The Human Aura and its Chakras

e. is also covered. Different authors' views on the meaning of the major chakras.This Booklet deals mostly with the Human Aura and its Chakras. and how the Aura and Chakras are involved in healing are presented.. the aura). 2 . Healing through the Human Energy Field (i.

please make your own judgements as to the validity of the material presented. Each dimension of consciousness has its range of frequencies. As in all searches for the truth. and plays a particular part in the total orchestration of a human being. Although we speak of levels or dimensions being "lower" or "higher". Dora van Gelder Kunz. They are not separate at all and influence and interact with each other. 3 . sincerity. and veracity of clairvoyants who "see" in a different manner. chakras are a component of an aura and each interpenetrates the other. Is it too much of a leap to postulate that human consciousness. In quantum physics we have discovered that the human observer can affect the observed. The word "chakra" isn't even in this dictionary! I hope that the following information will give you a fuller understanding of these two words. However. Although you may read about auras and chakras and think them to be two separate objects or manifestations. recent advances in science. in medicine. or one's spiritual field or aura. can affect matter? To better understand ourselves and the interactions between our mind (emotions) and our body. your aura and physical body are one unit that together make up only a small portion of the greater you. All dimensions co-exist within the same space. For you are not a physical body with an aura surrounding you rather. and consequently the outcome of the experiment. in her book The Personal Aura explains this interaction as being "achieved in somewhat the same way that the unique sound of a musical chord is created by combining different tones. we need to look at the whole person. energetic and conscious realm. then auras are the domain of this consciousness and lie in dimensions not usually accessible to us. Chakras are the means through which a physical body communicates with its aura and vice-versa. Please check the Glossary for a definition of any terms or words that you may be unfamiliar with. the terms are used only to differentiate amongst them. Perhaps the time is soon coming when society at large can recognize the credibility. The higher dimensions (or fields) of consciousness must then be included. each of which can be distinguished by a trained ear. they cannot be scientifically "proven" to exist. The experience of listening to music is the best analogy I can think of. If one thinks of the universe as being a living. because the differences between the subtle fields are essentially harmonic in nature. and in psychology have been such that there is much more acceptance of the mind-body relationship in disease. The following descriptions of the chakras have been taken from a variety of sources." There are as many explanations of the Human Aura and the Chakra System as there are books on the subject.AURAS The Webster's New World Dictionary states that an aura is "an invisible emanation or vapor" or "a particular atmosphere or quality that seems to arise from and surround a person or thing". By being impenetrable to our normal physical senses.

Chinese. with the outer ends of each vortex forming a specific layer of the auric field.either through the preservation of ancient texts by sacred priesthoods. In any study of the anatomy of the aura it is important to understand the significance of the chakra system. and at major joints in the arms and legs. Romans. and aboriginals of many lands . and will . It is a wheel-like spinning vortex that interpenetrates the physical body. The major chakras of the human body are the seven chakras that are aligned along the spinal column.whereas the four higher chakras are concerned with our psychological makeup -defining love. or orally from generation to generation.CHAKRAS The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. It is then processed and returned to the auric field. communication. Hindus. Secondary chakras of importance are located in the palms of the hands. the soles of the feet. The whirling circular motion forms a cavity or vacuum in the center that draws in anything it encounters on its particular vibrational level. and knowledge. As these ancient civilizations were conquered.those of survival. as in the traditions of many aboriginal peoples.Egyptians. Only a few remnants of their information on the chakra system have survived . vast libraries of knowledge were destroyed. Greeks. 4 .the chakras were an integrated part of daily lives. procreation. The chakras exist on all levels of the aura and serve as linking mechanisms between the auric field and the physical body as well as linking mechanisms between the different levels of the auric field itself. and connection with the spiritual realms. It is usually believed that the three lower chakras correlate to basic primary needs . For the people of antiquity .

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Other Names: Sacral.desire arises and with it our emotions and sexuality. especially the bones Importance: location of the kundalini Attributes: athletic.The Seven Major Chakras First Chakra We must balance this chakra before moving on to the others. Otherwise our growth will be without roots. sensuality. also the glomus coccygeum or coccygeal body. Key Words: difference. motivation and intent Second Chakra Here we encounter change. the kindeys and the spinal column Relationship: to the solid part of the body. Kundalini (Sanskrit) Situated: base of spine and the pubic bone (but encompasses genitals and reproductive organs) Colour: red Element: Earth Area of consciousness: physical body This includes all physical sensations. pleasure and power. sexual. unity and form. i. Physical organ association: gonads. such as pain. duality.circulation. cares about survival. Also. adrenal gland. muladhara. change. svadhisthana (Sanskrit) Situated: behind and just below the navel Colour: orange Element: Water Area of consciousness: emotional Change in that we now moving beyond our understanding of ourselves and realize the awareness of others . and movement Physical organ association: spleen ( Peyer's Patches) as well as the kidneys and bladder Relationship: corresponds to the liquid part of the body . our need for world peace and environmental balance. urinary elimination. ungrounded Other Names: Root. solidity. and sexual body fluids. pleasure and power Governs: perception of the physical world. for without change we cannot grow..e. separation. and creativity 6 . Governs: feelings of sexuality. Key Words: stability. our survival (as an individual and as a planet). willpower. base. sensuality.

the first chakra has a number of frequencies (all within the Red vibration). energy. love as a state of being. Here we have the bridge between the dimensions of matter and the dimensions of spirit. and the endocrine system. pancreas. ranging from very low to very high. Key Words: love. Relationship: to the heart . Other Names: Heart. fire. in the V formed by the ribcage. above the navel Colour: yellow Element: Fire Area of consciousness: mental or intellectual body This includes thoughts. balance Physical organ association: thymus gland (immune system). Governs: emotional issues and issues of personal power Fourth Chakra The task of this chakra is to integrate and balance the realms of spirit and mind with our physical body (matter). and will Physical organ association: adrenal glands. immune system. Although we may refer to the "lower chakras" as being concerned with mankind. manipura (Sanskrit) Situated:solar plexus. For instance. stomach. Governs: love. Relationship: responsible for the regulation and distribution of metabolic energy throughout the body. as in digestion. as well as the nervous system and the bladder. and the "upper chakras" as being concerned with spirituality and God. circulatory system. and unconditional acceptance for others 7 . power. blood. compassion. Other Names: Solar Plexus. The goal is to rise above a chakra's lower frequencies into its higher ones. each chakra is no less important than the other. Key Words: combustion. action. opinions and judgements. anahata (Sanskrit) Situated: midway between shoulder blades (over the sternum) Colour: Green Element: Air Area of Consciousness: astral body This is the first level beyond 3-dimensional matter. and the heart.Third Chakra Transformation to a new state occurs through this chakra's basic dynamic energy and our ability to find a balance between extremes. liver.

ajna (Sanskrit) Situated: centre of head. imagination and clairvoyance Physical organ association: pineal (although some believe it is the pituitary gland) Relationship: the storehouse and viewing screen of all visual input from our two physical eyes and our "third eye" (the etheric organ of psychic perception). and bronchial apparatus. receiving insight or inspiration. Brow. whether that be within ourselves or to and from another Other Names: Throat. Governs: spirituality and the search for meaning in life. lungs. Key Words: intuition. and represents our potential for perfection. visuddha (Sanskrit) Situated: throat area Colour: blue Element: Sound Area of consciousness: etheric body This etheric body is the template for the physical body. or the ability to "see" by way of clairvoyance. Relationship: the throat area where sound is created Governs: communication. communication. expression of thoughts and feelings Sixth Chakra The essence and function of this chakra is to "see" in the sense that we accept that complete vision will include both darkness and light. Key Words: sound. intuition. Other Names: Third Eye.Fifth Chakra Here we have the realm of consciousness where communication occurs. vocal cords. We use this chakra for visualization. visualization 8 . vibration. and self-expression Physical organ association: thyroid and parathyroid glands. behind forehead Colour: indigo Element: Light Area of consciousness: celestial body It is here that we have "sixth sight".

e. the result is that our internal organs suffer from this lack of incoming energy. They are located primarily wherever there is a joint in the body. She further states that it is the connective tissue [Webster's New World Dictionary defines connective tissue as "tissue found throughout the body. As much of our connective tissue is in our legs and buttocks.Seventh Chakra This chakra represents our belief systems. it is made up of various kinds of fibrals (small fibers) contained in a matrix of intercellular material] that is primarily responsible for carrying electromagnetic energy in our bodies. we are not grounded.. knowing and cosmic consciousness Physical organ association: pituitary gland (although some believe it is the pineal gland) Relationship: not of the material world but as a gateway to worlds beyond Governs: our connection to the concept of "God" or a higher intelligence Secondary Chakras Rosalyn L. both conscious and unconscious. Bruyere writes in her book Wheels of Light that there are 122 smaller secondary chakras. Here is where we merge with God. serving to bind together and support other tissues and organs. i. Key Words: enlightenment. Unfortunately we often tend to ignore the lower portion of our bodies. 9 . These have the same characteristics as the major seven chakras. although they are much smaller. the All That Is. Other Names: Crown. sahasrara (Sanskrit) Situated:top of head Colour: white (some believe violet) Element: Thought Area of Consciousness: ketheric body This chakra is associated with the spiritual realm.

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Glossary 11 .

Also spelt Ch'i. this field appears to extend fifteen to 18 inches beyond the physical body. Emmanual. in turn. to come through them. thus astral energy is often emotionallylinked. with iridescent colours like those of a soap bubble. mental. as in trance channeling (Edgar Cayce. Clairaudience .A Sanskrit word meaning "wheel".The psychic ability of hearing at higher vibrational levels.An energy field that interpenetrates with and radiates out beyond the physical body.Refers to contemporary medical approaches (conventional medicine) which utilize drug therapy. indications as to the spiritual. make up the physical. or as thoughts and messages received internally or through automatic writing. Seen clairvoyantly. but is able to experience the universality of life and to perceive meanings and interrelationships which are normally not available to us. Qi or Ki. and higher spiritual aspects of the multidimensional human form. Channeling . etc to provide symptom relief. It is mediated through the use of the brow (third-eye) chakra. astral. often due to abnormal function in one or more of the chakras. It is to be noted that there are lower. causal. Chi . middle and higher astral planes. the ability to see the aura with its colours. It looks like an ovide. At this level. 12 . hormonal.The phenomenon whereby an individual allows a higher level of consciousness (higher self. These energies are converted into chemical. etc.). etheric. The trained healer "sees".This is the layer of the aura or frequency band located just beyond the mental level. the Self is not constrained by the usual limits of time and space and causality. To the clairvoyant. the causal body is pale and ethereal. with a clearly defined periphery (although the material dissipates imperceptibly into the surrounding auric field). etc. and cellular changes in the physical body. it refers to the nutritive subtle energy that surrounds us.Allopathic . often described as fluidic. angelic being.This is the layer of the aura or frequency band located just beyond the etheric. it carries the Self's (Soul or Spirit) fundamental intentionality to be. Causal . Clairvoyance . physical and emotional state of the patient. Energy Blockage . It is mediated through the use of the throat chakra.A general term referring to the interruption of the natural flow of subtle energy through the human (or animal) energetic system. It is to the lower plane that we travel in our dreams and project ourselves during "astral travel". etc. according to esotericism. and flows through the body along the acupuncture meridians. i. often verbally. Aura . there are many more secondary chakras that also play a lesser role. and this is the ultimate cause of our existence. In additional to seven or 8 major chakras associated with the human body. The texture is flexible.). surgery. The astral body is affected by emotionality. that enters our physical body through breathing. shape. thought-forms. etc. Seth. It is made up of different energy vibrations or frequencies. Chakra . It is termed "causal" because. luminous cloud of ever changing colours and patterns. These. within the aura. guardian angel. The main function of each chakra seems to be as a step-down transformer for the higher frequency subtle energies of the aura.The psychic ability of seeing higher subtle-energy patterns. Astral . This level does not disintegrate after the death of the physical body as the astral and mental bodies eventually do. mental. It persists from life to life.e.

it causes activation and alignment of all the major chakras of the body. for sometimes the capacities we are born with do not mature during life. emotional.A microtubular channel that carries a nutritive subtle energy (chi) to the various organs. Quantum Physics . mental and higher spiritual levels do also play a part in the healing process. stand out at right angles to the surface of the skin. and spiritual aspects of human health and illness. the etheric body looks like a luminous web of fine bright lines of force which. when repeated to oneself during meditation. nadis are non-physical.A word or sound which. Nadis . It is ovoid in shape like the astral. To the clairvoyant. It extends two to 3 inches beyond the boundary of the physical body.A form of healing that is mainly associated with the physical and etheric levels. Prana .That part of the personality which dwells below the surface of waking consciousness and which controls automatic human functions. and blood vessels of the body.An energetic state which predisposes the organism to future illness. mental.That branch of science which studies the energetic characteristics of matter at the subatomic level. Miasm . and messages (such as positive or negative affirmations) that subtly affect our internal belief system of our worthiness and self-esteem. and thence to the physical body. Its colour is usually blue-gray to violetgray and it shimmers like heat waves above the earth on hot days.This is the layer of the aura or frequency band located just beyond the astral level. Miasms may be acquired or inherited. punishments. Mental .A synergistic approach which deals with the combined physical. Mantra . but interpenetrates both the lower astral and etheric bodies (levels). Unlike meridians. helps one to achieve a deeper meditative state of consciousness. When properly released. The mental body extends about 3 feet beyond the periphery of the physical body. the emotional (astral). which have physical components. often due to the subtle effects of a particular toxic agent or noxious micro-organism.This is the layer of the aura or frequency band located just beyond the physical.Etheric . It acts as a connecting link between the physical body and the emotional (astral) and mental bodies (fields).The thread-like subtle paths of energy flow from the chakras to the various regions of the physical body.An ancient Hindu or yogic term that refers to the nutritive subtle-energy taken in during breathing. Holistic . Subconscious . whether latent or active. and furnishes the basic pattern according to which the physical body is built. However. 13 . Its most important function is the transfer of subtle energy from the universal field to the individual field. It is subliminally affected by all information taken in by our senses. even when we are not engaged in intellectual pursuits or even consciously thinking. and its energy permeates every experience. Spiritual Healing . Kundalini . in a healthy person. It is the mental dimension that is in constant interplay with the other aspects of the personality throughout life. and is conditioned or programmed by rewards.The creative energy of spiritual illumination which is stored as potential energy within the root or base chakra. Meridian . nerves. but it is considerably larger and less dense. Also referred to as chi or ki. Its colours and quality are good indicators of the individual's interests and mental powers.

that nevertheless makes up part of our personality.A general term that denotes energy that exists outside our physical reality (often referred to as electromagnetic energy). It is here that we possess our higher wisdom. i. Thought-form . Subtle Energy .That part of the higher soul structure.Strong thoughts or emotions produce a manifestation that has an actual energy structure that can be seen clairvoyantly in the auric field. mental and causal bodies. Superconscious . of which we are not usually conscious. the astral. Vibration .e.Subtle Body .Refers to subtle or electromagnetic energy in varying frequencies and amplitudes. 14 . This energy moves at speeds greater than the speed of light. and thus is not bound by the physical laws. the etheric..A term referring to any of the subtle-energy bodies which exist in the higher frequency octaves beyond the physical.

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