Term 3 Cub Scout Meetings

Week #


Cub Scout Badge Progress

All Arrows & Akela Health Trooper / World Water Badge All Arrows & Akela First Aid

Consent Form Needed?

To bring Donation Draw proceeds For those who attended the respective workshops


29-Jun Written Tests Cub Scout Badge Progress

No No Yes Yes

To bring Donation Draw proceeds



First Aid Training Cub Scout Challenge (Singapore Scout Association) Deadline for Submission of Donation Draw Proceeds

Only for selected cub scouts To bring Donation Draw proceeds


13-Jul First Aid Station Testing First Aid Climber All Arrows & Akela No Written Test Crime Prevention National Day School Holiday PSLE Oral Exams Teacher's Day Celebration Teacher's Day School Holiday Yes CCA ends at 5 pm Aqua Fiesta

4 5

20-Jul 27-Jul

NO CCA Rock Climbing Visit to Neighbourhood Police Post



7 8 9 10

10-Aug NO CCA 17-Aug NO CCA 24-Aug NO CCA 31-Aug NO CCA

Note to all Cub Scouts:
Please be reminded that you should be in your scout uniform before you enter the venue for our meetings. You should also bring your log book and your cub scout badge progress record book with you for each session.
Please note that the above is subjected to changes.
Updated on:11/7/2012

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