 The process of searching for and obtaining applicants for jobs, from among whom the right people can be selected

Purposes and Importance  Determine the present and future requirements  Increase the pool of job candidates at minimum cost  Reduce the probability of employee turn over  Increase the success rate of the selection process  Increase organizational and individual’s effectiveness .

EFFECTS • Positive Recruitment Process – Attract highly qualified and competent people – Ensure that the selected candidates stay longer with the company – Make sure that there is match between cost and benefit – Help the firm create more culturally diverse work-force .

• Negative Recruitment Process – – – – Failure to generate qualified applicants There is no match between cost and benefit Extra cost on training and supervision Increases the entry level pay scales .

External Factors Supply and Demand Unemployment rate Labor market Political-social Sons of soil Image Internal Factors Recruitment Policy HRP Size of the firm Cost Growth and Expansion Recruitment .

RECRUITMENT PROCESS • • • • • Planning Strategy development Searching Screening Evaluation and control .

20 30 40 200 2000 Offers/Acceptance (3:2) Interviews/Offers (4:3) Screening/Invites (5:1) Contacts/Screens (10:1) .

• • • • STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT Make Or Buy Technological sophistication Where to look How to look – Internal Recruitment • Present Employees • Employee Referrals • Former Employees • Previous Applicants .

External Recruitment • • • • • • • • • • • Professional Trade associations Advertisements Employment exchanges College / University / Institute placement services Walk-ins and Write-ins Consultants Contractors Displaced persons Radio and Television Acquisitions & Mergers Competitors .

Recruiting – – – – • • Screening Directing potential hires to skill assessment Conduct background checks Interview through video conferencing Cost savings . resumes. internet access is a must.E . more e mails.Speed enhancement . Geographical reach Unqualified candidates may appear. .

External Recruitment – Disadvantages Better morale and motivation associated with internal recruiting is denied to the organization It is costly Chances of creeping in false positive and fake negative errors Adjustment of new employees to the organizational culture takes longer time – Advantages • Benefits of new skills. jealousies and heartburn are avoided • • • • . new talents and new experiences to organization • Compliance with reservation policy is easy • Scope for resentment.

.job specification advertisements. • Cost of advertisement • Cost of producing supporting literature • Recruitment overheads & administrative expenses • Cost of overtime & outsourcing .liaison etc.EVALUATION & CONTROL • Salaries for Recruiters • Management & professional time spent on preparing job description.

PHILOSOPHIES OF RECRUITING • Traditional philosophy – to get as many people to apply for a job as possible • Waiting in queues • Job dissatisfaction & employee turnover • Emphasis is on matching the needs of the organization to the needs of the applicants • Minimize employee turnover & enhance satisfaction .

REALISTIC JOB PREVIEWS • Provides complete job related information to the applicants so that they can make right decision before taking up jobs • Lower rate of employee turnover • High level of job satisfaction & performance • Beneficial for organizations hiring at the entry level .

JOB COMPATIBILITY QUESTIONNAIRE • To determine applicants preference for work match the characteristics of the job • Greater the compatibility of applicants preferences & characteristics of the job greater the probability of employee effectiveness & longer the tenure • 400 item instrument • Measures job factor related to performance.satisfaction turnover and absenteeism .

When demand for product peaks .Need to pay double wages .ALTERNATIVES TO RECRUITMENT • Because of the cost of recruiting OVERTIME .It results in Fatigue.additional income for employee . increased accidents & more absenteeism .

Often called Staff outsourcing .Easy access to experienced labour .DISADVANTAGE.EMPLOYEE LEASING .Flexibility in future .Do not know the work culture of the firm .Low labour costs .Useful to small & medium sized firms TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT .

.SELECTION DEFINITION: It is the process of differentiating between applicants in order to identify (and hire) those with a greater likelihood of success in a job.

training. • False negative error: Costs associated difficult to estimate .transfer or terminating the service of employee. Costs of replacing an employee with a fresh one-hiring.OUTCOMES OF SELECTION DECISION • • • • Mainly four different types True positive True negative False positive error: Results in cost for training . and replacement.

SELECTION PROCESS EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT REJECTED APPLICANTS Preliminary interview Selection tests Employment interview References and background analysis Selection decision Physical examination Job offer Employment contract Evaluation .

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS • EXTERNAL Supply and demand in labour market Unemployment rate Legal and political considerations Company’s image • INTERNAL Company’s policy Cost of hiring .

SELECTION TESTS TYPES: • Ability. • Polygraph tests • Medical tests . aptitude and personality tests. • Interest and graphology tests.

It becomes a daunting task when selection.Selection Decision • • • The most critical of all steps Final decision is made after tests interviews and reference checks. . many job-seekers lined for final • HR Manager and Line Manager play a crucial here.

Appointee is also required to obtain a relieving certificate. . Their application can be preserved for future use. if any.Job Offer • Job offer is made through a letter of Appointment( when to report on duty ) • • • • Appointee should be give reasonable time for reporting. Decency demands that rejected applicants should be informed.

Reassuring the non selected candidate. .Barriers for Effective Selection • • • • • Perception Fairness Validity Reliability Pressure Evaluation and Conclusion of Selection Programme: . .An Audit for evaluation.

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