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Electric Bicycles - A Guide to Design and Use

Electric Bicycles - A Guide to Design and Use

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Published by: Sam on Jul 10, 2012
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The on-board battery on an electric bicycle is the key propulsion component of
this vehicle when reliable performance, long vehicle lifetime, and low per-mile
cost are required. Batteries have been used to store energy for decades. Recently,
energy-storing batteries for spacecraft, aircraft, and military applications had to
meet order-of-magnitude improvements in energy storage capability and life-
time. Batteries using new electrochemical processes were developed and tested
in severe environments to prove their life in service. These research and devel-
opment programs produced significantly improved batteries that are available for
propelling electric bicycles. Some of these new batteries are based on complex
electrochemical processes and require precisely controlled charging voltages. In
this chapter we describe these new developments so that the reader can (1) select
the battery that best meets his or her requirements of performance, reliability, and
life-cycle cost, (2) specify or design the battery charge control, and (3) identify
and correct the causes ofdeficiencies or failures that could be encountered during
the operating life of the battery.

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