about going on air for the first time. With a mission of eliminating fear of spellings amongst the students. For example. she explained. Moreover. “Initially during the television round I was camera-shy." Beating the Spelling Blues! Rakibul Hasan Photos: Champs21. or we could open a whole new realm of discovery. mobile phones and on a number of other electronic gadgets. I used to get very concerned about my facial 5 . more stable particles after being produced in collisions at the LHC. spellers from across Bangladesh registered on the home page of champs21. Only 72 spellers survived the gruelling divisional round where they had to spell words like 'Poinsettia' and 'Grandiloquence' and were given a golden ticket to participate in the quarter finals. a member of the Atlas experiment. To play in the online round. A total of 1400 young spellers from the online round succeeded to make their way to the divisional round. The whole competition was divided into three phases namely the online round. The process for taking part in the competition was simple. they may not. the rest being made up by mysterious dark matter and dark energy. The Daily Star Spelling Bee. This could be the only part of the story that's left. A more exotic version of the Higgs could be a bridge to understanding the 96% of the Universe that remains obscure. 2012. the first ever and one of a kind spelling competition in Bangladesh began on February 1. to sensitise the students about the Spelling Bee competition from both urban and rural areas.

I myself had the opportunity to visit many schools across Bangladesh with the Champs21. My favourite spelling game from the contest was spell buzz where one had to think very fast to sort out a word from jumbled up letters. spell rings and so on. spell hive. Dhaka who also happened to be the youngest competitor amongst the top 6 finalists.000 while the 2nd runner-up got an education policy worth Tk 2. a student from Dhaka Residential Model College and a speller bee from the contest says. I liked the quarter final phase of the contest on television most because of the innovative games they included in the programme. They only need the right exposure to outsmart the students from any developed countries of the world. Commenting on the future plans' regarding the Spelling bee competition. Russell T Ahmed says. Dhaka. a student of Cantonment English School and College. Tanisha Tahreen Tanisha from the Millennium Stars School and College.” According to champion Adeeb ul Haque.com first thought of starting a spelling bee competition in Bangladesh. If one comes by a new word. Chittagong outsmarted all his fellow competitors and emerged as the first ever champion of The Daily Star Spelling Bee. For Russell T Ahmed. Fahmeed Khan Sheehan of Class 10 from Scholastica School. “Though I only made it through to the divisional round. Md Mehedi Hasan. 00. We are also planning a grooming session especially for the Bengali medium students so they can master the art of English spelling. the main aim of the contest might be to develop students' vocabulary skills. one of the hosts and also the official pronouncer of the Daily Star Spelling Bee contest. 6 . Champs 21.” After a tough battle of brain and minds for about five months. of class 10 from the Cantonment English School and College in Chittagong.” says Adeeb ul Haque. The 1st runner-up in the competition was awarded an education policy worth Tk 3. CEO. students do not need to memorise thousands of words from the dictionary to learn the correct spellings of difficult words. Adeeb ul Haque. Chittagong and the champion of The Daily Star Spelling Bee competition 2012. I couldn't but feel confident about the spelling abilities of our students. courtesy of MetlifeAlico and also an all expense paid trip to Washington DC.” opines Ahmed. According to Imtiaz Nawsher. Adeeb ul Haque and Ehsan Rezwan. a student of class 10 from Cantonment English School and College. where spellers are given hints like word definitions and parts of speech before being asked to spell a word. winning a Tk 5. start working on your spelling skills today and buzz the world with your spelling success. the grand finale of the competition took place on June 21. the capital city of the USA and also the first city to organise a spelling bee competition ever. initially some people doubted the success of such an unprecedented idea in Bangladesh. “We are planning to go big with the Daily Star Spelling Bee contest since we will be running activation programme in all the 64 districts of Bangladesh next year.com activation team and after seeing the performance of the students from both urban and rural areas during the primary and later on more advanced level of the competition. but it also aspired to grow leadership qualities which include beating the stage fight and being confident in front of a crowd. Rather. one must try to understand its meaning and the pattern of spelling.expressions whenever I was asked a question! However eventually I got over my unease and started feeling confident in-front of the camera. the television round of the Daily Star spelling Bee included a number of innovative games like spell buzz. Indeed the television round of the competition was a great success in terms of viewership from both Bangladesh and abroad. But as the competition finally began to get momentum we were impressed by the outstanding quality of our students. doing this much can make one master the art of spelling difficult words.000 worth of education policy. Dhaka stood out as 1st and 2nd runners up respectively. the success of The Daily Star Spelling Bee contest was a dream come true. “When we at Champs21. 2012 between the six finalists who were selected from the semi-final round namely Sohaima Jabeen of Class 10 from SFX Greenherald International School. After making the best of his spelling prowess in the rigorous grand-finale. All the six finalists were awarded The Daily Star Spelling Bee Trophies for their outstanding effort and making this far in the contest. So if you want to be a spelling celebrity. one should develop a habit of reading.000. Unlike the format that we watch on ESPN. Tansiha Tahreen of Class 9 from The Millennium Stars School and College in Rangpur and Namira Shameem a Class 7 student from Sunbeams School. Rangpur and Fahmeed Khan Sheehan from Scholastica School. 00.00.

Colo. entered the meeting to a sustained ovation. For now. The particle is predicted to imbue elementary particles with mass.000 people stood in line all night to get into an auditorium at CERN. some physicists are simply calling it a “Higgslike” particle. “It‟s something that may. whether the new particle is the one predicted by the Standard Model. “I think we have it.” He and others said that it was too soon to know for sure.” said Joe Incandela.” said Rolf-Dieter Heuer.Physicists Find Elusive Particle Seen as Key to Universe ASPEN. — Signaling a likely end to one of the longest. That possibility is particularly exciting to physicists. The agency is home to the Large Hadron Collider. London and beyond — everywhere that members of a curious species have dedicated their lives and fortunes to the search for their origins in a dark universe. beyond the Standard Model. It may be an impostor as yet unknown to physics. The finding affirms a grand view of a universe described by simple and elegant and symmetrical laws — but one in which everything interesting. the theory that has ruled physics for the last half-century. where some attendees noted a rock-concert ambience. Australia. 1. as well as in Los Angeles. as the first signals of its existence grew until they practically jumped off the chart. Princeton. Like Omar Sharif materializing out of the shimmering desert as a man on a camel in “Lawrence of Arabia. Heuer called the discovery “a historic milestone. like ourselves. Dr. where physicists had gathered for a major conference. In Geneva. deeper ideas. It was a scene duplicated in Melbourne. the multinational research center headquartered in Geneva. a retreat for scientists. Peter Higgs. in the end. a key to understanding why there is diversity and life in the universe. most expensive searches in the history of science. about the nature of reality. Santa Barbara. physicists said Wednesday that they had discovered a new subatomic particle that looks for all the world like the Higgs boson. the immense particle accelerator that produced the new data by colliding protons. the University of Edinburgh theorist for whom the boson is named. 7 . and a spokesman for one of the two groups reporting new data on Wednesday.” the elusive boson has been coming slowly into view since last winter. New York. results from flaws or breaks in that symmetry. The findings were announced by two separate teams. a physicist of the University of California. the director general of CERN. perhaps the first of many particles yet to be discovered. Chicago. be one of the biggest observations of any new phenomena in our field in the last 30 or 40 years. Confirmation of the Higgs boson or something very much like it would constitute a rendezvous with destiny for a generation of physicists who have believed in the boson for half a century without ever seeing it. however. bleary-eyed physicists drank Champagne in the wee hours as word arrived via Webcast from CERN. Here at the Aspen Center for Physics. as it could point the way to new.

as it is known. all elementary forms of matter would zoom around at the speed of light. For example. the collider has more than doubled the number of collisions it has recorded. and 126 billion according to Atlas. they both reported hints of the same particle. the Higgs boson is the only manifestation of an invisible force field. Two teams of about 3.3 billion electron volts. There would be neither atoms nor life. The December signal was no fluke. They were not able. what is the dark matter that provides the gravitational scaffolding of galaxies? And why is the universe made of matter instead of antimatter? “If the boson really is not acting standard. It is still running at only half-power. wrote in an e-mail. did a breakneck analysis of about 800 trillion proton-proton collisions over the last two years. “What that would be is anyone‟s guess at the moment. Last winter. the world‟s biggest physics machine. Any deviations from the simplest version predicted by current theory — and there are hints of some already — could begin to answer questions left hanging by the Standard Model. Physicists said that they would probably be studying the new particle for years. who had been sworn to secrecy. or something like it. led by Dr. and the other CMS. becoming ever more ponderous. Expectations soared when it was learned that the five surviving originators of the Higgs boson theory had been invited to the CERN news conference. The new particle has a mass of about 125.” Neal Weiner. Physicists had been icing the Champagne ever since last December. to rule out the possibility that it was a statistical fluke. led by Fabiola Gianotti. maybe more forces around the corner. however. Up until last weekend. physicists at the agency were saying that they themselves did not know what the outcome would be. Incandela — operate giant detectors in the collider.” Wednesday‟s announcement was also an impressive opening act for the Large Hadron Collider. Since then. Without the Higgs field. as measured by the CMS group.According to the Standard Model. sorting the debris from the primordial fireballs left after proton collisions. flowing through our hands like moonlight. Both 8 . a theorist at New York University. a cosmic molasses that permeates space and imbues elementary particles with mass. Particles wading through the field gain heft the way a bill going through Congress attracts riders and amendments. the scientists said Wednesday.000 physicists each — one named Atlas. then that will imply that there is more to the story — more particles. The results announced Wednesday capped two weeks of feverish speculation and Internet buzz as the physicists. which cost $10 billion to build and began operating only two years ago.

Higgs was one of six physicists. Higgs seemed overwhelmed. Dr.”) Finding the missing boson was one of the main goals of the Large Hadron Collider. The particle would be fragile and fall apart within a millionth of a second in a dozen possible ways. Carl Hagen of the University of Rochester. which shut down last year.” by which a Higgs boson could be produced and then decay. called it the “God particle. both of Université Libre de Bruxelles. One implication of their theory was that this cosmic molasses. and as director general I can stick out my neck. The others were Tom Kibble of Imperial College. Dr. Gianotti noted that the mass of the putative Higgs. depending upon its own mass. they know little about their new boson. written with Dick Teresi. Dr. and François Englert and Robert Brout. So far. Guralnik of Brown University.” she said. Incandela‟s and Dr.. apparently one of the heaviest subatomic particles. working in three independent groups. in Batavia. nature. On that basis. London. including the Large Electron Positron Collider at CERN. eluding researchers at a succession of particle accelerators. who in 1964 invented what came to be known as the Higgs field. “I know the science. “Thanks. “For me. Ill. 9 . Dr. which closed down in 2000. Leon Lederman. one of the founders of the Higgs theory. it‟s really an incredible thing that‟s happened in my lifetime. The CERN results are mostly based on measurements of two or three of the dozen different ways. Gianotti‟s presentations were repeatedly interrupted by applause as they showed slide after slide of data presented in graphs with bumps rising like mountains from the sea. or “channels. Unfortunately.” He said.” Dr. To the eternal dismay of his colleagues. the theory did not describe how much this particle should weigh. Dr. which is what made it so hard to find. the former director of Fermilab. and the Tevatron at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. or Fermilab. like a football game. made it easy to study its many behaviors. normally invisible. “five sigma. would produce its own quantum particle if hit hard enough with the right amount of energy.” he said.” Asked to comment after the announcements. Gerald Guralnik. (He later said that he had wanted to call it the “goddamn particle. Heuer said that he had decided only on Tuesday afternoon to call the Higgs result a “discovery.” which is the gold standard in physics for a discovery. the physicists admit. said he was glad to be at a physics meeting “where there is applause. Heuer and Dr. Both Dr.groups said that the likelihood that their signal was a result of a chance fluctuation was less than one chance in 3. Along the way the Higgs boson achieved a notoriety rare in abstract physics.” in his book of the same name.5 million. Gianotti said they had not expected the search to succeed so quickly.

“This could be the first in a ring of discoveries. a professor at the California Institute of Technology who works with the CMS team of physicists. said: “I personally do not want it to be standard model anything — I don‟t want it to be simple or symmetric or as predicted. clues that maybe there is more at work here than the Standard Model would predict. a physicist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Now some fun begins. said: “It‟s a triumphant day for fundamental physics.There are hints. I want us all to have been dealt a complex hand that will send me (and all of us) in a (good) loop for a long time. that some of the channels are overproducing the boson while others might be underproducing it. Maria Spiropulu.” said Guido Tonelli of CERN. but only hints so far.” 10 . In an e-mail.” Nima Arkani-Hamed.

।আ আ .আ আ ।আ ।এ এ ফ এ । . । এ „ । এ আ . . আ । এ আ ফ । . . . . এ এ এ . ৫ এ ). আ এ ) । আ ।এ এ । )আ (৬১ . . এ আ । ১২০ (৪১ ৫ এ . এ ২০০৯ ২৯০ আ ) (৫৩ ।এ আ আ এ এ 11 এ ঋ ।এ । ১৪ এ ।এ । এ এ আ . ।ফ আ -আ । ‟-এ এ এ এ । এ আ । । । ১৭ . . আ । । আ (১৪ . । এ . এ ফ —এ এ . ।আ আ .? .

আ আ এ . আ । . ( এ এ । . । . . । 12 ) .আ .আ ( .ঋ এ . । । এ . . আ । ) এ এ আ । .এ । এ . এ আ এ ।এ । । এ আ এ এফ . । আ এ । ১৯৪৪ এ আ এ এফ ১৮৮। । আ আ এ এফ এ এ ।আ এ এ ।এ আ . এ আ . এ । । এ আ আ .এ — . ফ । ফ এ । এ . এ এ এ এ ।এ . . । .

এ আ . আ এ এফ আ এ এফ . আ . । ১৯৭৬ এ । আ এ ।এ । এ আ আ . . ।২ . -এ এ । এ এ এ । । ।এ । । আ এ এফ . । । ) । এ এ । . . । ঋ এ এ ফ । ২০০৪-০৫ আ ।আ এ ( ) । . ) । । . এ । । 13 . ।আ এ এ । । .এ । আ এ এ এ ( . . ). .. ( আ আ এ এ আ । ( আ এ । । .

।এ আ ‟ । ।আ । ৯০ ১০ ' 'এ এ ' । । এ আ আ ' আ আ আ ।এ আ ফ । এ । (এ এ এ ফ এ ।আ এ এ এ .এ এ এ ।এ .এ । „ । আ : . । এ ।এ ।এ আ ২০১০ 14 । ' । । ) ২০০৭ আ এ ।এ এ ।এ ফ ।এ এ এ এ এ - .

এ । .।এ .আ .এ আ এ । এ ।এ ১০ এ . । . এ আ ফ ।এ এ । . . এ .এ ( এ এ ) ২০০৯ আ .এ ।এ ২০১১ । । । - এ এ । ।এ আ আ ।এ । ।এ আ । এ । ২০১০ আ ।এ এ ২০১১ 15 ।এ এ ।এ . এ । আ এ এ । .

আ । . । ।এ এ এ আ ২৭ । । এ । এ আ . 16 . । . । এ ' . .এ । .এ ' 'এ এ ' । । আ এ আ । ' ৯০ ১০ । এ ' । এ আ এ ।এ আ আ . আ . এ আ । । .

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