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1. Abstract: (In paragraph form)

a. Which product or service you have selected for online business?

b. Why do you want to do your business online?

c. Your website is product focus or customer service focus

d. Importance of online business

e. Potential benefits that you would drive from this kind of business.

2. Preliminary Problem Statement and Solution

a. Problem description

b. Solution

3. Feasibility Study

a. Budget

b. Resources

4. Cost of project

a. Direct Cost

i. Requirement Specification Cost

ii. Design cost

iii. Development Cost

iv. Hosting Cost

v. Maintenance Cost

b. Indirect Cost

i. Other than above cost

5. Cost and Benefit Analysis (CBA)

a. Give a proper weight age to each benefit

b. Benefits should be more than cost then it is feasible to more further

6. Payback Period

a. Initial investment/ Cash flows

7. Human Resources

a. Outsourcing of the project

b. In house development (it is appreciated)

i. Human Resources like Designer, Developer etc

8. Impact on the business

9. Time Frame

a. Start and End date of the project

b. GANTT Chart using Microsoft Project Management

c. PERT chart with CPM (optional)

d. Schedule for Project regarding tasks distribution (Post .jpeg image)

10. Support services / Dependencies

a. Internet connection Type

b. Computer systems Specification (optional)

c. What type of Networking Equipment is required? (optional)

d. What type of skill Training is required for Employees?

11. Conclusion (Summary / Rationale)

1. ABSTRACT (paragraph)
MY WARDROBES Ltd ( is a dedicated Internet-
based retailer, offering you printed T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, trousers, sweats and
shalwar suits, featuring a growing range of new and novel designs by contributors
from all around the cities. We also supply plain garments and accessories in a wide
variety of colours and styles.

By specializing in Internet- based retailing, we aim to use our flexibility and

innovation to be one of the most successful printed T-shirt retailing on-line. We hope
you enjoy visiting our Web site and, of course, we look forward to receiving your

Our Web site is product base and is designed for easy and fast access by the
widest possible number of customers. So, whether you are shopping from home or
work, you won't be frustrated by unnecessary, time wasting features.
We offer you an online services. We print garments on receipt of your order, so
we are able to respond to your particular needs. In design, order processing,
manufacture, and dispatch, we are committed to providing you with a high quality
service at reasonable prices that’s why we use internet as our portal.

We are always happy to hear from talented artists, illustrators and copywriters
interested in seeing their work on T-shirts and other garments. We provide royalties as
well as we will give you credit by labeling your name on your design. Secondly, we
have referral system if you refer a friend we’ll award you with a wardrobe of your
choice, colour and style. That’s how we get your trust and everlasting confidence in
our website.


The first challenge is to determine in the most general sense of issues .The purpose
of the preliminary problem and solution is to ensure that the project is appropriate to
the course goals; that it can be reasonably completed within the time frame of the
course; and that you have the resources available to pursue your chosen topic. Such
problems and their brief solutions as:

1) What is the purpose of

To provide customer the style, varities, affordatbility to buy easily online without
visiting any of the outlets. It’s a one step closer process aimed for the ages
between 9 to 30 years of age groups.
2) Will the site generate revenue?
Offcourse there are so many ways to generate revenue and draw customers to
this website. Most commonly use are:
a) Google Adsense
b) Referal Programs
c) Local Advertisements
d) Newspaper and Media
e) Universities
f) Activities etc
3) Who are the major competitors?
The retail business of Shirts are most unassigned way in our region. As Internet
service is growing nearly double a year. It is wise for us to start focusing on city
based competitors than going to national competitors. Local Market/ Malls are
our major customers.
4) Who are the target customers?
We have categorized our customers according to age group
a) From 9 – 13; School going students
b) From 14-17, Teenagers; looking for fashion
c) From 18-24, Younger: customize their style and want to create new
d) From 25-30, Office players such as executive, officers who want to look
formal and traditional.
5) How will this site differentiate from other competitors?
This is first one to offer customize printed shirt online. Not only on shirts but
also on Kurtees, hoodies, Shalwar suits. It will be treated as a competitor for
other new comers.
6) Do you have resources available to complete your business plan?
We have 100% resources to handle our business for 2 fiscal quarters. Including
expenses for staff, fixed assets, and other financial needs as per our feasibility
study. It will be a kick start. On the other hand, we have financers available
ready for investment after the assessment period of six months over.

Feasibility is the measure of how beneficial or practical the development of an
information system will be to an organization. The process by which the feasibility of a
system is measured is called feasibility analysis.


We will be conducting three different types of feasibility tests:

Operational feasibility is a measure of how well the solution will work on the
organization. It is also a measure of how people feel about the system/project.

Technical feasibility is a measure of the practicality of a specific technical solution

and the availability of technical resources and expertise.

Economic feasibility is a measure of the cost-effectiveness of the project or

solution. This is often called a cost- benefit analysis.

Operational feasibility criteria measure the urgency of the problem (survey and study
phases) or the acceptability of the solution. There are two aspects of operational
feasibility to be considered:
Will the solution to the problem work?
How do the customer and organization feel about the solution?


PIECES framework can be used as a basis for analyzing the urgency of the problem
or the effectiveness of a solution. The following is a list of questions that addressed
these issues:
 P - Performance. Does the system provide adequate throughput and response
 I - Information. Does the system provide end-users and managers with timely,
pertinent, accurate and usefully formatted information.

 E - Economy. Does the system offer adequate service level and capacity to reduce
the costs of the business or increase the profits of the business?

 C - Control. Does the system offer adequate controls to protect against fraud and
embezzlement and to guarantee the accuracy and security of data and

 E - Efficiency. Does the system make maximum use of available resources

including people, time, flow of forms, minimum processing details and the like?

 S - Services. Does the system provide desirable and reliable service to those who
need it? Is the system flexible and expandable?


It’s important not only to evaluate whether a system can work but we must also
evaluate whether a system will work. A workable solution might fail because of end-
user and management resistance. Proper Help desk Support necessary

Technical feasibility can be evaluated only after those phases during which technical
issues are resolved- namely after the evaluation and design phase of our life cycle
have been completed. Today very little is technically impossible. Consequently
technical feasibility looks at what is practical and reasonable. Technical feasibility
addresses three major issues:

Isthe proposed technology or solution practical?

Do we currently possess the necessary technology?
Do we possess the necessary technical expertise, and is the schedule reasonable?


The technology is very practical for the current system. Organization is using .Net
software application support with SQL Database Management Software. Plus
Microsoft Site Server.
The organization will buy all the necessary technology for example the Pc’s, Routers,
Blade Servers, WAN devices, SAN etc


We may have the technology but that does not mean that we have the required
expertise and skills to implement the technology effectively. We will hire


Cost /10 Benefits/10

Hardware Cost 1 8 10
No need to hire external web hosting services
Long Term Assets
Reliability and Speed

Software Cost 2 6 10
One time with unlimited updates
Secure and Up dated
Design Cost 3 2 10
To catch customers attention
To provide visual representation of product
Creating interest /good perception
Customer satisfaction
Development Cost 4 4 9
Once, than annual releases
Consistent prototype to follow
Maintenance Cost 5 7 9
Necessary for working of hardware devices
Like Service, Installation and

Payback analysis is a simple and popular method for determining if and when an
investment will pay for itself. Payback period is the period of time that will lapse before
accrued benefits overtake accrued and continuing costs. As it is said..the dollar today
is not equal to the dollar tomorrow .

PVn = 1/(1 + k)n

Where ‘n’ is the number of years and ‘k’ is the discount rate.

Cash Flow 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Development Cost
[Rs] (3024462) 0 0 0 0
Oper & Maint Cost 0 (1050000) (1155000) (1270500) (1397550)
Discount Factor @
12% per year 100 88 76 64 52
Time Adjusted Cost (3024462) (924000) (877800) (813120) (726726)
Cumm Time Ad Cost (3024462) (3948462) (4826262) (5639382) (6366108)

Benefit from operation

of New System [Rs] 0 2,903,484 2,933,728 2,963,973 2,994,217
Discount Factor @ 100 88 76 64 52
Time Adj Benefits [Rs] 0 2,555,065 2,229,633 1,896,943 1,556,993
Cumm.Time Ad 0 2,555,065 4,784,699 6,681,641 8,238,634
Benefit [Rs]
0 1 2 3 4

Cumm Life Time-

adjusted Costs +
Benefits [Rs] (3,024,462) (1,393,397) (41,563) 1,042,259 1,872,526
Graphical Format


The most important factor for any organization to keep abreast their project is to build
a good employee management relationship. Working on the internal and external
environment needs heavy amount of work to be performed in this sector.

The resources for hiring good employees is categories as follows

Local Newspaper and Media will be use to advertise. Such media as
and for keeping track of the project

Such Designation will be required

1) Network Administrator
2) Database Administrator
3) Web base Designers and Developers
4) Production Dept
5) Strategist


Impact of business is entirely depend on its internal and external factors. It is the aim
of the organization to cover all their weaknesses with strength and take available
opportunities and remove threats. Once the project completed it the entirely the
Strategist to work on the factor will help improvising necessary terminologies /
technologies in order to be effective.

The following points illustrate the data we used to collect information in the system
analysis phase.

Learn all we can from existing documents, forms, reports and databases.
If appropriate we will observe the system in action. We agree not to ask questions
but just take notes and draw pictures. We must make sure that the workers know we
are not evaluating individuals. Otherwise they may tend to work more efficiently than
they usually do.

Given all the facts we have already collected. We will design and distribute
questionnaires to clear things up we don’t fully understand. This is also a good time to
solicit opinions on problems and limitations. We understand that questionnaires do
take much of the end-user time but they must know when its best to make that

Conduct our interviews to verify and clarify the most important and difficult issues
and problems.

Follow up. We will use appropriate fact-finding techniques to verify facts, usually
through interviews and observation.

Describe the research team’s relevant skills and experience that will ensure

The activities which are involved in this stage includes must match with the term of
reference (TOR). Activities mentioned below should be well considered:
1. Planning
2. Site preparation
3. Equipment
4. Training

Duration: 6 weeks
Starting Date 15-NOV-2008
Ending Date 31-DEC-2008
Internet Connection Type : PTCL Business VPN – 2048 kbps
Salient Features Bandwidth: Dedicated as per chosen Package with Static IP
Upload + Download: No restriction, unlimited data
CPE Warranty (Limited): 12 Months by Manufacturer
Time and Usage Limit: No time limit within 30 days of validity
Free Static IP

All Staff should be Minimum graduate and having 2 year experience in their field.
Certification according to their field CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, MCP, MCDB,MCSE, MCPSIT etc
All wells end well