Design Research Seminars – Semester 2, 2012

 Arbor_eal – Michael Howard  Hybrid Landscape – Dr Marieluise Jonas


michael howard 9.30 - 12.30 Monday, 8.12.36

Trees control views, create micro-climates, provide psychological change in the way we experience landscapes, have cultural implications and offer a range of growth habits that mark time. Successful landscape architects must be able to engage with trees as a spatial living organisms. Trees are to often only understood as circles on a plan arranged in accordance to the perimeters of the graphic and are therefore a lost opportunity in the design. We don’t live in graphic representations! Without understanding the full implications or opportunities of what the graphic is imparting to the design, the role of the tree as a spatial component of landscape architecture can only be a circle. Students will investigate,research, develop and deepen their knowledge of trees and their role in the practice of landscape architecture. arboreal; of living in trees

ARCH 1359/1360/ 1362/ 1366 Post Graduate Design Research Seminar in Landscape Architecture
Urban landscapes and design research, testing models of hybrid landscapes in Docklands. The seminar aims to shed light on the complex perspectives of framing research, design and understanding design as research through an experimental and applied way of researching design research. As a group we will work on researching design research through distinct methods such as: design charette, intervention, prototyping, mapping, computer aided generative design, abstraction, experimentation to produce a synthesis of the collective understanding of how design might operate as research. Through supporting individual / team interviews with RMIT academics in design research a framework will be solidified for the context of own research.

Lecturer: Contact:

Dr. Marieluise Jonas +61 3 9925 2966

Design Research Seminar Coordinators: Julia Werner, Marieluise Jonas

MyRMIT: Times and Rooms:

LA00DRS/ search all seminars Wednesdays 3.30 - 6.30 8.11.18

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