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Author’s Note
As has b een mentioned throughout b oth this b ook and other WitchCraft and Armag d o ed n

religion and nothing in this b ook is meant to disrespect or b elittle it. The portrayal of the

various sects of the Society of Assassins is fictional and should in no way b taken as a pore trayal of modern Islam. the Panchen Lama are The Dalai Lama and real people, despite

b ooks, this is a work of fiction. Even though the world describ ed is b ased on the real world, certain fantastic elements have b een added to it. Since it is still b ased on the real world, however, certain real world elements comprise the

b eing included as part of the b ackground of the Order of Shamb ala. Though their connection to an otherworldly Association is fictional, the

game’s b ackground, too.

The inclusion of these

elements should in no way b taken as insult, as e that is not the author’s intention. Specifically, it should go without saying that there really was a massacre at Wounded Knee and that its inclusion in the Ghost Dancer b ackground is not meant to offend the descendants of those victims. Shamanism is a real world

injustices that they have suffered are entirely real. The Dalai Lama really has b een living in

exile since 1960 and the Panchen Lama really is the youngest victim of human rights violations. Their inclusion in this b ook is not meant to

make light of their current situation. —

Thom M arrion

C h a p t e r

O n e


Table of Contents Chapter One: Drifting Chapter Summary Conventions Bibliography Chapter Two: Rules New Character Type New Associations Shamanistic Solitaire Groups New Qualities and Drawbacks New Skills New Metaphysical Skills Lucid Dreaming Chapter Three: Sephiroth Periphery First World Wasteland Shambala Garden of Earthly Delights Domain of Morpheus Akasha Plane of Ideas Red King’s Dreaming Coma Kingdoms Covenants in the Dream Realms 4 7 8 9 10 12 13 19 21 23 23 23 26 29 33 36 39 42 45 49 51 51 52 55 Chapter Four: Associations Ghost Dancers Society of Assassins Shambala Order Wizards of Oz Apoanu Apyabaiba Chapter Five: Metaphysics Combat in the Dream Realms New Invocations New Seer Powers Baraka Sabil New Item Shamanism Abhijna Chapter Six: Denizens Nature Spirits Tainted Spirits Ethereals Eidolon Dybbik Mara Morpheus Nahualli Glossary Index 58 60 68 74 82 84 88 90 91 94 96 96 97 105 110 112 115 117 122 122 124 125 130 134 3 D r i f t i n g .

Chapter One: Drifting C h a p t e r O n e 4 .

su nny gray su it with a shiny day in the D u c hy of G lee. standing in f ront of him . lau ghingly . u key . the du ke m u sed. really . bu t the D of G lee had been at peac e for as long as he c ou ld rem em ber. he heron fly ing overhead. “Nic e day “W for a festival. looked at him . A lthou gh the fox -tailed bu sinessm an alway s tried to steal the heron’s eggs by c ou ld never qu ite m ake it all the way his pride. J “I’m su re that I don’t know what y ou im m y . T hey A im . fell and hu rt him self —and T he du ke was so enthralled with watc hing the bird that he failed to notic e May or Treblenostril. H am . he was even dim m er than D u c hy T he du ke knew they weren’t very B B good gu ards. drop- began stu m bling arou nd to regain their weapons—and their digwou ld slip off the drawbridge and fall into the im . m y goodness!’ he heard the sheriff shou t. who stood vigilant in their red su rc oats and wides the du ke walked by . T he du ke. looked very dapper indeed. a pot-bellied orange dragon. T he du ke sm iled. do y a “H ey . and m ore of ten than not. T hic k and D brim m ed m etal hats at the c astle gates. he m u sed. ah. A s the du ke walked over the drawbridge leading into the village. it doesn’t seem H ow c ou ld every It ju st don’t m ake single. and there was so m u c h to be done. m e y ou r G rac e. bu t som ething abou t the y ellow goblin distu rbed him .It was another warm . itsa m ah fau lt. m y goodness! O h. the pair snapped to attention. to the top. “T his is all wrong! T he landle P ole goes over there and the H ooz lelot Q O h what a m ess!” u artet is su pposed to be over here nex t to the ic oric e Tree. R andy c oat ’s c andle shop. nity —and the du ke felt alm ost c ertain one of them m oat ’s m u rky water below. Ever so slightly . he tipped his top hat to the two gu ards. wearing a f reshly pressed silver rose in the lapel. It was the way hy . I m ean. and the things that the goblin said. solitary nervou sly . c lim bing his roof. “O “D h. ex c u se. worried over their ineptness.” the du ke said. he glanc ed at a bright pu rple T he bird laz ily glided to her nest at the top of Mr. H am .” the goblin m oc ked. H e knew the overly anx - as he m ade his way to speak to S heriff P iou s m an wou ld need his help getting throu gh the day . T he du ke liked H am H e was abou t to resc u e the poor m an when P every one in the village. ping their pikes in the proc ess. It wou ld probably be T hic k. “O F L h. have y a ever notic ed how it alway s seem s to be a nic e day ? very likely that every possibly day wou ld be nic e day . May or. Mr. y es. D think? sense. it is Mr. day alway s be a nic e one? ” m ean. already H e c ou ld see the sheriff down the road and the m an was ru nning his f ingers throu gh his thinning blu e hair and pu lling on his c otton- c andy -looking m ou stac hes. T he two shook hands and c ontinu ed on their way . their antic s am u sed him . don’t y a think? ” said P ineapple H am .” on’t be ridic u lou s. W hy iz dat. T oday was the A nnu al P u m pkin F estival.” replied the du ke. Mr. so he never esides. eing a gu ard was m ore c erem onial now than any thing. ineapple H am wandered u p the road.” T he du ke looked at him “I’m su re y ou don’t. ogberry abou t today ’s festivities. 5 D r i f t i n g . T he fau lt is entirely m ine.

the Fiends’ original home plane. the Material World. Vampyres. of himself as such. is the Highest. And in the world of Armageddon. only Players may create Cast Members gift- ed with metaphysical abilities or they may play characters who are no longer human or never were—Ghosts. many people believe that it is somehow “not real. Lesser Gods. Malkuth is the Lowest Sephiroth and it represents the The Sephiroths between Kether and Malkuth Many of these character types are not con- Kether. T he nerve of him! T hat was a dark thought and dark thoughts didn’t belong in the Why did he insist on spoiling a perfectly nice day in the Duchy of Glee? Introu n dctio When discussing the Realm of Dreams. is a universe of raw energy. The Ten Otherworlds fill both the WitchCraft and Armageddon cosmology. is home to the Infernal Legion of Hell. were the blueprint for the Material World. he would have to think about his atrophied body lying in the Intensive C Unit in the Waking World. Tiphereth is the Otherworlds’ mysterious nexus. Maybe.At the mention of his name. strained by Earth’s boundaries. Geburah. Hod is the Realm of Dreams. But the dreams and visions seen in the Otherworld of Hod have definitely determined the course of mankind’s history. and Demons. Binah. take place in a world where magic and supernatural powers are real. world of the dead. the Creator’s home. the Dark Apostle started out as a young orphan with some powerful dreams indeed. display unique properties. and each Otherworld is named for one of the Sephiroths from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. where the ancient Sephyr are thought to dwell. He was really Jim Ferris. because then. some say that the Dream Realms To them. He was angry. Martin Luther King also had a dream. Leonardo DaVinci was a man with a dream. Angels. As did Albert Einstein.” the Waking World. The Dream Realms influence every aspect of the Waking World. home to the Heavenly Host and the Elementals. Adolf Hitler was a man with a dream. World of Humanity. Little is known of Chesed. is real. Way too many people believe this. The Book of Hod is a sourcebook that explores the Otherworld of Dreams. and he walked quickly away from the annoying creature. Maybe not. Yesod. but he never thought He was the Duke of Glee—he had been so since the automobile accident that T he duke never thought about that are killed his wife and child had put him in a coma seven years ago. Chokmah is a primal universe. Immortals. Both WitchCraft and Armageddon In fact. Duchy of Glee. and the Faeries make their home in C h a p t e r O n e 6 . Feral. the duke stopped. The Pagan Gods live in Netzach. And it is false. anymore.

and skills are discussed. the Mad Gods. including new nature spirits. including descriptions of the best-known Dream Realms. New Qualities. information is provided about the Coma Kingdoms. the First World. Finally. Tainted Spirits. the Oneirokitai. who populate each dreamer’s Panorama.Chapter Summary Chapter One: Drifting contains this introductory text. and the Sammael Gate. the Realm The of Akasha. Groups: the details of Oz two and Solitaire Wizards Apoanu Apyabaiba. and more powerful entities like Morpheus and the Archangel Dumah. details the complex story of the Society of Assassins and the two Sects that developed from them. Chapter Five: Metaphysics details combat in the Dreamscape and presents new Invocations and Seer Powers. the Society of Assassins. Drawbacks. including histories for each organization. It also details Shamanism and the Abhinja Powers of the Enlightened. Order of and the Enlightened It also Masters of the new the Shambala. 7 D r i f t i n g . which the Mad Gods use to infiltrate humanity’s dreams. more chapter discusses the obscure and unusual Dream Realms like the Red King’s Dreaming. The chapter discusses the Two Prophets’ role and their Vision for the Ghost Dancers. the Plane of Ideas. and it illustrates the Order of Shambala’s problems. also and much more some are of covered. Chapter Six: Denizens reveals sample denizens found in the Dream Realms. and Ethereals. the Garden of Earthly Delights. or Nightmare Ethereals. as well as the Baraka Sabil powers of the Society of Assassins. the Mara. who guide humanity through their dreams. The Periphery. which may be the center of the universe or nothing at all. Chapter Four: Associations provides more detail about the new Associations. It also examines the Dream Ethereals. Chapter Two: Rules describes a new Character Type and three new Associations: the Native American Ghost Dancer Covenant. It also delves further into the two Solitaire groups’ background. Chapter Three: Sephiroth contains an overview of Hod. the Eidolon.

094 yards). Some notations cannot provide a set number For supplement Book of Geburah. It contains additional. erates a number between 4 and 40. (instead of 1. the “he or she” In an effort to structure is clumsy and unattractive. For example. A number in parentheses after.” this book uses male designations for even chapters. and has also managed to become lucid during dreaming. So the notation D6 x 4(12) means work. D6 and D4 mean a ten-sided die. relatively arbitrarily. Gender Every roleplaying game struggles with the decision about third person pronouns and possessives. Virginia. because their result depends on a variable factor. the conversions are In the interests of ease of use. and it is used for general explanations. a six-sided die.Conv entions Text Conv entions This book has different graphic features that identify the type of information presented. but tangential information. featured on the The Metaphysical Game Samples WitchCraft game site are also his vided for those that want to avoid dice rolling and just get the result. Tale adventure for the WitchCraft Chronicler’s Screen and the Party Gone Out of Bounds adventure for RPGAction. rounded For example. instead of a musician). C h a p t e r O n e 8 .609).). his) is customarily used for both male and female. yards. meters are equal to yards This information provides ready-to-use examples of Supporting Cast Members that can be used as allies or Adversaries. While the male reference (he. odd chapters. D10. Measurements This book primarily uses U. example. If a Chronicler feels that more precision is neces- sary. she should take the U. the notation is the average roll.com. him. an eightsided die. D8. He was a contributing writer for GURPS Villains He also wrote the A Winter’s respectively. Metric system equivalents appear in parentheses. Thom would like to dedicate this book to his exwife Heidi. measurements (feet.4536). and so on. or material supplementing the standard text. there is no question it is not entirely inclusive. This is his first full book. measurements provided and apply more exact formulas. He has since gone on to co-write the Buffy the Vampire Slayer roleplaying game supplements Monster Smackdown and Welcome to Sunnydale.S. miles are multiplied by 1. pounds are halved to get kilograms (instead of multiplied by 0. Dice Notations This book uses certain dice notations throughout. D10 x 4 means roll a ten-sided dice and multiply that total result by four. etc. He dreams in color. and a four-sided die. and female designations for This is sidebar text. Multipliers are expressed after the dice notation. because it was something she really wanted—just like Marvin Gaye would have done for his ex-wife (if he had been a game writer. About the Author Thom Marrion is an artist and writer currently living in Virginia Beach. miles. “split the difference.5 to get kilometers (instead of 1. This text is standard text. or in the middle of. This number is proThis gen- and GURPS Monsters. D8(4) x Strength cannot be expressed as a set number because the Strength value varies depending on who is acting. pounds.S. On the other hand. and solely author the second Sephiroth that players who want to skip rolling just use the value 12.

” 9 D r i f t i n g . Le Femme Nikita. Charles De Lint’s works proved inspirational. Any book that wishes to describe the Realm of Dreams has to acknowledge Windsor McKay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland comics. and bits about the Coyote. Greek mythology. were gathered from the Government of Tibet in Exile’s website at www. The Society of Assassins has been a conspiracy theory favorite for years. provided Specific behind the Order details about the Order’s history. as well—they reinforced the crying need for a Native American Covenant in the WitchCraft and Armageddon settings. such as the current Panchen Lama’s fate. and various tidbits of knowledge gathered via living through what the Chinese appropriately call “interesting times. The Wiz ard of Oz .com. but the group’s tone owes a lot more to the Matrix. and The Professional (the latter two being the French films. not the TV series or Anime that share the same name). but they were definitely inspirational. the First World. Hebrew folklore. as well as Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series (which includes an homage to Little Nemo). The sect’s real history was the starting point for the Covenant.Bibliography The books listed were not necessarily used for specific information appearing in the Book of Hod. Kim ideas Stanley’s Escape from of Katmandu Shambala. Christopher Moore’s Coyote Blue inspired the Ghost Dancers. Raymond Moody’s astral projection work.tibet. Other sources include the Alice in Wonderland books.

Chapter Two: Rules C h a p t e r T w o 10 .

heading for their various training sessions. est Mundanes you could ever meet. T he senator did not look like much of a threat. She was just about to T he senator stopped whistling. the piece of paper he was tossing into the outbox remained suspended in midair. Geneva had dispatched the guards outside his door with no problem. dissolving the senator’s office and revealing the otherworldly courtyard in which she had been training.” He smiled and waved his hand. she 11 R u l e s . She followed its apparent trajectory and saw a black-clad figure braced against the ceiling behind her. When their training was finished. a tool of the Combine. the Society of Assassins decided that the world would be a much better place without him in it. Alamut or Red Lotus Sect. T he senator was working through a pile of paperwork and whistling a popular country tune as Geneva slipped behind him and slowly placed the knife against his throat. he stopped moving. Geneva slowly turned her head to find a knife suspended mere inches from the back of her head. and now. using her Hideaway Invocation. or one of the Conspiracy’s other pawns.” replied a male. Y ou are still just starting out. Middle Eastern-accented voice. she moved invisibly through his office. Refik. he was just another old. T he Adversary worked through some of the bland- T hat certainly did not make the senator any less dangerous— nor did it forgive him the evil he had allowed to happen. Geneva sighed. T he politician had been For this reason. couraged. At least you made it into his office this time. Geneva could now see the madrasa’s other students bustling through the open hallways and courtyards around her. knew they would all be ready for the work that awaited them. too long a pawn of the Adversary. “What did I miss this time?” “Look behind you. balding politician from some Midwestern state she never paid any attention to—but that was often the way of these things. end the man’s life with one swift cut when the world grew suddenly quiet. she thought. “Don’t allow yourself to become dis- T he man with the accent walked through the office wall.T he Assassin Geneva silently crept her way into the senator’s office.

15 points in Qualities (and up to 15 points in Drawbacks). These characters may be Gifted. a fairly extensive write-up of lucid dreaming is included. True Immortals. as might be expected in a book about the Sephiroth of Dreams.” Greater Gifted are humans who have cultivated their occult powers to superhuman levels. and the Order of Shambala. available to all players. This chapter Type. New Qualities.Introduction Chapter Two provides information on incorporating the Sephiroth of Hod into a WitchCraft or Armageddon campaign. the Associations are covered in a summary format so players do not learn about more the than necessary. 35 points for skills. the and two of Oz new and Solitaire Apoanu Covenants. or Enlightened Humans. Wizards Apyabaiba. Many of these humans are very long-lived or even immortal. As in the WitchCraft and Armageddon corebooks. I get the feeling that my entire existence has been nothing but a training run to deal with this situation. since I was a mere mortal and that was a long while ago. New Character Type The following should be added to the list of Character Types available for generating WitchCraft characters. It should be made freely They will not spoil the wonder of Hod by perusing the information here. introduces Three the Greater Gifted the Character new Associations. Finally. Greater Gifted “Things have not been this lively since well. They represent some of the greatest sorcerers and psychics of the world. Greater Gifted characters receive 20 points for Attributes. and 50 points for Metaphysics. the Society of Assassins. Ghost Dancers. and skills are also presented. Much be more detail in Associations can garnered Chapter Four: Associations. as long as they purchase the appropriate Qualities. Drawbacks. C h a p t e r T w o 12 . are discussed. movers and shakers of human affairs.

have the Ghost various Warrior have united like Hard to Kill or Situational Awareness. Shamans whose metaphysical lineage stretches back thousands of years have Extra Essence and some may even possess the Old Soul Quality. but members who join the Association as adults must learn to speak their ancestral language. They were not the only who protect the tribe. so they may have the Honorable types (–1) Drawback. the sacred tree has fallen. and we have kept the Vision in our hearts. Storytelling. Qualities and Drawbacks: Life on the Rez does not of the lead to wealth. Nations return to the Old Ways and learn to live in harmony with one another. “The Dream will never die. so their mental Attributes should be above average. Medicine Men. leaving the West for the American). In order to keep to the Old Ways and live in harmony with the land. As part of keeping the Old Ways. down the tree but the roots The White Man tried to cut remained. Forced to operate in secret for fear of government persecution since the 19th century. specializing in nature spirits.” —Tashunka-Ska “White Horse.New Associations The Ghost Dancers “The memory of that day is still with me. the dead will be Occult Knowledge Skill. We will have our Paradise on Earth. Common Ghost Dancer members include Shamans. Coyote Ferals may have the Clown Dancers have not forgotten Wounded Knee’s lesson. The buffalo will return. who enjoy playing tricks on friends and enemies alike. The Shamans use their of rituals. Shamans also need good mental Attributes. and the Vision of the Ghost Dance will be forgotten. dead and buried in the snow. Qualities largest Shamanistic Covenant in today’s Dancers world. Other skills include and Dance Legend (Traditional (Native Native reunited with the living. natural psychic ability. Concern for their people drives Description: Perhaps the the Shamans. casualties that day. if the According Prophets’ teachings. and Dancers have learned their Nation’s native language.” —Capa-Tanka “Big Beaver.” speaking massacre at Wounded Knee Drawback. a new Paradise on Earth will arise and a Golden Age will dawn for the Native Peoples. and Braves. many Ghost Native Peoples. The Medicine Men have powerful Spirit Patrons who grant them special abilities. and Unconventional Medicine (Herblore). Skills: All Ghost Dancer members must have the Rituals (Ghost Dancers) Skill. Attributes: Ghost Dancer Shamans tend to live close to nature. so most Ghost Dancers have Below Average Wealth or lower. The Braves are usually Mundane warriors 13 R u l e s . the Ghost Physical Drawbacks. most Ghost Dancers know a knowledge Metaphysics to help their tribe. As life on the reservation can be hard. Belief in the Vision unites the Ghost Dancers and some members are so grown in numbers and strength. The Association’s Coyote Ferals value cleverness. We have Many Ghost Dancers have Adversaries that range from small anti-environmental companies to powerful Combine cells. the also take the Minority A beautiful Dream died in the bloody The Dream lies mud along with all those innocent people. I close my eyes and can still see the butchered men and women and children scattered in heaps along the gulch.” fanatical about realizing the Dream that they have or either the Lakota Ghost Dancer Obsession Zealot Drawback. The Association also includes a sizeable Feral community of the Coyote’s Children. it is a prerequisite for a Shaman’s Metaphysics. All Ghost Dancers are Native Americans. The unite Prophets the Wodziwob and Wovoka’s Vision Drawback. Myth American). Ghost Dancers all have average or above average physical Attributes. and the Whites will be forced east of the Mississippi. Ghost Dancer children grow up speaking their ancestors’ tongue. while older Shamans and Medicine Men might suffer Those North American tribes into a cohesive whole. Many members also have the Ghost to the Dancers’ Two differing Nations. Ghost Dancers must As Native Americans.

the Ghost Dancers are not materialistic. seeking to preserve the traditional lands.number of wilderness survival skills. or Medicine Men who receive their powers through Spirit Patrons. nurses. In addition. can walk in the shape of the Coyote. Fortunately. but have several Invocations and one or more Seer Powers (see p. or writers. Of course. Warrior types also know how to use traditional weapons and they have the appropriate Hand Weapon skills. 102). Finally. Roleplaying the Ghost Dancers: You believe the Creator appeared to the Prophets Wodziwob and Wovoka and promised them a Paradise on Earth if the Native Peoples returned to the Old Ways and C h a p t e r T w o 14 . over unlike their some shape Coyote Ferals. 97-105). cultural anthropologists. in addition to other combat skills. and Bow. as well as powers dealing with nature spirits. Knife. or paramedics. Special Abilities: Shamanistic Covenants have a close bond with nature and the Ghost Dancers are no different. Ghost Dancers receive a +2 bonus to This all all metaphysical tasks dealing with Nature. such as Axe. have control changes and behavior during those changes. Common Professions: The Ghost Dancers are one of the few Covenants where a person’s career and metaphysical calling are one and the same: a Shaman gets paid to be a Shaman. includes the Communion Invocation and Elemental Magic. Some Ghost Dancers. Some Ghost Dancers use their historical knowledge to work as historians. being a Shaman on the Rez is not a financially lucrative job. Dancers receive a +2 bonus. Spear. nature spirits react favorably to the Ghost Dancers. Quite a few Ghost Dancers have Artistic Talent and try to preserve the Old Ways through art and music. Ghost or Storytelling spirits. All Ghost Dancer Coyote Ferals. either inborn Coyote Ferals or humans with the Skin-Changer Quality (see p. Shamans may incorporate most any combination of Metaphysics. When using munQuestioning. dane skills like on Smooth nature Talk. Other Ghost Dancers use their knowledge to supplement more mundane occupations. Metaphysics: Most Ghost Dancers are either Gifted or Lesser Gifted Shamans. Many Shamans use their healing knowledge to work as doctors. some Ghost Dancers fight for the Native Peoples’ rights in the courtroom as lawyers or as activists.

Although you may own a pick-up truck to get around in. For hundreds of like Fast Reaction Time. this is complicated by the fact that there are currently two Imams and two sects. learn Arabic Foreigners and follow Allah’s Will. few Because of this single-mindedness. ferent is not limited to those of Arabic You practice your ancestors’ religion. They do whatever they desire because they do not fear reprisal. The Ruya’ha you for future generations. countries. The Ruya’ha Sect continues doing what the this “harmonious life” requires the People to live in peace with the Whites. speaking to a class of Refiks after their Initiation Description: Assassination is murder to bring during their kills. let alone that it has two opposing factions. Attributes: Assassins need to Nothing will prevent your people from attaining the Vision’s goal. this secret society has killed powerful leaders and key figures in service to Allah’s Will. Drawback is not any Surprisingly. Many Assassins have Qualities about political change. This sect faith- you live in harmony with the land. The Society of Assassins “We are Shadows of Vengeance that enter the hidden places. you do not own a 36” bigscreen television. Of course. as well. but technology does not You are not a rule your life. You never act maliciousAncient ly towards your Native American Brethren. As long as the Vision is kept Strength or Constitution. the Society of Assassins. a Sioux considers a Kiowa or a Pawnee his Brother. We are Allah’s instruments of Justice. Society’s members than in any other Association. Those who devote their lives to social change through applied murder most likely have an Adversary or two. Whichever interpretation you believe. Like your ancestors. No matter how bad things get. and those identities hide a Secret. the Assassins try to remain detached and professional —Khalid al-Sulaiman. no one else knows of the Society’s existence. They have no guilt because they believe their They are wrong. Dexterity is valued above The Combine tried to wipe the Ghost Dancers from the face of the Earth and they failed. Society is famous for their agents’ willingness to die for the a cause. other must as well as agents from them causes you to lose sight of the important things in life. so all physical Attributes are average or higher. working closely with possible targets as they await orders to strike. the Humorless quite Assassins suffer from believe they will never be held accountable for what they do. The Society infiltrates many diforganizations. taking only what you need and preserving the environment around fully follows their Imam’s will and it has no doubt its actions are in accord with Allah’s Will. Assassins have done for hundreds of years: murdering to make the world a better place. and Situational 15 R u l e s . constant conflict. others believe it applies only to living peacefully with the other Tribal Nations. Hard to Kill. You avoid them. you live your life by the Vision’s tenets. Sect has allied with the Templars. Some peoThey ple believe they are too powerful to be punished. The alive and strong in your heart. nothing can stop you or the Native Peoples. and you learn to speak your forefathers’ language. Many Assassins lead double lives. but apart from their allies. Luddite. giving into number of American and French agents. into existence to The word assassination came the actions of the describe Hashashin. The Vision guides your life.” Drawback. while the Alamut Sect has allied with the Combine. They go against Allah’s wishes because they no longer have faith. as revealed by the Imam. Mental Attributes are at least average for Intelligence and Willpower and above average for Perception. Membership descent. for it removes you from the natural world. you cling to the Vision’s hope. These agents have Multiple Identities. the Cruel common among the more actions have no consequences. Some Ghost Dancers believe years. so it prefers its agents not rely on disguises or illusions to do so. Qualities and Drawbacks: Zealot is the most common Drawback for members of this Association.lived a harmonious life. You follow the Old Ways. so it is usually the highest of the three abilities. the Society of Assassins’ true leader. Both sects are in animosities are forgotten. be in good physical condition. The Society has a Technological gadgets and alcohol are the White Man’s distractions.

many Assassins have some or all of the following skills: Acrobatics. Invocations. In addition. Electronic Surveillance. Disguise. He plans his missions’ every last detail and he roams from city to city to complete assignments. Special Abilities: Because they train intensively in the ways of the Hashashin. some are Gifted or Lesser Gifted. infiltrator and combination Disguise Skill Greater Illusion Invocation move undetected through the halls of power. The Society includes some Seers. but they are few and far between. C h a p t e r T w o 16 . Lesser The Assassins favor the and Greater Illusion Illusion. The professional killer does not maintain any particular identity for very long.Awareness to prolong their danger-filled of Good lives. luck is the only reason some of the Society’s Fedavis live today. Climbing. Assassins add +1 to their Dexterity and Perception Attributes. Guns (mostly Sniper Rifles. Assassins with the Gift usually learn both Magic and Baraka Sabil (see p. 23). Common Professions: There are two main types of Assassins: The the infiltrator uses and a the professional of the to killer. Demolitions. which is similar but not identical to Islam. the importance Luck never be overestimated. he serves tea and gathers secrets for his masters. can Additionally. but other types of guns as well). Escapism. Actually. Skills: All Assassins must learn Language (Arabic) and Humanities (Theology—the Imam’s Teachings). Metaphysics: Many Assassins are Mundanes. the Ruya’ha Sect’s theology is a lot closer to Templar Philosophy than it is to Traditional Islam. Assassins’ skills reflect their training in murder and espionage. Which skills an Assassin knows depends on the type of assignments he receives. 96). Stealth. Hand Weapon (any other). Meanwhile. Bureaucracy. Hideaway. quickness and awareness help them get in and out of secure places without being seen. Many outside organizations The pay the Society’s hit men to assassinate people. and their only contact with the supernatural world is their Initiation in the Garden of Earthly Delights in Hod. Acting. Hand Weapon (Knife). Dodge. The nice old lady from Manchester who brings the Prime Minister his tea every morning might actually be a man from Benghazi who has spent the last few years awaiting the order to kill. All Assassins have the Martial Arts (Ra’d Quwwat) Skill (see p. and Traps. Surveillance. Still. Lock Picking.

Many members of the Order have Willpower at the highest level you realize this. They are the Order of Shambala and they do not even live in Tibet. the most inexperienced is nothing is to realize that one is in everything. The Monks do not think Mundanes are spiritually evolved enough to learn the lessons taught in Shambala. you found yourself in a lush. in the Realm of Shambala. Most members of the Order hail from Tibet. It frees you from loneliness. they did influence world events in the past. Then that is a very simplistic way of looking at it. As the Imam knows the Creator’s Will. You would die for him. He told you to enjoy all the delights surrounding you: sweet fruits you had never before tasted. Even quench your thirst. nor is membership in the Order. believes that all three of the High Incarnates are reincarnated Bodhisattvas. you are no longer limited by the Ego. The Order of Shambala “Know this: all that you perceive is Illusion. sometimes the You just had to return to the Bliss Bodhisattvas end their celestial existence and reincarnate as humans to better serve mankind. the Order’s membership is not exclusively male either. would kill for him. entry into delayed others awaited you in Kether—if you only obeyed his commands. At that moment you knew that you would do anything the Imam asked. There are female members of the Order who live in a Nunnery in Shambala’s otherworldly complex. with Willpower being the most important. The Self. After a long period of Ritual Purification. They do not control a series of underground the tunnels have in are the a metaphor for the dream calling greater good. When you walked through the Gateway. Qualities and Drawbacks: The Order does not have any Mundane members. existence. access progress growth. Actually. Knowing the Emptiness frees you from fear. The Monks The true nature of reality is Emptiness. where the One True Imam greeted you. but the Order has Monks from all over the world. Order resides They do not even live on Earth. Host Unlike their brethren who serve the Heavenly (see Armageddon. again. The is You can still remember your initiation when you were merely a Dias. the Imam knows who needs to die. as you Nothing has any inherent Once Attributes: The Monks of Shambala usually have average physical attributes. They brought you to searing heights of ecstasy and everything about the place overwhelmed your senses. Roleplaying the Assassins: You kill people. them Tibetan Masters is something of a misnomer.hit must always meet the Imam’s approval. He said the pleasure you had just experienced could not compare to the joy that Bodhisattvas. It frees you To realize that one humanly possible. As reincar- 17 R u l e s . as you understand it.” —Adept Tempa. of course. He knows who stands in the way of human and who stunts humankind’s spiritual tunnels. emphasize mental Attributes over physical ones. 175). and sometimes outside sources pay for jobs the Imam had already ordered the hit man to do. was truly Heaven. Finally. you were brought to a Gateway made of white light. and every vice and pleasure you could ever imagine. he knows what changes need to be made to better society. Existence. exotic drinks to Enlightenment is not limited to Tibetans. p. also known as Kerubim in the West. which located in the Otherworld of Hod. the Masters do not rule the world. fulfilled your every need and desire. understand it. but Description: Countless conspiracy theories and fringe ideas exist about Tibetan Masters with secret knowledge who rule the world via secret under- ground tunnels. on her first entry to Shambala Adept is at least a Lesser Gifted. They never discuss this period in their history. It though the group is sometimes referred to as the Monks of Shambala. though many members have an above average Constitution. In short. beautiful young maidens. The Peris.” —The Lama Drolma “Wow. from pain. they Periphery. Those theories are mostly wrong. Tibet does have Gateways to Shambala though. Some of the Order’s members are no longer strictly souls in human. you eliminate Imam-approved key figures for the First of all. however. It was Bliss. You Nirvana order help reach Enlightenment. exotic garden. who have to They are And then the Imam told you it was nothing. does not exist. The Order you experienced in the Garden of Earthly Delights. does not exist. anyway.

p. Abhinja also allows the Enlightened mem- bers to become Tulkus—lamas who have control over how and when they reincarnate. As part of their training. The Order practices a strict pacifist code and many members possess the Honorable Drawback at the second or third level. The Order has little use for Magic and Necromancy. which Members never have Spirit movement toward hinders Enlightenment. 21). putting them on a more equal footing with the Seraphim and the Pagan Pantheons (see Armageddon. The Order does not include any Inspired. so members rarely have Drawbacks like Covetous or Obsession. many members have the Old Soul Quality. which allows them to learn the Abhinja Metaphysical powers. Special Abilities: The Monks of Shambala are masters of meditation. Skills: Although the Order of Shambala includes members from all over the world. as their worldviews do not mesh. Patrons. all members of the Order learn Occult Knowledge. Metaphysics: Most Gifted members possess some combination of Tao-Chi and Second Sight. C h a p t e r T w o 18 . are both seen as valid ways of working Those toward Enlightenment. High-ranking Quality. they gain a free level in the Trance Skill. Philosophy (Tibetan Buddhist). they are Enlightened (see p. even if this is not their native language. Tibetan is the All common language spoken in the Otherworld. The Monks believe in moderation in all things. The Gateways between Shambala and Earth (Malkuth) are all located in the Himalayas.nation plays an important part of the Order’s beliefs. so it does not teach those Arts to its members. do not have Disciples of the Flesh. definition. all members learn the Lucid Dreaming Skill. and as such. 187). by proper attitude to be the Monks of Shambala. so learning the Survival (Mountains) Skill is something of a necessity. members of the Order possess the Language (Tibetan) Skill. members have the Enlightened This allows them to learn the Abhinja pow- ers. Since the Order is based in the Sephiroth of Hod. and Trance. The highest-ranking members are beyond Gifted.

acting as relief workers for refugees or political activists for the Free Tibet movement. in the Dream Realm. you have. You endeavor to remain detached. also The makes fact you that a you live for in the Mad Shamans. The Others reach adulthood without knowing the truth of their existence and may spend years in almost any career before discovering their true nature. but it is really just a way station for those wishing to travel from Malkuth to the Otherworld of Hod. Most groups are small.” —Kyeema Strode. the First Five: a Rosicrucian. while others have learned to work in modern society. one of the First Five Description: The Wizards of Oz Solitaire group is a temporary alliance of five individuals. You live in the Otherworld of Hod and you have seen things that others can only imagine. Still. The Wizards of Oz “It gets a little weird when koalas and kangaroos talk to you. the other is Covenants. your Order’s leaders. they now lead a group of 25 other Otherworld target the Gods. al things. The Station looks something like a ranch or an outpost. Presented below are two such Shamanistic One is small and modern. monks who dwell in the realm of Shambala. Some of eral hundred members. no doubt about it. I think I’ll stay. have chosen to return to Earth. however. is located on the other side of the Gateway. for it is easier for their minions to enter the Dream Realms than it is for them to enter Earth. Nirvana. following the “I like it here. Attributes: The curious and creative Wizards of Oz research the Dream Realms. The Combine has destroyed almost all of —Derain Barega. The Wizards’ base. you believe that Shambala may be in terrible danger once more. Roleplaying the Order of Shambala: You are on a spiritual path that will eventually lead to True Dreamtime can be dangerous. out of compassion for the human race. But it is hard to remain calm and serene called Bullamakanka Station. some You take a wrong turn in the Outback and end up in tropical jungle or on an ice-covered fjord. and they have above when you know the world is coming to an end. a sizable faction of the Order has tried to spread the Order’s teachings. a small cluster of buildings Shambala has suffered because of this before. By reincarnating in different lands. also faced terrible persecution. it has some of the most breathtaking sunsets I have ever seen. Since the Chinese worked Invasion with some members have exiled Tibetans. Yours is a life of contemplation. large and more traditional.” teachings of those who have attained Nirvana but. As the Solitaires of various backgrounds. Many of the members have Artistic Talent. Reincarnating in different places has been a lot more difficult for the Tulkus to control. coming Reckoning and increasing number of Gifted in the world. who are all interested in exploring the Dream Realms. Aboriginal Shaman Enlightenment. You try your best to keep to your Order’s Path. no one feature is true of all of them. They opened a Gateway to the First World With the of Hod in 1972 and control it to this day.Common Professions: Most of the Monks of Shambala are simply that. Qualities and Drawbacks: A few of the Wizards are True Dreamers who come into their own in Hod. average Intelligence and Willpower. 19 R u l e s . they They do not worry about materitheir days working toward of Shamanistic Solitaire Groups The world of WitchCraft is full of Shamanistic As Covenants with a variety of different traditions. and three Aboriginal the Gateways connecting Shambala to the Earth and they have tried to eradicate the High Incarnates. Some groups cling to the Old Ways. a Wicce. unfortunately. not getting caught up in the fears and concerns over what is ultimately nothing. Reckoning approaches. While it seems like this would be an idyllic existence. and these artistic types often find it easier to control Dreamscape environments. they are all Solitaires. the reincarnated Tulkus realize their true identity at an early age and become metaphysical prodigies. though some have sev- spend reaching Tibet.

The First World’s have above average Dexterity and Perception. especially among Mundane members. Shamans with the Skin-Changer Quality can also take the shape of a Jaguar. Shamans and most Together we can survive. Arawakan. and assorted other Solitaires. Together we Together we can drive the outsiders possibly the Old Quality are appropriate for such characters. Jaguar nature spirits being the most common. all of their physical involving one specific Metaphysical Art (Magic. when Sun and Moon traveled to the First World and formed an their powers through Spirit Patrons. Metaphysics: Since Apoanu Apyabaiba is a Description: Apoanu Apyabaiba is one of the largest Solitaire groups in the WitchCraft world. mainly Jaguar Ferals. this situation changes significantly in an Armageddon campaign). Metaphysics: Most of the Wizards of Oz are Gifted or Lesser Gifted who use Magic or the Sight. Rosicrucians. This the group United itself Apoanu Native People. Roleplaying the Wizards of Oz: You are curious about the Dream Realms of Hod. C h a p t e r T w o 20 . Skills: All members have at least one level of Language (Tupi). part for Apyabaiba lineage Essence Shamans stretching and are back Metaphysical tions—extra generaSoul Apoanu Apyabaiba “Now is the time when we must all unite as a people— Tupian and Guarani. Sun and Moon’s native language and the Covenant’s adopted language.Skills: Lucid Dreaming is a common skill. Special Abilities: A bonus of +1 to any Task Medicine called Men—into the a confederation. Qualities and Drawbacks: As a Covenant of Dreamtime fascinates you. and they are do not get along with outsiders as well as I do. wearing the skin of humanity. can protect our home. and —Sun. Shamans tend to have Myths and Legends. Attributes are usually average or higher. that is the reason you joined the Wizards of Oz. Occult Knowledge (nature spirits). Some Shamans receive united coalition Amazonian Rainforest Shamans and supernaturals. and Tracking are also common. Amazonian Guide and Shaman Survival (Rainforest). Any combination of Metaphysics is possible. The Covenant started in the 1990s. they are even larger and more powerful when used in the Armageddon Moon. When the twins returned Supernaturals. but they are clearly in the minority. and discover the mysteries of the First World. The group con- Jaguar Ferals tend to tains a rather high number of artists and musicians. or Lucid Dreaming for the Mundanes in the group). Guarani. You don’t want to go Storytelling. Stealth. the Garden of Earthly You want to experience pleasures. but the majority of Shamans use Invocations or the Sight. All members have The trees there are very angry. (Herblore) First Aid and Unconventional Medicine also common. Attributes: As the rainforest Shamans live in a wild and untamed environment. the Covenant started to look like it might succeed in reclaiming the rainforest after decades of deforestation (with the rise of the Church of Revelations. Willpower Wicce. see the indigenous Amazonian people. is also important for a Shaman. this The loose twin Inheritors. You want to live what others dream. even when they walk on two legs. away. Apyabaiba. Snares. increasing the number of Shamans in the Amazon with Jaguar Spirit Patrons. No. started Professions: Almost any of profession people is This as Association Aboriginal consists who out Shamans. one of the Divine Twins “Down that river? down that river. Apoanu Dancers.” —Pikom Salvada.” other members have a Rituals Skill appropriate to their culture—Tupian. Ferals are inborn or at least These Jaguar Some reconciled. they unified the various Amazonian tribal nations—or at least united their Shamans and ble. the Sight. With Jaguar Ferals and Shamans united under Sun and Moon’s leadership. Drawbacks. and Tucanoan being the most common. Shaman and Jaguar. setting. most of its members are Shamans (see p. 97). Common possible. most of the Apoanu Apyabaiba’s members have the Minority (Amazonian Native) and Resources As with the (Hurting Ghost or lower) some of a Delights’ wonders of the City of Dilmun. Other Supernaturals are possi- to Malkuth. especially for the Apoanu Apyabaiba’s Feral members. trust me. of Sun and Shamanistic Solitaire group. Other Apoanu Apyabaiba members consist of alliance with the Balam Clan of the Jaguar Nation.

21 R u l e s .Special Abilities: Apoanu Apyab aib a is a large group. This ab ility is most effective amongst Magicians (who can unleash devastating Invocations almost instantly) and Seers (who can increase the Strength of their power at the cost of two Essence per additional Strength level). Like any other New Qualities and Drawbacks Enlig htened 20-point Supernatural Quality P rereq uis ite: The Gift and Old Soul R es tric tion: Cannot have a Spirit Patron Enlightened humans are to the Gifted what the Gifted are to the Mundane. The Inspired are almost most never of the Enlightened. isolated from others like yourself. Most memb ers are Shamans or hunters—those activities take the majority of their time (and the reason they have such low Resources). your home. like some Supernatural creatures. some powerful guardians now work to protect it. Roleplaying the Apoanu Apyabaiba: You practice the traditions handed down from previous generations. The Enlightened have a b ase Essence recovery rate equal to their Willpower per minute. the resist all manner of powers. b ut it is still a Solitaire group. The rainforest. they cannot forge b onds with “greater” b eings. their ab ilities mimic Enlightened powers. Essence Channeling remains useful to these characters). Some memb ers work with outsiders as may represent the next step in human evolution: they have an instinctive understanding of the forces that humans may control. While outside forces still threaten the rainforest. They united the different b the result of multiple reincarnations on Earth. nor can they have a Spirit Patron. Thus. Not coincidentally. a Renaissance you are for A have Amazonian in an Essence—more control than normal Channelers. among other things. the rainforest is one of the few spots on the planet that has remained free of the great concentration normal Magicians. By the time of Armageddon. e Common Professions: The Amazonian Rainforest consists of pre-industrial trib al cultures. as many adolescent or young adult Gifted gain Enlightenment. a e natural reaction to the increased Essence in the world. eral hundred Enlightened humans exist in the world. All Gifted with this power can. Golden Age dawn. Even then. in which case your daily existence is a nonstop fight against an enemy from outside reality. b ringing with them the source of Enlightenment. In a Witc hCraft game. so having a profession is not important. or the Creator’s Will. These men and women Solitaires. that numb er increases tenfold. Their control over Essence allows them to By the same token. Feral powers. The Enlightened Who can say? tremendous control over The that trib al Shamans. only sev- guides or translators. Enlightened require a can quickly deal of unleash Invocations from Shamanism—unless playing Armageddon setting. Then the Divine Twins came. plus any Essence Channeling levels they may have (in other words. possessing far greater potential than any of their predecessors. memb ers of Apoanu Apyab aib get a +1 a b onus to any Task involving one specific Metaphysical Art (Magic. Enlightened are innately independent. b ecome Beholden. No one fully understands The Enlightened may was b eing destroyed and your way of life threatened. they can never Leviathan’s influence. the Sight. They can use as much Essence as they hold within themselves—nothing limits them in this regard. b ut you used to practice them alone. most Enlightened display one or b oth of those powers. allies from the Otherworld. and now you no longer work alone. or whatever else may b appropriate to the character). The Enlightened have one major ab ility: they can use Essence at will. not even their Essence Channeling level. use Essence defensively without any limitations.

as well. like Visualizations. He is more likely to dream about taking a test or standing in line at the DMV than he is to dream about riding a red dragon over a green mountain lucid valley. This Limited Dreamer never remembers his dreams and all his actions in the Dream Realms are at a –5 penalty. Limited Dreamers never dream in color and their dream’s events closely resemble the dreamer’s real life. If a Limited Dreamer walked through a Gateway into one of the Dream Realms. Some in characters the who seem somewhat inadequate Waking World become heroes in the Realms of Hod.Limited Dreamer 1. he would appear as an indistinct black and white version of himself. While in the Dream Realms. Because True Dreamers have stronger souls than normal. C h a p t e r T w o 22 . Also. This Supernatural Drawback is available to characters without the Gift. have both.to 2-point Mental Drawback This character does not have a fulfilling dream life. they are rather simple. all his actions suffer a –3 penalty. In fact. the Limited Dreamer Drawback True Dreamer Quality. so a character who can perform amazing feats while dreaming can remain perfectly mundane in the Waking World. and never possess the Lucid Dreaming Skill. He also has a +3 bonus to Lucid Dreaming and all Tasks he performs in the Dream Realms. they receive +6 to their Essence Pool. to He must make a Simple Intelligence Test at –3 remember his dreams. a Limited Dreamers cannot become during dream. A Cast Member may not True Dreamer 3 -point Supernatural Quality True Dreamers have richer dreams then most. This character gets more out of his nightly rest and regains two points of Endurance per Constitution for every half hour of sleep (twice as much as normal). The two-point version of this Drawback is more severe. the Gift is not a prerequisite for the True Dreamer Quality. it is most common Also note that cancels out the among the Mundane population. Characters with this level of Limited Dreamer often have the Humorless and Talentless Drawbacks. Even if he does even remember them.

In the world of WitchCraft. while it seems like also Quwwat Fighting Style. Spin Kick. The Sentinels even have records of European Saints whose abilities may have been examples of Abhijna. Buddhist than participating in the events of the dream. also possess this skill. The Monks of the Order of Shambala learn Abhidharma. though most choose from among Disarm. The Dreamer can change a nightmare to a pleasant dream. Doing so requires two steps: the character specific to their tribal culture. for example. The neck is –5 to target. Damage from Blunt attacks (like an Assassin’s arm. To use a Choke Hold. a character must successfully grab an opponent from behind. more detail below. p. not Rituals must become aware that he is dreaming (this is done with Perception and Lucid Dreaming). and Kick Special Moves: Can be any. so performing rituals requires a Dexterity and active Lucid Dreaming A character uses the Lucid Dreaming Skill to take control of his dreams. not their general culture. This ability is name Abhidharma comes Theology. The Dreamer Difficult Strength Test against the Character’s Choke Hold and Strength to break free. 51) from which it developed. Ghost Dancers have the Rituals (Ghost Other Shamans have a Ritual Skill Dancers) Skill. locked in his own Panorama. Basic Moves: Arm Lock. is not really an active player in the dream. Dreamscape. Only Humans can learn the Lucid Dreaming Skill. For instance. the Enlightened may be found anywhere and any of the Enlightened may know this skill. just another actor. along with the Trance The Skill and Humanities (Buddhist from Theology). Jab. It strongly resembles the Storm Fist style (see Mystery Codex.” The Dreamer. But it does not have to be this way. conscious part in the dream—to take control of it and determine what is going to occur in the Panorama. Apoanu Apyabaiba Shamans have Rituals (Yahuna) or Rituals (Ufaina). and Roll With Blow a Metaphysical ability. the character wraps his arm Dreaming Task to make changes to his Panorama. When he accomplishes this. Willpower New Co mbat Moe v Choke Hold: Damage: Strength. It can be used to gain self-awareness while dreaming or it can be used to manipulate the Dreamscapes. Most Shamanistic rituals incorporate dancing and movement into the ceremony. Baraka Sabil Powers have Assassins who have studied the Ra’d Hindu Enlightened Solitaires in India. It is possible to take an active. A character cannot learn this skill until he has successfully had his first lucid dream. He feels more like he is watching himself New Metaphysical Skills Abhidharma The Enlightened use the Abhidharma Skill to perform feats of Abhijna (see p. Lucid Dreaming (Special) The Lucid Dreaming Skill allows one to control his dreams’ content. get rid of figures in the dream he does not want to see. then he must take control of He his uses Panorama a or personal and Lucid (Amazonian) or Rituals (Apoanu Apyabaiba). 105). Lucid Dreaming is explained in Rituals (Shamanism) This skill is used to perform rituals and ceremonies in Shamanistic cultures. called Lucid Dreaming and with patience anyone can learn to do it. but it is not specifically a Buddhist Skill. around his opponent’s windpipe. become easier for the character to enter into a lucid state.New Skills Martial Arts (Ra’d Quwwat) The Society of Assassins calls their Martial Arts style the Strength of Thunder Combat Art. Counter Punch. It is unique in that. it is actually a skill that even Mundanes can learn. 23 R u l e s . applying Strength damage per turn. it can Rituals Task. Then. Punch. Supernaturals have other powers that they use to influence the Dreamscape. for example) to the neck is doubled. and conjure up people or places he does want. goes along with the dream’s events with no real conscious thought. The victim must pass a Resisted Beco ming Lucid Most dreams are “passive.

has more gains a than +1 one of the above full Qualities. This Test suffers a penalty of (six minus Willpower). If the character found him- events self at the Sammael Gate facing a Night Terror. but this is the Dream Realms. character’s The maximum Visualization and appropriate Attribute There are also Drawbacks that hinder a at Lucid Dreaming. There are those who can teach Lucid Dreaming. Making an apple appear on a table would seem to be easier than making medieval Paris appear through a Willpower minutes). If the Dreamer fails. On a natural roll of one. skill is learned. To actually take control of the Panorama. he would need to win a Resisted Task of his Willpower and Awaken Visualization against the Night Terror’s Willpower Test. if the Test is successful. the character cannot awaken for an entire hour. Awaken Visualization sends actually doing something about it are two different things. the appearance of someone who could not possibly be there. If a character he A character with Artistic Skill. using his Any Gifted or Supernatural adds +2. There is usually some kind of trig- ger for the sudden suspicion the character is dreaming.There are preparations the character can make bathroom door. If the Test is successful then the character becomes aware of the fact that he is dreaming. he goes back to being swept along with events of the Panorama and forgets about the fact that he is dreaming. Awaken becomes a Resisted Task against controls his own Panorama. Once the beforehand to insure having a lucid dream. benefit is +4. The Dreamer has four points to spend on Visualizations Dreaming for every A point he may has in the Lucid Perception Test. but for the most part it is something that has to be learned by the character himself. If he has the Trance Skill. the character Realms. then he cannot attempt to Awaken for 10 minutes (minus Dream are resolved through a Simple Willpower Test. Talent adds +2. Success Level. If an entity tries to detain a character in the Dream is trying to wake up. the Lucid Dreamer back to his own Panorama and he must roll a separate Awaken Task to awaken from there. and a final one is required to get from his personal Panorama to the Waking World. changes become easier to make on the Dreamscape. Any character with Situational Awareness may add +1 to his Perception Test. All Visualizations cost one point per level. If the Test fails. Hypnotism also adds to the This too provides +1 per ability to become lucid. he can use it before falling asleep. he is still aware Periphery (see 29 ). However. Still. wishes to make to the Any changes that he taking place in the that entity’s Willpower. It is not the most rational of Otherworlds. other If the Dreamer finds himself in one of the Dream Realms. attempt Nightmares and Talentless each add –1 to any Task to become lucid while dreaming. being aware that you are dreaming and with a Simple Willpower and Awaken Task when within his own the Panorama. Awaken sends him to to the character must succeed at a Difficult Willpower Test. If the Dreamer fails his Task. unless otherwise specified). he can try to learn the Lucid Dreaming Skill. p. or revisiting a place the character had dreamed about before. A drinking glass falling too slowly or bouncing off a wood floor instead of breaking. The first step in becoming lucid during a dream is for the character to become aware he is dreaming in the first place. is the ultimate fail-safe for a Lucid If things get out of control. So a character with a Willpower 3 makes his roll at a –3. The only thing he can attempt Panorama then requires a second Awaken Task roll. This Test is the same regardless of the changes that the Dreamer wishes to make to his Panorama. Once a character becomes lucid for the first time. He then adds +1 per Trance Success Level to every roll made while dreaming. In anyone else’s the Panorama. only benefit (not the amount) for each additional Quality. Recurring (Willpower. with a +1 for every Success Level in the awareness Perception Test. he can just He accomplishes this return to the Waking World. the character must first roll a Visualization the Task. Returning his own of the fact that he is dreaming but is unable to take control of the dream. C h a p t e r T w o 24 . In order to use a specific Visualization. a self-contained Dreamscape. Awaken Awaken Dreamer. character buy higher-level Visualizations up to twice his Lucid Dreaming Skill level. This is done with a Difficult Visualizations Visualizations are the specific changes that the character can make to his Panorama. which is accomplished through a Simple Willpower Test.

etc. but this effect is less pronounced outside the Periphery. Dream Flight allows the natural roll of ten. All objects do D6(3) x Willpower regular a damage. For instance. This effect is less powerful outside the Periphery. Any Dream Attack Fermata The Fermata Visualization allows the Dreamer to stop apparent time within his Panorama for one minute per Success Level in a Fermata Task. 25 R u l e s . A character could not conjure downtown Manhattan in the middle of the First World. damage. on or turn into a raven. The character does D4(2) x Willpower Panorama he occupies. the Conjurer would have to win a resisted Willpower Test against the house’s owner. Dream Flight This is the most common Visualization and is usually the first one a character learns upon gaining the Lucid Dreaming ability. Sephiroth of Hod. It allows the Dreamer to turn the surrounding environment against his enemies. hand cannon. magnum no matter their a actual giant form—a slingshot. For example. sudden volcanic eruptions. the attack’s appearance has little to do with the damage. The Dreamer same in somebody else’s Panorama.) into their dreams. Dream Attack This Visualization is a more violent version of Conjuration. Like other forms of suddenly change the dream to one about skipping through a field of daisies on a clear blue summer day. completely change underneath him. the Dreamer may stop time indefinitely and everyone The within his dream ceases works all the movement. This is how the Wizards of Oz created Bullamakanka Station in the First World. In any other may achieve apparent speeds of Dream Flight level times 100 mph (150 kph). attacking swarms—whatever springs from the Lucid Dreamer’s subconscious. On a successful Willpower and Dream Shift Task. he might decide to just conjure a key. A Dexterity and Dream Flight Task resolves complex maneuvers. if a Lucid Dreamer wanted to enter a house within the walls of the Domain of Morpheus. but he could add something simple like a spring well or even a simple building. On a causes D8(4) x Willpower in regular damage. Transformation This Lucid Dreamer can transform himself while dreaming. If he dreams that a Mara is He can also create armor with a value of chasing him through a dark city alley. attack in the Dream Realms.Conjuration Lucid Dreamers who know the Conjuration Visualization can summon any object (a wine bottle. the Fermata Effect only lasts one Turn per Success Level. he can instead D4(2) x Willpower. Acme rocket launcher. an Uzi submachine gun. though it is hard for the character to judge speed when the landscape can Dream Realm. the Lucid Dreamer may completely change the environment of the Intelligence the damage Dreamer based Willpower. For the key to actually work. Fermata Visualization character to fly in the Dream Realms. Any damage the summoned object causes is based on the Dreamer’s Willpower. successful Any Dream Shift Along with Dream Flight. This may take the form of falling rocks. a pink flamingo. he can grow a pair of claws Transformation occurs after a and Transformation causes is Task. this is one of the most common Visualizations learned. Appearance means little in the Any object that may be used to counter another’s wishes in the Dream Realms is only successful on a Resisted Willpower Test after it has been summoned with a Conjuration Task.

Chapter Three: Sephiroth C h a p t e r T h r e e 26 .

s pu n a ta pes tr y from the da r k s ky b leeding its W one ’ s w as colors T he w a ter pou nded B B u ffa lo W u ffa lo W s a nd pa inting. H y pnos . A s a s ilver -rob ed a ngel. ga ther ing know ledge from her ra ce ’ s S till. a nnou ncing the b rew ing s tor m’ s a nd onto the des er t floor. s a t on his rea ms B la ck T hrone b enea th the gia nt s cu lpted floa ting glob e tha t dis pla y ed a center. a b a ttle ra ged. is ters in their lonely T he third s is ter chided her s ib lings a nd looked dis plea s ed a t the s ha pe their w or k b een a ra ther a ttra ctive not b eing crea ted ta king—a ll thos e da r k threa ds H er feelings I w ere ob s cu r ing w ha t ha d previou s ly des ign. merely T he ta pes tr y w as for her plea s u re.T he R I ed K ing drea med. ca ve. into a mu lticolored pu ddle. the y ou nges t one s miled a t the older hile the T hree S comment. R oa mer of the D rea m R ea lms . the des ign grew more deta iled. s u ddenly u ma h the S dr ifted in their mids t. ea d s oldiers littered the field a nd ever y mu z z le fire revea led one more ca s u a lty ha lf-b u r ied in the mu d. or ld. the da r ker the s ky T hick drops oma n’ s of ra in fell life. clou ds b eca me. its a b ove. tw is ted T he da r k-rob ed. dis tu r b ing tea r in the la nds ca pe—a t its Mor pheu s ’ ma s k did little to hide his I n the city of B u b a s tis . ga thered in the s kies T he fa s ter the pa inting’ s T hen. on the ma tter w ere u nimpor ta nt. the B u ffa lo W oma n w a s ma king a complex s a nd pa inting on the du s ty n the F A irs t W s grou nd. a cros s T he fla s hing light a ls o dis pla y ed a grou p of pa le w omen da ncing ecs ta tica lly cloa ks . T he G od of D s ta red a t a w a s tela nd w ith a da r k G a tew a y —a concer n. Ma s s ive gu ns D illu mina ted the da r k s ky as s oldiers fla s h of crou ched in mu ddy trenches . how ever. the ta pes tr y O n the P t w as w or k tha t needed doing a nd the T hree S is ters ha d b een w or king on s ince the da w n of crea tion. w a iting to a tta ck. oma n w a lked a w a y . a b s tra ct pa tter ns tw is ting together a nd coming to s ha pes a r r iva l. D the b lood-s trew n b a ttlefield in ra ven-fea thered ilent. la ne of I dea s . moved. ed K 27 S e p h i r o t h . ing drea med. w hite-ma s ked Mor pheu s fa ce of his fa ther. a grea t feline B a s t dra nk from a reflecting pool. they cea s ed their da nce a nd a ll b ow ed in a w e of her. lightning fla s hed. the R collective cons ciou s .

hundreds of feet above the ground. or someone wandering the city of Dilmun might find a Victorian bakery where a Babylonian temple once stood for thousands of years. If she fails. certain features have existed in Hod for several millennia. And sometimes. Everyone has been to No other Sephiroth can claim this. Depending on the character’s Drawbacks and the Chronicler’s whim. Geburah—although not everyone goes to the Otherworld of the Dead upon doing so. she must pass a Simple Willpower Test. causing a character with a fear of heights to suddenly find herself on a narrow ledge. a bit player in a dreamer’s dream. only a minor land- scape change occurs. usually an Eidolon. a night- mare Ethereal called a Mara is drawn to the location instead. One can never be too certain about anything in this Otherworld—everything eventually changes in Hod. Hod may manifest anything from the character’s secret desires to her innermost fears: despised enemies could attack a paranoid character from many fronts. a wanderer in the Dream Lands may find her surroundings changing to reflect her subconscious. Even the most stable Realms experience drastic landscape changes in the blink of an eye. Hod. as well.The Sephiroth of Hod While the Sephiroth of Hod appears to exhibit some universal features. events taking place on Earth can create changes in Hod. C h a p t e r T h r e e 28 . things have a habit of changing at a moment’s notice. or a lush green jungle might suddenly appear over the next sand dune. As Hod mirrors Malkuth. It is the only Otherworld that everyone visits—usually a couple of times each night. she faces the manifestation of her secret thoughts. not even everyone dies (eventually). Entering the Sephiroth of Hod Hod is unique among Otherworlds. This is true on an individual level. Yet. who acts in the roles the character’s mind creates. Anything can appear in Hod—the possibilities are limitless. In cases of great terror. For every hour that a dreaming character spends in Hod. A volcano may suddenly erupt in the middle of a desert of rolling sands. For instance. while the vices controlling a character’s life may tempt an addicted character.

The Periphery is an infinite series of randomly Panoramas. much like The pearls reflect a an individual’s aura exist. and the stellar Panoramas pulse brightly during particularly perceive herself and her companions. Periphery’s Periphery contains craters exist. it is the only Dream Realm they will It has many different manifestations and it Panoramas. the Periphery is a giant granite wall with a few Periphery. ance is not limited to the examples above. these are both wrong. but Everyone travels to Hod when they most people never get beyond the ings hanging on the walls. but they are never all in the Periphery at the same time. For years. this much is true. very difficult for other entities to enter a particular Panorama from the Periphery and it is even harder for a dreamer to leave her own. though only a few hundred million are in the Periphery at any given time. Actually. Well. at least: The Sephiroth of Hod’s borders are called the Periphery. No. This is where each dreamer’s Panorama. but they are never all in the Periphery at the same time. The appearance of both the Periphery and the Each pearl is a Panorama—looking at one hard Panoramas are not fixed. a traveler can Each ever visit. an standing person. changing hallways with a few hundred million paint- 29 S e p h i r o t h . floating in the Sea of Dreams. exists. shiny moons. Each individual sees them enough brings the dreamer’s images to the pearl’s surface. The paintings are the Panoramas and they constantly shift when looked at. The paintings’ images change frequently. while another person sees herself wandering through the Infinite Gallery. The pearls are huge. silver surface underneath a light gray sky. mark the gray Millions of iced-over craters approximately six million surface. Panoramas are as big as small. of colors. no matter the the intense dreams. rainbow does.Of course. The Periphery’s appear- the strength of the individual’s Essence Pool. most people have only limited experience in Hod. The Periphery is a smooth. If a person walks down a hallway and turns around. individual on the planet. The Periphery appears as an infinite sea of clear water. The faces are the Panoramas. and looking into their eyes long enough reflects dream images on their surface. While the Periphery’s appearance is subjective. One character may star’s color mirrors its dreamer’s aura. but those are the most common. they remain confined in their own Panorama. that’s not it either. it is even possible to enter others’ dreams. The Periphery is the Sephiroth of Hod’s outermost layer. Approximately six billion Panoramas currently pearls exist. suddenly. The Periphery contains the Panoramas of every domly within it. The Periphery The Dream Realms’ borderlands are called the Periphery. but they are never all in the Periphery at the same time. Looking at the hard ice long enough Panoramas of all sleeping dreamers and it is possible to catch glimpses of the dreams within the allows one to see the dreams occurring beneath. Even there. Except that’s not how it looks at all. with the others tagging along. sometimes catch glimpses of ongoing dreams. especially when potential viewers are not looking No. In their flickering flames. and becomes darker as the depths are traversed. with a few hundred million stars of differing sizes and colors traveling through it. It is or private Dreamscape of shifting forms. For those with very strong Willpowers. one night she finds herself looking at the Wall of Faces. then. she finds herself in a completely different hallway. A few hundred million large pearls float ranApproximately six billion of these hundred million faces on it. at least twice as tall as a Each Panorama’s size depends on Some differently and they may even change appearance for the individual on subsequent viewings. the following is always form: true the about it. The Periphery has also been The Periphery appears as night sky of deep indigo. These stars are the reported to appear as an infinite field of giant sunflowers or as a sprawling city of buildings. may appear differently to characters standing next to one another within the Realm. the entrance to the Waking World. if any. astral traveler might visit the Periphery as the Sea of Dreams. For some. The water is brighter near the surface. like an infinite Mount Rushmore. dream. Approximately six billion stars exist.

though some time dilation is possible within the Panorama. so this changes Damage how done some powers the work is in the Periphery. who enter the Dream Realms from the Sammael Gate’s Breach. and all damage is based on Willpower. who feed off so time spent there may seem much longer). A character may appear as ugly or beau- tiful as she feels. Certain metaphysical powers allow a character to enter any dreamer’s Panorama. it depends on the dream traveler’s emotional state. In the Periphery. not Strength. Even the most powerful Supernatural may find her life in danger when facing a Mundane Talented Dreamer in the Periphery. however. but if he thinks of himself as a fit young man for whom anything is possible. 23) is a skill that anyone can learn and it allows the Dreamer to perform fantastic feats while in a dream state. Everything in the Dream Realm’s bor- derland is a function of Willpower and Essence. This allows her to grow In claws that inflict D4 (2) x Strength slashing damage. Even Mundanes may wield formidable powers in Physical Laws of the Periphery Physical Appearance: A traveler’s appearance in the Periphery is entirely dependent on that person’s self image. The Essence Channelers. Eidolons do this out of instinct. Also. the Oneirokitai to protect the dreamer they are trying to instruct. creatures inflict mostly Essence While these in the er’s Panorama requires a Resisted Test between the dreamer’s Willpower and the metaphysical ability in question. Appearance is not fixed. C h a p t e r T h r e e 30 . For instance. A middle-aged man might be burdened the Periphery. Entering a dream- dreamers’ nightmares. woman who thinks of herself as too fat or too ugly reflects this self-image in the Periphery. to However. the Waking World. the beautiful The Panoramas The Panoramas are the private dream worlds of every individual on the planet. who heal at the same rate they recover Essence (Essence Channeling level per minute). any damage Periphery. and the Mara to protect their Essence host. Sustenance: Like most things in the Periphery. she inflicts only D4 (2) x 3 points of normal damage to her victim’s Essence Pool. These self-contained Dream Realms last only as long as the dream itself (about ninety minutes for the average adult. as explained in Combat in the Dream Realms. 90). like the Mara. the dreamer may have defenses such invasions. any supernatural ability that works on Earth works in the Periphery—subject to the Periphery’s laws. that’s how he appears in the Dream World. drinking is not necessary in the Periphery. invad- hunger is only an issue if the character believes herself hungry. enough Essence damage can kill a person. or Mara associated with the dreamer fight to prevent the dream’s invasion. In most cases. eating and ing a Dreamscape where a Nightmare Ethereal is terrorizing a dreamer is like trying to steal meat from a ravenous wolf. Lucid Dreaming (see p. Likewise. p. and the Tainted Night Terrors.Supernatural Abilities: Metaphysical abilities work in the Periphery because a character uses her Willpower to affect change on herself and her environment while in the Realm. For example: Autumn the Vampyre has a Strength 6 and a Willpower 3. except Eidolons. of course. Dying: Predators. this allows her to deal D4 (2) x 6 points of slashing damage to her victim’s Life Points. by his career. Healing Essence or and Life Injury: Points Healing occurs a Character’s Vital for prevent normally. Since the minds within it shape the Periphery. Damage within Realm Essence only (with the exception of damage dealt by certain Primal Powers. hunt in the Periphery. Oneirokitai. cially malleable and Hod’s environment is espeto manipulate than easier Malkuth’s reality.

Sometimes an outsider is welcome in another self in the Panorama of the person she most desires to see. Sometimes individuals’ Panoramas brush together and merge into one dream. a Phantasm’s Dream V isitation Power. it does not matter where in the Periphery a character begins her search. Gifted Humans and Supernaturals (including Avatars. the character receive no modifier. she would need to pass a Difficult Perception Test at –5. like the Seraphim and the Old Spiritual Traveler entering Hod from Malkuth must enter the Periphery first. Spirits crossing from the Threshold into Gods. scholars believe this about the Threshold. whether the dreamer is a child. the character receives a +1 modifier. way to enter mortals’ There may also be a from Binah or Dreamscapes the Periphery may. by passing a Difficult Willpower Test and spending ten points of Energy Essence. Nephilim. Higher beings like Incarnates or Seraphim may find a particular Panorama with a Simple Perception Test at –2. the person’s Panorama. but it may also be a function of the Otherworlds in question. accomplished occult space from any of the the As this can be many in the also Otherworlds. Inheritors. Ferals. the Minddream Power. depending time passes before subject falls asleep and begins to dream. The easiest way for a character to enter the appear in each other’s dreams. and the Enter Dream Primal Power. she enters the Panorama she seeks. can enter mortals’ dreams. Mothers and daughters may have conversations in each other’s Panorama. the Dreamer Theophany. but their modifier is –3. Mundanes may also spirit. As Time and Space are very flexible in the Dream Realms. there are other ways to enter dreams. Other factors influence the roll’s modifiers.Finding a Particular Panorama With a successful Task. a Cast Member can use any of the following powers to enter a particular dreamer’s Panorama: the Night Curse Invocation. the While this transition seems instantaneous to it on may how actually much take several hours. The spirit then finds her- 31 S e p h i r o t h . like Theophanies or the Primal Powers. In fact. most occult scholars theorize that many such borderlands exist between the Sephiroths. If a dreamer is a friend or acquaintance only. but many of the recently dead make the trip to say one last goodbye to their loved ones. Enlightened Humans do likewise. and V ampyres) must pass a Difficult Perception Test at –4 to find a particular Panorama. exists The Periphery and Other Sephiroths The Periphery is the borderland between Malkuth and Hod. Netzach. A character in the Periphery may find a particular Panorama with a Perception Test. enter the living’s dreams. and looking for a complete stranger’s Panorama modifies the roll by –2. though not all are accessible to each other. If a Mundane should find herself in the Periphery. Seeking an enemy’s Panorama modifies the roll by –1. connects to many Sephiroths besides Hod and Malkuth. like Geburah’s Threshold. If a character loves the dreamer. On a successful Test. The Periphery. This may just be a function of Metaphysical abilities. The recently dead may enter Hod’s First World or Garden of Earthly Delights directly from Geburah’s Threshold. spouse. Sight-blessed Characters with emotional ties often appear in each other’s dreams. Higher powers. Every via her Earth-bound Panorama dreamer every enters Astral the or Periphery and scholars between believe Periphery The Otherworlds. Periphery is to fall asleep and dream. or lover. a V ampyre’s Nightmare ability. Of course. and dream sharers often experience déjà vu when they later encounter their co-dreamer in the Waking World. This happens to Gifted and Mundane alike. or separated lovers might rendezvous in dreams. This tran- sition from the Threshold to the Periphery is a difficult and draining process for spirits. Characters with the True Dreamer Quality receive a +3 modifier to these rolls and to any other Tests and Tasks they perform in the Sephiroth of Hod.

Those who have received the Mark of the Leviathan (see Armageddon. They can enter and enjoy humans’ dreams. In this case. the Kerubim should not dream at all. including the Dark Apostle himself. which is an extended. either. Dream Ethereals attack them (one of the reasons that the Tainted tend to experience nightmares). they travel to the First World. a Feral roams the First World’s wilderness in human form and a nature spirit forms a Panorama in the Periphery. The Sidhe would say this is an ill-phrased question because the denizens of Yesod are dreams. Nature spirits. honest answer is a sad waste of language. Ethereals. but it is dangerous for them to do so—gods have been killed in mortals’ dreams. most spirits do not dream. they form a Panorama in Akasha and this is the source of their visions of Atlantis. When the Bast dream. Despite the relative freedom they enjoy (compared to others who have died and gone to Lucifer’s Realm). This does not necessarily mean anything. Because their conscious state is very dreamlike already. angelic beings enter Ecstasis. this reverses. and any other campaign variations) do not dream. except for their initial change—at that time. 327) spend their dreaming moments in the web of Taint that connects their Panorama to every other servant of the Leviathan. when humans dream. and Avatars) also dream in the Periphery. a straight. they dream in the Periphery like other humans. The sleep of the dead is a deep. 36). forming a Panorama in the Periphery just as they did when they were alive. If they fall asleep in their human forms. and to most of them. As higher beings. When animals dream. The Undead (true Ghosts.The Dreamlife of Angels and Other Concerns Whether Mundane or Gifted. it is incredibly difficult to get a straight answer out of any of them. they retain enough humanity to have Panoramas as other humans do. This commonly happens to Kerubim who possess the Dreamer Theophany. they appear in the City of Bubastis (see p. Supernaturals who are at least partly human (Nephilim. Yet. sometimes they also dream. Faeries. being a strange mix of human and nature spirit. Phantasms. The Seraphim do not dream for a similar reason. are a special case. they create Panoramas in the Periphery. Inheritors. If they fall asleep in animal form. Ferals. As dead humans. dreamless sleep. Instead of experiencing a humanlike dream world. True Immortals dream the same way that normal humans do. As lesser angelic beings. C h a p t e r T h r e e 32 . dreamlike state. Even though they are no longer strictly human. The Qliphonim do not dream. In WitchCraft. On occasion and for no apparent reason. the Kerubim can enter into a state of Ecstasis. they are closer to the Seraphim than they are to humanity. Vampyres. and other denizens of Yesod like to remain elusive and mysterious. they are still in Hell. The ability to dream brings the Kerubim closer to humanity. It is unclear whether the Dragons or other residents of Faerie dream. the Mark of the Beast does not connect the Tainted—their Panoramas appear as Tainted abominations and other Panoramas naturally drift away from them. so dreaming is just one of the many comforts they are denied. but it also separates them from the higher Seraphim. Dragons. they travel to the First World like other animals. and the Relentless Dead. p. None of them ever leave their corrupted corner of the Periphery. and Elementals do not dream because they do not need to. The Old Gods do not dream as such.

nature spirits from the First World founded every original human tribal nation on Earth. people. spirits the First in is Realm of tribal nature living primitive environs. Each Otherworld was created watering hole. certain path leads If a Cast Member knows that a from her village to a particular her there. to some extent. characters may acquire nature spirits Realms. starting with Kether. frozen tundra’s. manner. The Dream Realms are all. According to the inhabitants. First World. One legend claims that the universe was created in stages and that each Sephiroth was a prototype for the reality of Malkuth. there are deserts. believe this legend as well. certain physical laws appear universal. The spirits guarded their particular tribe and for thousands of years. This section covers the better-known homage or the spirit will not watch over her. an individ- ual may only learn of her “tribe’s” Guardian Spirit through an Initiation or a Vision Quest. This overview is by no means Spirit Patrons. Member must pay her Guardian Spirit the A Cast proper In this as malleable to a character’s Willpower. After Kether came Chokmah and then Binah. The First W orld More World stable a than other parts of Hod. the number of existing Dream Realms is only limited by the imagination of the human race. spiraling downward to the Otherworld of Geburah. the path always leads Leaving the path is a different story.The Dream Realms Beyond the Periphery. Today. Although the Dream Realms differ. oceans. In the preferred of Shamanistic cultures. humans learned about the Guardian Spirit protecting their but the legend is the reason this Realm is called the First World. What follows is a brief overview of the Sephiroth of Hod’s Dream Realms. Guardianship is not an automatic thing. and the It is also the Realm afterlife of Ancestor many complete. Every region on Earth is repre- sented in the First World. Many Shamanistic Covenants in descending order. the people forgot their Guardian Spirits. Everything in the First World appeared on It is impossible to know if this legend is true. even societies that remained tribal failed to remember and teach about them. the First World is the primordial vision of Earth—it is the Dreamtime of which Shamans Spirits speak. of course. as well as some of the more obscure places within the Dreaming. dense tropical jungles. the parts of Hod are collectively known as the Dream Realms. and wide blue Every species of flora and fauna on Earth exists as nature spirits on the First World. however. A Realm of nature spirits. Sephiroth of Dreams was the The penultimate Otherworld and the First World was the blueprint for Earth. As the tribes grew into large nations and trib- 33 S e p h i r o t h . al bloodlines mixed. Earth. a traveler can walk across a dry savannah and enter a rainforest that opens up to arctic tundra.

For example. but it could just as easily frozen take her to a desert. The Ocelotl Jaguar scratching and belly rubbing. Theoretically. Captive zoo animals come World might bring a character farther along her journey through First World America. live in tribal plified versions of prey they are supposed to represent. insects. its consciousness comes to the First World. who It is a copy of the Earth. small communities of Ancestor Spirits and dead humans from various Shamanistic cultures also dwell in the First World. since they are the dreaming animal’s image of that prey. A cat might dream of a human carrying an Nations. or simple The First World is an infinite expanse of wilderness. but space and distance do not work that way. The Aboriginal Shamans call these stable pathways the Dream Roads. she follows routes that mirror the First World’s Dream Roads. a dreaming crow might summon a dead mouse with two oversized eyes dominating its head. while others claim this phenomenon occurs because undetectable Walkgates litter the First World. After death. but they still exist in the First World. where it meets with the Guardian of its species. the First World is a universal Panorama that every creature on the planet shares.All living things have a nature spirit associated with them. and Midwestern Ghost Dancers stalk a buffalo-filled grassy plain. where they join other depart- C h a p t e r T h r e e 34 . Breaking off a tree’s branch in the First World awakens and angers its Tree Spirit. especially those representing larger animals. Sometimes the Nation is divided into smaller tribal units. Spirits associated with the Apoanu Apyabaiba in the Amazon Rainforest. Eidolons also portray these groups called Totem Nations. travel to the First Shamans in Australia enter an Outback. Buffalo People. Usually. even in the First World and it takes a great deal to wake them. whose only purpose is to play canine games and perform ear tle to do with American Fox Spirits. A dreaming animal’s appearance distinguishes it from the Realm’s native spirits—dreaming animals appear physically “off. where their bodies cannot go. some people these spirits sleep deeply. Dolphins chase dream tuna. Larger animals have one nature spirit associ- Druids and Wicce in Northern Europe find a primordial forest. These spirits dwell in the First World. tropical say rainforest. To follow a Dream Road accurately requires Eidolons also exist for dreaming animals. things. not have Panoramas like humans do. depending on how the dreaming animal perceives the humans. and cats play with dream mice. wolves run down dream deer. When an Aboriginal are kept as pets return to their ancestors’ wild places when their dream selves come to the First World. ing Sometimes one spirit controls a number of livlike smaller animals. Geographical distances also divide Totem humans and they too may have exaggerated features. Dreaming whales swim through deep oceans that Even animals that tundra. or lack a shadow. and they can send a traveler anywhere within the Realm. Test reveals dreaming animals goes on a walkabout in the Australian Outback. The Fox Spirits of Japan have very litSometimes these impossible amount of food. Some scholars happens have never known a whaling ship. When an animal dreams. the Wolf Nation has a Gray Wolf Tribe and a Red Wolf Tribe. too. Every animal has its own Totem Nation— Badger People. The Totem Nations are not the First World’s only denizens. from Shamanistic cultures enter a First World analogous to their homeland. because the Dream Realms have a fluid nature. a character ated with them—sort of a Guardian Spirit. World plants. while a dog might envision a human with limitless endurance. These Eidolons have exaggerated features that are meaningful to the animal dreaming them. Entering an Appalachian pass in the First In a sense.” Sometimes they are fuzzy. glow slightly. etc. Animals do should be able to enter the First World in New York and travel across a wild America to the First World’s California. but a River Spirit does not notice if someone drinks from its waters. Crow People. as often happens when two different cultures establish relationships with particular types of nature spirits. Certain pathways are safe and always lead to specific locations. this or to the First World in their dreams. A Simple Perception to characters. Spirits associated with the Nahualli Dark Covenant in Mexico are bitter enemies with the Balam Jaguar These spirits seem more like Elementals than nature spirits. Stones and rivers have associated spirits. Many of the First World’s nature spirits. nor does it notice anyone drowning within it. they mostly function as objects to be hunted. returning to their wild homelands in spirit. differences lead to actual enmity. Domesticated animals sometimes dream about the humans in their lives. The Eidolons are always sim- the character to succeed at either a Difficult Myths and Legends Task (appropriate to the area in question) or a Simple Rituals (Shaman) Task. Emu People. For example.

he shows the spirits proper respect and never does anything against a spirit’s will. The First World is just one of many possible afterlives. Supernatural Abilities: All metaphysical powers work normally in the First World. and the previous For exam- entered through dreaming. and gets a six. Her Willpower is She occurs as easily in the First World as it does on Earth. she could even find Trilobite Spirits swimming in their ancient pools.ed spirits from their tribe. She then rolls again Realm in Geburah where the nature spirits go if they die in the First World. in According to Coyote. appear as physical beings in this Dream Realm. Any metaphysical effect created in the First World may possibly appear in a similar location on Earth. he hunts without concern for his prey. and she knows the Invocation at Level 3. Otherwise. it is very important that a character ask permission before plucking fruit from trees. Any being who dies but is not Unraveled Moves On to any of the various afterlives. Not all these cultures’ Most of their or enter the who enjoy the hunt and the wilderness can sometimes be encountered here. whom the Ghost Dancers and others throughout normally. what happens in one influences the other. Likewise. Dying: The First World is the Realm of the nature spirits and it can be a dangerous environment. dies out on Earth. In fact. 35 S e p h i r o t h . The Ancestor Spirit com- Other gods roam the First World. ascend to Kether. Death metaphysical Task’s Success Level added. an Incarnate and Morpheus’ younger brother. successful and somewhere in northeastern Arizona it unexpectedly begins to rain. He mostly just enjoys Wilderness in Geburah’s Twilight World. Some of the Pagan Gods also choose to spend their time in the First World. ple. This is a huge exaggeration. Icelus. its Earthly equivalent becomes extinct. The most infamous of these is the American deity Coyote. Those deities munities often associate with their tribe’s Guardian Spirit. As everything in the Essence (Essence Channeling level per America worship. once a species trophies. This nature spirit Death Realm is full of the spirits of extinct animals: Dodo Spirits. he wears many animal Nation is destroyed in the First World. dead enter the First World. that species disappears from the First World. is the most well known of such deities. and Saber-toothed Tiger She adds her four Success Levels to Towakwaptiwa’s Invocation is this. astral travel. He is capricious and annoying. except for those that require an intangible spirit body. ural features Coyote created. If an Ancestor Spirit so casts may the also Weather cause Lordship on her Physical Laws in the First World Physical Appearance: Characters who enter the First World appear the same as they do on Earth. He is a hunter who enjoys chasing Despite this. for a total of ten. or through a Gateway. An Aboriginal whose tribe was founded by the Emu could find a community of his Ancestor Spirits living with the Emu People. rolls an eight. This is true regardless of whether the First World is Invocation. however. which gives her a 15 total—a very good result for four Success Levels. Towakwaptiwa is a Hopi Ancestor Spirit in the First World and she decides to use the Elemental Water Invocation to Cause Rain. too. but he is also an expert at using metaphysics in the First World to affect the Earth. down the First World’s various spirits. but there is The Ghost Dancers know which nat- some truth to it. most doing every and feature he is. landscape is his the First World is alive and sentient. dead reincarnate. Other effects may transfer as well. If a traveler journeyed far enough in that Realm. He often interferes with the Totem Nations’ affairs and anyone who enters the First World from North America runs the risk of encountering the Trickster. There is said to be a four. doing rain Earthly Homeland. Spirit’s wrath. Passenger Pigeon Spirits. All spirits Creator. A Task is rolled. especially the gods of Spirits reside there. and many of these are from his hunts in those Otherworlds. The First World and Earth mirror each other. the person incites the Tree America’s intents for all and purposes. Sustenance: Food and drink is as necessary in the First World as it is on Earth. Healing Essence or and Life Injury: Points Healing occurs a Character’s Vital for Shamanistic cultures who have the Beast Aspect. except Essence Channelers. If a Totem When he travels to other Sephiroths like Yesod or Netzach. the chase—in Hod at least. who heal at the same rate they recover minute).

disturbing images. From the Wasteland. as Taint permeates the area. the Invocation knowledge that she seeks. symbols are reality. one of the Bast disturbing landscape exhibits no signs of life. It is a connection between one or more Taint realities (and the Mad Gods who reside there) and Hod. unfolding. A long reflecting pool stretches from the pyra- mid to the city’s edge and a flight of marble stairs leads from the reflecting pool to the pyramid’s top. a appears particular in the City’s rip has formed in Space. absorbing the becomes permanent and the Wasteland’s Taint seeps into the Periphery. Kephais takes his title seriously. twisting an area within it. This consort. own When a human in the dreams. Taint has leaked from the Mad Gods’ Realm. and in Hod. When a Bast enters Bubastis. In Armageddon. sits. A definite feline motif runs throughout the city and seeing a human in the streets is a very rare occurrence. course. she Panorama Periphery. a High Bast named columns and temple-topped pyramids. If this is accomplished. demanding proper respect at all times. Just looking at the Wasteland’s landscape The closer a charac- grand pyramid. reflecting on the information given her. This is the Sammael Gate. The Goddess Bast finds his pyramid in the city’s center dominates Bubastis’ landscape.The City of Bubastis A heavily traveled path exists in the First World that leads to a separate Realm. The Collective Minds’ symbol is the Gazing Pool. Of Wasteland. This area is a lifeless. a character can peer into the doorways and see the events of a Bast’s ongoing dream. This is not strictly true: Basts. Because Hod is one of the easiest Otherworlds for a Mad God to enter. has no real power but dwells with the Goddess in unaging bliss until she grows weary of him and selects a new companion. The Dark Apostles’ Panorama is at the heart of this disruption. ter gets to the actual Breach. Bubastis’ location is a secret. she knows the Invocation and it becomes part of her repertoire. the Breach Unless a charac- ter is a Bast. cultists fallen under the influence of the Tainted experience disturbing dreams before ever seeing any physical evidence of the Mad Gods or their minions. She must then spend the rest of the night beside the Gazing Pool. When she awakens. the City of Bubastis. While room dreaming. it is easy for a character to enter a While the Mad Gods find it difficult to enter Hod itself. The current King of Cats. The millions of Tainted Panoramas form an unspeakable hive that threatens to dominate the entire Periphery. A Bast also comes to Bubastis to learn spells from the Collective Bast Mind. This ancient-looking city is filled with marble The Goddess Bast chooses a consort every few centuries. Where a Bast appears in the City depends on her reason for in being a there. The Wasteland Since the Sammael Gate’s creation. she may never find the City. ancient buildings. its Panorama. their Tainted creatures easily slip into the Bast’s dream—all she needs to do is find the right doorway in the right building and walk through. Thus. so she lets him enjoy his fun. where an open-faced temple. the entire population enters are her city’s behavior endearing. She is a master of Magic and knows Visitors to or their every Invocation that has ever existed. she enters Bubastis. the Fear Test becomes C h a p t e r T h r e e 36 . The Goddess Bast lives in the temple atop the Leviathan will once again walk the Earth. Strands of Taint connect the Dark Apostle’s Gazing Panorama to that of every member of the Church of Revelations. she sits beside the Pool and drinks from it. When a Bast dreams. the King of Cats. requires a Fear Test at –1 to resist. Even the High Bast retain their feline faces when walking in human form. A desolate Wasteland exists in Hod. Walking down a building’s hall- way. rocky desert of twisted. A massive Kephais. The Wasteland and the Sammael Gate It has always been easier for a Mad God to enter the dreams of a human than to enter the material plane. Bast who disturb the Goddess’ children dreams anger her and she severely punishes anyone who attempts to harm her dreaming children. has been the Goddess’ consort for the past 400 years. Taint creatures can temporarily breach the Periphery and influence the dreams of their master’s victims. Its twisted. In the Wasteland’s epicenter. forming the Wasteland. similar to those found on a Babylonian ziggurat. A traveler to the City of Bubastis notices the entire population is feline.









Tainted Realm or if it is a nexus point in the Mad Gods’ universe, allowing them all to exert their influence on our Reality. Beings of Essence wanting to enter the Sammael

sight, the Fear Test suffers a –2 penalty, while coming within reach of the Gate requires another Fear Test at –3. The amount of ambient Taint in the Wasteland

Gate must reach it first. Wasteland’s regardless Gifted, or landscape whether

Getting through the Tainted to a do so is no is easy task,

fluctuates in a random pattern, which has nothing to do with the normal Days or Times of Power that create increases in ambient Essence. The amount of


character To walk

Mundane, the



ambient Taint in the Wasteland varies from two to twenty-four points; it may shift within ten minutes or remain stable for as long as six days. Characters who set foot in the Tainted landscape suffer a –1 to all actions for every four points of ambient Taint present (rounded up). The Wasteland is relatively small in terms of other Otherworldly Realms. Although sizes are hard to

Breach, a character must pass a Difficult Willpower Test, suffering a –1 penalty for every ten points of Essence in her Essence Pool. If the character passes

this Test and still wants to enter the Gate, she may proceed. Upon entering, the character takes D6(3)

points of Taint blast damage per two points of the area’s ambient Taint. Assuming the character survives the passage, she finds herself in a completely disorienting

judge in Hod, the Wasteland appears to stretch no more than one hundred miles in diameter. At the

Horrorscape, and must immediately pass a Fear Test (–6 penalty). If the character survives the initial shock with her mind intact, she may try to find her way back to Hod. Returning to Hod requires a Difficult

most, the Wasteland equals the size of New Jersey. The Breach caused this much Taint to flow into one area, and the constant flow of Taint into Hod counteracts the Essence that could obliterate it.

Perception Test at a –1 for every two levels by which the character failed the initial Fear Test. Traveling

The Sammael Gate
Some say the Sammael Gate was formed several thousand years ago, when the ancient civilization of Ultima Thule tried to bring the Mad God Leviathan into our reality. as a dark Whatever tear in its origin, the Breach jagged-

back through the Gate does not cause any additional damage; damage is only suffered upon entering the Outerdimension. If the character decides to remain in the Tainted Realm, her Essence acts as a beacon and any nearby Tainted Beings immediately rush to




destroy her. Some scholars Gate is believe an that the other side of the of

shaped, black-hole-like vacuum. Since it formed, nothing has been able to close the Sammael Gate’s small opening. like the Night Terrors and Only minor minions Spirits (Raven




Threshold or the Periphery.

Whether the Mad Gods


come from one or many different universes sharing this border Realm remains unknown, but both viewpoints have their adherents. Regardless of which

Mockers and Wendigo) can squeeze through the fluctuating, man-sized aperture. By the time of

Armageddon, this tear enlarges to three times its current size, making it large enough for the Shaitan to travel through. The Mad Gods cannot currently get through the small Sammael Gate. Still, the Breach allows them to

view is correct, the Mad Gods can access the other side of the Breach, and, while in this Realm, a character may encounter a Mad God in all its full, unfathomable horror. Few people are foolish enough to try to cross the Outerdimensional Breach, and those who do rarely survive to tell the tale. Still, people do try. One

send manipulative telepathic messages through the Periphery to their worshippers’ minds. they can infiltrate their followers’ In this way, and


Covenant, the Eye of Horus, a Solitaire group whose heyday was in the 1970s, used the Sammael Gate as part of their initiation. If someone could cross

communicate with their servants. From the Wasteland, it is impossible to see through the Breach to the other side. Minor Tainted Creatures travel freely through the Gate, but different types of creatures never travel through it at the same time. No one knows if the Breach leads to one specific

through the Gate and return, then they figured that person was tough enough to be a member of their group. Of course, the Eye of Horus was a short-lived group.


S e p h i r o t h

The Otherworlds of the Mad Gods
The Mad Gods, powerful beings from the Outerdimension who wish to overrun our universe, constitute the biggest threat humanity has ever faced. Being creatures of Taint rather than Essence, the Mad Gods are unlike anything else encountered in the Otherworlds. Via the Sammael Gate, they have attained a small foothold in Hod and they intend to expand upon it. While it is impossible to fathom these alien beings’ motivations, many people cannot help wonder why creatures of Taint would want to enter a universe of Essence in the first place. A popular 19th-century occult theory states that the Creator made the Otherworlds of our Reality and the Tainted worlds at the same moment of Creation. In fact, if both had not been created together, the Creator could not have achieved the balance necessary to create either Reality. So, each of the Nine Otherworlds below Kether have opposites in the Tainted Reality—each Tainted Sephiroth being an Anti-Sephiroth. Life developed in both realities, but, as Entropy proved a stronger force in the Tainted Otherworlds, those universes started collapsing. A Sere Rose Scholar (see Power & Privilege, p. 34) named Gustave Navarre cataloged the Tainted Otherworlds in his 1628 work, “On the Nature of the Anti Sefira,” based on an earlier Phoenician text written by a Mad Cultist in Tyre. Navarre wrote his paper during Europe’s Thirty Years War, the last great religious war in European history. He knew Europe to be in a time of Reckoning, so he desperately sought to discover as much as possible about the Mad Gods. According to Navarre, an Anti-Sephiroth once corresponded to each Sephiroth. Chaigdiel was the opposite of Chokma. Satheriel was the opposite of the Sephiroth of Binah. Gamchicoth opposed Chesed. Golab was the Tainted version of Geburah. Togaririm opposed Tiphereth. Harap Serap was the Tainted version of Netzach. Sammael opposed Hod. Gamaliel opposed Yesod and Nehemoth was the Tainted Malkuth. There was even a Tainted version of Kether called Thamiel. At the moment of Creation, Thamiel ceased to exist. As the Nine Otherworlds formed, their Tainted reflections started on the road to collapse. Chaigdiel and Satheriel fell in on themselves before the first Seraphim gained awareness. Over the millennia, Entropy overcame Gamchicoth and Togaririm, as well. Navarre claimed that only five of the Tainted Otherworlds still existed and he believed they all would eventually fall. This impending catastrophe, he theorized, motivated the Mad Gods’ desire to seize our Reality. Rediscovered in the 1800s, Navarre’s theories became popular with certain Rosicrucian, Templar, and Lodge of the Undying factions. Modern scholars believe the 17th-century text needlessly anthropomorphizes the Mad Gods, giving them motivation where none is needed. As the Mad Gods vary, these scholars believe they originate from different universes. They believe, in fact, that each Mad God rules its own universe. Navarre claimed the Mad Gods’ variation merely indicated a different Anti-Sephiroth of origin, not a different universe. However, as beings of Essence have as difficult a time surviving in a Tainted universe as Tainted creatures have in surviving our own, the answer to the Mad Gods’ origination may never be known. Thus, the discussion remains rather academic. Even though Navarre’s ideas are no longer popular, his terminology has survived to the present day. The Tainted Breach in the Wastelands is named the Sammael Gate after Navare’s name for the Anti-Sephiroth of Hod. The Gate’s name derives from the word “sam,” which means poison, and “el,” which can mean angel or god. Although the name Sammael also refers to the Ruler of Hell before the Fall, back when Lucifer still pretended to be the Metatron, the Gate was not named for Lucifer; it is just an historical coincidence that Sammael refers to two different things.

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The Dream Realm of Shambala
Shambala. Lun. Shangri-La. The Mountains of Kun These are the names of the Eastern Paradise The Bodhisattva created the where Enlightened Masters dwell. Avalokiteshvara Chenrezig supposedly

thought the mountain valley needed happy mountain villagers to make it perfect, so he created them. They

have lived in Shambala and performed various village duties since its creation. Tall waterfalls dominate one end of the beautiful Valley of Shambala and lotus flowers grow all along the River of the Blue Moon’s banks. Bright butterflies swarm between immense trees and everything seems as vibrant as a Technicolor movie or a Chinese

Dream Realm of Shambala.

He established it as a

Sanctuary where monks dedicated to ascending to Nirvana (believed to exist on Kether) could contemplate humanity’s collected wisdom. the Kalacakra flame, which He first created the Dream

Monumental Landscape painting. prevail in the Realm.

Peace and serenity


Realm’s symbolic heart. By visualizing a cave and the mountain Shambala outside around the the cave, flame. Chenrezig Step by fashioned step, of the his

Like many otherworldy Realms, Shambala is a true Paradise. Yet, it is not real. Actually, that is the entire point. Shambalan Monks, nothing is real. illusion. According to the Everything is an

Bodhisattva Tibetan




version the




Ideal of a Mountain Valley, a Realm of green grass and sunlight surrounded on all sides by impossibly tall stone cliffs. Shambala’s monastic complex is built into the side of a mountain. The sprawling building overlooks the

What better way to illustrate this fact to a

young Adept than to have her spend time in the illusory Valley. In just a short time, the Adept begins taking the Valley’s realness for granted. When she

small villages and pagodas along the valley’s floor. A cool mountain river, which the monks call the River of the Blue Moon, runs the length of the valley. The

accepts it as real, she also develops the delusion that it is, in fact, the only real thing; the longer she remains in Shambala, her memories of life in the Material

only major architectural work is the monastery; all other buildings are simple and nondescript. Eidolons of villagers work the fields or tend to their shops in tiny villages beside the River of the Blue Moon, acting exactly the way villagers are expected to act. The

World start to fade. Everything is stable and peaceful in the Realm because everyone in it expects it to be stable and peaceful. Then a Lama takes an Adept aside and rips away Shambala’s fabric, revealing the nothingness behind it. The Adept remembers the les-

monks call the Eidolons Tulpas, and they are simple Essence them to formations perform shaped certain by the minds around

son for the rest of her life.




S e p h i r o t h

their connecting pathways extend These cells and throughout the concentrating. but The Order of Shambala Difficult Perception Test. no secret group of Himalayan Enlightened Masters controls an underground tunnel system for spying on government a leaders. and it has the disadvantage of depositing a person in a waterfall that drops hundreds of feet. Each Alph eventually flows into the River of the Blue Moon in Shambala. Some say that Tianamen Square was the Order’s attempt to start a peaceful uprising in China in order to free Tibet from Chinese rule. The truth is always much used to connect Shambala to Malkuth. a monk can view a person’s ongoing dream. An Enlightened uses a Shambala’s tunnels say that the Soviet Union ended because the monks whispered things to Gorbachev while he was in his own Dreamscape. and only a few hundred million can be Paradise carry her underground until she emerged atop the waterfall in the Valley of Shambala. They have entered the dreams of the poorest peasants—with mixed results. there are really only about six billion of them. the Shambalan Monks have spent most of their time in Hod. The tunnels branch off and get smaller and darker—rough cut stone eventually replaces the white walls. While there appears to be an infinite number of these dead ends. ends in a branching. the People’s Republic of of China The Army of systematically The Order of stranger than people imagine. labyrinthine The staircase system. son’s Panorama. she would not be able to locate specific Panoramas. and if a Mundane tried. Thus. the highest cell being a simple chamber that houses the Kalacakra Flame. A spiral staircase extends into the base of the destroyed many them. only three Gateways currently In any case. By gazing into the mirror. though. The monks have entered United States Presidents’ dreams and a former Soviet Union Premier’s dream. nor would the Order’s members want to. This is not as outlandish as it first seems. which allows them to spy on any government on the planet. The chamber’s such instances. the accidentally Periphery. It is also possible to get Torches line the smooth white walls at regular intervals. connect tunnel Realm of Shambala to Earth. so each mirror in each tunnel represents an individual’s Panorama. The Garden of Earthly Delights’ river demons fill the spaces in between them. who are more like background scenery than actual inhabitants. it would not be another perit would be the Lucid Dreamer’s it is also not entirely true. The Order of Shambala dominates the Valley. does not control the world. This periodic Gateway does not always work. The Order’s more powerful Enlightened live in simple cells built into the mountain itself. A Gifted character must pass a only other feature is a plain chair that serves as a throne for the Majushri Lama. The Tunnels It is rumored that the Secret Masters in Tibet rule the world via their underground tunnel system. Indeed. and passing a Simple Willpower Test. Those who know about The Order uses Gateways between Shambala and Tibet to travel freely between Hod and Malkuth. however. it is usually done to gather information from the dreamer. Finding a specific Panorama requires an Enlightened character to pass a Simple Perception Test to locate the desired dreamer. of course. In mountain. The Order lives in Shambala. as well as the more powerful Lamas who teach others their wisdom. Even Lucid Dreamers can only summon an image of someone else’s dream that they themselves created through Lucid Dreaming. so monks only do so when absolutely necessary. Winning a Resisted Willpower Task against the observed dreamer also allows the monk to enter the dream and attempt to control it. the High Incarnate King of Shambala. The monastic complex contains rooms for the Order’s monks and nuns. Shambala believes that the Combine manipulated the Chinese Army into seeking them out. however. Tibet. Shambala. not dream of someone else’s Panorama. and statues and murals of Bodhisattvas and to Shambala from other parts of Hod. The Mountains of Shambala eventually join with a First World mountain range. accessed at any given time.A series of Tibetan Gateways in the Himalayas metaphorical tunnel system to spy on government leaders’ dreams. Entering another’s dream and attempting to control it can. be dangerous. Shambalan Monks are the only beings living within the Realm. he When Chenrezig created connected it to the Apart from the Eidolon Tulpas. the Dream mountain from the monastic complex. however. Since the Chinese Invasion. so a traveler could let the waters of branch dead ends at a mirror glass and the Monks must crouch and crawl through the last few feet of the tunnel to reach the mirrors. Covenant in Himalaya-like Dream Realm C h a p t e r T h r e e 40 .

The Dream Realm acts as a Place of Power. Any Spiritual Entities visiting Shambala have a physical form in this Dream Realm. It certainly Physical Laws in Shambala Physical Appearance: Characters in Shambala appear as they do on Earth. entering them. such efforts Mundanes (those with the Lucid Dreaming Skill) and at a –2 for Gifted may and Supernaturals. Sustenance: Food and drink are as necessary in Shambala as they are on Earth. while the food restores Essence points equal to one third of the summoner’s Willpower. If killed. the except rate Channelers. and making suggestions to dreamers does not automatically give someone the ability to change the world. as spirits have a solid physical form in this Dream Realm. 41 S e p h i r o t h . spiritual injured Shambala takes damage to both its Vital and Energy Essence. can shape dreams but all also work Those powers that the at Valley a –4 of for within are Shambala. Healing Essence Essence or and Life Injury: Points Healing occurs a Character’s Vital for per normally. as do astral travelers to this Realm. Spiritual Entities who feed off of Essence can survive on the ambient Essence present in Shambala. she usually reincarSome nates or ascends to Kether (if she is ready). helps though. Supernatural Abilities: All metaphysical powers work normally in the Shambala. Any living person in Shambala who suffers injury takes damage to her Essence Pool. it does not curb hunger. though the fate of the deceased is going to be altered by the place of her death. Powers requiring a spirit to have an immaterial body do not work in Shambala. Anyone summoning food through metaphysical Dream Shaping finds that. Lucid Dreamers with the appropriate Visualization can alter their appearance. Shambala at no Only the Enlightened alter penalty. The food grown in the Valley is as nourishing as that found on Earth. exuding 100 points of ambient Essence at any given time. and may become unraveled.Observing dreams. characters may return to Shambala as their afterlife. who heal same minute that they recover their Essence. these people reappear Any in the Dream being Realm after in 1D10(5) days. Dying: It is as possible to die in Shambala as it is anywhere else. An astral character can also physically interact with the environment around her.

all souls naturally long to return to But well-trimmed flies dance beneath flowering trees. The Peris. a character can make love to the person of her dreams every night. and ornate fountains gurgle throughout the statue-filled landscape. Those Netzach Deities who specialize in Fertility and deities from other Realms who enjoy the Garden’s calm pastoral quality occasionally wander the Garden. Also. At first. cal garden—the lush. the ultimate freedom of Nirvana. or Love Ethereals. of Earthly Delights is the Realm of those most perfect place imaginable and all those who visit it wish to dwell here for all eternity. or so they tell those who came after them. some living humans. for the Garden contains many Gateways to the Threshold. though for a fortress. People who die and come to the Garden are often delighted to find they have a perfect body and can do anything and everything they ever dreamed of. no one has ever reached them. or students. C h a p t e r T h r e e 42 . Most of the Realm’s denizens live and play along river Alph’s banks. 69). The Garden desires. green utopia where no hardships or turmoil exist. the Garden’s inhabitants feel this longing. in the Ways of the Hashashin in the fortress. and eat whatever she wants without gaining weight. It is Paradise. overwhelming delight of Heaven It is not It is Eden. The Garden is home to a wide variety of denizens. sits on a hill overlooking the river Alph. The Olympian Apollo visits often and the dead from western societies usually mistake him for God. The Garden of Earthly Delights is a Paradise of sensual pleasure—not the sort of pleasure experienced when reuniting with the Creator in Kether. drink endless bottles of champagne without every experiencing a hangover. the Garden’s Tame animals wander among foliage. use the Garden of Earthly Delights as their base of operations. as no walls surround it. Although tall Eventually. drinkers with ten Essence Points a day. Sometimes entities from different Otherworlds Visitors from green mountains can sometimes be seen off on the horizon. were the Garden’s first inhabitants. The Peris cater to the souls’ every whim. the Madrassa. the river provides Kether. it looks fairly indefensible. see p. A character can encounter her deepest terror or most secretly guarded vice in the Dream Realms. It is the archetypi- It is not even the found in Binah. The Madrassa is a imaginable and never suffer for it. The Ruya’ha Sect’s fortress. tains seem to define a limitless border. Those dead The moun- come to the Garden of Earthly Delights. This mistaken identity amuses the Sun God immensely. like the Society of in the Garden believe they have ascended to Heaven. colorful butter- The Garden of Earthly Delights is simply a garden of “earthly” delights. A source of Essence. Souls of the dead also dwell in the Garden. The Sect trains its Refiks. anyway.The Garden of Earthly Delights Fears and desires manifest in the Otherworld of Hod. While in the Garden. the Faerie Courts of Yesod are somewhat common. she can partake of every vice The Garden is the Assassins (both sects. The Garden’s dimensions seem endless. In short.

any sexual preference—they can be anything desired. The build- people who are least likely to enjoy such a place— have all explored the Garden. is also a sprawling complex of flower-covered marble where Fedavis train Refiks. The Fedavis teaching the students are all Lucid who have the Fermata and Dream Shift Earthly Delights. more accurately. and tall pathways. The Garden’s other inhabitants live a simple existence. attend to Madrassa is ever threatened. Although both Sects inhabit the same Realm. dents The training involves sending the stuDreamscape Panoramic-like simula- can be any race. and Scholars from the Templars. it appears cracked in Hod. too. Healing Essence or and Life Injury: Points per Characters at a rate heal one for their Vital per Some say carrying out a war would be impossible. Love Ethereals. On the opposite end of the Garden. Willpower Level hour. If the ing ornamental garlands. Those who worship the Fertility aspect of the ing’s interior is all columns and archways. The Peris traditionally appear as dark-eyed virgin maidens. Of the Madrassas’ defenses. an identical Madrassa overlooks a hill farther downstream (or Goddess sometimes come to the Garden to commune with the Goddess or the Peris. 70) train the the Garden’s dead souls (each dead soul has a number of Ethereals equal to twice its own Willpower). they never interact with each other here. spiral minarets and a round roof made of gold. and all the walls have tall. or Peris. wide windows. beneath forty the of point Madrassa’s building. The scholars abandon their research for one of two reasons: to indulge in the Dream Realm’s offered pleasures. home of the Alamut Sect. The Ruya’ha Sect’s Fedavis (see p. however the dead souls like. If a stair-connected ornate with wide-open windows. souls ecstasy. twelve of the Ruya’ha Sect’s mirrors can be found everywhere. The flower-covered maze and sixteen of the Alamut Sect’s are broken. and reflecting pools mirror Gateway is destroyed. only to reappear D4(2) days later. Except for wear- of marble and tile can only best be described as a Maxfield Parrish cross between the Taj Mahal and Cordova’s Mosque. Many Associations know about the Garden of simulations points where the Refik failed to handle the situation properly. one level while they are in this Dream Realm. many inhabitants wander about in the nude. adversaries stop the in these Eidolons act as victims and and the to Fedavis indicate can Dreamscapes at various happy souls release. so they They live only to bring the feed off the Essence the through tions of Society missions. as neither Imam wants to defile the Garden’s tranquility with war. the the Lodge of the Undying—the Dreamers Visualizations. but they may appear however they like—or. Currently. The entire Garden of Earthly Delights can be seen from the Court’s windows. any age. and every mirror (Gateway) leads to a location on Earth. and these worshippers sometimes spend their afterlife here. The Assassins take his word on faith. Rosicrucians. or to avoid indulging in the Garden’s tempting delights. the This Physical Laws in the Garden of Earthly Delights Physical Appearance: Human travelers visiting the Garden of Earthly Delights appear as idealized versions of themselves. rises from the Madrassa’s center. on the opposite end of the populated section of the Garden. buildings framed mirrors line the basement’s walls. Dying: The only way to truly die in the Garden of Earthly Delights is to be Unraveled. The Court of the One True Imam. and each Sect’s Gateways are located in main a large basement In each. a massive building with tall. the Garden would never allow it. Any other deaths cause the victim to vanish. he assures. Some Wicce Covens also know about the Garden. lying underneath a clear blue sky and indulging in every vice and desire imaginable. large. the One True Imam says the Dream Realm’s fluid nature renders a permanent wall unnecessary. souls living their afterlife in the Garden all have an Attractiveness level equal to their Willpower. Madrassa. the fortress will naturally seal itself behind a protective wall. Their Attractiveness increases The Ruya’ha Sect’s sworn enemy.sprawling complex of marble-columned gazebos. The intersecting pathways form open-roofed courtyards. Both Madrassas maintain a series of Gateways between Hod and Earth. The One True Imam spends his time within his Court sitting on his golden throne and doling out missions to the Fedavis. The Peris Refiks in the courtyards formed by the intersecting walkways. except Essence 43 S e p h i r o t h . more specifically. anyway. a place that is seemingly endless cannot very well have opposite ends).

Channelers who heal at a rate of one Life Point per Willpower minute. as the Garden seems designed to respond to its dwellers’ whims. This only applies to metaphysical abilities that actually attack a subject—a Soulfire Invocation suffers –2. In fact. sabotaged the experiment. Sustenance: Food and drink is necessary for both the souls and visitors from other Sephiroths. who was actually a member of the Lodge of the Undying. Farbairne had a number of theories that were unhindered by provable facts. not to harm. The Archangels decided to perform an experiment. For him. The Garden of Eden then became part of mankind’s collective consciousness. going out of his way to make the two humans appear as nothing more than clever beasts. the Creator took it away from the Seraphim because they were unworthy of it.” the other a woman whose name meant “Life”. The Archangels declared the experiment a failure and returned the humans to Earth. One was a male whose name meant “Earth. the story of Eden goes as follows. they finally selected two humans to be placed in the Garden. The Imam of the Ruya’ha Sect says the real Eden exists only in Kether. a Rosicrucian Scholar from the London Shrine. All attempts to normal rate. This bonus does not apply to bring him any meal he desires. the Madrassas simulates violent attacks. While the training at Garden’s rapturous people release. however. Leighton Farbairne. a malicious use of Mind Read does not. At the dawn of the age of mankind. C h a p t e r T h r e e 44 . As a compromise. The time the humans spent in Binah strangely affected them. The Imam of the Alamut Sect agrees that the Garden of Delights is indeed Eden and Heaven (or Paradise). After some failed attempts. therefore. The Host was actually starting to learn some valuable information when Lucifer. his Shrine rejected his ideas as a matter of course. plus Essence Channeling Level per except for the following. the Garden of Earthly Delights is only a pale shadow of the True Paradise. The Love Ethereals feed off the Essence the attempts to use the Dreamscape as a weapon. the Seraphim were curious about what made humans so special—what had placed them above the angels in the Creator’s plan. The Archangels did not want to destroy the Garden (in case they later wanted to perform more experiments on humans). first proposed this idea in 1883. All spirits have a physical so metaphysical powers Essence is also recovered at three times the requiring a spirit to be incorporeal body do not work. Offensive powers work at a –2 penalty in the Garden. Farbairne presented his theories to the Shrine after research into some Sumerian tablets. the Archangels placed the Garden in Hod until they had need of it again. As Farbairne was a member of the Rosicrucian’s Parmenidean faction. these simulations do not suffer a –2 penalty. a Templar’s journal from 1745. and the children resulting from their union brought forth the world’s first Gifted—or so the legends say. and they created a garden in Elysium where humans would be protected from Binah’s awful energies. presence in the Garden. and the notes of a professor of ancient history in Paris. This is not a problem because food and drink are plentiful here. a universal dream of a Paradise lost. The Garden of Eden Certain occult scholars believe the Garden of Earthly Delights is the remnants of the original Garden of Eden. According to Farbairne. the intent is to teach. outraged at the humans’ presence in Elysium. a Peri will gladly modify the malleable Garden’s Dreamscape have a +2 bonus. such attempts suffer the –2 penalty. so his claims about the true history of Eden were never investigated. and if a character grows tired of the exotic fruit growing everywhere she looks. The entire Dream Realm ensures that these Ethereals never go hungry. Supernatural Abilities: All metaphysical powers work normally in the Garden of Earthly Delights. but they also did not want the Garden defiling Elysium’s perfection.

Leasa. An Intelligence and Occult Knowledge (Dream Realms of Hod) Task also reveals the correct choice. For a character to find the Golden Path. or sometimes just lucky enough. One character entrances: the Gate of Ivory and the Gate of Horn. in all likelihood. Otherwise.The Domain of Morpheus If a Dreamer is clever enough. Following the road is not as easy as it sounds. The Golden Path may etous character desires tempt her from the path—the Willpower Tests suffers a negative modifier equal to her Covetous Drawback’s level. ple to ever find the Legends say that the only peoGolden Path are those whom is which. Lucid Dreamers or landscapes and one can easily get distracted and wander off the path. while the Golden Path’s shining cobblestones might fortuitously show up in another’s Panorama one night. an incredibly materialistic 3 For example. The Dream Lords Morpheus favors have a Golden Path leading right up to their seat of power. dreamers sometimes just know things. an archaic-looking. she must pass a Difficult Perception Test. The Chronicler decides how long it takes to locate the Golden Path. a character has a fifty percent chance of guessing the right gate correctly. The Gate of Horn is the city’s real entrance. even if she is unfamiliar with the gates’ material in the Walking World. it is possible for her to find the Golden Path that leads to the City of Dilmun and the Tower of Morpheus. A Simple Intelligence and Myth & Morpheus wants in his city. the Gate of Ivory leads the character back to her own Panorama. The city has two manifest as a cobblestone road in any of the Dream Realms. she may. Both gates stand fifty feet tall and are disturbing to look at. wish to follow it to see where it leads. talented enough. she eventually wanders through a field of tall amber grass leading to the City of Dilmun. The golden stoned path might form in Shambala’s mountain range or in an evergreen forest in the First World. in the Dream Realms. A new Test must be rolled at intervals equal to the character’s Willpower in minutes. as the road wanders through the Dream World’s shifting Legend (Greek) Task with a –2 modifier reveals this fact. A character immediately knows which Gate might spend years searching various Realms in Hod for the Golden Path. Gaining entrance to the City of Dilmun can only be accomplished by walking through the Gate of Horn. who to has her Rosicrucian a –3 Covetous (Greedy) suffers penalty Willpower Test to stay on the Golden Path when she notes a crate of diamonds suddenly appearing in a field of white roses a few yards off from the main path. 45 S e p h i r o t h . massive city the size of a large modern metropolis. but should seem random to the Cast. Once a character finds the Golden Path. The things a cov- characters with metaphysical powers who try to fly or walk through them find their efforts thwarted. If a character manages to hold to the Golden Path. A character must constantly battle to stay attentive of her actions throughout her journey and she must pass a Simple Willpower Test to do so. A wall of black stone measuring one hundred feet in height surrounds Dilmun.

Fiercely loyal Mara roam the streets. Babies spend more hours sleeping and half of It is not uncommon to see that time is spent in Hod. Angels and demons a physical presence in the Domain of Morpheus. as the barriers between Hod and Yesod are thin and easily passed through. it is as if she is trapped in an ever-sunless bright and twilight. Night varies. oth- ers exhibit a medieval Tudor architecture. Most of these people never leave their Still. The city contains a number of humans who are not dreamers. seems at work. A Japanese Garden might lead to an Indian Temple. The denizens of Faerie may bring the dreamer to the city to learn some lesson. No uniform architectural design clerks and servants in the various shops lining the streets. The Oneirokitai hold lectures in auditoriums walking in a daze to her destination. This is and day occur at Morpheus’ whim and neither follows any rational sequence. does not consciously remember anything about her visit. with winding cobblestone streets surrounded by and public squares. To others. as Morpheus desires. or Morpheus may just decide to allow the dreamer to enjoy the City of also frequent the City of Morpheus. the Oneirokitai. sometimes the dreamer simply has a need to be there. It stands roughly the population of Los Angeles. The seasons and weather are also rather arbi- the reason that the City always seems a little familiar to every dreamer who enters it. The character only knows that she dreamed about a strange but familiar city. including anything about the Golden Path and the Gates of Horn. About six billion humans live envelop the street below. ancient Mycenaean stone fort. When the dreamer wanders through such an area. it rains or snows. than that. Dream Ethereals. subconscious lessons to a crowd of floating infants. a stone tower situated in the center of the city. city walls. This means that 380 million people are in the Sephiroth of Hod at any given time. Representatives from every known Otherworld hundred years old. Things like wetness or cold are more abstract visual effects than physical concerns in the Domain of Morpheus. are asleep at full sunshine. They behave exactly as anyone would expect Some buildings appear Roman. just like anyone else who passes through the Gates of Horn. Dreaming humans compose a significant portion of the city’s population. trying to pass wisdom unto the crowd of dreamers around them. No matter the weather. for every human being has visited Dilmun at least once as an infant. Technicolor The any given time. two billion. The City of Dilmun has the feel of an old world city. Eidolons act as archaic buildings. as long as the minor demons behave themselves. a traveler in Dilmun remains unaffected by it. The most them to and they fulfill their customers’ every expectation. display- modern buildings are Victorian-looking brownstones. one of the city’s subjects may have a message to give the dreamer. As truly Morpheus is one of their own. In some parts of the city. For instance. In these cases. is the City of Dilmun’s one consistent landmark. Most of the time. Dream Ethereals make up most of Dilmun’s population. strange. Alternatively. The Tower of Morpheus. just like all other spirits. of Other a parts of the city are A third of them. they are welcome to the City of Dreams’ delights. Almost all of these Ghosts are under three It is rare to meet a Ghost older trary. The Ghosts. the towering buildings ing their grotesqueries to any who cause trouble. The Dead from the Twilight World may Dilmun. these streets. the only The Gods of Netzach consider Dilmun safe place for them in Hod. the dreamer appears to be The character Fiends have been spotted on the streets of Dilmun. the Tower appears simple. percent of the dreaming population Domain of Morpheus at any given time. they are Ghosts who have escaped the confines of the Twilight World or one of the other Death Realms. Dilmun’s human dreamer population is nearly four million. the number of dreamers in Dilmun about five hundred feet tall. Dilmun seems caught somewhere between sunset and twilight. like an impossibly tall. they believe he would never let them come to harm. Time operates in a strange way in Dilmun.Lucidity is not a prerequisite for visiting Morpheus’ city. carry out covert plots against one another other in dead in Dilmun live a mundane existence—if any- C h a p t e r T h r e e 46 . and clouds surround and obscure the Tower’s top. An average adult dreams for an hour and a half during her sleep cycle. though it sometimes appears taller. have The stroll through Dilmun’s streets. on Earth. if only one is within the brightness never found in the Waking World. the Golden Path appears in find sanctuary here if they elude the Grim Reapers long enough. Of course. Even more exotic beings like Chesed’s the dreamer’s Panorama and leads her directly to the Horn Gate. Made of the same stone as the own Panoramas in the Periphery. an Oneirokitai Ethereal imparting life-long. City of Dilmun is a city of extreme contrasts.

These in which many members of the Pantheons ever set foot. The Bogeyman’s Daughters appear as primitive women covered in gray mud and wearing a horse’s skull over their heads. known as the Bogeyman and his Eight Daughters. beings. This affects all sentient Tower to pay tribute to the Morpheus. Dream Lord himself. Dilmun is the only part of Hod tume completely covers him. Phatasus. Other denizens of Hod also frequent the Domain of Morpheus. too. In the city’s darker There Morpheus. They enjoy Dilmun’s wonders. an Incarnate and Morpheus’ younger very Numerous symphonies that Mozart did not live long enough to write can be found in music shops here. Dream Lords bring Eidolon caravans to the sentient most fearful and disturbing. Their afterlives in the Dream Realm mirror The Tower of Morpheus Morpheus rules the Dream Realms from his Ebony Tower. which dwarfs the surrounding city. they have access to Invocations and other metaphysical powers. Xanadu is The complete version of Coolridge’s popular in Hod’s bookstores. Nomadic nature spirit tribes come to the City of Dreams to trade. which poke out of his robes’ sleeves. Phatasus is a serious-looking gentleman with eyes as dark as a starless midnight sky. a service. The Bogeyman appears as a twisted version of a bishop—a horse’s skull miter hides his face. a childhood memory. and Dream Travelers need to be wary of making deals with the Fair Folk. except for his taloned hands. Mara-guarded bridge. an unfortunate dreamer might find that she has forfeited her voice in trade for one moment spent in a lost lover’s embrace. tries appear as whatever the These Mara senvisitor finds their actual lives. The Daughters all have the Moon Aspect and wield the Dreamer Power. Morpheus does not receive many visitors. any vice or fetish can be indulged. It is possible to find almost anything in the City of Dreams. He wears robes made from the skin of infants This nightmarish cos- who have died in their sleep. Throne. The price for such delights can be almost anything: a favor. More powerful than the average Mara. alleyways. making sure things get done promptly and efficiently. pursuing their own agenda. 47 S e p h i r o t h . In fact. They carry messages from Hod’s farthest reaches and speak amongst themselves in whispers. Inheritors and Avatars. As previously mentioned. Some Supernaturals maintain a presence in Hod. When Archangel Gabriel visits the Tower. official in the Domain of He is the highest next to the rants serve dishes that taste like food gourmets dream about when they dream of food. something about the guards reminds him of all the mistakes he has made in leading the Host. runs the Tower’s daily operations. who have the Dreamer Power also come to the City of Morpheus. the capacity to love. a small Covenant of Inheritors. It is possible to see Thor and Hercules arm wrestling at an outdoor cafe or Athena browsing through a forgotten tome in one of the City of bright. the Daughters of Endymion. Vampyres with the Nightmare power and Kerubim with the Dreamer Theophany sometimes learn the way to Dilmun. which also hide their faces. The Oneirokitai are the Tower’s courtiers. Ethereals of every aspect move through the city streets.thing in the City of Dreams can be said to be mundane. A contingent of Nightmare Ethereals. After spending a great deal of time in the Dream Realms. or a character’s first born child. Almost anything at all. The restau- brother. their voices echoing the halls like a quiet chorus. Every artistic work that has ever been imagined can be found here. When Thor visits the Tower of Morpheus. the guards all remind him of the Serpent that will one day unravel him. shining figures dressed in ornate robes glide over the dark tiled floor before Morpheus’ Ebony Dreams’ many bookshops. have a base in Hod. A dark moat encircles the Tower. which can only be reached by a narrow. Tower’s interior. Most of the Tower’s visitors are sent to him. guards the the Sidhe of Yesod frequent the City of Dreams. are always Eidolons who willingly act exactly as the dreamer wishes. he begins to think that his own unworthiness prevents the Creator from contacting the Host. On such visits. for they delight in tricking others. the gods’ progeny. What an artist visualized before setting paint to canvas is on display in Dilmun’s galleries.

spending more time in this minor Realm in Hod than she did among her Olympian Peers in Netzach. Some say that Endymion eventually left his dream for his final reward in Kether. the Lord of Olympus stole Endymion from Elis and cast him into a dark corner of Geburah. believing there to be a difference in taking mortals for temporary lovers and doting on them for hundreds of years. placed Endymion in an endless sleep. After a while. as well. Selene visited often. The Covenant actually shares many beliefs with the Wicce. This lasted for a few centuries. They live in a walled basilica near the Tower of Morpheus. The Daughters claim to be descended from the Moon Goddess Selene and her mortal lover Endymion.The Daughters of Endymion A small Covenant of fifty female Incarnates. grows within the basilica’s walls. Some Daughters have even joined some of the Earthly covens. All that is really known. According to the Daughters. this legend comes close to the truth of what actually happened. They cannot prove Zeus killed their father. a shepherd and Talented Dreamer. but eventually Elis. The Daughters of Endymion have been in the city of Dilmun ever since. ended. Endymion wished to sleep forever and never age. so that he could spend eternity with his divine lover. but they have their suspicions. his daughters grew up under bright blue skies and danced through flower-covered fields. a pastoral Paradise resembling a Maxfield Parrish painting more so than an ancient Greek realm. all that remains of their childhood home. Endymion then found himself in one of the Coma Kingdoms. where he visualized himself the Ruler of the Kingdom of Elis. fearing she would lose her mortal lover to old age. is that the Daughters of Endymion returned to Elis one day to find their father gone and his small Dream Realm was quickly fading to nothingness. however. Elis was Endymion’s fantasy Paradise. and many of the Daughters also have dealings with the Wicce covens on Earth. found the whole affair distasteful. and more join the by the time of Armageddon. She visited him every night and bore him fifty daughters. Others say that Zeus. In Elis. When he could no longer stand the thought of Selene wasting her days with the dead mortal shepherd. a coma. A bright garden. Selene fell in love with Endymion. Selene granted his wish. The Daughters of Endymion no longer associate with the Olympian Gods. the Kingdom of Endless Summer Days. Afterwards. C h a p t e r T h r e e 48 . the Daughters of Endymion live in the City of Dilmun. the Goddess Selene saw Endymion sleeping in a cave on Mount Latmus and neglected her duties to lay with him. Each woman is an Inheritor with the Moon Aspect and each has the Primal Powers of Dream and Magic. Selene. According to mythology.

It is a con- Channelers. Dying: Death is a real danger in the Domain of Morpheus. 49 S e p h i r o t h . and the Gates of Ivory and Horn are impossible for anyone but Morpheus to change. she is gazing into the possibilities that exist in Akasha. as it is a part of the Sephiroth of Hod. Panorama through dream-manipulating powers may also alter her appearance in the Domain of Morpheus. The Realm of Visions The Sephiroth of Hod mirrors the Waking World. is not the Realm of individuals’ contradictory and false memories. She wanders through Akasha for D10 – If the result is less than one. except for attempts that contradict Morpheus’ wishes. But memories are not always reliable. the except rate the universe’s memories of itself. except for those that a different scene from any place and any time. the surrounding moat. Humanity’s dreams shape Hod. As a general rule. Travelers who have their Dreamers and Astral Pool reduced to Essence zero or less must pass a Difficult Willpower Test to remain in this Dream Realm. though. If a Ghost or other Undead gets killed in Dilmun without being Unraveled. Akasha. Someone with the appropriate dimensional traveling power (like the Traveler activity. Dream manipulation works on Dilmun’s environment as easily as it (Willpower) hours. normally. Most encounters with the Realm of Visions are must pass a Simple Willpower Test to return to Earth. acter with the ability to alter her form the Tower of Morpheus. Astral Travelers who fail this Test never return to their bodies. Dreamers who are unable to return to Their body goes Theophany or Soul Projection) may visit Akasha in person. and this Test incurs a cumulative –2 penalty for every meal consumed in Dilmun. When a Seer touches something and sees images from that object’s past. When one of the Inspired has a vision of the future. Wandering through Akasha in this manner is disorienting. It is pos- sible for a Talented Dreamer to create a Zen Garden in the middle of a park in the City of Dilmun. any autopsy performed on them shows a cessation of all brain brief: a Cast Member experiences a short visionary flash and nothing else. all spirits appear as physical beings in the City of Dreams. Each step draws the Cast Member into their bodies simply never wake up.Physical Laws in the Domain of Morpheus Physical Appearance: Characters who enter the Domain of Morpheus while dreaming appear much as they do in the Periphery: their physical form alters to fit their self-image. and reaching a specific event’s vision requires the Cast Member to pass a Difficult Willpower Test. Akasha. Injuries may be suffered in Dilmun. and if enough damage is taken. and memories of daily events shape those dreams. be influenced by preconceived notions. They can fade over time. she becomes lost in the randomness of the Realm of Visions. The Domain is not an afterlife. she finds herself back in Geburah’s Threshold. It is the Realm of the Akashic Record. It is and the dead who dwell here are refugees from other places. She that gives the Cast Member information about the past or the future reaches into the Realm of Akasha to retrieve the information. the city walls. Sustenance: Entities who require food and drink find the sustenance of the food in this Realm is as nourishing as anything on Earth. the Realm of Visions. who heal same minute that they recover their Essence. the neighborhoods closest to the Tower. A character who stantly changing Realm of shifting imagery. can be viewed in the Realm of Visions. The Realm’s food is intrinsically different from Earth’s food. The Test suffers a –1 penalty for every point of Essence below zero. she is viewing images from Akasha. into a coma and it remains in this state until death or until some other way is found to reunite the dreamer with her sleeping body on Earth. Any Gifted power or supernatural ability partakes of the Dream City’s food and drink finds it more difficult to return to the Waking World. Everything that has ever happened. Supernatural Abilities: All metaphysical powers work normally in Dilmun. Healing Essence Essence or and Life Injury: Points Healing occurs a character’s Vital for per not even the Realm of the world’s combined group consciousness. the character either Moves On or is Unraveled. or might ever happen in the future. anything involving a Gateway appear as they normally do. or be altered by others’ suggestions. a physical form in the Domain of Morpheus. it would be impossible for that same Dreamer to create a bridge leading to a newly fabricated entrance in the Ebony Tower. require an intangible spirit body. If the Cast Member does not pass the Willpower Test. Those who enter Dilmun from Spirits have A charin the works in a character’s own Panorama. so they are usually proclaimed dead of natural causes.

If the Cast Member fails the Willpower Task with a roll of one. An Extraordinary Success (six Success Levels) on the Cast Member’s Willpower Test is required to reach their lair. home to the Three Sisters. Life. She is the Sister most likely to take offense at being disturbed by visitors. The middle sister is a matronly woman called She has the Skuld (Being) or Lachesis (Aportioner). she finds the mists of a thousand different events parting before her to reveal a tall. They are the Three Sisters. the Cast Member must make another Difficult Willpower Test. or until she rolls a number of consecutive ones equal to her Willpower. little Dream self-contained World. jagged mountainside. and Death. The Fates. Afterwards. not to be taken lightly. The Three Sisters If a Cast Member is determined and has a strong enough Willpower. an Every thread life. As far as the lost Cast Member can tell. she finds herself in a If she does the latter. but she is very serious about her work. C h a p t e r T h r e e 50 . eyes look as if they have seen the entire span human history—they have. The Moirae. The Sisters dress in simple gray robes and they work diligently on weaving a rich tapestry that contains the Universe’s represents sister is history. the The Mother. the journey lasts only a few seconds or a millennium. Birth. The Maiden. and she becomes part of the surrounding fantasy. she can reach the heart of Akasha and visit the lair of the Three Sisters. and the Crone. kled hands who works patiently at the tapestry. and she appears to be in her late teens or early twenties. double the time spent in Akasha (the time that passes for any observers in Malkuth or in any other Sephiroth besides Hod). short temper of a woman who has spent too many years raising a brood of children. A cave. in the The or Tapestry youngest individual’s Verdandi called (Necessity) Clotho (Spinner).she is lost for at least one hour. If the Cast Member succeeds. Even the most powThey are erful Archangel or Ancient God fears them. can be seen farther up the mountain. The oldest Sister is called Urd (Fate) or Atropos She is an ancient woman with wrinHer of (Inevitability). a Coma Kingdom. and the cycle continues until the Cast Member passes her Test. She is very attractive and has a pleasant smile. Norns. thus reaching her destination.

“Besides.” “Why. it is certain influence the significantly Ethereals in modern times. what are you. The change in the Love Ethereals from you. The whole valley 51 S e p h i r o t h . City Ethereals are A hillside castle in the Sephiroth of Hod overlooks a wooded valley of crimson-leafed trees. with different features depending on the particular spirit. the Hunt. writhing mass of people engaged in an eternal orgy. where do you suppose you’d be?’ “Where I am now. “Not you!” Tweedledee retorted contemptuously. about you!” Tweedledee exclaimed. The Red King’s Dreaming “He’s dreaming now. A War Ethereal-controlled “You’d be nowhere. “And if he laid off dreaming about a religious significance and each became associated with a spirit or Ethereal. gray. and the Harvest. Even the Ethereals dwelling in different Otherworlds. clapping his hands triumphantly. that mankind’s ideas Either way. War. —Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass area may appear as an endless battlefield under a blood red sky.” said Tweedledee. A Love Ethereal-controlled area may appear as an ornate hall with an endless. certain Ethereals prove this point.” said Tweedledum. Death. A character who enters the featureless.” said Alice. like maples in autumn. maintain a presence in the Plane of Ideas. trenches stacked with the dying soldiers of a thousand different wars. “Ditto. Then the landscape becomes a symbolic diorama of that Ethereal’s aspect. possibly because every one was created here. of course. Love.The Plane of Ideas Everything on Earth has some kind of correlation on Hod. if I’m only a sort of thing in his dream. sun is setting and nightfall is only moments away— but the darkness never comes. Why. misty Plane of Ideas finds herself in a formless limbo until she reaches an area under a particular Ethereal’s control. primitive fertility spirits to spirits of romantic love is an example of this influence. you’re only a sort of thing in his dream!” “I shouldn’t!” Alice exclaimed indignantly. I would like to know?” “Ditto. No one knows if for sure if humanity and created just Ethereals or they always existed were shaped by mankind’s ideas. The sky is a burnt golden hue. you think he’s dreaming about?” “And what do Alice said. even abstract ideas. ditto!” cried Tweedledee. as if the always encountered in urban landscapes. like the Grim Reapers in Geburah or the Angelic Ethereals of Binah. “Nobody can guess that. Vengeance Ethereals might surround themselves with gallows or endless prison cells. These ideas took on Every Ethereal has a presence in the Plane of Ideas. certain ideas and concepts developed prominently in their cultures: Life. When the first human societies formed.

many Gifted now call these Dream Realms Coma Kingdoms. There is a Gray Tzaddik who With the medical advances that keep coma victims alive for a long time. A white-robed Tzaddik is one of the Kerubim of Binah. forming its own small Realm. of course. An ornate pagoda sits in the court- Waking World. even a hundred years old. however. tural background. the Panorama It then detaches An old man sleeps on a bench lined His face is burned red and is lined He could be eighty. as was the case with Endymion’s Coma Kingdom. forming its own separate Dream Realm. Whereupon. These Associations say that the Red King is a manifestation of Siva. Some members of forms Panorama indepen- dence from the Periphery and becomes its own separate Realm. with red velvet. Creation would cease to exist. His snow-white beard and tangled. while others look more Greek or Egyptian. The Tzaddikim influence the Sephiroth to which they are associated and it is through their lives that the Creator allows the Universe to continue. In the middle of the fortress lies a large courtyard of red cobblestone. These Realms were formerly called the Dream with a thousand wrinkles. dreaming. In modern times. there is no reason to believe this will ever change. He has always been sleeping. not vanish and its But sometimes a Panorama does dreamer never returns to the is said that the jackals breathe fire upon those deemed unworthy to enter. C h a p t e r T h r e e 52 . ty. gains a Coma wanders through the urban necropolis that is the City of the Twilight World in Geburah. Every Sephiroth becomes a Dream Lord and has absolute power over her Kingdom. the separated Panorama the Wicce Covenant ascribe to this theory. this phenomenon most often ever woke up. from the Periphery. One thing that is certain. Occult historians say that this is what happened to Emperor No one Norton knows if in 19th-century creation of San such Associations like the Storm Dragons and the Monks of Shambala. long white hair surround his face. consciously or subconsciously. Two mammoth jackal statues guard the front gate. In such as case. like the Rosicrucians and the Templars. this allows the dreamer’s Panorama to develop into its own Dream Realm. say the Red King is the Creator. especially members of the Eastern Kingdoms and some scholars still refer to them as such. Instead of embracing one particular cul- All of this is mere conjecture. has its own Tzaddik. and the universe is the Red King’s dream. appear Oriental. Some parts of the castle. taking on a life of its own. A path leads to the castle from the valley below. When this happens. and they claim the Tzaddik of Malkuth is an old homeless gains continuity and drifts away from the surrounding Panoramas. A wandering fool acts as the Tzaddik for Yesod. one for They claim Sephiroth occurs in people suffering actual comas. yard’s center. Sometimes the gods help create these Realms. there are nine Tzaddikim. He wears a gold and crimson robe. He has always been sleeping. If the Red King Francisco. Some Western Covenants. Some. The Panoramas vanish and reform every night. repeating moment outside time’s normal course. nineWho can say for sure? grows. the Dream Kingdom overlaps the Waking World in a person’s mind and she interacts with others in the real world through the filter of this Dream Kingdom. the Creator who dwells in Kether. Hod ends. say this is an exaggeration.seems to be caught in an endless. As such a dreamer remains away from the Waking World for a prolonged period of time. which usually lasts no longer than ninety minutes. the number of Dream Kingdoms has increased. He has always been dreaming. Sometimes mental aberrations cause them. is that there is a Red King. the Dream Kingdoms is the result of mental illness or merely extremely powerful dreaming. This is the Red King. she creates a Panorama. It The Coma Kingdoms When someone dreams. For this reason. the architecture encompasses all. an ornate fortress of red stone. similar to the Death Duchies in Geburah. He has always been And. a Coma Kingdom. Whatever Kingdom the reason when a for its creation. The Red King is the Tzaddik of Hod and when his dream ends. a small world unto itself. This could be true or it might be a fantastic tale about this fantastical place. each below Kether. The dreamer then woman who roams from city to city.

then Morpheus intends to keep Otis in Sleephaven for as long as possible. not toys. Otis began Lucid Dreaming. and he could never truly believe that anything good could happen to him. she shattered into tiny glass shards. Young Otis’ Lucid Dreaming Skill was not fully developed yet. If the occult scholars who say that the best dreamers keep the Dream Realms flowing with Essence. His family lived in a dilapidated tenement building in New York City and Otis often used his imagination as refuge from his everyday living conditions. 1900. At the age of five. At that point. Impy wants to get rid of Otis and rule Sleephaven for himself. they all act just as Otis expects the mermaid and monkeys they represent to act. Because of this. he fully immersed himself in his Dreamscape. He fell into a coma in 1934. and eventually began encountering beings from his Panorama while still awake. A wide variety of characters from Kline’s childlike imagination also live in Sleephaven. possibly seven or eight. In the asylum. Morpheus enjoys the innocent Dream Lord and sometimes invites him and his entourage to the City of Dilmun. When Otis kissed a beautiful princess. The Princess gained self-awareness when Otis entered the asylum. Now that Otis is dead. however. The Princess Cowberry is an Eidolon who represents Otis’ ideal girl. She also never wants him to leave Sleephaven.The Dream Kingdom of Otis Kline Otis Kline is a Talented Dreamer born on January 1. bearded man. but none of these Eidolons have developed self-awareness. like giants and mermaids. The Princess Cowberry. All three of Otis’ companions are at odds with one another. Sleephaven then became one of the Coma Kingdoms and Otis spent the rest of his existence there. Otis did not learn to fully control his dreams until he turned 15. is actually an Oneirokitai who had tried to help Otis through his madness. or mingling with pirates. He created a surrealistic art nouveau Sanctuary. For the next decade. She is slightly older than him. 53 S e p h i r o t h . by then. like zebras and camels. He filled his Panorama with exotic animals. Doctor Pastille. his dreams always took a bad turn. which he called Sleephaven. When he tried climbing a stairway that reached into the heavens. In Sleephaven. and fantastical beings. Sleephaven remains—with Otis still in it. Otis Kline appears as the five-year-old boy who first dreamed this Realm. But. They also visit folkloric beings. his parents had sent him to an asylum. he was able to prevent the bad things from happening within them. His other companions include Doctor Pastille and Impy the Clown. is his best friend. Doctor Pastille is trying to get Otis to Move On. Otis Kline retreated to Sleephaven more and more often. when Otis slipped into a coma. who claims to be King Morpheus’ daughter. old. it collapsed. She protects Otis and does not want anything bad to happen to him. instead of a furtrimmed red suit. Impy the Clown is an Eidolon who gained self-awareness in 1934. like Santa Claus or Jack Frost. who looks something like Santa Claus in gold and white robes. Otis and his friends spend their time playing exotic games. Morpheus also carries a bag of sand. a funny-looking man in a top hat and a long coat. racing flying kangaroos. 1976. he takes the form of a jolly. Although Otis’ body died on July 4. This marked the beginning of his Dreamscape’s separation from the Periphery. When Morpheus appears to Otis.

though the Kingdom’s Dream Lord can certainly wish certain changes into existence. The Dream Lords do not even know that they are dead. At least in the Garden. This kind of Dream Lord is like Peter Pan. the Kingdoms are just fanta- sy worlds through which the dreamer wanders completely oblivious to her environment’s true nature. much like when a Dybbik is formed (see p. the character knows that she has died and eventually realizes that there must be more to Heaven than what she is experiencing. or specific mental block. The Dreamer often develops a Weird Delusion. an Eidolon in a specific Coma Kingdom remains in that Realm. her soul remains in the Coma Kingdom. but during other times it may seek to usurp the Kingdom from the Dream Lord. or say whatever she likes to the Lost Boys. while others suffer a –3 penalty to do the For the most part. in that Never-Never Land exists solely for her. She does not control Captain Hook or any of the other Eidolons’ actions. The Dream Lord gains a +5 bonus to any Task related to manipulating her Dream Realm. same. The physical laws of the Coma Kingdoms are almost identical to those of the Periphery. that keeps her from realizing that she has been living in a particular Coma Kingdom for decades or centuries without noticeable change. While she con- tinues to exist in the Dream Kingdom of her creation. and she can fly when she wants. 122). she is completely oblivious to her current state. C h a p t e r T h r e e 54 . It is harder for a character to Move On from a Coma Kingdom than it is from the Garden of Earthly Delights. Eidolons cluster in the Coma Kingdoms and take on specific personas in the Realm. Sometimes it acts in the same manner as it did before. Sometimes this leads to an Eidolon becoming self-aware. When the Dreamer dies in the Waking World.Some Dream Lords only experience a limited lucidity while in their own Kingdom. However.

claim they meet in the Garden of Earthly Delights or in Shambala. The Grand Masters are rumored to meet someSome Otherworlds. however. the Dream Realm of the feline shapeshifters. This may be true. By the Middle Ages. the Wicce Days Valley Covenant had assimilated the Seior. Occult historians believe the Benandanti were Ancestor Spirits (approaching Ancestor Spirits has to be done carefully. Days the (the Solstice and Equinox enter the On the of of often traveled to the Realm of Akasha to confer with the Three Sisters. Lucid Dreaming seems to be fairly common among the Cabal’s members. The Natural World is very important to the Wicce. This may or may not be true. and Mind Read allows the Seer to observe an individual’s Panorama. The Wicce some- Lucid Dreamers who possessed the Transformation and Flight Visualizations. Mind Dream allows the Seer to enter and control others’ dreams. Since observers can easily alter Hod’s reality. so the Wicce have connections to the City of Bubastis. for they fear becoming infected with the Taint. 55 S e p h i r o t h . That being said. they are a separate Association from the through the First World. The dif- of They Mindread. The Cabal of Psyche Many Hod. a connection between the Wicce and the Dream Realms exists. and Slavic metaphysical traditions. Their Valley of Josaphet was actually the Wasteland. which connected them to Akasha and the First World. started the world’s largest Necromantic Covenant. and Mindrule can be used to manipulate the Periphery in order to accomplish psychic feats. the Wicce some- Benandanti would Josaphet and fight back an army of evil spirits with fennel sticks. specialized Divination and had many Eagle Spirit Patrons. they do not like to be bothered by Outsiders). where they seek particular types of nature spirits or the ask advice from shapechange while in this Otherworld and they used this power to thwart the evil army’s efforts. Some believe that the answers to all secrets can be found in the Realm of Akasha or in the lost tomes circulating in the City of Dilmun. The Earth Mother Gaia comes to the Dream Realms as often as she travels to Netzach or Malkuth. as well. and the evil armies they fought were the Night Terrors entering Hod from the Breach. People who were born with the caul on their face. Finally. The group combined Goddess Europe. Association Northern dedicated to the the A Shamanistic Freya in in ner of the Plane of Ideas. of course. a sign of the Gifted. the Brotherhood believes that information gathered in the Realm is ultimately unreliable. called Seior. They have not spent much time in the Tainted Wasteland studying this phenomenon. even if she is dreaming. the Sephiroth of Geburah most concerns the Order. Ember Power). was rumored that the Seior’s High Priestess It Italian. German. the “Good Walkers” from the Friuli region of Italy. and the Huntress Diana sometimes stalks prey come a long way from their Benandanti roots. composed the Benandanti. Like the Shamanistic Covenants.WitchCraft Covenants in the Dream Realms The Wicce The Wicce Covenant has no real central authority. If there are Benandanti who still fight on the Days of Power. The Twilight Order Members of the Benandanti. many of the Bast are also members of the Wicce Covenant. others say that they meet in their own secret Dream Realm. Certain powers allow a Seer to enter Hod. Mindtalk. others claim they meet in their own cor- Talk can be used to send messages to a person. Travel facilitates wandering through Mind the ficult part. The Benandanti had the power to times travel to the First World. Mind where in the Sephiroth of Hod once a year. but they have yet to find any means of closing the Breach. times meet with the Goddess in the First World. so what might be true for one coven is certainly not true for all. Still. Seers have dealings the in the Otherworld of Theorists claim and information comes that gathered from the through Realm Mindtime Akasha. while the Ancestors eagerly help members of their particular Nation. is finding something that is truly a piece of lost lore. Those at the top of the Rosicrucian Hierarchy are aware of the Sammael Gate. but the Twilight Order has Now. Mindview also say The Rosicrucians The Rosicrucians have a scholarly interest in the Sephiroth of Hod. Twilight Order.

Each Nomad family’s founder is said to dwell in the First World. incomplete visions about a Lost Civilization. the Pariahs can draw on those experiences to perform Disciplines of the Flesh. and Spirit can all be molded to form a perfect instrument. The House of Thanatos The Thanatoi are much more concerned with the Death Realms of Geburah than the Dream Realms of Hod. So. The Brotherhood of Legba The Loas. often choose to meet their mounts in the Dream Realms. The Storm Dragons The Storm Dragons believe that. the Kingdom of Atlantis. They have very little to do with the Otherworld of Dreams. The Templars The Templars keep up with events in Hod. and sometimes supernatural entities cause them. However. Sentinels not much contact Any of the Creator’s wayward servants might find themselves Templar in quite the overmatched when facing a Sephiroth of Hod.The Council of Elders holds secret meetings once a year. The Iscariots The Iscariots are more concerned with Earth than the Otherworlds. Some Storm Dragons The Lodge of the Undying When a True Immortal first changes. Most of the dead the voodoo priests control dwell in Geburah. The Dragon is rumored The in various locations in the Sephiroth of Hod. Some Templars develop the Lucid Dreaming Skill and travel through the Dream Realms in search of lost knowledge. Lucid Dreaming can be used to confront the hidden secrets of one’s own psyche. Their to traumatic Recurring experiences also make The Nomads The Ferals are unique beings: humans whose Essence has been fused with a nature spirit’s. have Other than this. believe that experiencing a The Immortals vision of the use Dream Work as part of the process of spiritual growth. this is similar to the rumor about the Rosicrucian Grand to live in the Kun Lun Mountains of Shambala. Many believe the Council holds these meetings A legend exists of an actual Dragon from Yesod leading the Storm Dragons. Mind. and when a Feral dies. anyone can become Gifted: Body. some Iscariots suspect that Mad God Cultists enter the ranks of their enemy. rumor is false. Those Immortal scholars who know about the Realm C h a p t e r T h r e e 56 . and that those Visions may ultimately derive from the Realm do of Akasha. Masters. with the the close because Otherworld Seraphim or even Mundane defeat Pagan God. to Those who know about the Breach seek ways it. but other times she roams the First World with other nature spirits. with the right training. complete Kingdom of Atlantis would reveal every lost secret. and unwavering. Sometimes a dreaming Feral them prone Nightmares. it is Pariahs like sharks to a bleeding fish. The Mara are attracted to the form. but sometimes the voodoo practitioner must search the First World for an Ancestor. Patron Spirits to the Legba. especially when searching for older souls who died in West Africa. believed that she goes to join all her family members who died before her. Maybe both groups do meet in the Dream Realm or maybe the rumors are just shadows of truth about an even older group whose leadership meets in the Otherworld of Dreams. those Iscariots who can enter the Dream Realms—the Templars find that thought very satisfying. Her dreams are the dreams of her animal Sometimes these nightmares derive from natural psychological phenomenon. though. it is can Templars the one a like the Sephiroth where a of Hod a The Sentinels Many of the Inspired can perform the Miracle of Visions. the Combine. where the practice of voodoo first developed. The Pariahs Having survived horrible traumas. he has a series of vague. has her own Panorama in the Periphery. They do not fear harm from their worshippers because they believe their worshippers’ devotion to be absolute Dream Realms begin to worry about the Breach in the Wastelands. giving them a split nature.

has anything to do with Hod. She is also the only Seraphim who Some among the Host. Because Hod is malleable. Some Michelle’s servants no longer dwell in Binah. Some have reported seeing Azazel Alliance members believe that Hod could only end if they killed the Red King. some deities also meet their Avatars in dreams. shopping in Dilmun. Undying Lodge have sponsored dream research and have gathered Seers and Talented Dreamers to help them explore Akasha. whispers that this is not strictly true. In an Armageddon campaign. though reported sightings circulate throughout the Watchers. nothing has come of it. Maybe the memories of Atlantis are too deep to be easily reached. unfortunately. a number of beings from Abaddon frequent the City of Dilmun. methods for closing the Breach. but the Breach would be closed. 57 S e p h i r o t h . so these sightings are more than likely illusions. a drastic solution that the Alliance is not eager to try—yet. so only he knows this story’s veracity. However. They feel these neutral souls should be a part of their Association. looking for a way to close it from the other side. uplifted human souls who are Patrons like to meet their servants in their Panoramas. the lesson of Telepinu (see p. nothing more. skeptics point out that dreamers often see what they want to see.of Akasha are eager to explore it. say that Gabriel sent Dumah to the Dream Realms because he did not want her in Elysium. as well. Some Colleges of the The Heavenly Host Dumah is the Host’s representative in Hod. The Pantheons Many of the Pantheons enjoy the Dream Realms. this would prevent anyone from ever dreaming again. learning their secrets. The Mockers Many Mockers know about the Breach and those capable of entering the Wasteland in the Sephiroth of Hod have investigated the Sammael Gate. a Dreamer No Qliphonim has ever developed though the Infernal Legion Malefecia. Those who serve as Sprit talking to Dumah. using it as a neutral territory to meet with denizens of the Otherworlds. 91) is neither Kerubim nor Oliphonim living in Shambala. Some deities like the Coyote prefer Hod’s First World to Netzach’s God Realms. and have tried to make in-roads among them. The Kerubim do. Bodhisattva continue to serve the Order of Shambala. Armageddon Covenants in the Dream Realms The Alliance The Alliance contains many different people with various talents. Other The Watchers A founder of the Watchers. whom they believe is Hod’s Tzaddik. anyway. the not lost on the Pantheon—the deities know the dangers even a lowly Mundane can pose for them in the Dream Realms. silently observing all that goes on. the Archangel Azazel has not been seen since those first days after leaving Binah. and they use this advantage in their fight against the Leviathan. Some can wander the Dream Realms. Of course. The Bodhisattva. The Taint overwhelmed them and they Dreamscape often do their work in the Periphery or gather in the City of Dilmun. So far. or sitting at the Three Sisters’ feet. They say that she answers only to Lucifer himself. do not fear who Hod can as their angelic the brethren Kerubim manipulate Mockers even entered the Breach. Morpheus is a Pagan God just like them and he is usually extremely courteous to visitors from Netzach. most of them never came back. Still. She drifts through the Dream Realms. dream in the Periphery. One such outrageous possibility the group has considered is waking the Red King. rumor exists that a Greater An Abaddon named Qliphonim Naameh has been using this power for thousands of years as a secret weapon in the war against the Host. also interest the Watchers. like the servants of Michelle. Some Kerubim even quickly became minions to the Mad Gods. The Alliance has considered possible The Infernal Legion The Fallen have less of a presence in the Dream Realms than the Heavenly Host. Still. an Immortal cannot easily do so.

Chapter Four: Associations C h a p t e r F o u r 58 .

always He did not really need the spirits anymore.” “Dang. Butch. 59 A s s o c i a t i o n s . Kim occasionally strayed from the usual menu and She was preparing a batch for him just then. T he C row Spirits would indeed be happy this day. lunch. T he two young men that walked in had that certain expression that L ooks-Twice immediately recT he two walked ognized as the White Man’s traditional “Gonna Raise Hell on the Rez” face.” “She sure is a pretty one. happy. they were very high maintenance. just rolled his eyes. L ooks-Twice slid across the table and slammed against the glass window. like that. you sound just like a Redskin when you talk heck it out. but it place looking for some Native American ass to kick. T his Butch guy was pretty strong. he almost missed the fact that two men had just entered the diner. From his booth. T he two good old boys did not realize they were about to experience a whole new world of pain and humiliation. For the most part. he immediately began to channel Essence. T he Spirits reminded him of his cousin Kimimela. too!” Michael L ooks-Twice Earl squinted at Kim. erful medicine of his own now. after all. of course. T hinking so intently about the bread. and angered. demanding he play great tricks on people. was not the norm.Michael L C ooks-Twice sat at a roadside diner and pondered what he should do next to keep the As T otems went. “there ’s a young squaw behind the counter. straight up to Michael and his cousin. “How C T he second one howled at the joke. mouth was already beginning to water. she had acquired the head cook’s job in this culinary death-trap dump of a diner Of course. Few hardcore. Michael L ooks-Twice tasted blood. but the C approaching Dark Times. All he had wanted out of the day was some of his cousin’s fry bread for letus the Slack J awed Y okel and his sidekick. the place specialized in overly greasy food designed to keep Even so. As the restaurant was not too far from the Rez. truckers’ insides well lubricated. its customers were a mix of Indians and Whites. Michael watched Kimimela hurriedly prepare orders in the kitchen beyond the counter. When He was not in the mood for C Michael stood up. T hough she got on his nerves most of the time. Earl. Still. there was no denying that she was useful. his T otems. We want-em eat food now. T he first one stank of cheap beer when he spoke. keeping the C row Spirits happy was like trying to keep a small child entertained.” replied Butch to his companion. and his and she was very good at it.” “C hief. She made the best fry bread around. Kimimela edged away from the counter with a look of fear in her eyes. redneck cowboys frequented the It happened occasionally. offered up something special like her fry bread. everyone got along. as he had powrow Spirits gave him an extra edge to deal with the row Spirits. Only 16. Butch grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him into one of the booths.

In this vision. cultists foolishly summon Mad Gods. they know they will achieve Paradise on Earth. The Ghost Dancer Movement gained many converts from various Nations and the Association took root and flowered. but by 1890. The Prophet was a Walker Lake He led Paiute. the Wodziwob (Gray Hair). One Shaman visionary led to the creation of the Ghost Dancers as a true Covenant: His the Prophet bind the making himself a sideshow attraction in hopes that he could somehow prevent the United States from taking drastic measures against his Nation and his People. link Even the Wicce rarely achieve the harmonious nature that the Shamans possess. who was also known as Fish Lake Joe. also known Sitting Sitting defeated Custer at Little Big Horn in 1876. Wovoka’s Vision took place on January 1. and in doing so. As the Reckoning approaches. Operating strictly on a local Tavibo who preached in Nevada and impressed his audience by controlling the weather. Vision unites them—a vision of a world where their people live in harmony with nature and the White Man no longer controls the Nations. The Earth cries out and Shamans throughout the world struggle to heal and restore her. The Creator would promised come to to be Wodziwob if the that this in Covenants: Australian Apoanu Apyabaiba of the Amazonian Rainforest. Sitting Bull regained hope when he became a Ghost Dancer in 1890. teachings Covenant together. Twisted spirits prey on the living.Introduction This chapter introduces three new Associations. The Ghost Dancers are different. he toured with Buffalo Bill. Within a few months of Wovoka’s Vision. Wodziwob had an assistant named approaching Reckoning threatens this link. This was an act of desperation and it failed. he had surrendered himself to protect his people. This holds true of Shamans that band Iyotaka. It also gives two examples the of Shamanistic Wizards of Oz Solitaire and the Festival in 1869. The Ghost Dancers used these Invocations to create Ghost Shirts. the buffalo returned in great numbers. Wodziwob began preaching his new message in hopes of bringing about this revealed Paradise on Earth. and the oppressed Enlightened Masters of the Order of Shambala. He was given a glimpse of an earthly paradise in which the dead returned to lands of the living and the White Man only settled east of the Mississippi. While attending this festival. members from American Nation. One of Ghost Dancers’ as converts Bull. The original level makes healing her very difficult. He also ascended to Kether. and the Shaman only concerns himself with his particular village or tribe. the Ghost Dancers see this Vision threatened. 1889. the Ghost Dancers vow to conquer these threats. which made their warriors invulnerable to bullets. Seminoles Apaches to Inuits to Cherokee. a reasonably normal existence until the Pine Harvest Ghost Dancers were on the verge of winning a most- C h a p t e r F o u r 60 . North every America Native and include They cover all of from almost to Ghost Dancer Movement was confined to Nevada and California until Tavibo’s son Wovoka also experienced the Vision. Shamanistic groups tend to operate like Solitaires. When the Vision ended. many Invocations—he taught Wovoka knew Shielding and Empowerment to warrior Shamans from the Lakota and Arapahoe Nations. where the Creator revealed to him Paradise on Earth: the living and dead Native Americans in a replenished West and the Europeans confined to the East. The Ghost Dancers Shamanistic Covenants exist worldwide. together in places like the Amazon or Australia. however. was Tatanka Bull History By their nature. They are still basically Solitaires who have a loose and informal confederation with other Solitaires for mutual assistance purposes. practicing the Old Ways that bond the Shaman to his environment. The with Paradise peace People lived and returned the Old Ways. the Paiute entered into a trance in which he had a vision of ascending to Kether and meeting the Creator. the two opposing sects of the Society of Assassins. The Two Prophets’ during a solar eclipse. allowing them to stand against the White Man’s superior firepower. His teachings spread from north- ern Nevada to California and then throughout the Great Basin. Yet. Several years earlier. They are small and insular. and the Combine works to ensure the Vision never comes to fruition. the Native American Ghost Dancers. Wovoka spread his message throughout the American West. and the Native Americans returned to a harmonious existence with their environment.

The Ulunsuti crystal was said to have great powers. Some say that he buried it somewhere in North America. it used Taint to do so. Uktena). During this flood. and without it. The legend says that it was not the Bright Shining Ones or the Immortals who finally defeated the Uktena Leviathan. the Navajo say that Uktena’s flaming body caused the meteor crater when he fell to the Earth during his final defeat. Others say that he removed from it from Malkuth and hid it in a remote corner of Hod. it could be used to defeat the Dark Apostle and the Army of Revelations. Either option could make the search for the Ulunsuti the theme for an entire campaign. According to their legends. a race of Immortals died. a crystal called the Ulunsuti. 61 A s s o c i a t i o n s . In fact. The Ghost Dancers believe Agununitsi later hid the Ulunsuti so that it could not be used for evil. the Creator caused a great flood to destroy a Primordial Evil (whom the Ghost Dancers call by its Cherokee name. This crystal was the Leviathan’s equivalent of a pituitary gland. became Tainted from contact with this item. a powerful human Shaman named Aganunitsi did. although he managed to retain some of his humanity. It could heal any injury or illness—only.The Ghost Dancers and the Leviathan The Ghost Dancer Shamans knew about the Leviathan before the Reckoning. if found. Aganunitsi. Further. the Mad God could not manipulate Taint. This was also a time when the Bright Shining People fought with Uktena’s corrupted ones. maybe its use would allow the Mad Gods to manifest on Earth. The Serpent Mounds in Ohio were created to remember this time. While no one knows for sure if the Ulunsuti even exists. a precursor to the Mockers. The Ghost Dancers also have a legend particular to their Covenant. He killed Uktena by removing a jewel in its head. some believe that. Then again.

much like the Wicce and the Legbans. In this Braves. The returning to the Old Ways is very difficult to accomplish in the modern world. Urban Shaman’s outlook. and they do not necessarily keep to the Old Ways. There are three different Ghost Dancer types: Beliefs Fulfilling the Vision of Paradise on Earth remains the most important thing to the Ghost Dancers. The tragedy at Wounded Knee just forced them underground. They teach their ancestors’ Ghost Dancers were hunted down and slaughtered. the soldiers only lost 25 men and had 39 wounded. Tomahawk and Bullhead. Ghost Dancers still existed. continue to Shirts and other Invocations ceased working. believed them all destroyed. and child at Wounded Knee. the Seventh Paradise promised them. And this time. though they use only extreme circumstances. and use the weapons of old. by definition. cable TV. While the Braves happen if the Nations keep their side of the bargain: they must return to the Old Ways. many forget their stories. By working in While the Dancers Native are completely unknown exist in the American communities everywhere. Medicine Men and Women. they recite the old stories. C h a p t e r F o u r 62 . 1890. It is also important to failed. the Ghost Dancers had been completely wiped out. traditions. The Ghost Dancers gathered at Wounded Knee on December 28. and Shamans. the Combine and the rest of America The Organization The Ghost Dancers are a loose organization. did not hear the command and held his rifle high. The People. sometimes more alcohol. secret. the fact that they are warriors violates the Creator’s Promise. By the end note that a Ghost Dancer Shaman who operates in an urban environment is not an Urban Shaman. Dancers will do whatever it takes to The Ghost claim the man named Black Coyote. who hold a similar outlook and philosophy. They were wrong. But Ghost Dancers will not let the Dream die. Earth. In contrast. Of course. it is too important to them. murdered Sitting Bull. turning the tide against the Native American Covenant. they survived into the next century. mostly by friendly fire. as well. the dead and the living would reunite. It can only peaceful. The Ghost Dancers do not approve of the Nation in North America. The The Paradise. they will not let the Combine Cavalry massacred every man. If this The People would at last be at peace. where Avatars and Inheritors have joined the Ghost Dancers). but Even the Braves. The Creator promised the Two Prophets that the People could achieve this Paradise if they lived in peace and harmony and returned to the Old Ways. woman. the People find the return to the Old Ways more difficult than rebuilding the Covenant after the massacre at Wounded Knee. The bulletproof Ghost Red the approaching Reckoning as a sign of their failure. Urban of the 20th century. and the White Man would leave the West and settle east of the and Braves with paradox. the Ghost city. their numbers swelled to their original numbers and included Shamans and representatives from almost every Native American Shamans are Solitaires who improvise a lot of their magic. a deaf young language. and language. violence are not in happened. The Ghost Dancers’ Braves consist mostly of Mundane warriors. Before 1890 ended. Because of this. This means no Completely learn the Old Ways. like other Ghost Dancers. The Seventh Cavalry surrounded the group and on the next day ordered the surrender of all rifles. as a whole. though some Lesser Gifted and Supernaturals fill their ranks (especially in an Armageddon campaign. Caught up in the modern world’s distractions. The Ghost Dancers see Ghost Dancers’ success concerned the Combine and they quickly got involved. the spear and the bow. Indian police and Combine pawns. the buffalo would return to the plains. One of the Ghost Dancers. Most members of the Covenant live on the reservations and it is on the Rez that their influence not is strongest. Still. wounding many more who later died. or McDonalds. and they struggle to convert the People to the Old Ways. Ghost Dancers still clung to their Vision. it would truly be Heaven on Creator’s promised Paradise on Earth would come when the Nations lived in peace and returned to the Old Ways. and have are mastered faced the spear a They practice war the bow.ly non-violent revolution against the United States through the use of Shamanistic Invocations. the Promise is conditional. their public revolution resoundingly though maintaining the Old Ways in an urban environment is almost impossible. Afterwards. killing 153 people that day and destroy their Dream before it takes root. At least. Mississippi. however.

” Ghost Dancers find this cultural disrespect hard to ignore and this often affects the Covenant’s relationship with the Wicce. Just as the Ghost Dancers differ on the Vision’s true meaning. So. and receive their powers through Spirit Patrons. and both hold a deep reverence for Nature. but some follow the Braves’ revisionist beliefs. Some Shamans try to follow the promise of the Prophets’ Vision. the Wicce for other Usually. The Ghost Dancers also hold a mandatory Pow Wow once a year. groups.those weapons just do not cut it. In this version of the Vision. only the Braves blame peoples’ actions. Until the events of Armageddon. when dealing with Tainted beings or Combine agents. Shamans serve their community’s needs. and blithely declare themSome leave the Rez and they have little contact with the outside world. These thirteen leaders include members from various The Ghost Dancers view Rosicrucians as the epitome of what is wrong with White Culture. The Council meets in secret somewhere in the Hod’s First World. They are powerful workers of magic and some even exhibit the same powers as the Two Prophets. Some Shamans even wander across the for signs of supernatural activity or selves Shamans of their own “Indian Tribes. This means that the Wicce associate with people who trivialize the Old Ways. where its members confer with Ancestor Spirits and the Two Prophets. as well. The Braves are notoriously intoler- ant of outsiders and the Coyote Ferals are notoriously open-minded. Most of them were not born Gifted. As Ghost Dancers. must Black Foot. they can empathize with the Rosicrucians. however. the People push the Allies and Enemies The Ghost Dancers are more unified then most Shamanistic groups. The Medicine Men and Women are those who true of all Ghost Dancers: they hate the Combine. Every Ghost Dancer believes in the Two Prophets’ Vision. But the Wicce Medicine Men and Women rarely also have strong ties to the New Age Movement. Lakota. A Council of Elders leads the Ghost Dancers. they While also the differ in dealing with are other true White Man off the continent and the Nations regain control of the land. The Council of Elders knows a lot more about Nations across North America. They have similar attitudes in their approach to Magic. the Creator’s mandate to live in peace only applies to living in peace with other Nations. Located in a different North American place every year. meaning and the Crow. they are by no means universal. Rosicrucians’ history than the average Ghost Dancer. 63 A s s o c i a t i o n s . globe. the Rosicrucians were trying to bring the Council includes a Mexican Zapatista. and imbued them with Metaphysical powers. and the Rosicrucians first treated the Ghost Dancers as Noble Savages who still had a lot to learn. Braves. Navajo. and those Shamans often work with the the proper training create with Rosicrucians expect. believing that living in peace does not extend to the White Man. the Pow Wow is a time of celebration and planning. the spirits chose them. usually during a Vision Quest. belief in this Vision binds them. since the Combine also sabotaged one of their magical revolutions—not to the extent of Wounded Knee. Like the Medicine Men. following statements about the majority of Ghost Dancers. community only. The Shamans are the Gifted and Lesser Gifted members of the Ghost Dancers. most Ghost looking Dancers get along with the Wicce just fine. The Medicine Men deal with Their concern is for their own both Covenants have similar goals. And. They both have ties to environmental groups and social activists. the Braves follow an altered version of the Vision. nearly would the Ghost Shirts for the Braves to wear. To them. the Braves use modern weapons to accomplish their goals—even though modern weapons are definitely not part of the Old Ways. mainly in the United States and Canada. The Wicce: The Wicce and the Ghost Dancers have a great relationship for the most part. even though two different interpretations of the Vision exist. Still. because the Council’s members have made it their business to learn all that they can about the Combine. One thing does remain universally Apaches forget their differences and come together as brothers. The Rosicrucians: are not Relationships as bad tend as to with one the Combine interference. turn the Sacred Places of Power into tourist attractions. This has caused the two Covenants to ignore each other more than anything else. living in peace and harmony with everyone. one that first spread among the Plains Indians in the last decades of the 19th century. but they also aid the world as a whole. about a Paradise on Earth. things on a local level.

The majori- ty of Ghost Dancers think of the Legbans as allies who cover geographic areas where their own influence is weak. Lodge Scholars are particularly interested in the leg- C h a p t e r F o u r 64 . so the groups rarely have dealings with each other.The Cabal of Psyche: Many Shamans have Seer powers in addition to Invocations. The Legbans: The Brotherhood of Legba and the Ghost Dancers are strong allies. most Ghost Dancers believe the Cabal has an overly rationalistic view of the world. a Native American with Seer Gifts may come to the attention of both the Ghost Dancers and the Cabal. The Order of Shambala Ghost Dancers’ philosophy. Dragons’ Most Ghost Dancers find the Storm preferable to the Sentinels’ philosophies beliefs. Kananthu can be found in Native American legends. The Sentinels are not really aware of the Ghost Dancers’ full strength. The Storm Dragons and the Order of Shambala: The Storm Dragons and the Order of Shambala work in completely different parts of the world than the Ghost Dancers. has only The average Ghost of the Order of heard Shambala through rumors. and the Legbans show proper respect to the nature spirits the Dancers revere. the only time they come in contact is when both groups are trying to stop the same Combine cell. When a Shaman wants to contact one of his departed ancestors. The Iscariots and the Pariahs: The Ghost Dancers do not have many dealings with the Repentant Vampyres or the Shapeshifting Beggars. Dancer. they tend to think of the Dancers as a Solitaire group allied with the Wicce. Usually. As such. Some Lodge members believe that the Atlantis’ survivors fled to the Americas. which in turn limits their abilities. The Legbans’ Voodoo and the Ghost Dancers’ Shamanism have a lot in common. but the Cabal believes the Ghost Dancers diminish their powers by surrounding them with primitive superstitions. This Shamanistic Covenant tries to avoid the Inspired Monster Killers whenever possible. the Ghost Dancers have lit- tle contact with either Necromantic Covenant. but the Ghost Dancers and the Dragons rarely give each other respects much the thought. and they rarely come into contact. As such. and that respect is reciprocated. For their part. so hints about the culture of Athal The Twilight Order and the House of Thanatos: The Ghost Dancers do not deal with the Dead Realms of Geburah. The Sentinels: The Sentinels are associated with missionaries and the attempted destruction of Native American culture in the minds of the Ghost Dancers. however. The two Covenants get along well enough with each other. The Lodge of the Undying: The Immortals and the Ghost Dancers have little in common with each other. he does so in the Periphery or the First World.

the Ghost Dancers assume all Assassins are Combine pawns. Of course. As the Gifted were being targeted in the cities. The Nomads: Most Ghost Dancers view the ence between the two groups. the Ghost Dancers gathered strength on the Reservations. keeping the Old Ways and living in harmony with the land and other people in hopes a new utopian age will dawn. they believe a new age of peace and a utopian Paradise will follow. the Dancers declared a secret war on the Combine. much like the Ghost Dancers have Coyote Ferals and Shapeshifters among them. and the Ghost Dancers see no real differ- Ulunsuti might actually exist. course. and the Ghost Dancers struggle to walk a fine line between the modern things that lure them to Knee. this strengthens the bond between the two groups. the Ghost Dancers joined the Alliance. 65 A s s o c i a t i o n s . Unfortunately. the Ghost Dancers also believe that the Templars are Combine pawns. In reality. with the Ruya’ha Sect often being blamed for the Alamut Sect’s actions. With the increased numbers of Gifted in the early 21st century. Covenant Ghost at Wounded have Combine’s sworn enemy actually helped them out. Maybe they have finally found the Ulunsuti and have figured out a way to use it as a weapon against their enemies. and the Combine: The Combine is the most powerful enemy the Ghost Dancers have ever faced—it almost wiped out the Native Because American of this. the Ghost Dancers are very environmentally concerned. On occasion. in reality. The Mockers: Most Ghost Dancers believe that the Creator ensuring empowered the Uktena the Mockers to aid As them such. Since the Alamut Sect’s actions serve the Combine. The Ghost Dancers are distrustful of any person or group they believe may be connected to the Combine. The Templars. In these instances. most Mockers do not even know the Ghost Dancers exist. the Ghost Dancers thought they were acting against the Combine. This is exactly the kind of irony the Conspiracy thrives on! Ghost Dancer Stories Ghost Dancer stories focus on their traditional beliefs. it also helped matters that the Ghost Dancers are an American Covenant. As one of the larger Shamanistic Associations in existence. the Ghost Dancers do not know that the Society of Assassins is composed of two opposing sects. As the Covenant has also been the victim of a disinformation campaign concerning the Templars. and North America has been the least affected by the Cult of Revelations. Many of the Ghost Dancers feel the Cult’s rise happened because they did not successfully adhere to the Vision’s doctrines. They just have to make sure the human race survives to see it. the Ghost Dancers have thwarted Assassin and Templar operations. the conveniences and distractions of modern times make keeping the Old Ways rather difficult. The Dancers also hold the promise of the Vision close. the never returns. they were acting against groups fighting against the Combine. Like most other Covenants in the world. something akin to the Animal Spirit Nations in the First World. Once the Last War spread closer to American shores. the Ghost Dancers are more powerful than they have ever been. Maybe it is just a rumor meant to bring hope to an overwhelmed force. Ironically enough. in the Of one that caused the Rosicrucians to believe that the Cabal of Psyche is the Combine. Ghost Dancers consider them to be Holy People. Now that all of humanity has united against a common foe. The Society of Assassins. Some rumors say the Ghost Dancers are gathering for something big—possibly for a massive attack against the Dark Apostle and the Leviathan. The Ghost Dancers in Armageddon The Ghost Dancers escaped the worst of the Matthews Riots in the 21st century because of their isolation. The Knights stray and the modern things that are necessary for survival in an increasingly dangerous world. The Native American Nomads as fellow nature servants. but.end of the Uktena and the possibility that the use the same kind of political manipulations as the Combine.

While the Healer thinks you are too frivolous. You just prefer to humiliate the despoilers in a humorous way.” Allies andEnemies Your main allies are a group of Warrior Ghost Dancer Coyote Ferals. You have also worked with the Wicce Healer of Nature (Witc hCraft. laugh at the fools who underestimate you and you delight when a simple joke manages to halt an entire corporation’s operations. Roleplaying the Character To the world at large.Ghost Dancer Prankster Like every other Ghost Dancer. you do not think that you will ever see The this Paradise on Earth in your lifetime. even when you were a child. b ut he wanted you to help him play jokes in the Waking World instead. instead of threats and force. you b elieve in the Vision. these are proud men and they do not allow fear or threats alter their plans. So. promised to give you a few extra “tricks. These things make you happy and when you are smiling happily. A world where the people practice the Old Ways and live in harmony with the land is certainly a long time coming. p. stories ab out his pranks in the First World. you were He told you that you had the talent to b a good e If you helped him. he not that surprised to find the Trickster waiting for you. You seem a little cocky and a b it You And you use this to your advantage. modern ways have corrupted your People and corporations are constantly destroying the environment under the guise of progress. However. You wander across America. you target their pride: you make them the b utt of very good jokes. more charming than most. you try to do your part to make that Vision b ecome a reality. with you. there is far too much evil in the world for that to come ab out now. Shaman. 104) on occasion. you are just another poor Indian in a rusty pick-up. He appeared to you in your dreams and told you When you were old enough to go on your Vision Quest. the Coyote smiles C h a p t e r F o u r 66 . Of course. seekYou know ing out those who stand in the Vision’s way—powerful men who rape the land for their own gain. you b oth target the same sorts of people. b ut people rarely view you as a threat. They look at you as one of their own. Origins The Coyote spoke to you.

Native) Language (Navajo) Lucid Dreaming Myth and Legends (Ghost Dancer) Rituals (Ghost Dancer) Smooth Talking Stealth Storytelling Survival (Desert) Unconventional Medicine (Herbalist) Level 2 2 5 1 2 1 3 2 2 2 3 3 Visualizations Dream Flight Transformation Conjuration Dream Shift Level 2 2 2 2 Metaphysics Spirit Patron: Coyote Boons: Communion Boons: Warding Boons: Lesser Healing Boons: Divination (Oneiromancy) Boons: Mind Projection Art Boons: Mind Projection Strength Obligations: Showoff Level 2 1 2 2 2 3 -2 © 2003 Eden Studios. G i f t e d Association Concept Ghost Dancer Wanderer .Name CHANNELING LEVEL UNSPENT CHARACTER POINTS SPENT Primary Attributes STRENGTH DEXTERITY CONSTITUTION Secondary Attributes 3 3 3 LIFE POINTS 2 3 2 INTELLIGENCE PERCEPTION WILLPOWER 26 ENDURANCE POINTS 26 SPEED ESSENCE POOL 10 45 Qualities Appearance +1 Charisma +2 Essence Channeling 2 Increased Essence Pool +15 The Gift Point 1 2 4 3 5 Drawbacks Clown Minority (Native American) Reckless Resources -1 Point -1 -1 -2 -2 Skill Brawling First Aid Language (English. Permission granted to photocopy.

like the Ismaili. in Persia as an offshoot of the Ismaili Sect. Assassins knew what pleasures awaited them after death. Hashashin agents infiltrated places of Ferdinand. is the final authority of Islam. Afterwards. the Shah’s troops had no real chance of defeating his Alamut forces. The Hashashin watched the proceedings from the surrounding mountains. they attacked without fear. Once an emissary from the Shah of Persia visited the fortress of Alamut. Love Ethereals. and the Society’s reasons behind them. A new Grand Master took over the order when Hasan Sabah died in 1124 A. Martin Luther King. Hasan ibn al-Sabah followers he called the devoted Hashashin. The Society continues to work in the power in courts from India to Paris. Truth be told. The Mongols believed the Society of Assassins was no more.D. when the Mongols conquered Persia.” forged an army of At Alamut. whereupon. seeing him as Allah’s Voice and keeper of the keys to Paradise. Unless they gained it. Hasan ibn al-Sabah merely pointed to one of the Hashashin and had him leap to his death. Kennedy. Anwar Sadat. While the emissary recited the Shah’s demands. Hasan’s followers. conspiracy theorists blame every assassination in the past thousand years on the Assassins. Some agents faithfully served the court they were part of for years until they received and their orders. The new worldview. many of which were never even reported as assassinations. In the Garden. The Hashashin were initiated at Alamut. And. C h a p t e r F o u r 68 . This continued openly until the middle of the 13th century. one would be surprised to learn that some of the bigger. to have killed the Archduke and sary that the Shah’s troops did not have that kind of loyalty and devotion. not the twelve the Shiites venerate. The Hashashin shadows. They are rumored John F. life-changing assassinations had nothing to do with any secret society or their agenda. groups have been accused of secretly trying to rule the world and all three are connected. The Assassins. Of course. History Hasan ibn al-Sabah founded the Society of Assassins in 1090 A. believe that there have only been seven true Imams after Mohammed. silently striking at those whose deaths will bring the world closer in line with the Society’s remained just as loyal to the new Imam. the Nizari Sect. discovered the last branch them in 1272. Jr. not the Koran. as Allah speaks His Will to the Imam daily. the same thing can All three be said of the Templars and the Combine. the secret Society of Assassins is believed to control entire governments the Society through invented threats the and murder. the Shah left the Hashashin alone and the world learned to fear the Assassins. a Place of Power in the mountains of Persia whose name means “Eagle’s Nest. beautiful nymph-like Peris. The Mongols did not stop until they The Egyptian Mamelukes in Syria and destroyed wiped out the Assassins. and within the year.D. had destroyed the main Persian branch. The Assassins also rulers declared war on the Society of Assassins in 1255. their full force visible to Persia’s representative. the Hashashin gladly obeyed anything he asked for The Ruya’ha Sect of the Society of Assassins The subject of countless speculation and rumors. of using Because concept Hasan’s commands—doing another chance to experience Paradise. After the emissary’s experience. which was itself a branch of Shiite Islam.believe that the current Imam. considered him to be the Imam. He moved them to the fortress of Alamut. indulged the Hashashin Initiates’ every desire. Hasan told the emis- assassination as a tool for political change. One would also be surprised to learn of the Society’s actual assassinations. as they the struck swiftly unexpectedly. where they traveled through a Gateway to the Garden of Earthly Delights in Hod to experience the bliss that awaited them in Kether if they obeyed his words without question.

the Alamut Imam is interested in other Realms in Hod and has been known to travel throughout the Sephiroth. leads them. Those who know of the Society of Assassins’ existence do not usually know that the Society embodies two opposed Sects. Adversary. out believe is Their Imam more for concerned Combine carrying he is assassinations the with greater percentage of Gifted in their ranks than any other group. The Ismailis do not have a Constantine—in The Jubelites. and their leader is also called the One True Imam. Since the Combine often uses Alamut Assassins. less public hideaways as bases of operation. the Church of Revelations has infiltrated the Combine. The Alamut Sect has exactly the same organization as the Ruya’ha Sect. He became the Dark Imam. the third major group. The Ismailis focused on the original Ismaili Sect’s beliefs. The Imam of Ruya’ha The Alamut Sect The Alamut Sect of the Society of Assassins is a Dark Covenant with strong ties to the Combine. the Society of Assassins remained. more than the opposite. three After a long reorarose from the Mongol’s destroyed the original Eagle’s Nest. many found things common with the Combine. the Alamut Sect built other. This is. The split between the Alamut and Ruya’ha Sects occurred after the Association was forced underground to escape persecution. Some Alamut Assassins know black magic and use Blood Magic Rituals similar to those used by the Cult of Pain.The Mongols were overly optimistic. which was one of the first groups to become tainted. Though greatly reduced in numbers and power. Alamut Sect The had Combine. The second group called themselves the Alamut Sect of the Society of Assassins. Since the Alamut Sect outnumbers the Ruya’ha Sect three to one. derived their name from an Arabic word for the Sephiroth of Hod. and the Ruya’ha. the Sect’s members have access to the weapons listed in Armageddon. The Alamut Assassins only use the advanced weapons when on assignment for the Combine. the actions of the Ruya’ha and the Alamut Sects are attributed to one unified Society of Assassins. ganization period. Although the revealing Allah’s Word to his followers. including the Alamut Sect of the Society of Assassins. However. and then told that an even better afterlife awaits them if they faithfully serve the One True Imam. The Alamut Imam never experienced a vision of glory like his Ruya’ha counterpart. It trains its members in its own Madrassa in the Garden of Earthly Delights. of the the the The in branches Alamut Compact discovered the remnants other Mongol’s persecution: the Ismailis. 69 A s s o c i a t i o n s . the Conspiracy gives them access to their advanced weaponry. but it is also due to what happened to the Alamut’s Imam: he was consumed with Taint. the Alamut. however. Because of this. and Aga Khan. This group still exists. The Alamut Sect Assassins have the same range of abilities as their counterparts in the Ruya’ha Sect. thereby making the Combine’s pawns theirs. in part. and they The Alamut have their own Imam him to be the One with than True Imam. The Imam knows about the Rift in the Wastelands and its presence troubles him. that they words. Eventually losing sight became just another they Combine tool. In an Armageddon campaign. with the same initiation rites: the Dais are allowed to experience all the delights of Paradise. this means the Ruya’ha Sect is blamed for the Alamut Sect’s actions. This means that in a WitchCraft campaign. Sect of In the city of Istanbul. due to their close Combine ties. of their original goals. whose main power source is an obscenely large account at the Bank of Damascus. but they had no agents ready to assassinate leaders at a moment’s notice and they no longer had access to the secret knowledge stored at Alamut. The Ruya’ha Sect of the Society of Assassins. The Alamut Sect also has access to the Sephiroth of Hod.

the Divine Voice of God. Imam activated a number of Gateways from Hod to Malkuth and the Sect’s Assassins still use them to travel quickly from the Dream Realm to Earth. Alternatively. When the Refiks prove ready to undertake more difficult missions. Fanaticism is extremely common among the the Ruya’ha Sect do not commit suicide after killing their targets. They ritually prepare for their initiation with Hashish (hence the name Hashashin) and perform acts of contrition. While there. After the Imam’s vision. they become Fedavis (Devoted infiltration and assassination as tools. but its members no The through continuing to work for the Ruya’ha. they are brought before the He informs them that the pleasures in the Garden of Earthly to call him the One True Imam. the Dais become Refiks Some longer considered the Garden their final reward. the Dais are brought After rita learned that the Garden he and his followers inhabited was only a false paradise. His Will superHis Ones). The Ruya’ha Imam still dwells in Hod. As professional killers. He speaks with the voice of the Metetron. The Fedavis are the Ruya’ha Sect’s best agents and the Imam entrusts them with the Sect’s most the important missions. where they engage in the usual sensual pleasures of their forefathers. so they say the Seraphim are not to be trusted. and they perform various strike missions as part of their training. though mostly against his rival. The malleable nature of Hod allows the Assassins to prepare for various mission-related scenarios. his face reflected the glory of what he had seen. stretching who from was Ali the to heir of a line of Imams He Mohammed himself. Unlike the historic Assassins. the One True Imam. information and waiting for their chance to Will supersedes the Koran itself. the Imam had a vision in which he was transported to the True Paradise. whom the Assassins call Djinn. The Templars believe the Seraphim. they may travel the world from The Fedavis have a cer- one assignment to the next. Afterwards. the Alamut Sect had been corrupting their name and following a false Imam. and his glory is the reflection of the Glory of God Himself. strayed from God’s Will. C h a p t e r F o u r 70 . The group maintained its base of operations in the Garden of Earthly Delights. and all must obey his commands. The vision inspired the Ruya’ha Sect Imam to One True Imam. The Ruya’ha justify their renewed interest in infiltrating various government seats and assassinating those who stand in the way of this goal. gathering strike. they have experienced Delights pale in comparison to those that await them in the True Paradise. Citing their utopian goal. but they are still only servants to the One True Imam and they obey his every command. he Organization The Society of Assassins retains the same organization it had when it was first formed. They live only to serve him. had been wasting their time While he and his Sect chasing ecstasy. ual purification. The Ruya’ha Sect has renewed its historic ties with the Templars. the agents of dwells in the Sephiroth of Hod. The Refiks train intensely in the arts of combat and espionage. his followers came through Gateway into the Garden of Earthly Delights. the Otherworld of Splendor. the Alamut Sect’s Imam. After their initiation. so such actions go against his wishes. itself will make the world into a Paradise on Earth. Both groups believe that mankind. there is too much work to be done in the world. sedes that of all the Imams who came before him. He once more uses of this training takes place at the Ruya’ha’s Madrassa. of course. Fedavis may spend years in one particular role. not any cosmic agency. Only humanity The One True Imam is the true heir to the leadership role of the Sheik-al-Jebal (The Old Man of the Mountain). The One True Imam tells them that Society of Assassins. which they believe the Archangel Jibal (Gabriel) dictated to Mohammed. so they trust in the True Imam’s words more. organizing the activities of his followers. (Students) and they undergo years of training. the Alamut Sect called their Imam the One True Imam as well. Goals and Beliefs The Ruya’ha Sect of the Society of Assassins believes that their leader. This belief now permeates the Ruya’ha Sect as well.Sect retreated into the Garden of Earthly Delights with his remaining followers. After years spent in the Otherworld. which they can only attain immerse his Assassins in worldly affairs once more. The Dais (Initiated) are the Sect’s neophytes. tain amount of autonomy. must determine its own fate. manifests the Metetron. Thereafter. located in their corner of the Garden in Hod.

though. The Order knows of the two Sects within the Society of Assassins. The Combine. The Rosicrucians have a similar attitude. the Red Lotus Society. Those who know about the starts to care for the people that have become a part of his false identity? The Society of Assassins in Armageddon The 21st century proved disastrous for the Ruya’ha Sect. and countless other Dark Covenants work towards the Ruya’ha Sect’s destruction—even if they do not realize it. going to exotic places to kill interesting people. The Templars use the Sect to carry out Society see them only as a minor Dark Covenant used by the Combine. The Ruya’ha Sect annoys the Combine and the assassinations for them. and the Ruya’ha Sect is currently allied with them. the The Cult of Path. If this is true. For this reason. enough? Can he maintain if his he Rosicrucians believe group. while their own Imam remains out of contact in his sanctuary in Hod. 71 A s s o c i a t i o n s . and it realizes that the Ruya’ha Sect The Conspiracy longs to destroy the group. more so than allies. Pain. most members of the Ruya’ha Sect do not identify themselves to other Gifted as members of the Society of Assassins. but not about the order’s opposed Sects. they masquerade as whatever assists them in performing their assignment with the least amount of interference from other Gifted. the Ruya’ha Sect has been virtually wiped out. so the Brotherhood pays them little heed. Some Assassins are professional killers who travel the world. and his wait for his assassination long orders. cover identity What happens Most of the other Covenants remain unaware of the Assassins’ existence. and they believe the Assassins are just more the Combine Assassins pawns. Many of those who were not killed converted to the Church of Revelations and they joined their former rivals in the Alamut Sect. Other Assassins infiltrate key positions in world governments and powerful organizations. They have bigger things to worry about.Allies and Enemies The Assassins and the Templars were allies in the Middle Ages. the Red Nahaualli. Because of their actions in India. Both the Templars and the Combine view their respective Assassins as cannon fodder. not doing the Assassin Stories Assassin stories focus on espionage and political intrigue. Shambala Order does not approve of the how the Assassins wrong go about their business. These sto- unaware of the different Sects. to be a The minor ries revolve around the character’s double life. A few remaining Assassins struggle in a terrorist campaign against the Church of Revelations and the Dark Imam. It also sets them against more mundane Dragons believe that the Assassins are pawns of Red Lotus Society. the Ruya’ha Sect has come to the attention of the Monks of Shambala. the Middle East. and Europe. Some say that the Sanctuary no longer exists and that the one True Imam has been slain. This brings them into conflict with the for the right reason absolve wrongness of the Assassins’ actions. destroying the Dark Imam’s servants. Many more members of the Sect were killed when the Dark Imam came to power and the Church of Revelations spread throughout India and the Middle East. does however. believes it is making the world a better place. They are authorities. five different assassinations were attempted and all failed miserably. his day-to-day bureaucratic cover identity. in fact. then it is only a matter of time before the last Assassin falls. whose plans their assassinations are meant to hinder. The confusion between the two Sects grew and the Alliance destroyed many Ruya’ha Sect enclaves in the belief that they were. Instead. In an Armageddon campaign. as well. and that the Red Lotus uses them to carry out assassinations on their behalf in India. much like the Combine uses the Alamut Sect. Once the Dark Apostle emerged in Europe. Playing an Assassin becomes a race to see how long the character can last before meeting his final reward in the Promised True Paradise. The Storm Dragons know about the Assassins as a whole.

Before you knew it.Society of Assassins Professional Killer Your life was without meaning before you joined the Society of Assassins. removing those who do evil. Follow me. the world makes no sense. presence of the One True Imam. or the Combine itself. Allies and Enemies The Templar Agent (see Abomination Codex. Such is the relationship between the Templars and the Society of Assassins. You are not committing a murder—you are improving the world by The world is a better place without the presence of those you have assassinated. skills that allow you to eliminate targets efficiently. Hitchhike across Europe. One day this woman separated you from the others and told you that you were ready. You suspected that there was more to life—flashes of something beyond the everyday world—but it was not until you joined the Ruya’ha Sect that you learned the Truth. with such conviction. You learned the ways of the Initiated and you seemed to take to the teachings quicker than anyone else. Government Agency that has finally begun to piece together a profile of you. p. 58) is an ally. She started talking about living a life with a sense of purpose and working to change the world. in the South of France who said she recognized something special about you. have a little fun. p. It sounded corny at first. This is what you fervently believe. you kill him. you had moved out of the Youth Hostel and began living at a large estate in the country with a group of other young people. and that Sometime later. C h a p t e r F o u r 72 . You engaged in every fantasy you ever imagined and you lost all sense of time. no sense of purpose. The Sect opened your eyes to worlds You have spent years learning beyond Earth and the Sect molded you into an instrument of effective change. see You met a woman You never expected that your life would change so drastically. and the Society has taught you some mystic arts that allow you to tip the scales in your favor. 108) as a source of information. you found yourself in the Your eyes filled with tears and you realized that you would do anything for this It was the most profound experience of your life and you have kept that You would die for him if necessary. Theorist (see Mystery Codex. memory in your heart ever since. a You have used the Vampyre Conspiracy Your work has brought you in direct conflict with a powerful Adversary. He often sends assignments your way. You have no emotional attachments and no guilt or ethical concern about your actions. she brought you to a doorway you had never noticed before. You are one of many weapons the One True Imam wields. Paradise shall be yours. After a period of ritual purification. Roleplaying the Character You are a professional. the sights. This could be the Alamut Sect. You had no direction. Origins You thought that you would have an adventure before you went to college. green paradise full of the most beautiful people you had ever seen. Unbelievably. it led to a lush. but something about the way she spoke. Otherwise. man. made you listen.” he said. When someone needs to die. “All that you have just experienced is nothing compared to the Paradise that I have visited.

Name CHANNELING LEVEL CHARACTER POINTS SPENT UNSPENT Primary Attributes STRENGTH DEXTERITY CONSTITUTION Secondary Attributes 3 4 4 LIFE POINTS 3 5 3 INTELLIGENCE PERCEPTION WILLPOWER 34 ENDURANCE POINTS 35 SPEED ESSENCE POOL 16 22 Qualities Charisma +1 Fast Reaction Time Hard to Kill +2. 5 5 Drawbacks Adversary Obligation (Major) Reckless Zealot (Ruya’ha Sect) Point -1 -1 -2 -2 Skill Acrobatics. Disarm Choke Hold. The Gift Situational Awareness Point 1 2 4. Kick. Climbing Demolitions Disguise Escapism Guns (Handgun) Guns (Rifle) Hand Weapon (Knife) Humanities (Ruya’ha Sect Theology) Language (Arabic) Language (English. 1 6. Lesser Gifted Association Concept The Society of Assassins Fanatic . Roll with Blow Level 3 3 3 Metaphysics Baraka Mastery Phoenix Strike Lesser Illusion Invocation Greater Illusion Invocation Hideaway Invocation Level 2 1 2 1 1 © 2003 Eden Studios. Punch. Counter Punch Spin Kick. Permission granted to photocopy. Acting. Status +1 Resources +2. Native) Language (French) Lock Picking (Electronic) Martial Arts (Ra’d Quwwat) Level 2 1 3 2 3 2 2 2 3 5 2 1 3 Skill Stealth Streetwise Surveillance Level 2 2 2 Combat Moves Arm Lock.

Order of Shambala One Agers of the more popular legends is among a Newof and conspiracy theorists that group enlightened secret masters in Tibet who manipulate the world in order to fulfill their own mysterious idyllic world. a shamanistic faith that had been practiced by the earliest inhabitants of Tibet. during the 4th founded century the B. This isolat- C h a p t e r F o u r 74 . he returned to the plane of Malkuth and gathered together twenty-three wise monks whom he took to Shambala. like Genghis Khan or Qubilai Khan. initially held great theological Ch’an debates between The Mahayana Mahayana Buddhism faction and The Order calls these reincarnated return. held Three Tulkus known as the High Incarnates power positions: the Manjushri Buddhism. This to plans. but they can hardly be said to have any control over world events. tions All three Old Souls controlled their reincarnathrough Abhidharma. Avalokiteshvara lit the immortal Kalacakra Once claims only to have made certain that no such rulers rose up to take their place. For the next few cen- History According to legend. all Buddhists. Lang Darma died. When the Monks died. the Monks of Shambala lived free of theological debate in their own Order of Shambala’s palace in the Sephiroth of Hod. masters Tulkus. but that government also collapsed. The Tibetan country developed into an earthly recreation of the Buddhist Ideal of Shambala. and the Ch’an faction left Shambala. Some say that the The Order itself when he created a sacred place in the Sephiroth of Hod. did not have the power of past Mongol rulers. they sought the reincarnated Monk. side. He connected Shambala to Earth nature afterward. If they did. as well as the T’ang Dynasty’s collapse in China. Tibet and China had little contact and Central Asia became a “No Man’s Land. and the Mongols invaded under Genghis Khan and conquered Tibet.” This began the period of heavy Shambalan influence in Tibet. began training him where he had left off in his previous incarnation. Chenrezig gathered more Enlightened Monks and taught each of them the ways of Abhidharma. they regained its independence within two centuries.” Rumors abound that the Order of Shambala took a very active part in the Yarlung Dynasty’s collapse in Tibet. Avalokiteshvara Chenrezig. After the Ch’an faction’s departure. named Sönam Gyatso the title of He gave a Tulku Dalai Lama. over by the Chinese of the T’ang Dynasty. but Altan Khan was the most powerful ruler of his time. or Great Scholar. The country was taken be in as much trouble as it is. his Yarlung Dynasty fell apart and the Tibetan Empire was no more. a purely religious figure. became the second most powerful leader in Tibet. Fifty years after the Great Debate in Shambala. This world was not reflected on the On the other other side of the Gateway. their Covenant would not meddling Mundane affairs. Ch’an teachings eventuality developed into work for centuries. a Bön King named Lang Darma began to a campaign of religious from of persecution Tibet. Order even resorted to violence. The Lamas. the that Enlightenment could only come through discipline after a long period of intense study and training. however.. The Order of Shambala resumed its reclusive flame and he established Shambala around it. The Mahayana faction The Zen Panchen Lama. complete. the Order declared Altan Khan the “King of Dharma.D. A group of designed eliminate Buddhism the movement begin motivated in Monks Shambala When Enlightened Masters do have a connection to Tibet. Potula Palace was built in Lhasa to mirror the Buddhism.C. The Ch’an faction believed that it was possible for a person to instantly attain Enlightenment under certain circumstances. which allowed the Monks to control how they reincarnated—to a certain extent. Members of the Associations in the world of WitchCraft and Armageddon are in a better position to know if this legend is true or not. In reincarnated somewhere within the cultural area of Tibet (with some exceptions). the Dalai Lama became both the spiritual and political leader of Tibet by the 17th century. believed Rimpoche ruled Shambala and spent most of his time in Hod. This led to a Great Debate held in Shambala around 792 A. Covenant sometime turies. The other Lamas then When found. thus continuing their won out. the Bodhisattva of Compassion. The country The via a group of Gateways located in Tibet. when representatives from He Shambala visited the Mongol ruler Altan Khan. Divine Purity. significance of the Mongol Invasion was not felt until the 15th century. Buddhism competed with the earlier Bön religion.

The Fourteenth Dalai Lama was enthroned at the age of 75 A s s o c i a t i o n s . where he was given political asylum. Tibet and China signed a treaty granting Tibet limited autonomy. 1933.000 Character Petition to the Chinese Government. and it was not until 1951 that the Tenth Panchen Lama was enthroned. and the Combine all made contact with the Order of Shambala in the 18th century. After the Dalai Lama left Tibet. except that it had the misfortune of happening during a time of Near Reckoning. Mao had hopes that the Tenth Panchen Lama would be more cooperative. in hopes of capturing the Tibetan Leader. The Order of Shambala did not want to overtly act in the struggle because of what had happened centuries earlier with the Tibetan Yarlung Dynasty and the Chinese T’ang Dynasty. in hopes that he would cooperate and lead the Tibetans into accepting the ideologies of the People’s Republic of China. when he presented his 70. not stop various Tibetan factions from This did resisting with China and the Order of Shambala focused on creating an independent Buddhist State that would be a buffer between their sanctuary in Hod and the rest of the world. Panchen Lama left Tibet and the Manjushri Lama isolated himself in Shambala. A seven-year-old was declared the Manjushri Lama in 1943. self-rule. On May 31. which brought him in conflict with the Ninth Panchen Lama and the Seventh Manjushri was Lama almost in the 1920s. The Incarnates’ new incarnations. One year after the Chinese invaded Tibet. When the Fourteenth Dalai Lama fled Tibet. the Mongols and the Manchu Chinese intervened in Tibet’s affairs whenever there was a period of instability between the end of one Dalai Lama’s Incarnation and the beginning of the next. while still living in exile. The Dalai Lama fled to India in 1959. and abused monks and nuns in the streets. divisive This as disthe The like the Khampu tribesmen declared that they did not want their Communist Liberators to free them. but actually put would regain Sun Yat-sen and Nationalists defeated Manchu Government. the Tenth Panchen Lama was appointed Committee acting for the Chairman Tibet of the squabble.ed it from surrounding countries where Buddhism no longer dominated. and As the it looked liked Tibet the Lama was not found until 1949. Shambala was not spared and the was also a period of the Order of Shambala’s first contact with Western Covenants. Mao and in installed a Nationalists government Panchen Lama followed that with a speech in 1964 declaring his outward support for the exiled Dalai Lama. The Chinese said they were in Tibet to free the people from their “theocratic oppressors. A The Thirteenth Dalai Lama died in of Morsater came through the minion Sammael Gate to Shambala in 1935 and killed the Seventh Manjushri Lama. The Manchu Dynasty finally fell in 1911. A mixed group turies. who wanted to introduce some modern changes to the Order and to Tibet. 1950. The Mad God Morsater had been causing ripples on Earth since the First World War and its effects were beginning to be felt by the Order of Shambala. torture. the Chinese acted more aggressively. in which he complained about the Party’s policies of mass arrests. began organizing an army. civil war broke out in China. This inac- tion lends credibility to the theory that the Order’s earlier political interventions were much more violent than the Order presently admits.” When groups that whomever won the power struggle would overtake Tibet next. but not before Morsater had spread destruction across the Sephiroth of Hod. The Rosicrucians. during the Chinese Revolution. This would have been no more than a political capital city of Lhasa wanted the Dalai Lama to appear before him. As Mao Zedong the three High Preparatory Autonomous Region. just in time for one last powerful onslaught by Morsater in Hod. The Incarnates died. Zedong defeated the During this time. a puppet post that the Chinese established for the Dalai Lama. A Regent was appointed ruler of Tibet and a council of Tulkus began searching for the three High Panchen Lama dashed those hopes in 1962. Chinese troops were expelled. consolidated power in the 1930s. During the 17th and 18th cen- five in 1940. The Ninth Manjushri Templars. the Eighth Manjushri Rimpoche was killed only thirteen days after being enthroned. The Ninth Panchen Lama died in 1937. This time of Gifted banished the Mad God that year. Tibet severed all ties that nation firmly under Beijing’s control. They seized prop- agreement as erty and guns. It seemed A Chinese rule. Then power shifted in China once more and Sun Yat-sen faced Mao Zedong and the Communists. powerful Communist Beijing. and he argued for Tibetan autonomy. and execution. A Chinese general commanding troops in the Mahayana/Ch’an Debate from the 8th century. The Thirteenth Dalai Lama.

but the People’s Republic rejected his plans for a peaceful reconciliation. somewhere between thirteen and forty such Gateways existed in Tibet. he has lived in Dharmasala. Tenzin Gyatso. His efforts gained him a Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. the Dalai Lama met with Mao Zedong and other Chinese leaders in Beijing to negotiate for peace. The first Dalai Lama was the human incarnation of a Bodhisattva—this means that His Holiness. or “Little Lhasa. the Dalai Lama worked for Tibet’s liberation through peaceful means. By 1979. He was born to a simple peasant family on July 6. including the first. In 1978. That same year.” the seat of the Tibetan Government-in-exile. to flee. and it was Combine Agents who actually killed the King of Shambala. Four years later. Kundun completed the Geshe Lhrampa Degree (Doctorate of Buddhist Philosophy). has led to speculation that the Combine controlled the Chinese’s actions. claim that there once existed Some Monks even over one hundred the mysterious death of the Tenth Panchen Lama in 1989 as further proof of this theory. they renamed the child Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso—Holy Lord. The Monks Gateways. The ability of the Army of the People’s Republic to find and destroy the Gateways to Hod. For the sake of simplicity. and his work continues to this day. most Tibetans just refer to the Dalai Lama as Yeshe Norbu. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama remains in exile and continues to work to bring freedom back to Tibet. 1940 in Lhasa. Ocean of Wisdom. 1935. Gentle Glory. Adherents use finally being released in 1978. Others commonly refer to the Dalai Lama as Kundun. He has become one of the most famous and revered people on the planet. The Chinese Army reacted violently and forced the Dalai Lama. a week before the Chinese released the Panchen Lama from prison. His formal education began at the age of six. the Order of Shambala was surprised to find that the Communist Army was undertaking a campaign to systematically destroy every Gateway connecting Tibet to the Realm of Shambala. 1950. things are not going well for the Order of Shambala. The Dalai Lama was officially enthroned on February 22. the Wishfulfilling Gem. Even after his flight. as well as ambush and murder the Ninth Manjushri Lama. As the Reckoning approaches. recognizing him as the reincarnation of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama. He has spent fourteen lifetimes on Earth as one of the Order of Shambala’s leaders. When the Monks found him. the largest demonstration in Tibet’s history occurred in Lhasa. India. He is a High Incarnate. meaning that he is also the reincarnation of every Dalai Lama. he was faced with his first challenge as Head of State—80.000 soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army invaded Tibet on November 17. a sixyear-old. 1989. This is not strictly true. no less.000 refugees. Defender of the Faith. The Order believes this murder gave the Chinese enough confidence to release the Panchen Lama. though he claims to be just a simple Buddhist Monk—no more. along with 120. He received the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10. The Tulkus found him when he was two. When Kundun was fifteen. is the incarnation of Avalokitsvara. the Dalai Lama met with India’s Prime Minister to talk about the Tibetan people’s plight. This severely limited the Manjushri Lama’s power in Tibet and members of the Order were forced to spend more time on Malkuth if they wanted to influence Tibet’s affairs. C h a p t e r F o u r 76 . is the political and religious leader of the Tibetan people. the Boddhisattva of Compassion and the creator of Shambala. He spent the next fourteen years incarcerated. In 1959. The demonstration failed utterly. the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. Chinese soldiers ambushed and killed the Manjushri Lama and the five other Tulkus traveling with him through Tibet. The Chinese Government promptly had The Dalai and Panchen Lamas The Fourteenth Dalai Lama. During those years. Compassionate. discovered the Eleventh Panchen Lama in 1995. Two years after that. and his parents named him Lhamo Dhonrub. the Presence.The Party imprisoned the Panchen Lama without a trial. Since 1960. During the height of Tibet’s power. Tibetans gathered together in an effort to regain their freedom through peaceful means. only three remained.

The Dreams are and the Gods dead. which the Monks call Nirvana. and others commune with the Gods in Netzach or the Heavenly Host in Binah. remains in exile. His whereabouts are unknown and even the Delights. Tibet remains in the thrall of the People’s Republic of China. the Bodhisattva who incarnated as the first Manjushri Lama and has ruled Shambala in a long line of incarnations ever since. On May 14th. Only the Tulku have the ability to chose their next incarnation rebirth. The Chinese Government tried to use this conflict to their advantage. Every Panchen Lama since has been an incarnation of this first one. This sometimes puts him in conflict with the man who was his teacher over three hundred years ago. reincarnating on Earth without any real control over their incarnation. the Panchen Lama has been more concerned with Shambala than Tibet. The Tenth Panchen Lama died under mysterious circumstances in 1989. while the Chinese Government set up a proxy as the Panchen Lama. These fates most powerful Gifted and Enlightened in the Order of Shambala cannot find him. Panchen Lama. their hierarchy is based upon it. The King Each person eventually reincarnates on Earth. the Shakyamuni Buddha who is better known as Amitabha. Even the individual Self is an 77 A s s o c i a t i o n s . Many skip the Bardos com- of Shambala is currently in his early twenties and he is faced with the task of protecting Shambala. When people die. though some are more resistant to change. him arrested and have tried to have a Chinese security officer’s son enthroned as the new Panchen Lama in his stead. The child they imprisoned was a High Incarnate. After a six-year search. Each Bardo confuses and tempts the recently They believe that all of the Otherworlds are It is easy to realize this about Hod. attempting to pit the Panchen Lama against the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama. The real Panchen Lama is currently on a semblance of their former existence in the Twilight World. Paradise in Hod. 1995.The Dalai and Panchen Lamas (continued) He has all the Abhinja powers that listed in this book and possesses powers far beyond those. and preventing the Minions of the Mad Gods from destroying Shambala as the the endless Cycle of Death and Rebirth and enter the Sephiroth of Kether. however. The Panchen Lama is the second most powerful leader of the Tibetan People. It did not work and the Tenth Panchen Lama spent many years in prison. He had spent ten previous lifetimes as the second most powerful leader of Tibet. which the Order of Shambala calls the Bardos. This leaves the Tenth Manjushri Lama. dead go to the Garden of Earthly Some of the a false eleven years old—the world’s youngest political prisoner. Amitabha’s son was Manjusri. along with hundreds of thousands of Tibetans. He was Sangyas. they believe their souls travel through the Otherworlds. The Order of Shambala believes that all the Otherworlds are malleable as well. Karma determines a norOnly a select few cease mal person’s next incarnation. None of this has helped his plight. Three years later. He knew powers unknown to the rest of the Order of Shambala. as mentioned in the main text. He was a Scholar who knew every Abhinja power that existed. Beliefs The Order of Shambala believes very strongly in Reincarnation. Throughout his various lifetimes. the Dalai Lama found the Eleventh Incarnation of the Panchen Lama. either carrying Demons are Illusions. Some of the dead go to Geburah. and decide the circumstances of their Reckoning approaches. He is a religious leader whose line of incarnation was started by the Fifth Dalai Lama in 1667. suffering the torments of Abaddon. the Monks recognized a child named Gendhun Choekyi Nyima as the Dalai Lama’s latest incarnation. or wandering to one of the other Realms. restoring freedom to Tibet. because Hod’s worlds are so malleable. He had metaphysical abilities that the Dalai Lama did not even possess. None of that helped. who was also the human incarnation of a Boddhisattva. finding and freeing the pletely. Illusions. the child was taken to Beijing and never heard from again. are not permanent. Death is an Illusion. illusions.

who upon death. Initiates are usually recruited from religious Rimpoche. Once there. The ruler of the Tenth Organization The Initiates form the lowest level of the Order of Shambala. including Malkuth. they are identical to the Kerubim and the Qliphonim. They are put in charge of monasteries on Earth and they oversee the Realm of Shambala’s daily operations. He is currently in his early twenties and he spends most of his time in the Realm of Hod. The High Incarnates of the Order of Shambala all claim to have been Bodhisattvas. after years of discipline and this reality. The the Ghost the Nomads. In power and abilities. even though they do not realize that there is an otherworldly Covenant trying to restore freedom in Tibet. he may Eleventh Panchen Lama is the second most powerful leader in Tibet. A Bodhisattva who dies in this matter may either finally ascend to Kether or he may incarnate as an Enlightened Human. though women are still treated somewhat as secondclass citizens. where they are invited to join the Order in the Realm of Shambala. though he is purely a religious leader. and in other Sephiroths. does he have any hope of attaining Enlightenment. though some operate mostly on Earth. knows where he is or if he still lives. and they are brought to one of the three remaining Gateways. He is a young boy who has been imprisoned by the Chinese Government for the past five years. He is currently over sixty years old. Shambala is the Manjushri Nobody either proceed to his ultimate destiny. The Fourteenth Dalai long-term goal because it takes countless incarnations for the soul to realize the true nature of reality and be able to escape the unending Cycle of Death and Lama is currently living in exile. The Order of Shambala is usually con- are always at least Gifted. and countless Solitaire groups have large factions that support the Tibetan Freedom Movement. which is identical to the Past Life Recall Abhijna. a person may evolve spiritually enough to ascend Nirvana upon his death. Both consider the next incarnation. There are Initiate Monks and Initiate Nuns. Monks of Shambala to be pale imitations of their own The Bodhisattvas The Bodhisattvas are humans. though Wicce. The Rebirth. They can be found in their own Realm of Binah.Illusion. though some have become Enlightened by the time they achieve this level of responsibility. The Initiates are always Gifted or Lesser Gifted. training. Lamas are taught to control their sidered no more than a rumor. Manjushri Lama. and they at least does not exist as an individual. but the Order considers him to be the religious and political ruler of Tibet. Bodhisattvas can purchase a unique Siddhi for five Metaphysics character points. ascended to Nirvana (the Sephiroth of Kether) but postponed their final reward to help others reach Nirvana as well. Lamas Brotherhood of Legba. It is a know the Past Life Recall Abhinja. This allows the Bodhisattva to remember details from all his previous incarnations. though there are certain important differences. The High Incarnates are Shambala’s rulers. It takes years of training to become aware of Eventually. They are always Enlightened. Only after an individual truly realizes that he Tulkus are Lamas who have controlled their incarnation. trying desperately to hold the Order of Shambala together and to restore Tibet’s freedom. support it. The Storm Dragons and the Red Lotus both know about the Order of Shambala. many the still unknowingly Dancers. Allies and Enemies Few Covenants are aware of the Order’s existence. A character has to be at least a Lama to know the secret of Shambala’s tunnels. The Bodhisattvas are neither tied to Elysium nor the Pit of Gehenna—they are completely neutral in the Celestial War. The ultimate goal of the Order of Shambala is for every human being to attain Enlightenment. and they show signs of either Seer Powers or Tao-Chi. institutions on Earth. the same ultimate destiny of all mankind. C h a p t e r F o u r 78 . or he may return to the Otherworlds as a Bodhisattva. Lamas are in charge of groups of Initiates. in the Realm of Shambala in Hod. The Bodhisattva may purchase Siddhis (their version of Theophanies or Maleficia) and they have all the Qualities and Drawbacks the Kerubim display. It also gives him the ability to choose the moment of his death and determine the form of his next reincarnation. Tulkus are in charge of locating the reincarnations of previous Lamas and helping them to remember their own past lives.

The Templars know the Communist Chinese the Otherworld of Hod is not the safest location for a Sanctuary. Even though the AOR could not hold Dharamsala. And just maybe it was a Mundane government responsible for these terrible things—not all acts of great evil require a supernatural explanation. The Order also believes they were made targets because the Combine did not agree with what the Order considered Enlightenment. Combine is behind their more recent troubles. following watered-down and misleading versions of the original Truths revealed by the Celestial Dragon. the Order of Shambala an ally. The High Incarnate’s fate remains unknown. The Society of Maybe the Combine was acting through the Army of the People’s Republic. of Shambala denies these accusations. there is every chance the Mad Gods will attack again. The Dalai Lama’s fate is known—he. along with the Tibetan Government-in-Exile and many Tibetan refugees. and things have gotten increasingly worse for the Order. after all. Finding the Dalai Lama and returning him to Shambala before the Church of Revelations can discover the child is now the Order’s highest priority. had been living for years in the North Indian city of Dharamsala. positive proof of Combine There has been no however. since the Combine systematically destroyed every Gateway they could find. as both share a common enemy: the Communist Government of China. though. The collapse of the Communist government in China allowed the Order to push the Tibetan people into proclaiming their country a free and independent state once more. but merely lost their way afterwards. but nothing to lose its connection to Earth. In the year 2017. Both also believe the Combine is responsible for all the troubles the Order suffered in the 20th century. becoming soft and ineffective. The Order of Shambala also believes that the have attacked Shambala before. That freedom was short-lived. The Adepts and Lamas live in the Otherworld of Hod. The collapse of the Chinese government did not result in the release of the Panchen Lama. Still. plished such a feat. 79 A s s o c i a t i o n s . The Lady in Jade is rumored to personally lead the raid and delivered the killing blow. A hostile government has conquered Tibet. The Dalai Lama is currently incarnated as a two-year-old child. Their Sanctuary is starting Order of Shambala to be a small Association with some more. where they travel the spiritual path that leads to It tries to have as little to do with the Assassins as possible. interesting powers and abilities. The Society of Assassins considers the Order of involvement. The Order Shambala Stories Stories about the Order of Shambala are about Enlightenment and survival. even if the Society is trying to make the world a better place.Associations. an idyllic Sanctuary. which the Order considers its earthly homeland. The Society believes that the Order was a precursor to the Assassins by the events that brought about the fall of the Yarlung and T’ang Dynasties. The Rosicrucians and the Templars believe the Ascension into Nirvana. or maybe it was the influence of some Mad God. They The Order of Shambala in Armageddon The 21st century has been a confusing time for the Monks of Shambala. Shambala to be a variation of their own Covenant. the only High Incarnate in a position of power is the 38-year-old Manjushri Lama. approaches. According to what the Tulkus are able to discover through their Arts. the damage to the Order of Shambala had been done. whom the Order is desperately seeking. finally. They are both secret societies that dwell in mountain lairs that connect to Realms in the Sephiroth of Hod. Assassins believes that the Monks performed some assassinations of their own. An AOR attack destroyed that city in 2014 and killed the Dalai Lama. the Storm Dragons consider feel that the relative ease with which they traveled between Malkuth and Hod made the Conspiracy nervous. Forces of the Mad Gods can enter Hod The Mad Gods’ Minions As the Reckoning destroyed a number of Gateways to Hod and do not believe that Mundane forces could have accom- more easily than Malkuth. it appears the Dalai Lama’s latest incarnation was born somewhere in the conquered territories of Asia. And.

None of this matters to you. But still. but you ended up being born in Osaka. You possess powers that would shock the Mundanes. you moved to America when your father’s company transferred him to oversee some corporate business in the United States. C h a p t e r F o u r 80 . as well. eluded them thus far. a member of the Order of Shambala contacted you and the memo- ries of all your past lives returned to you. Shortly after the Order of Shambala found you. and the universe seems to have an ironic sense of humor. . You have spent eight lifetimes Sometimes You are also a thirteen-year-old Japanese student living in America. Illusion of existence. as a member of the Order. because you know who you are. All of that. It was a long-term plan. You tried to explain all this to your father. so it should make no difference if you reincarnate as a Japanese school kid. At the age of six. They are not the kind of people you would When you travwant backing you up in a fight against the Mad Gods. Some people think that it is cute. but you were positive it would work. el through the Otherworlds you have your students in Shambala to assist you. Of course. and you still manage to maintain an “A” average in school. You know what the Combine does to members of your Covenant. things do not work out quite the way you plan. You no longer bring it up anymore You just try to balance your life between the time you spend with your family and the time you spend as a Lama in the Dream Realm of Shambala. you are just an odd little kid who likes to make up stories about Tibet. . You would leave the Earthly Plane and reincarnate as the child of an important Communist Party politician. but he just got very upset. You can travel through the Otherworlds. but they help you out when they can. unless he asks. the Combine took an interest in you. At the age of ten.Shambala Lost Child You are a Tulku. You were trying for Beijing. you cannot anthropomorphize something that is not real. the latest incarnation of a Lama of the Order of Shambala. it is difficult to choose your next life the farther away you are from your reincarnation destination. so they do not mind being lectured by an adolescent. so you are not anxious to fall into their hands. Allies and Enemies You have some friends in school who do not seem to care that you claim to be an Enlightened Master who has lived through several lifetimes on Earth for the last 600 years. it does make you wonder . You led a relatively normal life for a rich kid in a foreign land. Roleplaying the Character To the Mundane world. You are one of the teachers of Shambala and you spend as much time instructing the Initiates there as you do with your family on Earth. The universe is ultimately just an Illusion. Origins You were a Lama of the Order of Shambala who had a plan to lessen the tensions between the People’s Republic and the Tibetan Government in Exile. though you did seem to dream a lot about another life in the Himalayas. and others just think you are nuts. You have They can see beyond the Six hundred years of combined life experience and the ability to travel through the Otherworlds has kept you one step ahead of them. Unfortunately. You would use this status to change China’s policy from within.

Association Concept CHARACTER POINTS The Order of Shambala Weird One SPENT UNSPENT CHANNELING LEVEL Primary Attributes STRENGTH DEXTERITY CONSTITUTION Secondary Attributes 3 5 6 30 ENDURANCE POINTS 38 LIFE POINTS SPEED ESSENCE POOL 2 3 3 INTELLIGENCE PERCEPTION WILLPOWER 12 49 Qualities Charisma +2 Essence Channeling 3 Increased Essence Pool +15 Old Soul The Gift Point 2 2 3 8 5 Drawbacks Adversary (Combine) Honorable Minority (Child) Weird Delusion (You are the reincarnation of a Tibetan Lama) Point -3 -3 -1 -2 Skill Climbing First Aid Humanities (Shambala Theology) Humanities (Tibetan History) Instruction Language (English) Language (Tibetan) Language (J apanese. Native) Occult Knowledge (Abhinja Powers) Sport (Softball) Streetwise Survival (Mountains) Trance Level 2 2 3 3 2 3 5 5 3 2 1 3 4 Skill Level Metaphysics Enlightened Human Abhidharma Bardo Ascension Lung Gom Past Life Recall Mind Hands Art Mind Hands Strength Level 4 © 2003 Eden Studios. Greater Gifted 2 1 Name . Permission granted to photocopy.

They have not yet decided how to take over the Gateway and the Wizards of Oz are currently unaware of the Cult’s existence. The First result of consensus reality. For now. you have seen some wonders in your time. They are always to the group as the Wizards of Oz. You have begun to suspect that the world you know is the make up roughly one-third of the group. Rosicrucians. There are also a few nature spirits who find the humans of Bullamakanka Station amusing. You wanted to learn the secrets of the Gateway used bookstore Hall Street in Bondi Beach (part of Sydney). an explorer of the Otherworld of Hod. Maybe it is just a col- lection of small wonders and joys that add up to an existence. You have walked throughout the First World and traveled the Golden Path to the City of Dilmun itself. That is your theory any- has taken up permanent residence at the Station. C h a p t e r F o u r 82 . and a Wicce from in Melbourne the back of (Kyra a Trikoupis) opened on a but the true mysteries of Hod still elude you. A Mad God Cult in Canberra learned of the way and even if you have yet to discover the big answer. Barega entire human population. The others are Mundanes with the Lucid Dreaming Skill. and Wicce. Adoni “Don” Townsend). a Rosicrucian from Sydney (Matthew Chambers). It has been an they started attracting other the who interested in exploring Dream Realms. Origins You were a Solitaire Magician in Melbourne with a talent for dreaming (your Solitaire specialization is Invocations). One of the Witches recog- ered that the Gateway led to an isolated section of the First World that resembled the Australian Outback. the other a large confederation. The Wizards of Oz In 1972.Shamanistic Solitaire Groups Shamans exist on every continent in the WitchCraft and Armageddon world. You have seen many wonders. When someone offhandedly referred Allies and Enemies As a Wizard of Oz. The rest of the group consists mostly of Gifted members who use Invocations. the name stuck. Roleplaying the Character The whole reason you became involved with the metaphysical world was to discover the Truth. Gateway in a shared dream. Allies and Enemies The Wizards of Oz still maintain good relations with the Rosicrucians and the Wicce Covenants in Sydney and Melbourne. The Wizards of Oz are loosely organized. If this is correct. Maybe there is no Big Truth. What follows are examples of Shamanistic Solitaire—one is a small. amiable relationship ever since. Dream Realms Explorer You are one of the Wizards of Oz. They discov- universe. modern group. the underlying truths of this shared dream would be found in the Realm of Dreams itself. a shared dream of the Five are considered the group’s leaders and they have the final word on how the Gateway is used. You wanted to know the underlying nature of reality. The only way you will ever find out for sure is to continue your search for knowledge in the Otherworld. where ideas themselves take form. Bullamakanka group’s Gifted activities were Station and also became the focus of the They nized your potential and told you about a group in Bondi Beach that might benefit you. Karinya Girawheen. called this base Bullamakanka Station. Chambers and Trikoupis left their respective Associations and formed a new Solitaire group. you have made contacts among Aboriginal Shamans. but the knowledge passed down from your mentor was not enough. Membership and Organization The group has grown from the original five members in 1972 to thirty by the beginning of the 21st century. All five were Talented Dreamers and they started creating a base for themselves in the First World. You leapt at the opportunity to explore using the Wizards of Oz’s Gateway and they granted you access given your skill as a dreamer. Aboriginal Shamans from all over Australia willing to help out a dream traveler in exchange for a new story or song. three Aboriginal Shamans (Derain Barega.

Permission granted to photocopy. Lesser Gifted Association Concept . Native) Lucid Dreaming Myth and Legend (Aboriginal) Occult Knowledge (Dream Realms) Research/Investigation Riding (Horse) Stealth Survival (Outback) Swimming Tracking Level 1 2 3 5 2 2 4 3 2 2 2 1 2 Visualizations Awaken Conjuration Fermata Dream Flight Level 5 5 5 5 Metaphysics Communion Invocation Farsight Gateway Soulfire Soul Projection Level 2 2 2 2 1 © 2003 Eden Studios.Name Solitaire (The Wizards of Oz) Seeker of Knowledge SPENT UNSPENT CHANNELING LEVEL CHARACTER POINTS Primary Attributes STRENGTH DEXTERITY CONSTITUTION Secondary Attributes 4 3 4 LIFE POINTS 2 3 3 INTELLIGENCE PERCEPTION WILLPOWER 30 ENDURANCE POINTS 35 SPEED ESSENCE POOL 12 31 Qualities Essence Channeling 2 Increased Essence Pool +5 Nerves of Steel Situational Awareness The Gift Point 4 1 3 2 5 Qualities True Dreamer Point 2 Drawbacks Honorable Obsession (Discover the secrets of Hod) Point -1 -2 -2 Reckless Skill Brawling Climbing Dodge Language (English.

All that started changing in the 1960s. Even without any of the metaphysical trappings. the birth of Supernaturals. guerback the Army of Revelations reside there. though their numbers were still small and their powers remained weak. when a worldwide increase in Gifted powers began. This was just what the indigenous Rainforest people needed. a Kamayure woman along the Upper Xingu gave birth to twin boys. have but like always they the lived in the Amazonian as a larger the never unified Ghost Dancers or Brotherhood of Legba. and Tucanoan. It is believed that there are several varieties of plants growing in the Rainforest that can enhance Gifted abilities. Shaman. Several Gateways and Places of Power are also hidden in the tropical forest. though they can also be used in WitchCraft. Those born during this time had a greater affinity for metaphysics than the generation before them. the Rainforest is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The major change occurred in 1982. a Quechua Nation that led by a True Immortal—according to some members of the Lodge of the Undying. because the 20th century was a time of deforestation along the Amazon and this threatened the tribes’ continued existence. rilla fighters trying to hold In Armageddon.Apoanu Apyabaiba The Apoanu Apyabaiba is a Solitaire group designed for the Armageddon setting. C h a p t e r F o u r 84 . but not very much. The Amazon itself starts in the mountains that were once part of the Incan Empire. Shamans Rainforest. In 1982. The two children were Inheritors. increased—something uncommon in the previous generation. Arawakan. but the group is at its most powerful in the future timeline of Armageddon. The native Shamans’ increasing powers helped their tribes. The Rainforest is home to many different tribes who speak many different languages. like Inheritors and Nephilim. The main tribes are the Tupian. As the Reckoning drew nearer. They have their origins in the modern world of WitchCraft. one with a Solar Aspect and one with a Lunar Aspect. They were named Sun and Moon. as they were still acting as individuals in attacking the large problem. The Amazonian Rainforest is a powerful place of mystical significance. Covenant. Each tribe had its own Guarani.

The Apoanu Apyabaiba also deals with is the Association is divided into a number of cells that use guerrilla tactics to fight those who invade the Brotherhood of Legba and other similar Covenants. Suddenly. Similar goals have made them allies with the Apoanu Apyabaiba. All may be true—the Rainforest is an old place of wild magic. These nature spirits dwelt in nature spirits from differing backgrounds were working together to reclaim their Rainforest. the damage dealt to the Army of Revelations had taken over Central America and was spreading farther south. 85 A s s o c i a t i o n s . a few Kerubim (who say they are working for the Archangel of the Wilderness Orifial and his servant Zuphlas. while others say he is an Avatar. these two groups have been absorbed into the Church of Revelations. The Incan group stays mainly in the Andes. There claims is a smaller led by Solitaire the group in Peru who that Rainforest—they are one of the groups fighting for the human race’s survival. it looked like the Twins would achieve everything they had hoped for—until 2008. Ghosts. or humans who have received powers from their Spirit Patrons. Two twin Inheritors. By the time of Armageddon. The Jaguar Spirits had helped The Apoanu Apyabaiba is by no means limited to Shamans and Ferals. After their trip to the First World. their main enemies are the Nahualli and the Combine (who have their own plans for the Rainforest). either Gifted using mostly Invocations and Seer geography made Shamans and the Legbans allies. Supernaturals who can shift between human and jaguar shapes. The second largest group con- sists of Ferals. Sun and Moon. Inheritors. its have also joined the A number of nature spirranks of the Apoanu game. everyone in Munich died. the group has no real hierarchy. the Twins organized the different tribes into a unified force. Shamans and Jaguar Ferals and Allies and Enemies The Balam Clan of the Jaguar. Those shown Similar with a an African-based respect and to Faith have always Spirits. In a WitchCraft Powers. fighting Now. There may be Apoanu A things working with the Apoanu Apyabaiba that the larger Covenants do not even know exist. Other than Sun and Moon. Apyabaiba. the Twins pledged to the Balam that they would help fight the Ocelotl Jaguar Clan and their Nahualli servants. and mundane methods that have worked in the Rainforest for hundreds of years. Covenant of sorts was born and Tupian became the lingua franca. only occasionally interacting with an Otherworld-traveling Shaman or the rare True Dreamer. lead the group. In the first years of the 21st century. so becoming more involved in Earth’s events has become necessary for them. where they formed an alliance with the Balam Clan of the Jaguar Nation. also trying to keep the Army of Revelations at bay. Warriors the Angel of the Forests). The Apoanu Apyabaiba were one of the few groups who held off the AoR. called this confederation of tribes the They from Yesod. In that year. this and some Sidhe Patrons sharply increased. which is Tupi for United Native People. to be returned Inca. includes It is a Solitaire group led by two It is rumored that the group’s membership Incarnate. the Rainforest. after their visit. where the Twins are teenagers just starting to unify the Amazonian Tribes. except for one lone survivor. It has only been since the last half of the 20th century that they have paid more attention to Earth’s events. Supernatural Abilities. In exchange. a group of Jaguar Spirits from the First World.Sun and Moon traveled to the First World in Hod. Phantasms. the the Dreamtime for centuries. Within the next few years. the Apoanu Apyabaiba are not just for their way of life or to save the Rainforest has been reflected in the First World. is the Apoanu Apyabaiba’s main ally. Communication among the cells is car- proper beliefs the Rainforest have ried out through Magic. Of course. The Church is steadily trying to overcome all resistance in South America and considers the Rainforest Shamans to be a minor yet extremely annoying nuisance—a nuisance that the Church has been unable to take care of so far. The Church of Revelations is the main enemy of the Apoanu Apyabaiba. the number of indigenous people with Jaguar Spirit an Dead. a group of Vampyres who call themselves the Jaracacas. Apyabaiba: Balam Jaguar Spirits and Curupira Tree Spirits who fight to protect their homeland. some Membership and Organization The Apoanu Apyabaiba is a loose coalition of South American Gifted and Supernaturals. Relentless Amazonian Shamans before. Seer Powers. Most Apoanu Apyabaiba members are Shamans. The believe is a True Immortal. but.

the Sight that you have always possessed. the Amazon. You and your allies are about the only ones keeping them from completely conquering South Roleplaying the Character There is a harmony of vital forces that must be respected. It has always been your duty to protect them and the land. take more than you need is foolishness. Nature is thrown out of balance. and Darker Covenants seek to aid them for their own evil purposes. this will be their fatal mistake. Otherwise. your Adversary is a Combine group seeking to destroy your part of the Rainforest.Shaman Guerrilla Fighter The Rainforest has always existed. Origins You were never the best hunter or the strongest warrior. using the spells the old Shaman taught you. This did not matter because you were born to walk The Shaman of your people recognized your talents when you were just a child. and even nature spirits aid you in your struggle against the outsiders. but you are not alone. They do not understand balance and they do not belong here. You have joined an alliance of other tribes in The outsiders underestimate the power that you and your allies possess. This would be almost impossible for only one person. You fight to protect your home- land. Your people underThe outsiders who insist on their policies of deforestation do not. America. Ferals. You are the Shaman for your people. and the aid of the Jaguar Spirits and Curupira who help you in your fight against the outsiders. peoples of the Amazon will unite against the ones who seek to destroy the Rainforest. there was no reason to think its existence would ever be in jeopardy. but you have since heard the message of Sun and Moon. stand this. protect your people from the outside world. C h a p t e r F o u r 86 . Until recent times. Shamans. a different path. and now you You thought that you were alone in your fight to All the are the Shaman (your Solitaire specialization is Invocations). In a WitchCraft campaign. Even Sun and Moon come to your aid if they are able. You have become part of the Apoanu Apyabaiba. As one of the Apoanu Apyabaiba. In an Armageddon campaign. Allies and Enemies Your allies are the others scattered throughout the Amazonian Rainforest. But outsiders seek to destroy your homeland out of greed. you can depend on help from other members if you are in trouble. To The creatures of the Rainforest understand this. It is unknown whether they are looking for a rare plant or a Place of Power and it does not really matter. the Army of Revelations is your enemy.

Name CHANNELING LEVEL CHARACTER POINTS SPENT UNSPENT Primary Attributes STRENGTH DEXTERITY CONSTITUTION Secondary Attributes 2 3 3 30 ENDURANCE POINTS 29 LIFE POINTS SPEED ESSENCE POOL 2 2 3 INTELLIGENCE PERCEPTION WILLPOWER 10 31 Qualities Essence Channeling 3 Increased Essence Pool +10 The Gift True Dreamer Point 6 2 5 2 Drawbacks Adversary Honorable Humorless Minority (Amazon Indian) Cruel Point -2 -1 -1 -1 -1 Skill Brawling Climbing Dodge Hand Weapon (Spear) Language (Tupi) Language (Japanese. Trance Unconventional Medicine (Herbalist) Level 1 2 1 1 1 5 2 2 1 3 1 2 2 Visualizations Awaken Dream Attack Dream Flight Dream Shift Level 5 5 5 5 Metaphysics Blessing Invocation Communion Invocation Warding Invocation Lesser Healing Divination (Oneiromancy) Spirit Mastery (Nature Spirits) Mind View Art Mind View Strength Level 1 2 1 2 1 1 3 3 © 2003 Eden Studios. Tracking Survival (Rainforest). Native) Lucid Dreaming Myth and Legend (Ufaina) Notice Ritual (Ufaina) Snares. Stealth. G i f t e d Association Concept Solitaire (Apoanu Apyabaiba) Reluctant Hero . Permission granted to photocopy.

Chapter Five: Metaphysics C h a p t e r F i v e 88 .

other. a nd H e ha ted s m ell tha t he c ou ld a nd not qu ite id entif y . H e ha ted the oppres s ive hu m id ity H e ha ted tha t s oa ked his b u gs c lothes . A s he rea c hed T u p on two c ha s ed a nic ked . s hif ting c a ts . qu ic kly the m en a nd legs P a nd tore into them their prey ha lted om e of the c a ts with their powerfu l teeth. b od y the thing s na pped a m a z ed a rm s their s oc kets . s tood throu gh the trees .Nigel ha ted the m u s ky the R a infores t. to ru n b a c k into the tra iler. it took him s u rrou nd ing the c ons tru c tion s ite ha d f rightened them c rew. om e workers eva d ed ra n fa rther into the fores t. he pra y ed for a his Nigel wa s a t how long it wa s ta king for him qu ic ker d ea th. S Nigel f irs t thou ght to b e ja gu a rs . tha t s a id he ha d not wa nted a rou nd things he s m a ll m a n looked lef t him a t Nigel with no c hoic e. S a ll the pois onou s ha d pois onou s f rogs —pois on this retu rn hom e to L H e wa s P pois on tha t. T he ta ll trees ou t of the tra iler. a nd b od ies a b ou t like ra g d olls . ripped T he trees S m oved s lowly a pa rt. kill ea c h worker within their L a rge. whic h pou nc ed on throu gh the c rew. s pend eventeen d a y s . Nigel pu t on his c rew—never a ha rd ha t a nd ou t of the off ic e tra iler. ta king tim e to pa tiently their gra s p a nd rea c h. gra b b ed ra z ilia n workers . thos e m en’ s flight. he qu ic kly noted a s m a ll A tired B ey es m a z onia n m a n s itting on the tra iler roof a b ove him . L s ha m b ling towa rd B his ong. thing with this d u ll m om ent. try ing to to c om e to this . T as he a nim a ted tree lif ted his the forem a n d oz ens a nd legs f rom of feet into the a ir. b u t Nigel ha d he s ta red into the m a n’ s a rk-c overed tend rils wra pped Nigel a s fa c e. Nigel tried for the d oor. f ra ntic a lly m a ke s ens e of every thing. m ore hu m a n-like c a ts . 89 M e t a p h y s i c s . A gony lim b s c ou rs ed f rom throu gh his b od y . vine-c overed tos s ed their d ea d lim b s d own. ripping his to d ie. los t in thou ghts of his hom ela nd s tepped when he hea rd the c rew s c rea m ing ou t in I t wa s a lwa y s s om e- ortu gu es e. a m inu te to m a ke s ens e of wha t he wa s ripped their roots rea c hed f rom the grou nd the a nd s eewere When Nigel s tepped ing. H e only ea rned s eventeen d a y s lef t u ntil he c ou ld ond on a nd a ll the m oney fa ra wa y he ha d overs eeing this c ons tru c tion projec t.

Some scholars believe that it is actually Morpheus’ Will that allows the Pantheons to cause physical damage while in the Dream Realms. as they can cause damage to opponents’ Life Points as if they were engaging in normal physical combat. When these powers come into conflict. change easily from Appearances and environments one moment to the next. avoid the Dream Realms. A Primal may cause a C h a p t e r F i v e 90 . Any Supernatural or Primal in the Dream Realms still takes physical and Essence damage from attacks. the Abhinja available with Enlightened Human Quality (see p. Dreamers and Astral Travelers in Hod exist as creatures of Essence and any damage dealt them affects their Essence Pool.). such as slashing. and a Mundane’s Lucid Dreaming all do basically the same thing—they allow one to affect a particular person’s Panorama. 21) are also presented. most. such as when a Vampyre tries using Nightmare on a Lucid Dreamer. an Incarnate’s Dream Primal Power. Supernatural Creatures in Hod suffer damage to both their Life and Essence Pools. a Gifted Seer’s Mind Dream. Shamanistic powers cultures to world. Spirits take damage to both Vital and Energy Essence. Hod’s nature makes encounters with humans and others more dangerous for Supernatural beings. etc.Introduction This chapter discusses combat in the Dream Realms and introduces new Invocations and Seer Powers. so they seem illusory. a Resisted Task is required to change the dreamer’s Dreamscape. for this reason. and a list of various around those Spirit the Patrons from Combat in the Dream Realms The Dream Realms of Hod are worlds of constantly shifting Essence. Essence Dream Manipulating Powers in Hod Various dream-manipulating powers are available to Cast Members. the different Shaman abilities. especially Seraphim and the Pantheons. a Kerubim’s Dreamer Theophany. Realms is All damage suffered in the Dream damage based on Willpower. This ability may have something to do with the Primal’s origins in Netzach. The Dream Realm realities have more to do with Essence and Willpower than Earth’s material reality. regardless off the damage’s form (there are not types. Pantheon members who possess the Dream Killer Power do not fear Hod. A Vampyre’s Nightmare Power. The Realms’ different nature affects how combat works in Hod. It also covers Shamanism.

the images contain specific information that is less ambiguous in nature. but he certainly has not been the last. though not easily. the character must concentrate on a particular inquiry. but a Talented Dreamer’s result. This can still result in disaster for the Supernatural. These glimpses only reveal the most likely “possible” future—the future can always be changed. but the Pantheon spun the myth to cover the truth of what happened. used his Artistic Talent to turn his own Panorama against the angry Telepinu. 91 M e t a p h y s i c s . He entered the sculptor’s Panorama. the sculptor trapped Telepinu in his dream and continued to attack him until he unraveled. Even the Gifted must be careful in the choices they make when trying to change a perceived future. a character can use the Invocation to look into the past. To perform the Invocation. Telepinu likewise became angry with the sculptor. spend six Essence Points. He had a fertility god’s lusts and was as quick to anger as his storm god father. It did not return Tesub’s unraveled son. trates on a particular The Magician concenspends six Essence Glimpse the Future This effect allows the Magician to glimpse into the future. Visualizations could unravel a Primal. The sculptor. as well as the Seraphim factions.The Death of Telepinu A tale told in Netzach about the fertility god Telepinu warns the Titans of the dangers of confronting humans in the Dream Realms. the Chief Deity of the Hittite Pantheon. A Hittite myth details Telepinu’s eventual disappearance. A Very the Task is successful. The story of Telepinu is circulated among the Pantheons. Telepinu may have been the first greater Supernatural entity a dreaming human unraveled. as the Three Sisters have a way of surprising visionaries with their own take on future events. trying to change the future is always a difficult proposition. A successful Task reveals images of the most memorable past event that applies to the question. Glimpse the Past Just as Divination allows glimpses into the future. That still does not prevent the occasional Supernatural from trying to boss around a lowly human in the Dream Realms. Combining his violent Visualizations with his high Willpower. and a Magician’s Divination Invocation allow the Gifted to glimpse beyond the moment. This did not sit well with the other gods. Tesub struck down the sculptor and his wife with a torrent of lightning bolts. Telepinu was an Incarnate Child of Tesub. seeing into the past or the future. Points. If inquiry. Things did not quite work out that way. and roll a Perception and Divination Task. On a Very Good (four Success Levels) or better Good (four Success Levels) or better result reveals more concrete information. The preparation is the same. the character receives a series of symbolic images pertaining to the question at hand. Dreamer to wake up with a horrible inexplicable scar across his chest. an Inspired’s Visions. All this managed to do was send both the sculptor and his wife to Kether. At any rate. to have an easier time determining their fate. Mundanes’ destinies are more difThe latter seem ficult to alter than those of the Gifted. hoping to blind and cripple him for his misdeeds. Telepinu lusted after the wife of a sculptor in the Hittite city of Hattusas. New Invocations Divination A Seer’s Mindtime power. as no Pantheon wants their human worshippers to know that even the gods may be killed. a Talented Dreamer. and rolls a Perception and Divination Task. The god had his way with her and this infuriated the sculptor so much that he cursed the fertility god and desecrated Telepinu’s temple.

If she does a Tarot Reading for someone. C h a p t e r F i v e 92 . Either method provides a Zodiac sign on which to base Divinations. cup. the bonus does not apply. and some Wicce and Shamanistic Covenants. is one of the oldest Divination Specializations. Astrology is based on an individual’s birth month. If she has no cards and tries If she just to use Palmistry instead. so other methods are preferred. like a mirror or even a bucket of water. Divinatory Specializations Ever since the first Shaman looked to the future to determine the best location for her tribe’s hunt. For instance. Haruspication: Haruspication. and in the world of WitchCraft and Armageddon. and stars) and the Major Arcana (the non-suit cards like The Fool or the Tower). Crystal-Gazing: Crystal Balls have become a cultural stereotype of witches. wand. a Magician with Divination (Crystal-Gazing) may attempt to cast the Invocation on any reflective surface. Practicing Haruspication can result in gaining unwanted attention from the local authorities. most Ghost Dancers practice Oneiromancy instead. They only work well for the Magician who owns the deck and the person for whom she is casting the Invocation must handle them. but they are still powerful Divination tools. Even a Very Good (four Success Levels) result on the Perception and Divination Task only reveals vague information if the Caster only knows her subject is a Taurus or a Dragon. can use other techniques to receive a vision of the future. The Tarot deck is a very personal item that is attuned to one particular Magician. A Magician must prepare a Crystal Ball with successful Craft (Glassblowing) Tasks—a Craft (Glassblowing) and Intelligence Task for the idea. a Craft (Glassblowing) and Dexterity Task to actually create the item. Doing so results in a -2 modifier to the Invocation and Perception Task. If someone else casts the Invocation with a Magician’s Deck. In an emergency situation. the art of foretelling by studying ritually slain animals’ entrails. The Magician must perform a cleansing ritual to restore the deck to its former ability. In the West. the Magician can choose from a wide variety of Divinatory Specializations. but doing so does not gain the specialization bonus. A full Tarot Deck contains the Minor Arcana (the four suits of sword. her skill is three. all the Magician’s future attempts at Divination with that deck suffer a -4 penalty. For example. most Magicians just get a new deck. This costs two character points and gives the Magician a +2 when using that particular Divination technique. Cartomancy: Cards were first invented as Divination tools—the first playing cards were developed from the Tarot Deck. Divination has played an important part of early human civilizations. Divination requires the Magician to pick a specialization. Miranda Prosper is a Wicce with Divination (Tarot) 3. while Eastern Astrology is year-based. Legbans. without using any sort of ritual technique. The Magician using some sort of divinatory technique is much more difficult for the Caster (–2 penalty). these Divinations remain generalized. but without specific birth information (date and time). her effective skill is one. Performing a Divination Invocation without wants to release six Essence Points to glimpse into the future. Astrology: Astrology is the study of celestial influences affecting individuals. If the Magician prepares the Crystal Ball for someone else. modern diviners rarely use it—the exceptions being the Nomads. the Crystal Ball must be attuned to a particular Magician and no one else may handle it after a specific Magician has used it for Divination. Like Tarot Cards. she receives a permanent bonus to her Divination Task based on the Task’s Success Level. Every culture possesses a Divination tradition. If the Magician uses a Crystal Ball she created herself. her effective Divination Skill is five. Although commonly used in ancient times.Divinatory Tools Unlike other Invocations. As the cleansing ritual requires expending Essence Points equal to one-third the mishandler’s Essence Pool.

but other cultures use similar techniques.Divinatory Specializations (continued) I Ching: The Book of Changes. 93 M e t a p h y s i c s . which connects to a specific mythological text. quite a few Wicce choose the Book of Changes as their Divination Specialization. In fact. The six sticks’ resulting pattern forms one of the 64 hexagrams. the Magician casts six flat sticks. The resulting pattern gives a result called the Obu. If successful. Wen Wang wrote the I Ching known in modern times. The Magician’s ability to shape others’ dreams is the most common form of this control. their Gifted capable of controlling Essence can exert influence over the Dream Realms. Nightmare By spending three Essence Points. Endurance plus one point for every Success Level achieved. Shamanistic Covenants tend to use Oneiromancy. the Magician must first have the Lucid Dreaming Skill. Oneiromancy: Oneiromancy is the use of dreams to gain visionary insights. otherwise. Reading the indicated text brings insight to a specific inquiry. but it is becoming increasingly popular in the West. Stones inscribed with each of the 25 Futhark Runes are the most common type. originated in ancient China. cific images into the The Magician may insert spedream by succeeding at a Difficult Willpower Test. the Magician may just draw one stone from the bag. Tables of Ifa: Caribbean Covenants like the Brotherhood of Legba use Ifa Tables. or I Ching. To use the I Ching. developing the 64 hexagrams and the basic text. In order to specialize in Oneiromancy. the victim’s subconscious shapes the Nightmare. Around 1150 BCE. Asian Covenants like the Society of the Harmonious Pattern use this technique. the Magician experiences a dream that represents the answer to her inquiry. A dragon is said to have revealed the original I Ching to the first Emperor on the banks of the Yellow River 5. The stones are drawn from a bag and cast upon a surface. ceeds.000 years ago. inflicting severe nightmares on the dreamer. In this regard. For simple questions. and the Magician meditates upon the accompanying text for that hexagram. Rune-Casting: Rune-Casting is the Divination Specialization that developed in Northern Europe. Ifa uses sixteen cowry shells that can be combined in 256 ways. Like other forms of divination. A successful Perception and Lucid Dreaming Task allows the dreamer to access the Realm of Akasha from her own Panorama. The resulting pattern determines the answer to the Magician’s inquiry. a Magician may shape her enemy’s Panorama. The Magician rolls a Willpower and Night Curse Task. the dream is mostly symbolic and ambiguous unless a Very Good (four Success Levels) Result is achieved. Night Curse Random flows of Essence shape the Sephiroth of Hod. Each stick has a broken line on one side and an unbroken line on the other (anything that gives two results may be used for this purpose. Chous Hsin. This is done with the usual Perception and Divination Task. the victim loses D4(2) If the Task sucPoints. while imprisoned by the last Shang Emperor. Ifa Tables are somewhat similar to the I Ching. Magicians have been known to flip coins for this part).

At high power lev- physical body and travel in an incorporeal spirit form. The Dreamcatcher blocks only the Night Curse Invocation. Mindkill can. Sending a dream message uses their enhance Minddream’s effective range. so most Magicians only create them for themselves and for people very important to them. an Essence Shield is required to block other Invocations. This works like any other Warding—it protects the subject from hostile spirits and from any sensory or locating metaphysical power. A Minddream attack is resolved with a Resisted Task using the psychic’s Willpower and Minddream Art against the victim’s Willpower and Constitution. Dreamcatchers protect against the Night Curse Invocation. with a Protection Rating 10 plus the Warding’s Strength. A Seer may also use the power to alter a dreamer’s Panorama and cause harm. To create one. Mindsight’s range tables (see WitchCraft. Used this way. such attacks. Subjects with Lucid Dreaming and the Awaken Visualization may resist Minddream attacks with that ability instead. Using Minddream Defensively Minddream can be used to resist another person’s Minddream abilities. Viewing and inter- their dreams. els. while remaining connected to her body via a psychic Using the power for this effect C h a p t e r F i v e 94 . the Caster must know the Empowerment. The Ghost Dancers. two characters with the with each other through communicate Using Minddream Seers commonly use Minddream to see others’ dreams. and interact with a target’s dream state. and Warding Invocations. Dreamcatchers require a very high Essence Point cost to make. Minddream Minddream only causes Essence damage. lethally) subject’s dreams. p. The Seer can inflict Mind Projection is commonly referred to as Projection—it allows the Seer to leave her Essence damage to the dreamer. This is a unique property of the Dreamcatcher. Any Magician casting Night Curse at the subject must roll a Focus Task (Invocation and Willpower) higher than this number. a character even disrupt (sometimes uses results in the same ramifications as Mindkill. ability can Also. feel. their interact. or and Essence loss as a consequence. Dreamcatchers work as an Empowered item. even add If they are very close friends. and/or sending messages to dreamers. with the Warding Invocation protecting the sleeper from attacking beings. they may Minddream Strengths together to preting a subject’s dreams uses Intelligence and the Minddream Art. Astral and the Death Projection Necromantic Success Levels result in cryptic dreams. It also prevents Mara and Night Terrors from entering the sleeper’s Panorama. a powerful Essence-filled construct. which sets it apart from other Wardings.Dreamcatchers Dreamcatchers protect the sleeper from harmful nocturnal attacks. Through its use. the Seer can kill. Night Curse. the Wicce. while high Success Levels allow the Seer to directly manipulate the subject’s dreams. the subject may attempt a During Difficult Willpower Test to awaken and escape her tormentor. The Strength Rating of the Dreamcatcher’s Warding acts as an Essence Shield. can observe. Willpower and the Minddream Art. and other Shamanistic Covenants use Dreamcatchers. 233). it can be resisted just as It carries the same possible Endurance Unlike Mindkill. The degree of success determines how much is learned or how easily the Seer gets her message through. New Seer Powers Minddream Just as a character with Mindsight can see others’ thoughts. possibly interpreting their meaning. Anyone on the bed below a Dreamcatcher benefits from this effect. Normal Mind Projection This Seer Power is equivalent to the Soul Projection Invocation Power. a character with Minddream can see. In addition.

the Seer can sense the dream’s underlying cause and the reasons behind it. Mindkill. Can enter the subject’s dreams and talk directly to her. a Seer in Manhattan Mind Projection drains one Essence Point from the Seer per hour that she remains in astral form. p. leave To maintain the psychic link. physical 100 barriers (150 may travel up of mph kph) per Mind Projection Strength Level. 4+ Can enter the subject’s dreams and talk to directly to a subject. severely hamper a victim. She cannot regain Essence until she returns to her body. The effect lasts for one hour per the Task’s Success Level. even though she is still “in control” of the dream. traveling through an office For example. but only the sensory ones may be used on people or items on the physical plane. A victim who dies from Essence Repeated uses of this effect on continuous nights can Point loss has no discernible cause of Death (see WitchCraft. message. The subject can answer. and she knows what the representations and symbols within the dream mean. the Seer must first succeed at a Willpower and Mind Projection Art Task. 2 Can send dream images chosen by the medium. The Seer can determine exactly why the target is dreaming a particular dream. the Seer may interpret the dream’s general gist. This allows the Seer to separate herself from her physical body. Minddream Art Table Success Level 1 Result Can send a message that becomes a symbol-filled dream and is probably not specifically recognizable as a message. just as with Mindkill. Can watch a subject’s dreams as if viewing a movie. In the Realms in which spirits have physical bodies. she may recognize this as a Used to view a subject’s dreams. and only she can see it. but still fairly symbolic. link. the Seer must five Essence Points with her physical body. 154). Used to view a subject’s dreams. p. but the subject cannot reply. The Seer can sense the subject’s thoughts and feelings about the dream. The victim’s heart can be stopped. Interpretation is up to the Cast Member. and the Seer may pass to building could not use Mindhands to move a desk. work on en cord of Essence. Using Mind Projection. The Seer cannot influence the Dreamscape. The Seer can disrupt the subject’s sleep. the Seer can travel to the Otherworlds by first entering such border Realms as the Threshold of Geburah or the Periphery of Hod. Mindheal. only other astral or spiritual entities. causing her to get no rest that night (see WitchCraft. 154 for the effects of loss sleep). Powers that normally Mindfire. however. the same Seer could use Mindhands to lift the rocks and trees around her. the Seer can access all her powers. affect physical and beings. this link appears as a silver or gold- The Seer may use any of her psychic powers while in astral form. sages can be sent. In the First World. through speeds While in astral form. 3 Snatches of mes- If someone knows that this ability exists. 5 8 Damage is raised to D4(2) times the Minddream Strength Level of Essence damage.Minddream Strength Table Strength 1 3 Abilities One Essence Point of damage per Strength level may be inflicted on a subject. like Mindhands. To the Seer. Can alter the subject’s Dreamscape at will. 95 M e t a p h y s i c s . Using Mind Projection To use Mind Projection.

Empowerment.” so Baraka is always used in place of that word. including physical attacks made by spiritual beings. Strength Martial of Thunder. Baraka Sabil The Society of Assassins can channel Essence into their bodies to enhance their already skill formidable in Baraka fighting abilities. While the Assassins spread their influence East. the group’s of underlying style are still the same. referred to therein as Tao Chi. The Strength developed from Storm Style. times This the Seer’s Mind Projection Strength armor protects against all Essence-based attacks. and Shielding can create Ghost Shirts. When someone aims a gun at Assassins call Essence “baraka” instead of “chi. the Ghost Shirt’s Physical Shield activates. it is because it is Tao-Chi. The the wearer. Ghost Dancer Shamans once created the Ghost Shirts for the Braves as powerful armor to neutralize the Baraka Sabil Dragon Strike is called Phoenix Strike. Baraka Mastery Skill activates the Martial Arts Metaphysics and the powers themselves are called the Baraka Sabil. the Way of Essence. the Seer can use Mind Projection to form a sort of Astral Armor. where it is “nafs daraba”). Normally. The Mystery Codex supplement contains more information on Baraka Sabil powers. dominating groups like the Thagi in India. The Assassins changed some of the Tao-Chi names. the Ghost Shirts were merely decorated buckskin with an Armor Value of D4(2). the Assassins use an assortment of powers they call the Baraka Sabil. The Society’s Imam became fascinated with the Chi Mastery of the Asian Covenants. for example (except in Arabic. The shell lasts for one minute per Success Level and has an Armor Value of D4(2) Level. Through their Mastery.Using Mind Projection Defensively While in spirit form. but most Ghost Shirts have an Armor Value 20 or so. and can range from 20 to 100 Essence Points. the Storm Dragons and the Red Lotus spread their influence West. Once that happened. the Society of Assassins became the first Western Covenant to extensively train its New Item Ghost Shirt Ghost Dancer Shamans who know the Invocations Consecration. making it their own. If this sounds similar to Tao-Chi. also dominating groups like the Thagi in India. however. leaving the Braves helpless against the White Man’s firepower. The of the Shield depends on the Shaman who creates it. The game effects and point costs The Ra’d Quwwat. the Assassins relied on Invocations and sharp knives to carry out their missions. the Shaman Empowers a members in the Essence-enhanced Martial Arts. After a few years of careful diplomatic relations and even more careful infiltration. C h a p t e r F i v e 96 . the is the Arts The Strength Fist Thunder The symbolically decorated buckskin shirt with a Physical Shield in a ritual that lasts several days. and Speed of the Tiger is called Speed of the Cheetah. The Seer must succeed at an Intelligence and Mind Projection Task to form the protective shell around her. The amount of Essence imbued into the Ghost Shirt also depends on the Shaman. Up until this time. Most of the actual powers’ names have remained the same: Spirit Strike is still called Spirit Strike. White Man’s superior weapons—until the Combine got involved and somehow negated the Invocations. style.

or Lemuria or Ultima Thule. the character. The fourth thing that you expect is that you will come back down from the hill. Shaman. you expect that you will die up on that hill. and when they come to get you. The Vision Quest is not always successful. If the people decide that a Shaman is not serving them properly. In such a case. and some have. or choose the role for herself. Even before Atlantis were Shamans. but sometimes a Nation’s tradition takes precedence over the Covenant’s policies. they find a new Shaman. Being born a Shaman is usually part of a hereditary tradition. which is considered a universal rite of passage. is recognized as such and her training to become the people’s next Shaman begins almost immediately. there she gets results. Her training includes spending time in the Dream Realms and gaining knowledge from the current women go at all. be chosen by the spirits to take on the role. the Nahualli. who is usually the current Shaman’s child. Some societies do not allow women to go on a Vision Quest until after menopause and some never let she retains her Shamanistic Abilities. The first Gifted Humans were Shamans of small tribal groups. or to a lesser extent. but she has to work hard to prove her worthiness to her people. for Nations require all males to complete a Vision Quest before puberty. Born Shamans are potentially the most powerful of their kind. The second way of becoming a Shaman is to be chosen by the Spirits. And. In the past. Those Shaman and the spirit guides. Regardless of how a character becomes a Shaman. you will be institutionalized. you expect four things: First. after a period of ritual purification. There are times when a Spirit does decide. of course. you expect that you will go crazy. and even Australian Aboriginal Shaman who knew the Keys of Solomon These (the all Templars killed him in the 1950s). her people could care less whether she is a Disciple of the Flesh or Tainted. As long as the Shaman does her job. As long as the character serves her Spirit Patron. and the Solitaire Shamans found throughout the World. She The following section details common Shaman powers and lore. Spirits sometimes contact a person before her Vision Quest. After the Vision Quest. This also could happen. —Ghost Dancer saying The vast majority of Shamans gain their abilities through the Vision Quest. The Gifted child. and could even be a clever Mundane with no metaphysical abilities at all. The Ghost Dancers practice an initi- ation rite called the Vision Quest. the Apoanu Apyabaiba. Necromantic Powers. plished all this. Most of the Native American Shamanistic societies consider all three of these paths valid. but they are also the most rare. then her Once she has accomconsider her a people whom spirits approach first almost always become Shamans. During the Vision Quest. and most Shamanistic cultures have a similar practice. Those not destined to become Shamans hope to whatever reason. tries to contact the Spirit World. and even a successful one does not automatically guarantee receiving the Spirit Patron Quality. however. This also has happened. all Becoming a Shaman A character can become a Shaman in three ways: be born into the role. The Vision Quest When you go up on the hill for a Vision Quest. a character may validly proclaim herself a Shaman. the young men receive the name they are called from then on. Feral Shamans.Shamanism Shamanism is the oldest form of religious expression on Earth. The third thing that you expect is that you will disappear completely and no one will ever see or hear from you again. Next. The Ghost Dancers prefer that both boys and girls go on a Vision Quest before puberty. Seer Abilities. Inspired Shamans. and her Shaman status continues as long as 97 M e t a p h y s i c s . Finally. to become a character’s Patron. Most are exceptions. Shamanism occurs in all societies. not encounter spirits. the spirit appears in her dreams and leads her to the First World. only proper training assures her acceptance as one. there is no guarantee that a Gifted Shaman will give birth to a Gifted child. Shamanistic societies are practical societies—they care only that a Shaman serves her people. though they often consider self-proclaimed Shamans less powerful. there have been an the following description applies equally to the Ghost Dancers. receive a vision of their future. however—almost Shamans have Invocations.

While purifying herself in a sweat lodge and praying and fasting for hours. the Vision Quest results in no real Vision.Everyone else must approach the spirits through the Vision Quest. as the character should not realistically know that the Vision Quest failed until after completing the whole ordeal. Once Vision. Staying awake for days costs the character one Endurance Point for every hour past the first twentyfour. Sometimes a specific medicine lodge is used The seeker holds a vigil for for this purpose instead. her Vision Quest C h a p t e r F i v e 98 . or any number of conditions that the Chronicler wishes to inflict on her. she is not limited to one. and adds her Success Level to the seeker’s result. A seeker may suffer from hypothermia. 129). she loses 48 Endurance Points. the Chronicler may decide that the character automatically takes a certain amount of damage due to the environment. Thus. her Endurance drops below zero. she goes to the proper location—a hilltop or mountainside away from her village—to receive her Vision. properly. If the seeker fails either of these two Tasks. she must Constitution and Willpower Task at a –1 penalty for every five points below zero to stay awake. the guide rolls her own Intelligence and Rituals Task. the seeker must also pass a Willpower and Rituals Task (a guide’s roll is never added to this Task). A character who seeks a Vision must This prepare herself for it both ritually and mentally. a Shaman or Medicine Man may help her. if the character stays awake through the Once pass a first three days. The seeker must also be in the proper mental and spiritual state to receive a Vision. the Chronicler may require a successful Constitution and Survival Task to avoid injury. She repeats this Task every Turn until she fails and falls asleep. requires two different Tasks and typically lasts for several hours. Some seekers have even died from these conditions. If a character’s Vision Quest takes place in an exposed wilderness area. p. The Chronicler should roll a character’s Tasks when she attempts a Vision Quest. four days without sleeping or eating (she may have someone bring her a sip of water each day). A character may go on many Vision Quests. lapsed before even the third day. the seeker collapses. When the seeker completes the preparatory purification. she may receive her Roll a D10 and compare the result to the If the seeker col- Outcome Table (WitchCraft. If this is the first time for the seeker. To ensure that all the rituals are followed seeker must succeed at a Ritual and the Intelligence Task. In this case. Alternatively. heat exhaustion.

Spirits that appear to the Ghost Dancers and other Native Americans may be Antelope. Soul Projection is by far the most common. If she stays awake at least until Staying Urban Shamans. and becomes her guardian. any character a always exceptions to the above example. awake through the fourth day receives no modifier. these Urban Shamanism With the decline of tribal societies in modern times. The Chronicler determines which spirit type appears to the character. Unlike the traditional Shaman. though some are Lesser Gifted. so a lot of her training is through self-discovery. 99 M e t a p h y s i c s . is drawn between these abilities While a distinction in modern occult every Success Level the character achieved with the initial two Rituals Tasks. Improvisation Invocations. but not Spirit The spirit may give the character any advice or instruction that the Chronicler deems appropriate. Badger. so there are Wakan Tanka. like their traditional counterparts. As part of a Shamanistic tradition. the majority of Shamans are Gifted. The Vision Quest should occur at a Place of Power. Like traditional may be the only Invocations that a Shaman’s mentor knows. receiving Vision Tanka becomes Shaman—whether she wants to or not. she automatically becomes Gifted (this usually means that the character was Gifted without any metaphysical skills. Crow. the Shaman views them all as part of her calling. Elk. If the modified roll is greater than nine. Those who join Covenants usu- the third day. and. Sky. a new type of Shaman the has emerged: Shaman. therefore. the Great Spirit—if a non-Gifted character experiences this Vision of the Creator. For every 20 points of ally choose the Wicce or the Brotherhood of Legba. Coyote. It may even result in a brief glimpse into the character’s future. Wind. For the most part. In combination. Turtle. usually enough to give the character her name. are mostly Solitaires. Buffalo. Magical Most Shamans have a combination of and Seer abilities. Common Shamanistic Lore Shamans commonly learn the Invocations listed below. On an Excellent result (three Success Levels) Blessing Invocation Communion Invocation Warding Invocation Lesser Healing or the Mindheal Seer Power Divination or the Mindtime Seer Power Farsight or the Mindview Seer Power or higher. An Adequate (one Success Level) result gives the seeker some insight about her destiny. they treat them with the same disdain they reserve for New Agers who trivialize their traditions. The spirit may even appear later in the character’s dreams. Hare. Bear. level one in the above abilities costs between 15 and 21 points (depending on how many Seer Powers.automatically fails. Of the following Shaman receives her calling through dreams and contact with the Spirit World. the only Invocations to which the character has access. she at least learns Soul Projection. at level one or greater: result (two Success Levels). A character does not need to learn all of these. the the Urban Urban Shaman. even if a character has already had her Vision. Snake. add +1 to the result for Basic Shaman Powers Shamans always have a Rituals Skill appropriate to their culture. On a Good Associations. None of a Shaman’s metaphysical skills may ever be higher then her Rituals Skill. add +1 to the result. Vision Quests may be attempted multiple times. Sometimes the spirit that appears to the seeker is Almost all Shamans are Solitaires. The typical Invocation beginning practitioner has the following abilities. but she is more likely to learn these Invocations than any other. Skunk. Finally. The seeker gains a +2 bonus for every day after the fourth that she stays awake. but the Chronicler may decide that the character has become Gifted a during of play). ambient Essence at that Place of Power. including her Seer or Necromancy Powers. instead of Invocations the Shaman chooses). the seeker gains a Spirit Patron. Add +1 for every successful Vision Quest the character has experienced. is an essential part of Urban Shamanism. the character experiences a Vision. her roll suffers a –2 penalty. The Ghost Dancers view Urban Shamans as illegitimate. Wakan Also. a spirit approaches the seeker Patron. For this reason. If the Shaman learns no other Invocations from this list. and Wolf. the Urban Shaman works in a society that has no cultural framework for Shamanism. Eagle.

None of a following: all of the components. The paintings are very elaborate and Mandalas are tem- American Dance Societies. Essence-gathering methods. and the expenditure of ten Essence Points. provided it is used for at least one Turn as part of the Ritual. three Success Levels in an Intelligence and Rituals Task. and oils. p. son. This is why most Shamans have some kind of metaphysical projection ability. In addition to Dexterity and Fine Arts (Appropriate Dancing Type) Task. stones. Endurance Points The character cannot regain lost until she stops and rests—if the Medicine). and tobacco. used in modern has Many of the sacred dances are still times and most the of Ghost older Dancer Native Covenant absorbed the paints. The Native American Ghost Dancers received their name from their ritual dance tradition—there have been Buffalo Dancers. two days of ritual preparation. but she may make an additional Task check for ambient Essence gain. using the dances’ elaborate movements to gather Essence. but in this case. Myth and Legend Skill appropriate to their society. Mandala: Technically. As has been stated earlier. she also learns some nonmetaphysical skills. a Mandala is a ritual aid the Buddhist Mystics use. Corn Dancers. Many Mandalas include a circle in their design—those gain an additional five or ten Essence Points (see WitchCraft. Animal Sacrifice: Some Shamans still practice animal sacrifice rituals. character collapses from exhaustion before performing a ritual. circular design created in The Mandala is usually a the sand with powders. (nature Shamans spirits). As this is one of the oldest represent powerful spiritual forces. and for every additional five minutes of dancing a character loses D6(3) Endurance Points. which are revealed in the Shaman’s dreams. A Shaman gains insight into her culture’s problems through traveling to the Dream Realms. the Shaman sees nothing C h a p t e r F i v e 100 . While the Shaman focuses on included things like animal bones.Cleansing Consecration Lesser Curse Shielding Soul Projection Spirit Mastery (Ghosts) Spirit Mastery (Nature Spirits) A Mandala requires the Fine Arts (Sand Painting) and the Rituals Skills. are always personal to the Shaman. in fact. Dreaming Much of a Shaman’s work takes place within her own Panorama. feathers. the character gains one ambient Essence Point to use in a ritual or Invocation. also learn Occult and the Essence Points to any Invocation. This ritual powers like Lesser Healing or Mindheal. 204). Once created. a character can attempt At a Knowledge Storytelling. Creating a medicine bag requires the Invocations or Seer abilities. Traditionally. Eagle Dancers. all Shamans learn the Lucid For this reaSkill. she loses all the Essence she gathered. Such dances must take no less than five minutes. Medicine Bag: This leather bag is covered in elaborate designs The and filled with items of ritual signifion the cance. though Shamans also travel outside the Periphery to other Realms in the Sephiroth of Hod. and Sun Dancers. all Shamans know the Rituals Skill appropriate to their culture. Dance: Shamans often perform ritual dances. porary and not designed to last longer then the ritual itself. items within vary the depending Shaman. it also refers to Shamanistic Sand Paintings. It provides three Essence Points for any normal Invocation and six for a healing Invocation. For every Success Level. Characters without Essence Channeling can also raise one point of their personal Essence for use in a ritual or Invocation. the medicine bag provides two Shaman’s metaphysical abilities may be higher than her Rituals Skill. the end of this time. bag’s contents have Common Shamanistic Skills The Shaman does not really distinguish between the metaphysical and the mundane—they are all part of a greater whole. they are part of the ritual. A Shaman also learns the Survival Skill appropriate to her environment. a Shaman also knows more mundane healing techniques—First Aid and Unconventional Medicine (Herbal can be repeated. Characters with Essence Channeling receive little benefit from the dance. Symbols and Items of Power Shamans often use the following Symbols and Items of Powers. The bag’s contents. Some modern Urban Shamans have added things like Barbie Doll heads or integrated circuits to their bags. Shamans commonly heal others.

Spirits are part of Nature’s balance and commanding them recklessly endangers the Shaman’s world. Communion. Additionally. Spirit Speech Invocations: Healing Special Changer Common Obligations: Conditional Boon (Any). while Boons Obligations the value. Shamans usually sacrifice small animals (fowl. though Urban Shamans have Ethereals as Spirit Patrons. where she is trying to make contact with a spirit. The First World’s animal spirits are also the first tribal societies’ original Guardian Spirits. only an arrogant Westerner like a Rosicrucian would try that. 1-2 points). ple who willingly fight the fight alone. Oath of Duty (defend nature. To find a Spirit Patron’s value. Nature Spirits Shamans commonly have nature spirit Patrons. Common Boons: Power. SkinCleansing. The spirit seeker need not be Gifted to The spirit may see qual- as spirits of power and healing. When the tribe enhance Obligations cannot reduce the Boons’ cost below one half their original cumulative value. most Spirit Patrons approach the Shaman. A ritually killed animal provides A Spirit Patron is a Supernatural Quality and the character must expend Quality or Metaphysical D10(5) Essence Points for an Invocation. like a Vision Quest. as they can be dangerous. Shamanistic religions are animistic. Animal spirits favor experiences misfortune. even without her having been born with the Gift. hulking character. Bear Spirits grant their patronage based on a person’s worth. have dwindled with civilization’s onslaught.). fine. The Abomination corebook Codex both supplement describe the and the of characters whose behavior or traits reflect the spirit’s—a Bear spirit may forge a bond with a large.S. Points to acquire it. some Shamans owe their abilities to a particular Patron Spirit. The spirit then provides her with the metaphys- years ago. still retain that guardianship. 101 M e t a p h y s i c s . and those whom they bless must try to protect Nature from mankind’s depredations. 102. Shamans viewed them The Bears took their worthy Shaman. it usually means that a nature spirit is displeased. The majority of these abilities are described in detail in WitchCraft or Abomination Codex. cunning person. ities in that person which would make her a good Shaman. Spirit Patrons are either nature spirits may or Pagan City Alternatively. Shamans never try to bind a Spirit. it becomes the neophyte Shaman’s Patron at that moment. should note that the authorities disdain such practices. along with other animal tribes. and they know that their survival in the world is dependent on their relationship with the spirits around them. very important to the Spirit Patrons are Tradition and Shamanistic maintaining a good relationship with the Spirit World is essential to the well being of the Shaman’s people. A character usually meets them in an actual Obligation is demanded. while a Rat spirit may be more receptive to the entreaties of a city-wise. The two initiation ritual. goats. Spirit Patrons For the most part.wrong with it. special boons are presented on p. Lesser Deities. individ- uals whose bloodline is strong enough may lead the Animal Spirit to recognize her as one of its own. or imprison those caught conducting ritual animal sacrifice. etc. role as Guardian very seriously. In the modern era. Some tribes Armageddon process gaining a Spirit Patron in detail. actively taking part in their wards’ affairs. reduce the value. They hold Nature in high esteem. and they arrest. But that was thousands of attract the spirit’s attention. They look for peoThe Bear is ical abilities (including the Gift if necessary) to perform her Shaman functions. total up the value of the Boons (special powers the Patron gives the character) and Obligations (the Tasks or gifts required to appease the Patron). the person seeking it is If the spirit decides of becoming a Bear Spirits: The Bear Spirits were among the first spirits mankind worshipped. Boons: Summon Animal Spirits. Only the Aboriginal Shamans of Australia and similar tribes recall their original Spirit Patron. Vigor. Shamans learn to respect the spirits very early in their training. The nature spirits demand respect and reverence. Those practicing in the U. World to appease The Shaman travels to the First the spirit. Often no Gaining a Spirit Patron Although a character may receive a Spirit Patron in many different ways. and the Bear Tribes. so long as the character remains appropriately reverent.

The Ghost Dancers have stories of a powerful Spirit Patron named White Buffalo Woman who knew all the Greater Invocations and taught them to those she found worthy. the character cannot use Invocations. The Shaman voluntarily enters this process and remains fully in control. The summoning requires a Simple Willpower Test and the expenditure of five Essence Points per spirit summoned. Sometimes it grants the Skin-Changer Quality—the earliest Shamans could take the bear’s form and this ability still exists today. C h a p t e r F i v e 102 . though they give some Shamans the Boon of Prophecy. The needed prerequisites must be paid for separately. not a pack animal and it respects those who can act without the support of others. The Bear Spirit com- monly grants the Power and Vigor Boons and the Invocation of Lesser Healing. The maximum number of summoned spirits cannot exceed the Test’s Success Level. As such. The Shaman requires the specially treated fur of the animal in question for transformation. 204) contains some sample spirits. so the process cannot be done quickly or without forethought. regardless of available Essence. although previously performed Invocations remain in effect. p. While in bestial form. Warding 1+ Shaman Skin-Changers can assume animal form by magically linking to a spirit. The cost of being a Skin-Changer equals the cost of being a Feral of the same species (see Abomination Codex. Buffalo Spirits: The Buffalo symbolizes the Sun and Fertility. Skin-Changer Variable Supernatural Quality Prerequisite: Spirit Mastery (Type) 4+. 36). Buffalo Spirits have also been known to teach the Invocations of Communion and Greater Healing.New Boons Summon Animal Spirits 4-point Power The Shaman can call upon her totemic animal to summon a number of spirits to do her bidding. Mystery Codex (p. Buffalo Spirits grant the Vigor and Power Boons.

and lightning strikes wherever he gazes. society is very important to the Buffalo Spirits. The Coyote mostly dwells in the First World. in modern times. while striving to protect humanity as a whole. War. 103 M e t a p h y s i c s . erosity and punish miserliness. a beautiful woman. is a figure North America.As the Buffalo is a herd animal. humanity and an individual human: an individual human can be weak or unworthy. the Coyote sometimes appears on four legs as a coyote. a powerful being On one hand. and that Duty always consists of playing a very great trick on the Crow Spirits’ chosen victim. Buffalo Spirits often become the Patrons of young. Common Boons: Spirit Speech. but neither of them talk about it. These weak indi- Thunderbird: universal Thunderbird. If he has a human form. of worship like in the Coyote. accept a Humorless character. Other times he walks on two legs as a handsome Dancers. Spirit Speech. when these are qualities granting their patronage. white salesmen—anything for a laugh. while others seem more like abstract forces of nature. The similar to having the Crow Spirits as one. Crow Spirits: Crows are tricksters and they only grant their patronage to someone with the Clown young man. Power. hand. and. truly a god. but they may decide to lighten up such a character (removing that Drawback as a Boon). share similarities with gods in better-known pantheons. as long as the character maintains a sense of humor. he rarely uses it. viduals must be weaned out—the Dog Spirits have no moral qualms about descending on an individual Thunderbird is generally considered benevolent. Life Touch. of Duty for their patronage. a middle-aged. things go fine. wings. Thunderbird’s wrath. Vigor. he can transform He has appeared as an into whatever amuses him. Trickster. The old gods are also part of various Shamanistic societies’ pantheons. Special Obligations: Having Coyote as a Patron is Boons: Power. Common Obligations: Conditional Boon (any that Coyote finds amusing at the time). The Dog Spirits consider Mankind to be their Master. Special Boons: Hard to Kill. flying Storm Old Gods Nature spirits are not the only entities the Shamans worship. descended The Crow Spirits teach Invocations appropriate for a Trickster. Some of their deities Thunderbird through the powerful clouds trail behind him. but like most storm gods. those involved in Armageddon campaigns. These deities’ Aspects are also included for Invocations (Elemental and Weather Lordship). Crow Spirits demand an Oath World’s tribes have grown tired of his antics—they are just too afraid of the Coyote to tell him this in person. A small sampling of gods from these pantheons is included below. They reward genAmong the Ghost North America Coyote: The Trickster God of Native America. Common Invocations. he is from the with the Lazy or Showoff Drawbacks. in addition to the usual Sephyr who helped create the world. Knowing humanity plays an important role in the Creator’s plans. Common Obligations: Conditional Boon (Any). the Dog Spirits have always sought to ally themselves with humans. Loyalty. unmarried women. Thunderbird appears as a giant black eagle with fiery eyes. Vigor. Fun is what matters to them. once had to protect mankind from Coyote human like the Wild Hunt of old. The Way of the Dog is the way of servitude. even the cursed ones who cannot control their transformations. The Crow Spirits also favor characters They never old man. He often becomes their Patron Spirit. Lesser and Greater Illusion are imparted. They have always taken mankind’s side in debates in the First World. On the other Most of the First Invocations nature spirits teach. dwells sky on in the First black World. A master shapeshifter. not fit to be part of the greater whole that is humanity. he often acts like an idiot. Drawback. The god sees Coyote Ferals as wayward children. he has a violent side. It is important to realize the difference between Humorless is a definite minus. Sky. Dog Spirits: and Dog Spirits the value Friendship they look and for that Aspects: Beast (Coyote). Aspects: Beast (Birds). where he has a contradictory reputation. The Clown Drawback is a definite plus and needs of the pack come before the needs of the individual and the pack must always serve the Master. This means that.

the first Inca (the Divine Leader of the Incan Empire). Power. Curse. town in a dilapidated home (in the old days this was a tipi of rotting hide. breechcloth in the winter. Vigor. Invocations (Any). Special Boons: Immortality. His son is Manco Capac. though she also She may is seen as an earththe demned building will do). Gift of Kind (Preserve the ways of Alchera. Sky. Initi’s incarnation on Earth. Common Boons: Spirit Speech. Wisdom. Ironically enough. Aspects: Fertility. Special Boons: Good Luck. Vigor. His name means “One Leg. C h a p t e r F i v e 104 . Lesser Communion). They must eat burning hot Having Thunderbird for food with their bare hands. Oath of Servitude. shown during initiation rites. Common (Affect the Boons: Psyche. Special Boons: Soul Projection (Sephiroth of Hod). Xipe Totec is considered a vegetation god. Special Obligations: Pachamama favors those bolic of plants emerging from the earth after a rain. in modern times. Common Boons: Spirit Speech. Lesser Life Touch. Prophecy. Oath of Duty the Inca. a form of the Aztec God Tezcatlipoc sometimes called the Red Tezcatlipoca or the Flayed Lord.Special Obligation: Devotees of Thunderbird must act bizarre. His cloak of human skins is seen as sym- World. The Cult of Pain also venerate Xipe Totec. Aspects: Fertility. Vigor. Gift of Kin the jaguar form of the Spirit Mastery work to save the Rain Forest. This secretive god is one of the main sources of power for an Aboriginal South America Inti: Inti is the Incan Sun God and his consort is the Moon Goddess Mama Kilya. Australia Daramulum: Daramulum is a Sky God said to be the intermediary between humanity and the Creator. Element (Earth). any con- Pachamama appears as a Native Woman at home in the forest. Invocations (especially Invocation). Special Obligations: Most Shamanistic deities are provincial and concerned only with their particular culture. Pachamama weaves the two metals into the Universal Dream. her gold and that Mama It is said that Inti gives Kilya gives her silver. She holds court in the First a Patron makes life a little more complicated Central America Xipe Totec: The Nahualli Dark Covenant worships Xipe Totec. Prophecy. His image is only (Human Sacrifice). Aspects: Sun. the Flayed God remains a deity that feeds on the torture of others. Invocations Healing. Whatever the symbolic rationalization. Common Obligations: Beholden. War. Magic. Spirit Speech. Common Obligations: Beholden. Daramulum is especially so. Pachamama does have a very strong connection to the Dream Realms. Pachamama’s fate is tied to the Rain Forest’s fate. Wisdom. also considered summer Queen of the Dream Realms. are still active in modern times. but she can also be encountered in the City of Morpheus or pleading her case to the Three Sisters. Invocations. Trickster. Xipe Totec is often portrayed as wearing the skins of his human sacrifices. The Sun God appears as a golden disc with a human face. They must live on the outskirts of their Pachamama: Incan Goddess The Apoanu the Apyabaiba Queen of call this Caipora. Common Obligations: Oath of Servitude. Oath of Duty. Aspects: Wisdom. the Dreamtime). Moon. and only favors an Aboriginal character. Common Boons: Power. Common Obligations: Beholden. winter clothing in the They must wear heavy and wear only a quake-causing dragon. Some Peruvian Solitaire groups believe that Shaman. Lucid Dreaming. the Forest. Special Obligations: Xipe Totec only patronizes those who practice the blood magic rituals that gather Sadicas from torturing others. (gold).” and he appears as a onelegged Aboriginal Australian.

offended and she rewards any perceived slight with a lava flow. woman. a character must possess the Abhidharma Skill. Aspects: Vengeance. Those who give up the Old Ways really usually either Willpower or Perception (the ability’s description details which). four or more Success Levels gives the exact location of the Tulku as she is leaving Malkuth or returning. take years to master. Yesod. these abilities are real—they are called the Abhijna. but since only the Enlightened may use Abhijna. There are countless stories of wise Tibetan Masters with powerful mystical abilities who can perform amazing feats. The Abhidharma are the Buddha’s “Special Teachings. Pele appears as a beautiful Polynesian woman dressed in red. afterwards. Charisma. To bring companions with her. Master would need to spend sixty-five Essence Points to do this: twenty-five to bring herself to Hod and forty points to bring the two students with her. Success allows the Tulku to transport herself and roughly fifty pounds of equipment to the Otherworlds of Hod. two-three Success Levels gives a rough idea about direction and distance. Boons: Spirit Speech. An Adept who masters these The Abhijna normally and Abhidharma Essence Points. Common Obligations: Beholden. The Tulku accomplishes Task this and through spending a Willpower twenty-five Abhijna Tibet has always been a place of fascination for the West. only the Enlightened are considered Tulku Masters. the arrival) of the Reckoning. Master Lhamo-Dhondruba wants to send her students Sengi and Takla to the Sephiroth of Hod to learn about the Illusionary Nature of Reality. In WitchCraft and Armageddon. Tiphereth. Using the Ascension Bardo Ascension Abhinja. never return. dred costs Traveling to the primordial plane of even more: one hundred Essence Theoretically. a character learns to manipulate Essence and reality in ways the Gifted envy. Learning While Abhijna requires the Enlightened Quality. or Binah costs fifty Essence Points. Traveling to Chesed. Passing a Simple Perception Test alerts any Gifted or Supernatural characters within one hundred yards of the Tulku that a temporary dimensional gateway has been opened. Bardo existence. but with the approach (or in Armageddon. and at five points per level thereafter. there are many Gifted Monks in Tibet with Seer or Tao Chi abilities. but those who do. this is not much of a problem. the Essence Manipulation required to travel to the Otherworlds is Abhidharma To use any of the Abhijna Abilities. a Tulku must spend an extra twenty Essence Points per person. A character’s Abhidharma Skill may never be greater than her Trance Skill. usually quite a bit. Jhana. a The Tibetan Masters wander the many planes of Tulku may bodily transport herself to any Sephiroth. The amount of information she receives depends on her Success Level in the Perception Test—one Success Level lets the character amount know of that something in the manipulated a Skill at two points per level until level five. Vigor. The techniques becomes a Tulku. Using this power is not exactly subtle. She can also appear as a small child or an old Pele is a jealous Goddess who is very easily Using Abhijna Abhinja requires the Abilities Abhidharma Skill and During character creation. For example. Netzach. The Abhijna are the Shambalan Tibetan Masters’ supernormal abilities. Abhijna can be bought at five points each.Polynesia Pele: The Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes. Chokmah Points. or Geburah. anger her. 105 M e t a p h y s i c s . Special Boons: Good Luck. Abhijna costs Essence to use. Abhidharma is learned as a Special fairly easy to detect. One step to learning to use the Abhijna is attaining a meditative state called large Essence area. Common Invocations. Element (Earth). Element (Fire). Oath of Duty. they cost ten points each. these abilities have become more commonplace. Power. a Tulku could expend one hunPoints to travel to the Sephiroth of Essence Kether.” Through a true understanding of these special teachings.

Tulku then rolls a Resisted Test between the must succeed at a Perception and Abhidharma Task and expend at least five Essence Points to activate it.). includes such archaic languages as Sumerian. She can then add a bonus equal to half the extra Perception and Abhidharma Skill and target’s Intelligence and Willpower. motivations. Spending five Essence Points. plus one week for each bonus. Added Combat Task bonuses cannot Penetration Abhinja because the latter only allows the character to read enough of a target’s thoughts to exceed the Tulku’s Abhidharma Skill or +5. the weapon is For all attempted using the Mindsight Success Level Table. or the Seraphim’s Primal Language. High Atlantean. The entities that hunt humans in Geburah or Hod or Yesod still attack the Tulku. one of the oldest Abhinja abilities.The ability to travel to the Otherworlds does not protect the traveler from that Realm’s dangers. In addition to adding Perception bonuses. The Tulku can apply this bonus to the Hand Weapon (Sword) Skill to increase accuracy. Damage bonuses cannot exceed the the engage in Telepathic communication. including the truth of spoken words. Any additional subjects cost extra Essence based on their Willpower. effect Level. Divine Ear Element She Tulku commonly use Divine Eye Element to perceive a subject’s True Nature. or she can apply it to the Damage Multiplier to increase the weapon’s lethality. using Mind Penetration to control the thoughts. only lasts for one Turn. practical purposes. Creating sword takes a minimum of one week. A Tulku can also use the Divine Eye to read a target’s thoughts. This ity does not reveal surface thoughts or recent memories (that’s a different use of this ability). For example. she does not regain her lost Essence until the sword is destroyed. The Tulku must sacrifice a number of Essence weapon. and type (Gifted. a Tulku can spend five more Essence Points and gain the ability to understand any language spoken to her. Drawbacks. Tulku to start again without the benefit of the previous successes. lasts for one minute per the Task’s The Success Invincible Sword Divine A Tulku Eye at Element a Perception and Using Invincible Sword. more accurate weapon. The Tulku must spend Unlike others’ Tulku’s Abhidharma Skill doubled. but Success Levels may be combined. Points equal to the bonuses put into the two Essence Points per target’s Willpower. she perceives the target’s True Nature. then A Perception and Abhidharma Task is and the results are determined by As the Tulku puts part of herself into the Invincible Sword’s creation. Supernatural. The Divine Eye Element only reveals secrets about one target. An unsuccessful Task requires the Otherworlds does not ensure safety and survival. This effect indestructible. This ability differs from the Mind This effect lasts for one minute per Craft (Weaponsmith) Task to make the sword. The Divine Eye Element allows the Tulku to go deeper into the target’s thoughts and memories. whichever is greater. gain more information from a target’s mind. The Binah’s energies can overcome a Tulku. the Insight Invocation and This effect is similar to it costs three Essence The her The Divine Ear Element allows a Tulku to expand her perceptive abilities to superhuman levels. Success Level. but the Tulku may repeat to though its Tulku creator can easily unmake it. Divine Eye’s cost is not modified by the target’s nature. Drolma wants to give Doing so costs her herself a Perception bonus of +5. This requires a new Task and new Essence expenditure per Turn. etc. goals. Dexterity Tulku gains a +5 bonus to any Task to determine if someone is lying. must then succeed in a Willpower and Abhidharma Task to imbue the weapon with mystical qualities. C h a p t e r F i v e 106 . Simply knowing how to get to the extra effort allows the Tulku to peer deeper into the target’s mind. Points per the subject’s Willpower to activate. a Tulku can focus Essence into a sword while succeeding it is being forged to create a deadlier. the first (Weaponsmith) plan. fifteen Essence Points (five base and ten for bonus). The abil- Essence spent. including all the subject’s Qualities. must To create an Invincible Sword. If the Tulku succeeds. the Tulku succeed Task in to an Intelligence and a and Craft and She Abhidharma Task can use the Divine Eye Abhinja to perceive the true nature of things.

Mindread. the ab iliUnless ty costs five points of Essence to maintain. F or example. F or each additional Essence Point spent. Lung Gom costs five Essence Points. After succeeding at the two Tasks. and she lands fourteen feet past the edge of the icefall. Every six additional speed levels grants the Tulku one extra free action per turn. To use the Lung Gom Ab hijna. There is a story of two Masters who raced each other wearing heavy chains around their legs. and Mindrule ab ilities. Mind Penetration allows a Tulku to communicate must telepathically a with someone. Tulkus can also use Lung Gom to leap farther than normal.Lung Gom Tulkus use the Lung Gom Ab hinja to travel with inhuman speed over great distances. Mind Similar to the Seer Penetration Mindtalk. Langma Sawanga-Chenpo climb ing Chomo (Mount Everest) when she comes across a small prob lem in the Khumb u Glacier: an icefall has created a forty-three-foot gap. The and Tulku pass successful Willpower Ab hidharma Task to send a thought. the Tulku must first succeed at a Willpower and Ab hidharma Task. Monks of the Shamb ala Order have b een known to race each other using Lung Gom. plus any Success Level in a Willpower and Ab hidharma Task. which gives her a total of thirteen for the roll—three Success Levels. So. She rolls a five. 107 M e t a p h y s i c s . additional nine Essence Points to increase her b road jump. she jumps a total of nineteen yards (57 feet). Then she must pass a Perception and Ab hidharma Task to receive an answer. Every 10+ b onus to Speed grants a +1 b onus to Dodge Tasks. as they were worried ab out flying off the face of the Earth. The multiplier may b increased b e y one for every three additional Essence Points is spent. Sawanga-Chenpo has Strength 2 and Ab hidharma Skill 4. the Tulku’s Speed increases b y one. b road jump five yards times her Strength. and it lasts for one minute per Success Level. The monk spends five Essence Then she spends an Points to initiate the Lung Gom. The initial five Essence Points spent allows the Tulku to make a high jump of one yard times the character’s Willpower Strength. and plus any Success She Level can in a Ab hidharma Task.

The multiple performs any normal Tulku finds it easiest to reincarnate in the same general region where she died. Any additional tasks are performed at the normal –2 for multiple tasks. To affect a Mundane. Chroniclers should assume that most past incarnations have about eighteen points to spend on five-ten skills. recalling an incarnation fourteen lifetimes back costs fourteen Essence Points. the Tulku rolls a Resisted Willpower Test: her Willpower and Abhidharma Task versus the victim’s Simple Willpower Test. The Tulku can use Invocation does not: when the effect ends. If the Order of Shambala decides that a Tulku needs to incarnate as the next King of Nepal. that Tulku ends her current incarnation so she can reincarnate to a place of choice. Tulku succeeds. Unlike the Bilocation Invocation. The effect costs twenty Essence Points and causes the double to appear anywhere within fifty miles of the caster. A Tulku in London could reach her brother in Lhasa. A Gifted or Supernatural target with applicable defensive powers may use them instead of the Willpower Test. cessive incarnation costs one more point Each sucto recall. the Tulku takes any damage dealt to the separate body during its existence. Abhidharma Task allows the Tulku to issue a onephrase command to any being. ty carries an additional danger that the This abiliBilocation take another go at the Wheel of Life. Enlightened Masters who reincarnate as Enlightened Masters.Tulku knows the subject. A final aspect of this power gives the Tulku the ability to cause her own death and subsequent reincarnation. the target must be within line of sight to initiate telepathic contact. a this ability to escape a particular torment or simply to fulfill a long-term plan. so a lot of their skills overlap. the Chronicler may assign a defensive bonus of +3 to +7 if this is the case. It the Tulku for the complication of being in two separate bodies). three mine the level of detail. range is no longer an issue—as long as the target remains on the same plane of existence. One Success Level is Codex. Thus. she must pass an Intelligence and Trance Task to accurately visualize the target. Thus. a multiple Tulku perform- knows the subject. the Task’s Success Levels deterOne Success Level gives the about the subject. To affect a Gifted or Supernatural being requires four points per Willpower level. After expending the Essence cost. Using the power against another Enlightened costs eight choices. If the ing two attacks in a Turn suffers a –3 penalty for the first attack and –5 for the second. This is how the Monks keep finding the new Dalai Lama or Panchen Lama. Recalling a character’s previous incarnation costs one Essence Point. the character does not split her Essence Pool between the two bodies. increases the range by spending an The Tulku ten additional points of Essence for every twenty-five miles. As Tulku performing with two separate bodies tasks is difficult. A successful Willpower and Past Life Recall By succeeding in an Intelligence and Abhidharma Task. Points This aspect of the Abhinja costs five Essence and requires a Perception and Abhidharma Multiple Similar to the Bilocate Bodies Invocation (see Mystery Task. p. Past Life Recall also allows the Tulku to recognize another person’s past incarnations. When the Tulku feels it is time for her to for one hour per Success Level. These bodies last enough to know that someone was a peasant. or a world leader in a past life. If successful. the Multiple Bodies ability requires a successful Willpower and Abhidharma Task to create two separate bodies for the Tulku. character a vague feeling Success Levels gives the character actual flashes of the subject’s life. but she can attempt Tasks at a –3 penalty (the normal –2 for performing multiple tasks and an additional negative modifier another Willpower and Abhidharma Task to reincar- C h a p t e r F i v e 108 . 150). including all memories and specific skills. the eighteen points should cover the skill differences. A Tulku can also use Mind Penetration to control others’ thoughts. Essence Points per Willpower level. the Tulku recalls details of his past incarnations. all she has to do is succeed at a Willpower and Abhidharma Task and expend all her remaining Essence. five Success Levels reveals important details from the subject’s life. these and skill an incarnation’s Most historical Tulkus are period limits the Tulku must spend two Essence Points per the victim’s Willpower. lama. The victim has a better chance to resist this power if the command is something that goes against their beliefs or nature. but would she could not communicate with a friend enjoying the Garden of Earthly Delights in Hod.

removing scars. The Tulku’s Task roll is at a through physical barriers and interact with spiritual beings. In spiritual form. including restoring lost or course. as they are strict pacifists. suffers but the the Essence until someone uses the pill. expending five Essence Points and must succeed at a Willpower and Abhidharma Task. one point of Using Tumo as a weapon causes to the targeted victim. ability differs from normal Projection powers. and removing all disease. doing D6(3) points of damage per every two Essence Points spent. The Adept must dry She amount the sheets by morning. The Tulku does not regain So. etc. The Monks of Shambala can manipulate Essence to endow a simple pill with supernatural healing energies. So. the Increasing the amount of Essence spent increases the ability’s effects. For every Essence The Adept Point spent. the Tulku can pass 109 M e t a p h y s i c s . uses Essence to create this heat or flame. For this rea- son. Tumo Perfect Pill Adept Practitioners of Abhijna first learn the Tumo ability. Failing the Task means the Tulku reincarnates randomly within two hundred miles of her original target for every point by which she missed the roll. The Tulku’s body Thus this actually transforms into a spiritual form. The Perfect Pill can eliminate any flame. Essence expended on its creation. Perfect Pills are rare and the Order of Shambala uses them sparingly. all that Essence can be used to completely heal a subject. more than wounds.nate in a desired place. Spirit Form Spending five Essence Points and succeeding at a Willpower and Abhidharma Task allows the Tulku to become immaterial like a spirit. lasting one minute per Success Level. the ability to control the Fire Within. and all maladies. with physical objects or people. pill’s effectiveness depends on the The of Tumo. unless the character succeeds at a Difficult Willpower Task. which only allow the Tulku to leave her body and project her spirit. However. If successful. the Monk must succeed at an Intelligence and Abhidharma Task. The surrounding flames inflict D4 x 6(12) points of damage to anything or anybody within three yards (meters). gaining them back when someone uses the pill. a Tulku Points allows the Tulku to surround herself in a nimbus of flame. Then she must spend one Essence Point to create rolling three Success Levels allows a total of fifteen Life Points to be healed. allows a Tulku to manipulate her body temperature. By the same token. Tulku can use Tumo to create a jet of common cold. using on her body heat. To create a Perfect Pill. creating a Perfect Pill to capable of healing all diseases temporarily loses ten Essence Points (one-fifth of the fifty Essence Points required to make it). curing baldness. the pill can cure enough heat to slowly dry one sheet or to ignite a flammable object. Spending twenty Essence The Tulku must sacrifice one-fifth the total Essence stored in the Perfect Pill. AIDS. except through metaphysical means. the Order of Shambala would never teach the Tumo ability to anyone who would want to use it against another being. the pill heals the Task’s Success Level in Life Points. Of If the Tulku stores fifty Essence damage Points in the pill. physically attacking the Tulku flames’ burning effects. the Tulku cannot interact –1 penalty for every three hundred miles she tries to transport her reincarnation from her death site. including cancer. the Shambalan Masters place an Abhijna Adept in an icy mountain cave and throw dripping wet sheets over her. the flames do not automatically anyone ignite everything the Tulku touches. As part of her training. crippled limbs.

Chapter Six: Denizens C h a p t e r S i x 110 .

H u ge c hu nks "Y ou as G et heated attac k c ontinu ed. b u t Au tu m n c ou ld s till m ake ou t its c orps elike featu res . b u t s he c ou ld not s he entered was s ittry - dec ipher it. s he anoram a. Au tu m n s till was not u s ed to the s ens ation of entering another pers on’s he fou nd hers elf in an overly were m is s ing. looked u p at the c halkb oard. the H er c hes t torn open. n a whis pering voic e that s ou nded like a thou s and s c u rry ing c oc kroac hes . he pu t his Q u ietly . s he thou ght. the m an qu ic kly awakened the wom an b es ide him ac tions Af ter a few m inu tes . papers ing to f inis h a c om plex narrow s c hool des k. he wom an looked at the c owering m an. entrails s heets D b ehind her. leaving a trail of b lood and heard the m an in the room b es ide her throw off his he dy ing Vam py re vagu ely and ju m p awake. b u t then tu rned her glowering fac e on the Vam py re. u t then s he D ark. I B floor. he c rawled toward the b athroom . a wom an dres s ed in b lood-s oaked rags m atted b angs T c overed the wom an’s walked right throu gh it. "Wow. do not b elong here. he s aid. Vam py re ju m ped ou t of the m an’s s tu m b led and fell to the floor. nex t to hers the night b efore. Y ou head b ac k down on his pillow and wrapped his that I wou ldn’t b elieve the weird dream ju s t had. b earings .Even af ter twenty P anoram a." Mary efore Au tu m n c ou ld res pond. B taloned hands Mary ’s ju m ped on top of her with alarm ing s peed. of Au tu m n’s fles h flew ac ros s T his is the room T he wom an’s B loody s las hed at her. over and over again: "B loody was Au tu m n c ried ou t def iantly . loody Mary Y ou s hou ld get ou t." G o get s om eb ody loody els e!" replied. "What ’s wrong? " arm s arou nd her. T S P With the las t of her s trength. T hat was how Au tu m n had s een the m an c hec k into the hotel room s he u s u ally f rom c hoos e her vic tim s : whoever had the m is fortu ne of s leeping on the other s ide of a wall random hotel b ec am e her target. he m an whos e dream ting in f ront of the c las s . Au tu m n thou ght getting ou t s ou nded like a good idea. T his is not y ou r plac e. T he horrif ied m an dropped into a fetal c u rl on the c las s room loody Mary . s c anned the hotel room . S he entered their dream s and terrif ied them into her at any releas ing the Es s enc e that now s u s tained her. ou t." 111 D e n i z e n s . fac e. the ju m ped ou t of his s eat and s tarted s c ream ing. u t the window s he s aw only c overed his whitenes s . try ing to get his and s he m u rm u red. m ine." the wom an kept repeating like a m antra. While Au tu m n was s u ddenly working ou t the details of the nightm are s he wou ld inflic t on the m an. em erging b ac k in her room . B ou do not b elong here. T he c olors were all s lightly off and s om e details he looked at the fu z z y writing on the c las s room ’s T b oard. S y ears . his B loody Mary . he As s he hadn’t done any thing to him B y et. was Vam py re s tarted to think the gu y the b igges t c oward s he had ever prey ed u pon. H e appeared to b e f rantic ally tes t—one of thos e dream s . H is renc hed in s weat. not y ou r plac e. O S large s c hoolroom . "T I "Y B hu m an is here f irs t. whim pering the s am e words Mary .

Materialization: Rat Spirits can also materialize them with bad luck. rats. but the spirit worker should at least be in the same habitat—a large forest. Trying to summon them far away from their “native” environment is very difficult. Spirit Entities: Nature spirits have all the powers and limitations common to all spirit beings (see angel Nahualli. and the Aztec attempts. for example. strange diseases. right on top of the correct animal. as with most trees. and perform similar tasks. or slow and ponderous. Po Co n toNature Spirits wers mmo Animate: Some nature spirits seldom materialize. they receive a +5 bonus to resist such without taking possession of a swarm. Flamethrowers and the like also do full damage. attack as swarms (Abomination Codex. the only spirits likely to answer a summons are citydwelling spirits: roaches. two brothers. and most firearms inflict the animate twenty rats. p. humanity C h a p t e r S i x 112 . finding entrances into most buildings with relative ease. but they rarely take an active part in day-to-day affairs. Peris. two points groups. they are more aloof and removed. nature spirits reside near the creatures or forces they represent. Tainted the Spirits. like insects or rats. or worse. the Details about Morpheus. river. and storm spirits exist. beings. shapeshift into a human form for They can also a cost of five Essence Points. Localized: Generally. Oneirokitai. attack enemies. especially from a distance. just like any other spirit.Introuctio d n This chapter nature including describes spirits. When a Gifted character “awak- ens” them. who are either too flighty. ciation with Perhaps this is because of their assoand urban environments. Eidolon. Some occult historians believe that a mass of summoned Rat Spirits caused the Black Plague in the are powerful. The indistinguishable). or feature. in enough numbers. Instead. they appear as a giant. While in a city. Thus. spy on enemies. Shotguns firing scattershot (buck and bird shot) veritable plague of vermin upon an offending human. a 200-rat swarm can attack as many as twenty people at the same time. 143). Rat Spirits Prevalent in urban environments. Nature spirits WitchCraft. Perhaps this is true. the Feral Curse. Most nature spirits are associated with living Middle Ages. Animal spirits also tend to be more self-aware and active than plant spirits. his Dumah. Attacking the swarm is possible. Each victim suffers D4(2) points of slashing damage per turn. although that changes as the Reckoning approaches. The best place to contact a Tree Spirit is The Gifted do not have to be near a tree. and Rat Spirits are very prone to becoming Tainted. control those spirits. Nature Spirits Animists Armageddon in the a world of WitchCraft truth: all and know fundamental things have spirits associated with them. a new Dark Covenant. they take over the proper animal or plants they represent and use them to deliver messages. and to some degree. but rock. p. however. A standard swam has forty Life Points per Hand weapons and fists do no more than per attack. They are concerned only with their and their swarms’ survival. People with the right abilities can communicate. and share more commonalities much so that with they the are “classical” nearly Elementals (so Po Special toRat Spirits wers Animate: The spirit can possess two rats for every Essence Point it spends. and dogs. When physically manifested. and it can climb over any wall. 258-259). and. cursing inflict full damage. and can attack one person for every ten rats in the swarm (assuming there are enough people available). and it can withstand up to 400 points of damage before being dispersed. the the Dream Realms’ and the denizens: Ethereals. though. Curses: Occasionally (very seldom in recent times. make deals with. but small creatures. in the case of short-lived plants. An angry Insect Spirit can unleash a same. plant. Typical rats swarm in groups of twenty or more. they can and do take action—the forces they control can behave in strange and “unnatural” ways if they decide to exert themselves. like singly or in small swarm has an effective speed of 15 mph (24 kph). thieves. While controlled. The Black Plague was definitely a symptom of a Reckoning. man-sized rodent. Rat Spirits are scavengers. the rats can carry messages. and disease carriers. trees and large animals. are also presented. and the Mara. nature spirits use their powers to punish a particularly noxious or harmful person. and so on. and arrives). Large creatures. can come in swarms.

Its An animated tree is a fearsome oppoinflict D8(4) to D10(5) x Strength limbs points of damage. and soon seeks to link itself to another tree. an Exorcism miracle. In an Armageddon campaign. Due to delirium. striking out with branches. he is afflicted Symptoms include vomiting. Rat Spirits can infect their victims with a form of the plague. If a victim fails the Resisted Test. For example. and a pain that starts as a headache. C u ru pira Stre n g th : 5-15+ D e x te rity : 3-5+ C o n stitu tio n : 5-10+ V ital E sse n c e : 20-150+ E n e rg y E sse n c e : 20-150+ L ife P o in ts (w h e n m an ife ste d ): 40-300+ Spe e d : 5-10+ Spiritu s: 4-6+ I n te llig e n c e : 2-6+ P e rc e ptio n : 2-5+ Willpo w e r: 3-7+ fever. even making it walk for a few steps. A cleansing Invocation. or more rarely. mundane medical treatment is useless. with the curse costs five Essence Inflicting victims Points per day. Curupira Like other tree spirits. all his actions suffer a –4 As this is a supernatural curse. Mundane victims resist with a Difficult Constitution Test. it greatly weakens the spirit. nent. the damage cannot be healed normally. these Amazonian tree spirits are almost always bound to an individual tree. usually a young sapling. so Tree Spirits only do this under the dire circumstances. as their features remain rodent-like. When a tree dies. 113 D e n i z e n s . the Curupira live under extreme circumstances. Powers Special to Curupira Rat Spirits Stre n g th : 2-7+ D e x te rity : 4-9+ C o n stitu tio n : 4-10+ V ital E sse n c e : 15-60+ E n e rg y E sse n c e : 10-90+ L ife P o in ts (w h e n m an ife ste d ): 25-150+ Spe e d : 15-25+ Spiritu s: 2-5+ I n te llig e n c e : 2-4+ P e rc e ptio n : 3-5+ Willpo w e r: 2-4+ Animate: Under extreme circumstances. It can create “mouths” that bite for D6(3) to D8(4) x Strength points of slashing damage. which is not regained until the curse is lifted or broken. and loses D6 x 2(6) Life Points every day. while Gifted or Supernatural beings resist with a Simple Test. a Lesser Healing that normally restores ten points of damage only heals two points of disease damage. or similar Gifted powers can break the curse. the Curupira As events worsen in the rainforest. penalty. it permanently loses one half of its Vital and Energy Essence. calls these materialized Rat Spirits The Red Lotus “Nezumi. have taken the offensive aid and now actively attack outsiders. Plague: With a successful Willpower and Spiritus Task. supernatural healing and regeneration is only one-fifth as effective as normal. The sufferer develops welts over his body.” and they often use them as assassins.Their human form is fixed and rarely very attractive. They the Apoanu Apyabaiba in their guerrilla war against the Church of the Revelations in Armageddon. Making it uproot itself almost invari- ably kills it. the spirit may awaken its tree and make it move. but then spreads to back and limbs. rising with the plague.

Spirits cannot be coerced into performing this service. and triples his healing rate (it even triples Supernatural regeneration rates). While the spirit completely controls the possessed Often. whereby the Tree Spirit curses him. no other actions are allowed. in the latter. Manifestation rules (see WitchCraft. this happens in an area where trees have been cut down. The character does not suffer any injury effects. but leaping onto the path of a truck is not. While under the Berserker Bear Spirit Strength: 6-13+ Dexterity: 3-5+ Constitution: 3-7+ Vital Essence: 20-150+ Energy Essence: 20-200+ Life Points (when manifested): 50-300+ Speed: 12-25+ Spiritus: 3-6+ Intelligence: 2-5+ Perception: 2-5+ Willpower: 4-7+ rage. resisted Simple Willpower Test. the spirit does not regain these Essence Points for decades or even centuries. its has always held Bear Spirits in high Prehistoric peoples worshipped the bears for and early shamans held them to be strength. Bear Spirits Humanity regard. animal. ers to become Bear Spirits inspired the berserkwarriors. In many cases. normal against trees. The berserker does not stop fighting until the fury’s effects wear off or he dies. the spirit does not regain these Essence Points until the curse is broken or lifted. In Armageddon. p. ten Energy Essence Points must be spent. the victim feels an irresistible urge to head for the nearest wooded area and stand in a clearing. he turns into a tree. 33) on humans. Only if even if his Life Points are reduced below zero. The curse costs 75 Essence Points. the animal cannot be commanded to go into suicidal situations—attacking a small group of armed humans is acceptable. Powers Special to Bear Spirits Berserker Fury: Sometimes a Bear Spirit gifts a particular warrior with the legendary berserker abilities. When all the enemies have been dispatched. Tree Curse: When someone commits atrocities the Berserker must succeed at a Difficult Willpower Task –3 in order to not attack his own allies. The only way a berserking character can C h a p t e r S i x 114 .Healing: The spirit can perform the Lesser Healing Invocation on anyone near the tree it lives in. mankind’s friends. yet some shamans fierce claim that it was the Bear Spirits who taught mankind the healing art. the lone hero facing overwhelming odds. the character’s Essence and Life Points drop to zero (or less. Feral Curse: Bear Spirits sometimes inflict the Feral Curse (see Abomination Codex. p. This costs the Spirit ten Essence Points. he inadvertently awakens one of these typically slumbering entities. but may be convinced or bribed. Materialize and Animate: Bear Spirits occasionally materialize physically. The solitary Bear Spirit respects those who stand on their own against their Adversary. the character becomes an unstoppable weapon. one of them seizes control over a real bear. 259) apply. and is The spirit by uses the Willpower victim’s and Spiritus. Once he snaps out of the Berserker Rage or the effects wear off on their own. In the former case. Tree help an ally is to kill someone threatening that individual. he fails a Survival Test and dies does he stop fighting. There. Sometimes. and it lasts one turn per Success Level. The Berserker Fury increases his Strength and Constitution by three (even if this puts him over his racial limit). in which case the victim dies. the Tree Curse has not discouraged the Army of Revelations from marching throughout South America. If the Spirit wins. doubles his Life Points. if he took enough damage to reduce his Life Points below zero) and he falls into a coma-like state for at least an hour.

Finally. Jaguar Spirits A creature of night and earth. taking possession of a jungle cat costs ten Energy Essence Points. Powers Special to Jaguar Spirits Feral Curse: Jaguar Spirits sometimes inflict the Feral Curse (see Abomination Codex. and Mad Cultists often summon them. The Jaguar Spirit completely controls the possessed animal. tors—their odds with their own kind. two possible results ensue: the Taint poisons the spirit and it sickens and dies. p. p. Another speed. appearing as a fiery dark nimbus by all who can perceive it. the jaguar is the most feared and try respected to predator the in the Americas. In Armageddon. Ethereals always perish if infected. or the spirit gradually transforms into a full-fledged creature of Taint. it releases a dangerous abomination—a crea- Jaguar Spirits Strength: 4-10+ Dexterity: 3-9+ Constitution: 4-10+ Vital Essence: 20-150+ Energy Essence: 20-200+ Life Points (when manifested): 50-300+ Speed: 15-25+ Spiritus: 3-6+ Intelligence: 2-5+ Perception: 3-6+ Willpower: 3-6+ ture with the with full the powers Mad of a normal spirit but enhanced Gods’ destructive forces. Materialize and Animate: Jaguar Spirits occasionally materialize physically and sometimes one of them seizes control of a real jaguar. Apyabaiba of the Amazon hunt one another. losing two points of Vital Taint every day until they are destroyed. magicians invoke Jaguar Spirits for the same reason. An aura of Taint surrounds them. a spirfor one or both parties involved. a swarm of Raven Mockers hides in the Appalachians. they continually suffer from their contact with Essence. a spirit comes into contact with a These encounters usually prove fatal On occasion. Unfortunately. the Raven Mockers appear as deformed human bodies with bird heads and wings instead of arms. The nature most likely spirits to become Tainted are spirits. Powers Common to Tainted Spirits All Tainted spirits have the normal powers of their kind. For instance. it survives the ordeal. Fortunately. otherwise. 120). p. they have a number of vulnerabilFirst. 33) on humans. and Fiends. Vital and Energy Taint replaces their Vital They may ities. 259). a Tainted creature’s lifespan can usually be measured in days can or weeks. the Ocelotl Jaguar Spirits used by the Nahualli Dark Covenant and the Balam Jaguar Spirits of the Apoanu Rav Mockers en Taint-corrupted nature spirits. this drain cannot be regained. 115 D e n i z e n s . Tainted being. also acquire some Tainted Powers (see Abomination Codex. If the spirit cannot somehow rid itself of the Taint. Raven Mockers act as minions to the Mad Gods. havoc and Tainted creatures wreak extreme destruction in short periods of time. Additionally. effectively condemning the spirit to a relatively quick death. and Hunters emulate jaguar’s strength and Energy Essence on a one-to-one basis. The second outcome is extremely rare. Elementals. whose spots are said to represent the stars in the sky. Jaguar Spirits are deadly and solitary predasolitary nature that often puts them at Tainted being may be able to heal this damage. but when it occurs. The former case uses normal Manifestation rules (see WitchCraft.Tainted Spirits Sometimes. only to find itself infected with Taint.

Night Terrors are much more suited for roaming the realms of Hod. they may manifest as described above. Raven Mockers prefer to dive attack and then carry their victims to a great height and drop them. ape-like arms that end in talons. or D8(4) x with Strength on a dive attack. Each dive attack requires the spirit to spend two Turns on a flying “climb” to achieve the needed height.Night Terrors Minor minions of the Mad Gods. but it takes D4(2) points of damage every minute after sunrise and D6(3) points of damage from direct sunlight. Only Instead. the spirit They inflict D4(2) x Strength their beaks. black Night Terrors have emerged from the Breach at the Sammael Gate. Materialize: Raven Mockers do not posses living creatures. human-sized creatures have large fangs in their otherwise featureless face. the Gifted can see the flames of Taint surrounding the creatures. Powers Special to Raven Mockers Blast of Taint: Raven Mockers can fire a blast of Tainted energy. The spirit’s summoner must contribute one point of Taint per the Terror’s Vital Taint (typically 30). the faceless. The Night Terror has no trouble traveling around the physical world at night. and they have long. and it has the range of an assault rifle. and some even hunt the Periphery in packs. they find the whole idea abhorrent. The blast inflicts D4(2) points of damage per Taint point spent on it. There have always been a few Night Terrors loose in the Sephiroth of Hod haunting small children’s dreams. The bipedal. Aiming the blast uses the Raven Mocker’s Dexterity and Spiritus. in slashing damage In that shape. can fly at great speeds. a Mundane can only see the Raven N ight Terror Strength: 4 Dexterity: 2 Constitution: 4 Vital Taint: 30 Energy Taint: 50 Life Points (when manifested): 80 Speed: 20 Spiritus: 4 Intelligence: 1 Perception: 4 Willpower: 5 Mocker’s monstrous form. Raven Mockers Strength: 1-10+ Dexterity: 3-7+ Constitution: 2-10+ Vital Essence: 20-80+ Energy Essence: 20-100+ Life Points (when manifested): 40-180+ Speed: 30-90+ Spiritus: 4-6+ Intelligence: 2-7+ Perception: 5-7+ Willpower: 3-8+ Powers Special to Night Terrors Manifest: Night Terrors can manifest in the physical World of Malkuth. but it is not very easy. which does damage directly to the target’s Life Points. but with the approaching Reckoning they are starting to become more numerous. C h a p t e r S i x 116 .

Most Essence Point for every five points of its Vital Essence. they may attempt to take over the Dreamscape. the victim may become Tainted. dead eyes. 200) that affect magic also apply to manifested Ethereals—unless the 117 D e n i z e n s . Night As Terrors continue to attack a victim until he dies. Ethereals can materialize more easily than normal spirits. Spirit Mastery only works when the orders or compacts attempted somehow serve the principles the War Ethereals Better appear know in as the Valkyrie. with some modifications noted below. As the Night Terror is Ethereals Strength: 2-8+ Dexterity: 4-6+ Constitution: 2-8+ Vital Essence: 20-100+ Energy Essence: 20-100+ Life Points (when manifested): 40-200+ Speed: 20-30+ Intelligence: 3-6+ Perception: 3-7+ Willpower: 3-6+ a creature of Taint. this damage affects the victim’s Essence Pool. a the Ethereals are singlebeing. If the Night Terror reduces the victim to –30 Essence Points. are dedicated to single concept or idea. Spirit Entities: Ethereals share all basic spirit abilities. Physical Manifestation: Like Elementals. Sometimes they wear raven-feathered cloaks. Ethereals A varied and odd of lot. To those Ethereal espouses. A few Ethereals Spiritus: 3-6+ Ethereals can either fool the audience into believing they are a natural phenomena or can quickly terrify them into submission. they appear as ravens on the battlefield. The Ethereal does not regain these Essence Points until it returns to its natural state or to its plane of existence. the War Ethereals can be seen dancing across the battlefield wrapped in the dead’s entrails. While in the Panorama. they cannot feed on the released Essence. Doing so requires them to make a successful Simple Willpower Test. p.Physical Attack: The Night Terrors attack with their claws for D4x4(8) points of slashing damage. Terrifying the dreamer causes him to release D6(3) to D8(4) Essence Points per turn. and other powers of the universe. They hardly ever manifest physically. They always show up in groups of three. they appear as pale women with dark. turning it into a horrible reflection of their own twisted selves. It can be destroyed or imprisoned. appear physically. a Lucid Dreamer may resist with a Simple Willpower Test. At their most disturbing. Ethereals who materialize in front of crowds risk being drained of power. While in the Panorama. Furthermore. the Old Gods. but the victim’s Essence loss makes him weaker and easier to attack. minded servants greater supernatural Other Ethereals serve the Seraphim. it cannot feed on this released Essence. as War Ethereals also Celtic Mythology Raven Goddesses. the Ethereal must spend To one who can perceive Spirits. but when they do. Terrorize: Night Terrors can enter an individual’s Panorama at the cost of five Taint points. like Justice or Vengeance. other times they appear in archaic armor. Powers Common to Ethereals Iron-Willed: An Ethereal cannot be compelled to act against its nature. The War Ethereals come to Malkuth during times of conflict to gather the fallen soldiers they deem worthy. and long black hair. he must Test make to a Difficult this Willpower Many and Constitution avoid fate. they generally avoid attacking beings with large Essence Pools in favor of weaker prey. as the Crowd Rules (see WitchCraft. but it cannot be forced to obey a third party.

they sometimes bring the slain to warrior acted bravely and like a true warrior. The Dark Covenants occasionally summon Love Ethereals as sexual servants. does but not the fit the modern or Love notion Peris. they Powers Special to War Ethereals Call sword Weapon: or spear The by spirit can summon either a spending five Essence Points. except that it only shows the spirit what kind of warrior the subject was in life. the Love Ethereals’ attitudes toward pregnancy War Ethereals Strength: 5 Dexterity: 6 Constitution: 5 Vital Essence: 75 Energy Essence: 100 Life Points (when manifested): 175 Speed: 25 Spiritus: 5 Intelligence: 4 Perception: 4 Willpower: 4 have evolved. they take the dead soldiers to the Plane of spending five Essence Points. they find the whole idea of trafficking with such sexual spirits undignified and beneath them. the Love Ethereals have a physical form and can engage in sexual acts. Judge the Slain: This power works basically like the Insight Invocation. With changes in the modern conception of love. the spirit sees a brief overview of the casualty’s conduct in battle. where the fallen become Einheriar. War Ethereals appear as Black Ravens feasting on the slain. In the Otherworlds. By appear in more human form. Ethereals. warriors who battle every day in preparation for what some believe will be the Reckoning’s Final Battle. a type of Succubus for the Black Magician. and affects both physical and spiritual beings. where humans and Ethereals can interact physically Peris Love is patient. used to have more to do with fertility than with happily ever after. love is a force of nature that draws two random people together to consummate so that the Ethereal romantic can feed. as many of the War Ethereals serve Odin as Valkyries. what the spirits consider. They need the Essence release of another being brought to pleasure in order to feed. Still. and does not swagger. in the case of love-associated Ethereals. honor. the spirit leaves him to another fate. the War Ethereal takes him to his final reward. searching for warriors who died in gang war battles with. In modern cowardly or otherwise dishonorably. they sometimes roam cities. If the Battles. C h a p t e r S i x 118 . Either weapon does D8 x 5(20) slashing damage. Love has no jealousy But.often. though not with their own kind. If he acted Valhalla. feed two moment of bliss. Peris are no longer concerned with fertility. Rosicrucians usually have nothing to do with the Love Ethereals. Wicce and Shamans mainly summon Love Ethereals to ensure fertility or help with the occasional love charm. Physical Manifestation: Spending one Essence Point for every five points of its Vital Essence allows a War Ethereal to manifest. love is kind. though they still retain the power to ensure a woman’s pregnancy. Some Love Ethereals still serve in various realms of the Otherworlds as servants to Fertility Deities or concubines for the faithful. The old Celtic stories of Raven Raven Goddesses Goddesses training trained warriors those are true. When in other Sephiroths. When manifesting on times. They they just no want longer to care on if conception peoples’ occurs. of This love. in The both warriors Yesod and Hod. The battles the War Ethereals are drawn to do not necessarily have to be national conflicts. Malkuth.

Powers Special to Peris
Attraction: The Love Ethereal may temporarily make the character appear more attractive by succeeding at a Willpower and Spiritus Task; the effect lasts one hour twice per the Success bonus Level. to This costs the and



Charisma in Essence.

So, if the Ethereal Matchmaker

wants to grant +3 to the character’s Attractiveness and +2 to his Charisma, it costs the ten Essence Points. Blessing chance of a the Union: This power increases that the she




engages in a sexual relationship that would allow her to do so. By spending five points of Essence, the Love

Ethereal automatically increases the chance of conception over the next month by 25% per Success Level. Cupid’s Arrow: By spending five Essence Points, the Ethereal can make a character fall madly in love with someone. This lasts for one hour per Success

Level. Victims resist with a Simple Willpower Test (at a +3 for Gifted or Supernatural characters). If the

Ethereal succeeds, the victim falls hopelessly in love with whomever the Ethereal chooses. If the Ethereal

affects both parties, consummation is just about guaranteed—people with strong reasons to resist those sexual impulses (like being in love with someone else, of a different sexual preference, etc.) must pass a

Strength: 4 Dexterity: 4 Constitution: 5 Vital Essence: 60 Energy Essence: 80 Life Points (when manifested): 120 Speed: 30 Spiritus: 5
Love Ethereals feed on this Essence, so the whole process of making two people fall in love and into each others’ arms has very little to do with any noble impulse of the need Ethereal’s to feed part. on the It is all about the

Difficult Willpower Test at a +1 to +4 bonus to suppress these sexual urges. Bear in mind, however, that forbidden love is often the hardest to resist. Physical Manifestation: Peris may appear physically by spending one Essence Point for every five points of its Vital Essence. as When very manifesting on

Intelligence: 5 Perception: 6 Willpower: 5






clothed in deep red.

Sometimes they also manifest a Their apparent gender and

pair of pure white wings.

race depends entirely on the area’s culture in which they manifest. In Western society, they often appear

as blond young boys with a penchant for archery. The Sustenance of Love: When any two people

consummate their relationship in a physical way, that physical and psychic union releases a certain amount of primal energy into the world. In other words (at




Therefore, love is not necessarily blind; it is apathetic. As long as the Love Ethereal brings two people the

least for Mundanes), sex releases Essence. That is why the parties involved often feel both exhausted and







ecstatic afterwards.

When a Love Ethereal is present,

Ethereal does not care on whose Essence it feeds. Peris can also feed off a lone person’s ecstasy

both parties involved in the sexual act release D6(3) to D10(5) Essence Points, depending on circumstances.


Of course, one such person releases a lot

less Essence, usually D6(3) Essence Points, unless a Very Good (four Success Levels) result or higher is


D e n i z e n s








tence. Any damage dealt to the city causes damage to the Genius Loci. out of existence, If someone bombed half of Chicago all of the Windy City’s Ethereals For and

Obviously, the Ethereal finds such feedings less profitable, so it prefers to feed on two lovers. On

Malkuth, a Love Ethereal must manifest physically to feed on a human’s Essence. In this case, the Ethereal

would lose half their Vital and Energy Essence. example, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima

must act as that human’s partner or it cannot feed on any released Essence. This means that the Ethereal

Nagasaki caused most City Ethereals living there to unravel. This also works in reverse. If something destroyed

must spend Essence in order to get Essence while on Malkuth. For this reason, Love Ethereal partners

encountered on Earth have usually been summoned for that specific purpose. In Otherworlds, like the

all a city’s Genius Loci, that City would cease to exist, crumbling into ruins as the last inhabitants aban-

Garden of Earthly Delights, where the Love Ethereals have a physical form and numerous people to couple with, the Love Ethereals just feed on the Essence

doned it. The armies of the ancient world understood this—they often employed Magicians to attack the

city’s Ethereals, while their armies attacked the walls. This is why there is no longer a great city of Troy, Tyre, or Carthage. Physical Manifestation: The Genius Loci may

released through sexual acts with such partners. Love Ethereals cannot feed off each other’s Essence. They can only feed on the Essence that physically blissful humans release.

appear physically by spending one Essence Point for every five of it Vital Essence Points. A City Ethereal

Genius Loci
Urban spirits are as varied as the cities they represent. The more powerful Ethereals live in larger cities, some as powerful as the Seraphim or Titans. The Genius Loci often appear as typical city residents, usually as street persons but not always. Some

City Ethereals in New York look like the homeless, stereotypical street muggers, 17th-century Dutch

merchants, giant albino alligators (Tainted), and there are some that even look like the Statue of Liberty. As spirits of place, they work to guarantee a place’s continued existence, as their fate and the city’s are tied together.

Powers Special to the Genius Loci
Awareness: A City Ethereal may enter a state of awareness that gives it knowledge of events taking place in the city around it. By spending two Essence

Genius Loci
Strength: 4-8+ Dexterity: 5-9+ Constitution: 5-9+ Vital Essence: 50-100+ Energy Essence: 100-200+ Life Points (when manifested): 150+ Speed: 20+ Spiritus: 4-8+ Intelligence: 4-8+ Perception: 3-6+ Willpower: 4-9+

points, the Ethereal knows about absolutely everything that occurs within a radius of ten yards per Willpower. every By spending more Essence, one point per five yards per Willpower, the


Ethereal may extend its awareness radius.

No matter

how much Essence the Ethereal expends, it can never see beyond the limits of the city itself. Correspondence: A city’s life depends on the

Genius Loci that dwell there, and the Genius Loci’s life likewise depends on the city’s continued exis-

C h a p t e r

S i x



The Oneirokitai consider Hod their domain and

they resent other Supernaturals who try to manipulate humans by entering the Periphery. ference between a Vampyre They see little difthe Nightmare


power and one of the Kerubim using Dreamshape; no matter the reason or the method, they view the

Supernatural’s presence as unwanted interference. In their natural form, the Oneirokitai appear as In

androgynous, thin humans made of bright light.

dreams, however, they appear as whatever they feel the dreamer needs to see. from a lost relative, to a This could be anything bearded Angel named

Philemon, to Elvis Presley.

Thus, its appearance in

dreams depends on the dreamer. The Dream Ethereals very rarely manifest outside of Hod. A summoner suffers a –5 penalty to any

Strength: 4 Dexterity: 5 Constitution: 5 Vital Essence: 50 Energy Essence: 70 Life Points (when manifested): 120 Speed: 25 Spiritus: 5
always has the same physical appearance when it

Willpower and Spirit Mastery Invocation Task, unless the summoner wishes to have the Dream Ethereal appear to him in a dream. That does not stop the

Intelligence: 5 Perception: 5 Willpower: 6

occasional arrogant Magician from trying it anyway, though if he is successful, the Dream Ethereal proves uncooperative. Malkuth as The Oneirokitai have appeared on for a particular individual.


This usually involves a Gifted or Enlightened child with Seer powers, and the Oneirokitai become his

“Imaginary Friends.”

Powers Special to the Oneirokitai
Dreambolt: This ability allows the Oneirokitai to use the Dreamscape’s malleability as a weapon. power costs twenty Essence Points. pits the Dream Ethereal’s This A Resisted Task and Spiritus If x


Many City Ethereals stay manifested on

their city’s streets and they become as much a part of the neighborhood as any of the real people living


Task against the victim’s Simple Willpower Test. the Oneirokitai wins, it can inflict up to D10(5)


Most City Ethereals prefer to dwell in contem-

plation of the Ideal City in the heart of the Plane of Ideals in Hod, though.

Willpower points of damage on the victim. The cause of this damage can be anything imaginable: falling ACME safes, barbed metal chains appearing out of the walls, a swarm of flesh-eating beetles, or a monstrous clawed version of the victim’s abusive parent.

The Oneirokitai
The Oneirokitai, or Dream often Ethereals, acting as appear in or dreamers’ advisors. Panoramas, teachers One school of thought suggests that the Oneirokitai are in fact the dreamers’ Higher Souls, not Ethereals at all. this theory. Much like the Angelic Ethereals who serve the Of course, there is no proof for

Dreamshaping: The Oneirokitai can affect dreams in ways similar to the Dreamer Primal Powers

described in the Armageddon book.

To enter a partic-

ular dream, the Ethereal must perform a Willpower and Spiritus Task. Once within the Dream Panorama, the Oneirokitai may alter the Dreamscape to suit its needs. This initially costs the Dream Ethereal ten

Heavenly Host, the Oneirokitai act as guardians of humanity. The Dream Ethereals seem to have an

Essence Points and two more points to make any subsequent changes. For the most part, the Oneirokitai

agenda of helping mankind to reach their full poten-

use this ability to make the Dreamscape both com-


D e n i z e n s

fortable for the dreamer and more conducive to learning. They also use this ability to counteract any out-

Willpower Test is required to see who is in control at any given moment. dreamer trapped fails, in his the own If the Eidolon succeeds and the dreamer’s identity and the becomes Eidolon

side manipulation of an individual’s Panorama. Healing: The spirit can heal injuries as if using the Mindheal ability. This is done with a Mindheal Art


controls the dreamer’s body. When this happens, the Eidolon becomes a Dybbik, and it proceeds to take over the dreamer’s life, possibly changing it completely. For instance, the Dybbik

equal to its Spiritus level and a Mindheal Strength equal to its Willpower.

The Eidolon Dybbik
Eidolons cannot really be thought of as beings. They are more like free-floating forms of Essence created by the Sephiroth of Hod that attach themselves to the Panoramas in the Periphery. They are benign

might stop drinking and treat its inherited family better or it might suddenly quit the job its host held and take a trip. The Dybbik’s attributes are the same, and

it has all the same memories and skills as before. Some of the Qualities and Drawbacks may differ, however. For a period of days equal to the victim’s Essence Pool, any Gifted who can actually observe Essence patterns and succeeds at a Simple Perception Test can to tell that something is wrong with the Dybbik-con-

parasites with no self-awareness that the dreamer’s subconscious shapes, allowing them to become actors in the dream. These mindless entities may appear as a

trolled person.

When that time has passed, however,

dreamlover one night and a dark stalker representing some secret part of the dreamer the next night. Most

only actively using powers like Mindread or Insight on that person reveal anything strange about him. Confronting the Dybbik at that point becomes difficult, as it (he) no longer remembers ever having been an Eidolon. The person thinks that he is just a normal Joe who finally made some positive changes in his life. Now, he is happy and enjoying life.

nightmares are really just the Eidolons reacting to the dreamer’s subconscious. Eastern Traditions, like the

Storm Dragons and the Red Lotus, teach their students to confront their nightmares to discover hidden things about themselves. They believe Eidolons are

mirrors reflecting the dreamer’s True Self. Eidolons are not self-aware. They have no thoughts, motivations, or desires. Usually . . . Sometimes a person struggles with a particular

And, he no longer has those bad dreams like before.

The Mara
The Mara are Nightmare Spirits that prey on the Essence of sleeping dreamers. They usually roam the Periphery, searching for victims, but Cast Members can encounter them anywhere in Hod. Some Scholars believe Chesed, the but Mara they originated have no in the Sephiroth no one of has

issue for so many years that it becomes a recurring dream. Filling the same role in the same dream night

after night can trigger something in an Eidolon that creates the possibility of self-awareness. First, the



Eidolon must make a Difficult Perception Test (an Eidolon’s attributes are the same as the host dreamer’s). If it succeeds, it suddenly achieves sentience

encountered Mara outside of Hod. A Mara’s appearance is unique and varied; no two Mara look alike. appear like just The Mara can alter their shape to another background figure in the

and realizes that it has become part of another’s mind, a mind that is obviously not doing a very good job of running its life, else the mind would not continuously dream the same dream night after night. It usually

dreamer’s Panorama though.

They feed off living

beings’ Essence, but only if released through terror and fear. Anyone foolish enough to summon one of these Nightmare Ethereals finds himself confronted with all of his fears and phobias and must pass a Difficult Willpower Test to remain coherent. Mara incurs to a Malkuth, –5 like summoning the Summoning a an Oneirokitai, and Spirit

does not take long for the Eidolon to realize that it could do a better of running it host’s life. At this point the Eidolon and the host dreamer

must make Resisted Willpower Tests.

If the Eidolon

fails and the dreamer succeeds, the Eidolon loses its self-awareness and once again becomes another actor in the dreamer’s Panorama. both identities have If they both succeed, and a Resisted





Mastery Invocation Task.

Once summoned, the sum-

C h a p t e r

S i x


causing them to go on destructive rampages across the countryside. though there have been instances of Mara manifesting on Malkuth for a short killing spree. The victim can also 123 D e n i z e n s . Any Gifted in the presence of a Mara attack can sense it. the Mara routinely possessed the women of ancient Greece’s Dionysian Cult. The Mara can control them indefinitely. drawing out the Essence. While possessed. To possess someone. they rapidly lose Energy Essence at a rate of six points per hour. Those with the appropriate abilities can see a faint image of the Mara straddling its victim. which the Mara absorbs automatically as long as it is in the Dreamer’s Panorama. but they did so more in the past than at present. however. In the past. though Mara rarely control them for more than one night. This continues as Essence this source. he gains forty Life Points while possessed. If the victim fails four or more resistance attempts in a row. this attack can be seen by any Gifted with the appropriate abilities. the Maenids. The Mara can further improve its vic- Mara Strength: 6 Dexterity: 5 Constitution: 6 Vital Essence: 70 Energy Essence: 90 Life Points (when manifested): 160 Speed: 25 Spiritus: 5 Intelligence: 4 Perception: 5 Willpower: 5 tim’s Strength by one for every four Essence Points it chooses to expend (the Maenids were known to manifest inhuman amounts of Strength). As mentioned above. control. ally been summoned there. he dies. Still. though usually the Mara does not take things that far. it The victim successfully gains control of the victim. When they reach zero. Human Possession: The Mara can possess humans. they have to actually enter the Panorama if they wish to fight the Mara. Willing victims. quishes remains. the Mara gains full control of the victim for a 24-hour period. the Mara require an source in order to remain their there. may continue to make resistance attempts every ten minutes. Physical Manifestation: The Mara rarely manifest physically on Malkuth. The possessed human’s features change—his face contorts into a grimace and his nails harden and grow into beast-like talons. The withstand a large amount of damage. resisted by the victim’s Simple Willpower Test. the victim can make further resistance attempts.moner can send the Mara to attack his enemies. allow the Mara a +4 bonus to the initial possession Task. like the Dionysian Maenids. thereafter. If the Mara wins. outside Without While on Malkuth. the Mara must expend twenty Essence Points (which the Mara cannot regain until it releases its victim) and make a successful Willpower and Spiritus Task. they return to Hod. own Powers Special to the Mara Drain Essence: The Mara feed by draining humans of their Essence through the use of fear. Those on Malkuth have usu- clawed hands firmly inserted in his chest. allowing the victim to make attacks for D4(2) x Strength in slashing damage. long as the Mara wishes and may result in the victim’s death from Essence loss. however. with its If the victim suffered damage greater than his normal Life Points. A panicking human releases D6(3) to D8(4) Essence points every Turn. the victim adds at least three to his Strength. When the Mara relinany damage incurred only other time that they ever appear on Malkuth is when they are feeding on a victim’s Essence.

for all his powers. for in his trol Hod’s reality in the way that he can. spending more time with the nature spirits than he does at Morpheus’ Court. as though he were a somber Venetian during Carnival. jolly king one moment and a pale. He is known to have access to Fertility. like many of Hod’s may denizens. in Hod. two reasons. ly appears wearing thick black robes and a plain white mask. his father. he was forced to kill the previous Lord of the Dream Realms. is growing larger in the Wastelands. Not even the Archangels can conOnly the Yet. and When encountered. he appears as a dark He wears man dressed in various furs and rags. disguise their true natures. the Goddess brothers. the Sammael Gate. He has existed for thousands of years and he has many Primal Dream. Nix. insane First. reside at Morpheus’s Court. Morpheus does not delight power. Illusion. Powers. but they generally choose a forms that allow them to travel through victim’s Panorama without garnering suspicion. with spread wings growing from his temples). Icelus spends the majority his time roaming the First World. Nimbleness. he cannot close it. Second. The rift is what drove his father insane and he fears that he might one day share his father’s fate. They are sons of Hypnos and of the Night. a Tainted Rift. If successful. and thus. C h a p t e r S i x 124 . however. quiet man the next. Hypnos. and. his will is absolute. Thievery. they can. Morpheus Not much is known about the Lord of the Dream Realm. not Morpheus’ Hypnos’ children do share a tight familial bond. It can also use this power to manifest as something the victim strongly fears. Morpheus changes shapes—he appear as a fat. the Mara can take the form of anything it can visualize. Icelus and Phantasus. He is a Titan whose true face has never Those who have met him say he initialbeen seen. to gain his power (Morpheus’ Throne depicts a large sculpted relief of Hypnos’ face. Icelus and Phantasus Two Incarnates.Shift Form: Although the Mara have a unique form. But. Morpheus is immensely powerful. Three Sisters inspire more fear and awe. at the cost of five Essence Points and an Intelligence and Spiritus Task.

old as his brother Icelus and he has many skills. A rather small Covenant. The Jaguar Spirits claimed to b e Uriel avoid her at all times—an Alliance member in an Armageddon campaign may have heard Michelle remark that this is b ecause the two Archangels find the scrutiny of her gaze more than discomforting. though there is no proof that they existed as an Association any earlier than the 15th century. The only physical aspect the two brothers share is their dark black eyes. and has griffon and phoenix feathers braided in his dreads. this Golden Age lasted for 676 years. the society of werejaguars were founded during the time of the Olmecs. the descendants of the Jaguar People who ruled the world during the Sun of the Jaguar Age. a gift from their mother. explain why there are still human b eings on the planet. so its agents can b found in e the United States’ inner cities from time to time. He takes particular care of the Books of Lost Magic in Morpheus’ library. Icelus carries a spear tipped with a unicorn’s horn. Dumah the Silent. Magic. Silent Angel of the the Dream Realms The Heavenly Host has one representative in the Sephiroth of Hod. There they found When she and an ancient Gateway to the First World in Hod. which is also the first year of an era the Aztecs called the Sun of the Jaguar. opposite. and most people find them so disconcerting that they avoid their gaze. A Jaguar Spirit possessed each sorcerer. b ut nob ody really expects the Dark Covenant’s religious b eliefs to make much sense. Dumah Death. as long as they continued to keep the Gateway’s location secret. Sofia. which they b elieved to b the original home of the Aztecs. they somehow do. Gabriel and the sorcerers opened it and went through. they found themselves in the middle of the Jaguar Totem Nation. hooded gray robes. Phantasus. In fact. ending in 279 BCE. of course. The Aztecs once held them in high esteem as power- Jaguar Spirits promised the sorcerers access to hidden knowledge. Montezuma I never quite touch the ground. Icelus’ brother. The Oceotl Clan wanted to use the Sixty as instruments to b ring b ack this Golden Age. the Nahualli claim to b the oldest Dark Covenant in exise tence. Elysium. The sorcerers met with spirits of the Oceotl Clan of the Jaguar Nation. the Nahualli’s memb ers are rarely encountered outside of Central America. She does not talk. The Nahualli were to con- tinue what the Oceotl Clan claimed to have started: 125 D e n i z e n s . and Raphael. He meticulously takes Histoy r According to Nahualli tradition. itself in drug smuggling. and Wisdom. though the Nahualli Covenant dates b ack b efore the Aztecs. the The Nahualli The Dark Covenant Nahualli are a small group of Jaguar Ferals and Skin-Changers living in Mexico. most is almost his a complete in the ful sorcerers and shapeshifters. The only glimpse of skin showing is her marble-white bare feet that tory of the Nahualli as they exist in modern times did not b egin until the Aztec Empire. they were not organized into any coherent group. is an has Archangel. making sure that everything runs smoothly in the Dream Lord’s Court. with are The only other angels that she associates Azrael. when the Jaguar People ate all the other people on Earth. The real his- Dumah. Illusion. or why there are no records of a human extinction in the 3rd century BCE. These Nahualli legend. gray Victorian suit. in 955 BCE. nor send telepathic messages to her viewers. In turn.various bones and other exotic trophies as jewelry. revealing eyes like two bright. He is known to possess the Primal Powers of Dream. no army but like does the not Angel dwell of in founded the Nahualli Covenant in 1450 CE. but when she wants them to know something. full moons. She roams the Dream Realms in her celestial form. This Dark Covenant often involves He spends of time Morpheus’ Tower. This. e The Sixty summoned spirits to guide them in their search and the spirits led them to the Pacific Coast. does not dark eyes seem to reflect the sky at midnight. He wears his black hair in a ponytail and his He is as pulled-back hair emphasizes his pale face. when he gathered together sixty sorcerers and sent them to search for the lost city of Aztlan. He appears as a thin bureaucrat dressed in a dull. though it is not unknown to see a Nahualli Feral roaming the streets of America. According to care of every object within the Tower and nothing is ever out of place. Though Jaguar Ferals and Shamans have existed in the Americas for as long as humans have. although she sometimes draws back her hood to brush away the shining silver hair from her beautiful marble-white face. a silver-winged angel in simple. imposing the Feral Curse. near the Grande de Santiago River.

The Sixty returned to their emperor with an allegorical story about finding Aztlan but being denied entry because the Aztec people had become too lazy and indulgent. They hold that they will one day rule the Americas. the original sixty Nahualli Inborn began breeding. These bloodlines often produce Inborn Ferals. they never regained the power they had controlled at their height. and in the beginning they managed to terrorize a few conquistadors. Goals an Beliefs d The Nahualli worship the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca of the Smoking Mirror. they expected to have the makings of a mighty Feral army. The Nahualli believe themselves to be blessed by the Gods. Thinking this to be the case. or Gifted. In modern times. the Nahualli might have succeeded. them The this World told the prophecy the Sixty assumed Nahualli would be the greater power of which they spoke. but the one the Nahualli most revere is Xipe Totec. Within generations. While they still dreamed of conquest. the Covenant went underground. killing most of the Sixty. the With this in mind. they desire to build a new Sun of the Jaguar Age. Because of this slough. the Nahualli’s powers failed to work during many battles. Over the next ten years. the Aztec Empire’s capital. After the fall. Without Invocations or Feral Abilities. the Spanish crushed the Aztec Empire. C h a p t e r S i x 126 . the Nahualli could not withstand the Spanish onslaught. whom they consider to be the patron of the Jaguar Ferals. which the cult holds in high esteem. the Covenant is very small and larger Dark Covenants. use them to do their bidding. producing five numerous Feral children. which they would use to overthrow Tenochtitlan and use the city as a base from which to systematically conquer the rest of the Americas. they revealed that it had been prophesied that a greater Jaguar power Spirits and would of the conquer First the Aztecs. The Nahualli should have been able to decimate the Spanish. the Nahualli monitor original Sixty’s remaining bloodlines.the Jaguar Ferals would become a powerful nation on Malkuth and would rule from Tenochtitlan. Tezcatlipoca has differ- ent forms. As a part of this destiny. the Flayed Lord. If Spanish ships had not arrived off the coast of Mexico in 1519. like the Cult of Pain and the Red Path. but for some reason.

The Otontin are considered the Nahualli’s elite fighters. they are expected to become so. They have been known to use them as foot soldiers. He must also either have at least three Feral abilities or at least four Invocations. including the Skin-Changer Quality. minor league pawns of the Combine. After the Spanish invasion. the Pilli rank at birth. they are happy. a nice big jaguar-spotted gun to point at their enemies. Any member with the proper prerequisites who present as a time for delights and mayhem. A Mundane may only rise as high as Captor in the Covenant. Myth and Legend (Aztec) 2. are considered the Dark Covenant’s nobles. and Language (Nahual) 4. and Skin-Changers can rise to this rank. As siders the Nahualli a minor yet useful ally. Those Mundanes beyond Mexico’s border to include all the Americas. 3 A Pilli must have or a Hand Weapon Sword). one must have killed at least one person in service to the Nahualli. This goal remains in the back of the Covenant chosen as Captors come from the Commoners’ ranks. but killing the Mayor of Mazatlán because he had discovered the Nahualli’s Gateway to the First World does. Some Pilli Ferals are better geography. As a Mexican-based Covenant. and know at least two abilities. they are just regarded as Commoners and they serve the Nahualli. Organization Status within the Nahualli is based on martial prowess and kills. The Cult of Pain considers the Nahualli to be a minor yet helpful ally. Like the Cult of Blood. which the Nahualli Emperor will rule. even though most do not believe it will happen in their lifetime. no prerequisites for being a Commoner. the highest-ranking Nahualli caste. in fact. Those in the lowest caste do not have formal names. while. the Flayed Lord of the Aztecs. as no Mundane child descended from one of the members’ minds. They consider any child not born a Ritual Magic (Nahualli Black Magic) 3. The Quachic. the Combine helped the Spanish defeat the Nahualli five hundred years ago—they were responsible for the Nahualli’s failing powers in those battles. Myth and Legend (Aztec) 4. Most of them do not even There are must have Hand Weapon (Knife or Macuatl Sword) 5. An Otomitl must also have Hand Weapon (Knife or Macuatl Sword) 4. Ritual Magic (Nahualli Black Magic) 4. Only Ferals A Quachic Feral or Gifted defective and they either cast these children out or hold them for later to sacrifice. growing the Empire Captor. There is rumored to be a Nahualli Emperor who rules from among the Ocelotl Clan of the Jaguar know they are working for a Dark Covenant. the Nahualli become long as they get to kill someone once in a while. A Captor is the first real membership level. no matter how many people he kills. If the Magicians are not yet Skin-Changers. In Mexico. The Ferals must have at least four abilities and the Skin Changers are expected to know at least five Invocations. but being an Otontin is really more of a question of rank then ability. but they are just too lazy to take the steps needed to become Otontin. the Nahualli have allied with the Caribbean Dark Covenant of the Red Path. Magicians are expected to know at least three Invocations. Ferals are expected to Nahualli were amazed to find Europeans who understood about feeding the Gods and who even showed the Flayed Lord proper respect. Skill (usually with Knife Macuatl A Pilli is also supposed to have Ritual Magic (Nahualli Black Magic) 2. Inborn Ferals are considered Allies and Enemies The Nahualli deal with the Cult of Pain because of their mutual regard for the Xipe Totec. the Red Path con- warriors. as they share similar beliefs. including Spirit Mastery (Jaguar Spirits). attitudes. Myth and Legend (Aztec) 3. those important Nahualli Every once in a needing enemies an killing are merely enemies of the Combine. must kill To rise from Pilli to Otomitl the warrior important adversary of the Nahualli. they will remain minor pawns of the Sacrificing one hundred villagers to Xipe Totec does not help one become Otomitl. Most Nahualli see the Sixty’s bloodlines lives to join the Captors. As long as Nahualli do not actually overthrow the Mexican Government and set up a New Sun of the Jaguar Age. 127 D e n i z e n s . and Language (Nahual) 3. Because of these alliances. Ironically enough. the New Sun of the Jaguar Age will rise tomorrow. The Nahualli aspire to overthrow the Mexican government and re-establish the Aztec Empire. the Nahualli have several enclaves in which they keep these Mundane children in pens like cattle. and Language (Nahual) 2. one must be Gifted or Feral.which the Nahualli teach Invocations and the art of Skin-Changing. To be a Nation in the First World in the Sephiroth of Hod. has killed at least four victims for the Nahualli may rise to the Pipiltin rank. as it is assumed that they will kill four rather quickly. To gain membership in the higher ranks. never learning more than the basics of Aztec Mythology or Spoken Nahual.

anyway. they learn all the abilities open to a In fact. eventual abductions Nahualli deeply hate both Associations and they kill any member they encounter. they must also have the Skin-Changer Quality. . Fighting the Combine sucks. all of that wealth and power will be meaningless. revenge-seeking Otontin. The Nahualli in Armageddon There is no love lost between the Nahuali and the Mad God Cults. there When was the a Third AoR of Nahualli must fuel their spells with Sadicas gathered from the Essence released by the torture and sacrifice of other human beings. but apart from a different cultural frame. They are a bunch of fanatical shape-shifting lunatics. Investigating the Combine usually leads to a series of nasty rumors surfacing about the Cast Members. unless a new Aztec Empire in Mexico is what the Combine is planning all along. By the determine status among the Nahualli. . as one of the Quachic became tainted as early as 2011. No one considers them a serious threat—not more serious than any other cult. The Aztec Jaguar Ferals have even managed to help thwart the Cult of Rending Shadow on occasion. This opposition did not last long. Only those who can take the shape of the marched Mexico. Investigating the Nahualli leads to the Cult of Pain. but they are not an especially powerful bunch of fanatical shape-shifting lunatics. Of the other Covenants. of the Rosicrucians. C h a p t e r S i x 128 . absorbed remaining the Nahualli Mendicant Knights Leviathan. The Nomads want to see the Dark Covenant destroyed because they are Ferals gone bad. Nahualli who would not accept the Mark Those of the Leviathan were killed by their tainted brethren. only the Nomads and the Apoanu Apyabaiba give them any thought at all. If a Mad God is set loose in Malkuth. Their main strength is in surprise. but it also gives them a vested interest in preserving the world as we know it. the time the Third AoR had formed. loose band Tainted Jaguar Ferals ready to assist them. The destroyed credit histories. most and of the these Using the Nahualli The Nahualli serves as a good minor Dark Covenant. as most modern people have never even heard of them. They assist the Soul Police and the Third AoR in North America and the Amazon. general rule. Covenants have never actually heard of the Nahualli. a few Jaguar Ferals who have Jaguar Spirit Patrons. Special Nahualli Powers Inborn Jaguar Ferals serve as the Nahualli’s ruling class. the entire Quachic caste had gone into Wendigo. Nahualli also work well as part of an ongoing campaign dealing with uncovering Combine secrets. and being locked in a Secret Detention Facility in the middle of nowhere. Mexico. they find themselves caught in the middle of a Clan War between the Balam Jaguar Spirits and the Ocelotl Jaguar Spirits in the First World in Hod. Regardless. Those that have consider them to be the lackeys of other Dark Covenants in the Western Hemisphere. Of course. Most Dark Covenants are focused on Sentinels come into much contact with them and that is purely because they hunt down monsters. Apyabaiba fight against the Nahualli for many reasons. None of the other Covenants really know anything about the Nahualli. Feral. In order for the Gifted to gain any status among the Nahualli. The bodies of Nahualli who protested that no New Sun of the Jaguar Age would rise if the Dark Apostle was allowed to rule the world were found mutilated and hanging The into from street corners throughout have of been the Jaguar can rule when the New Sun of the Jaguar Age rises. Like the Cult of Pain. As rulers. This uses Ritual Magic (Nahualli Black Magic) as a skill. The Gifted learn Blood Magic Invocations. It is with this attitude that the Aztec Jaguar Ferals were at first opposed to the Church of Revelations. Investigating the Cult of Pain leads to the Combine.Combine . It can be quite a shock Brotherhood Legba. This makes them undeniably evil. only the Storm Dragons and As a the aboard Black Helicopter. Some of the Quachic also have Xipe Totec as a Patron. The Apoanu when the lone Feral drug dealer that the Cast had taken care off is suddenly replaced by a group of bloodthirsty. allying with these cults makes enemies of the Templars. it is the same as Blood Magic. except for a few learned scholars who know a little bit about all sorts of things. those abilities are one of the things that There are also gaining personal power regardless of the means.

The Mundane criminals live in fear of the Pilli. She has taken control of a gang in East Los Angeles and she is currently using them to sell drugs for the Nahualli. 129 D e n i z e n s . Strength of the Beast. Some dark forces are watching Tia’s activities. Influence 1 (Los Angeles Underworld). but there are others in the city who have taken notice of her. The Storm Dragon who killed Acolmitzli is looking to finish the job he started. Language (Spanish) 4. Traps 2 Metaphysics: Inborn Jaguar Feral. Tia’s gang is fiercely loyal to her. A Sentinel. The young woman is eager to turn a profit. Resources (Well-off) Drawbacks: Covetous (Greedy) 2. Cruel 2. powers. this has been a comparatively minor amount and the Nahualli have yet to notice. Ritual Magic (Nahualli Black Magic) 2. Native) 5. So far. Camouflage Special: Tiacapan has an Armor Value 1 and she may attack by biting for D4(2) x 6 slashing damage or clawing for D6(3) x 6 slashing damage when in Jaguar form. a Rosicrucian Marcher. Situational Awareness. Questioning 2. Hand Weapon (Knife) 3. regenerative shooting. If she can turn a profit and get her fourth kill in. she will return to Mexico with honor. Stealth 4. Language (Nahual. even though she has been skimming some money for herself. Increased Essence Pool +15. Smooth Talking 2. Myth and Legend (Aztec) 2. Language (English) 3. too—a Vampyre has been running his own operations in the City of Angels for a few years now and he does not like the new competition Strength: 2/6 I ntelligenc e: 2 L ife P o ints : 30/105 Sp eed : 12/22 D ex terity : 3/6 P erc ep tio n: 4/5 E nd u ra nc e: 29/47 E s s enc e: 42 C o ns titu tio n: 3/5 W illp o w er: 3 Qualities: Attractiveness +2.Tiacapan Pilli Warrior for the Nahualli After her brother’s murder at the hands of Storm Dragons. Haggling 2. Climbing 3. Los Angeles is a test for Tia. Tia also Because of her Feral a drive-by found survived were The shooter’s remains later hanging from a telephone pole as a warning to any other drug lord who dared to stand against Tia. the Nahualli sent Tiacapan to Los Angeles to look after their interests. Intimidation 3. Streetwise 3. a rite of passage to prove herself to the Dark Covenant. Tracking 3. Nerves of Steel. and a Brotherhood of Legba Mamboh have each also begun separate investigations of the young Feral. Minority (Aztec Indian) Skills: Brawling 2. as they have seen her beat a man three times her size into a bloody pulp (she was using Strength of the Beast at the time).

He is a Tulku who has served as the Dalai Lama for fourteen incarnations. In the politics of Binah. It is also possible to rank of the Society of Assassins. Madrassa: The Society of Assassins’ training schools. Apoanu Apyabaiba: One of the largest Solitaire Groups on the planet. Akasha is the realm where everything that has ever happened can be observed. G l o s s a r y 130 . None of them realize that there is any other reality besides the one that contains their private realms. the Manjushri Lama is the leader of the Dream Realm of Shambala in the Sephiroth of Hod. who lead the Apoanu Apyabaiba Association. The Coma Kingdoms: Small Dream Realms created by those individuals who find themselves cut off from the everyday reality of the Waking World. Akasha: The Realm of Visions. Events in the are much more aggressive than most Tree Spirits and fight alongside the Apoanu Apyabaiba. Where the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama are leaders of Tibet.Glossary Abhidharma: The skill the Monks of Shambala use with their Abhinja powers. He has Storm Dragons’ Tao Chi. Manjushri Rimpoche: Another name for the Manjushri Lama. The highest rank of the Society of Assassins (except for the Imam who leads them). Use Abhidharma and the appropriate Attribute in a Task to see if the particular Abhinja power succeeded. One of the Dream Realms of Hod. but in modern times an increasing number of them are the results of a victim being in a coma for an extended amount of time. It is different from they were mostly created by the insane. The Apoanu Apyabaiba is a coalition of shamans and spirits fighting to protect the Amazonian Rainforest. more or less. Many of the souls there believe that they are in Heaven. It is equivalent to the spends most of his time in the First World. but rejects it temporarily so that she can work to help others reach Kether is a Bodhisattva. but even Mundanes can learn Lucid Dreaming. It is First World can influence events on Earth. Essence forms who the Bast Race go when they dream. and some have died. Shamans frequently visit this part of Hod. Baraka Sabil: The metaphysical martial arts the Society of Assassins practices. In the past served as the Manjushri Lama for the past nine incarnations. Dilmun: The Capital City of the Sephiroth of Hod. some are in a deep coma. The City of Bubastis: A Dream Realm that is the dwelling place of the goddess Bast. Those with more control over the dreamscape can make the Eidolon become whatever the dreamer desires. The First World: The Dream Realm of Totem Nations and Ancestor Spirits. which are located in the Garden of Earthly Delights. Curupira: The Tree Spirits of the Amazonian Rainforest. Some ilar to a metaphysical ability. Dumah: The Silent One. Dream Lords: Individuals who rule the Coma Kingdoms. but the Garden is a pale shadow of the True Paradise. Dais: The Initiated. The reverse is also true. He a constantly shifting dream city that is the dwelling place of Morpheus. Lucid Dreaming: The skill used to control one’s dreams. The Garden of Earthly Delights: A Dream Realm that exists as a sensual Eden. It is also where They are a subgroup are insane. Icelus: An Incarnate and Morpheus’ younger brother. Fedavis: The Devoted Ones. The lowest other metaphysical abilities because the Cast Member must have the Enlightened Quality in order to purchase it. instead of just Gifted. where every physical desire is fulfilled. Dybbik: An Eidolon who gains control of its host and proceeds to masquerade as that individual. The Domain of Morpheus: The Dream Realm which includes the City of Dilmun and the Tower of Morpheus. They become whatever the dream requires. Dalai Lama: The spiritual and political leader of Tibet and the leader of the Order of Shambala. It is sim- heart of the Sephiroth of Hod. It is said to be the catch glimpses of the possible future in this realm as well. Bodhisattva: A soul who is able to enter Kether. Manjushri Lama: One of three powerful Tulkus who serve as the Order of Shambala’s leaders. One of the Heavenly Host who spends all of her time roaming the Dream Realms of Hod. Divine Twins: The Inheritors Sun and Moon. Abhinja: The metaphysical power used by the Monks of Shambala. it is unclear where her loyalties lie. Eidolon: The bit players of the Panorama. of Kerubim.

and his mastery over the Dream Realms is said to be absolute. but all fear them. The Waking World: What the denizens of Hod call Earth. Ulunsuti: A legendary artifact said to have been taking from the Leviathan during its first time on earth during the age of Atlantis. current whereabouts are unknown. it can still influence dreams due to the Sammael Gate. if someone destroyed a particular Tzaddik. Ruler of Hod. Refiks: The Students. The Ghost Dancers believe that it is hidden somewhere in North America and that it might be used to defeat the Leviathan during the Reckoning. The Shambala. They are consid- ered the fighters of the Dark Covenant. they are still part of the natural order and should not be confused with Tainted Spirits like the Night Terrors. Tulku: A Lama who controls his own reincarnation through Abhinja. While they are dangerous. much as the Threshold is the border between Malkuth and Geburah. and they are allies of the Cult of Pain. All the events that His happen in a dream take place in that dreamer’s Panorama. The Three Sisters: The Fates. Theoretically. all dreams take place here. Shambala: The Dream Realm controlled by the Order of served as the Panchen Lama for the past eleven incarnations. 131 G l o s s a r y . Inborn Ferals auto- the Old Gods. It is an area of ambient Taint influence is strongest in Mexico. sure what their true nature is. Nahualli: An Aztec Dark Covenant composed of Jaguar Ferals and Black Magicians. who some scholars believe is the Tzaddik of Hod. Pipiltin: Second lowest rank of the Nahualli. They are fate. They seem to have an matically have at least this rank. that is slowly growing each year. Once. Uktena: The Ghost Dancer’s name for the Leviathan. Oneirokitai: The Dream Ethereals. Quachic: The nobles of the Nahualli. The Wasteland: The Dream Realm surrounding the Sammael Gate. The rank agenda of helping humanity reach its full potential. Peris: Love Ethereals who dwell in the Garden of Earthly Delights. Pilli: Singular of Pipiltin. He is a Tulku who has which is achieved in the Society of Assassins after an individual has gone through the Society’s Initiation in the Sephiroth of Hod. Panchen Lama: The Great Scholar—a purely religious figure and Tibet’s second most powerful leader.Mara: The Nightmare Ethereals. The Plane of Ideas: The Dream Realm that is the home for the Ethereals. Vision Quest: An initiation rite used by Shamans. are still some things in Hod that even he cannot control. Despite this. It is similar to the Storm Dragons’ Stormfist style. but the Combine has had them systematically destroyed. Phantasus: An Incarnate and a younger brother of Morpheus who oversees the everyday functions in the Tower of Morpheus. The Red King’s Dreaming: A small Dream Realm that is home to the Red King. there They are more Nobody is powerful than that. Morpheus is one of Periphery: The Realm that serves as the border between Malkuth and Hod. Otontin: The middle rank of the Nahualli. Panorama: An individual’s Dreamscape. Their Totem Nations: Large tribes of nature spirits which exist in the First World. The Sammael Gate: A breach between our universe and the Otherworlds of the Mad Gods. Tzaddik: According to legend. a Tzaddik is an individual appointed by the Creator as the source of any given Sephiroth’s continued existence. remain. then the related Sephiroth would also be destroyed. and the highest rank to be achieved in that Covenant. Night Terror: A Tainted Spirit that roams the Dream Realms. They are Only a handful Periphery is the Realm where all the Panoramas exist. Visualizations: Specializations of the Lucid dreaming skill. there were numerous Gateways connecting Shambala to Tibet. not Old Gods. hunting for victims in the Periphery. Even if a Mad God cannot manifest on Earth. They are mostly encountered in packs. They are not Seraphim. Morpheus: The Dream Lord. Otomitl: Singular of Otontin. Ra’d Quwwat: The martial arts style of the Society of Assassins. Raven Mocker: A type of Tainted nature spirit encountered mostly on the East Coast of the United States and in the First World.



80-81. 84-87 Bodhisattvas 78 Bubastis 36 Character Type 12 Coma Kingdoms 52-54 Combat Move 23 Dalai Lama 76-77 Daughters of Endymion 48 Dilmun 46-47 Divinatory Specializations 92-93 Dream Catchers 94 Dumah 125 Eidolon Dybbik 122 Ethereals 117-122 Genius Loci 120-121 Oneirokitai 121-122 Peris 118-120 War Ethereals 117-118 First World 33-36 Garden of Earthly Delights 42-44 Garden of Eden 44 Ghost Dancers 13. 74-81 Plane of Ideas 51 Qualities and Drawbacks 21-22 Enlightened 21 Limited Dreamer 22 Skin-Changer 102 Summon Animal Spirits 102 True Dreamer 22 Panchen Lama 76-77 Panoramas 30 Periphery 29-31 Supernaturals 32 Red King 51-52 Sammael Gate 36-37 Seer Powers 94-96 Minddream 94 Mind Projection 94-96 Shamanism 97 Basic Powers 99 Common Lore 99 Common Skills 100 Spirit Patrons 101 Symbols and Items of Power 100-101 Urban Shamanism 99 Vision Quest 97-99 Shambala 39-41 Skills 23 Skin-Changer 102Society of Assassins 15.Index Abhijna 105-109 Bardo Ascension 105 Divine Ear Element 106 Divine Eye Element 106 Invincible Sword 106 Lung Gom 107 Mind Penetration 107 Multiple Bodies 108 Past Life Recall 108 Perfect Pill 109 Spirit Form 109 Tumo 109 Abhidharma 23. 82-83 I n d e x 134 . 60-87 Apoanu Apyabaiba 20. 124-125 Domain 45-49 Nahualli 125-129 Nature Spirits 112-115 Curupira (Tree Spirits) 113-114 Bear Spirits 115 Jaguar Spirits 115 Rat Spirits 112-113 Order of Shambala 17. 8283 Dream Realms Explorer 82 Ghost Dancer Prankster 66-67 Shaman Guerrilla Fighter 86-87 Shambala Lost Child 80-81 Society of Assassins Professional Killer 72-73 Associations 13-21. 105 Akasha 49 Alamut Sect 69 Archetypes 66-67. 55-57. 72-73. 68-73 Summon Animal Spirits 101 Tainted Spirits 115-117 Night Terrors 116-117 Raven Mockers 115-116 Telepinu 91 Three Sisters 50 Wasteland 36 Wizards of Oz 19. 60-67 Ghost Shirt 96 Greater Gifted 12 Invocations 91-93 Divination 91-93 Night Curse 93 Lucid Dreaming 23-25 Awaken 24 Conjuration 25 Dream Attack 25 Dream Flight 25 Dream Shift 25 Fermata 25 Transformation 25 Visualizations 24-25 Mad Gods 38 Mara 122-123 Metaphysics 23 Morpheus 45-49.

Permission granted to photocopy.Association Concept CHARACTER POINTS SPENT UNSPENT CHANNELING LEVEL Primary Attributes STRENGTH DEXTERITY CONSTITUTION INTELLIGENCE PERCEPTION Secondary Attributes LIFE POINTS ENDURANCE POINTS SPEED WILLPOWER ESSENCE POOL Qualities Point Drawbacks Point Skill Level Skill Level Metaphysics Level © 2003 Eden Studios. Greater Gifted Name .

Armageddon and all other Unisystem games. Terra Primate. Compatible with All Flesh Must Be Eaten.The Dead have always ou n mb ed t Lvig t u er he i n . EDN4005 • IS BN: 1 .89 1 1 5 3. The B ook of G e bur h a Written by Thom Marrion The Book of Geburah is a supplement for CJ Carella’s WitchCraft roleplaying game.edenstudios.net/witchcraft .331 • Winter 2003 www.

Akasha. and Shamanism * Background on the denizens of the Dream Realms—Nature Spirits. Shambala. But there’s more to Hod than the Periphery. where the Mad Gods’ Tainted minions edge their way into mankind’s reality. Much more. . specific game terms. you will find: * Details on three new Associations—the Ghost Dancers. the Society of Assassins. and even the Archangel Dumah. Hod’s borderlands. explore the Sammael Gate. enter the sanctuary paradise called Shamabla. the Domain of Morpheus. * New Metaphysics including Baraka Sabil.00 (US) EDN4003 EDN4001 ISBN 1-891153-32-3 ISBN 1-891153-41-2 All Artwork ©2003 Eden Studios. In it. Inc. you visit this Realm. or discover the vast worlds coma victims like Otis Kline build within their minds. The Book of Hod™ The Unisystem™. infinite ocean that is the Periphery. $23. Coma Kingdoms and the Wastelands. * A new Character Type: the Greater Gifted The Book of Hod is a supplement for either the WitchCraft or Armageddon roleplaying game. Terra Primate and all other Unisystem games. . visit the First World. icons and personalities are copyright ©2003 CJ Carella All Rights Reserved. CJ Carella’s WitchCraft™. the Enlightened Masters—and two new Solitaire Groups—the Wizards of Oz and the Apoanu Apyabaiba * An overview of Hod’s Realms—Periphery. If you dare . Garden of Earthly Delights. Ethereals. And if you feel really adventurous. in fact. First World. While you dream. Abhinja. Every night. Break free of your Panorama. Morpheus.You’ve been here before.00 (US) $23. Compatible with All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Plane of Ideas. your Dreamscape floats in the clear. travel to the Garden of Earthly Delights. .

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