Ho Math and Chess students
who have won math awards.


恭喜 2012 何数棋谜学生得数学奖
Students’ names
Adrian (grade 6) Cindy (Grade 9) Garrick (grade 8) Carmen (grade 8)

15th at UBC Elmacon competition School team member at Vancouver Math Challengers No. 1 at school Gauss competition No. 1 at school AMC competition School team. School team members at Vancouver Math Challengers and provincial Math Challengers. No. 1 at school Canadian Math League competition achievement certificate in math class 7th at UBC Elmacon competition

Attending day schools
Kerrisdale elementary Crofton Stratford Hall Magee Secondary

Melissa (Grade 5) Alvin (grade 2) Cindy (Grade 5)

Shaughnessy elementary Awarded the most outstanding Trafalgar Queen Mary

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