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Eyelet Chevron Wrap Crochet Pattern

Eyelet Chevron Wrap Crochet Pattern

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Published by: Ecoyarns.com.au on Jul 11, 2012
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Materials: 3 each of


PAKUCHO 100% organic cotton Dark Green Forest Sage Cream Pima Cafe Chocolate

4.5mm or 5.0mm Crochet Hook. This Eyelet Chevron pattern, a series of regular peaks and valleys, is worked with a repetition of 3 rows of each colour. Colour sequence is as above from Dark Green to Chocolate, then back to Dark Green. It takes approx 1 ball of 50g ea to make 6 rows. TO BEGIN PROJECT: Make a chain of 108. STEP 1 Skip first 2 chains(as 1st tr), *1tr into each of next 3ch, 1tr-2ch-1tr (PEAK) into next ch, 3tr, skip 2ch(VALLEY), 3tr *; rep from * to * until last 4ch, 1tr-2ch-1tr into next ch, 3 tr into next 3 ch, turn. STEP 2 Ch2 (as 1st tr), 1tr into first tr, 1tr into each of next 2tr, * (1tr-2ch-1 tr) into 2ch sp, 1tr into each of next 3tr, skip 2tr, 1tr into each next 3tr *; repeat from * to * until last 4tr, 1tr-2ch-1tr, 1tr in next 3, turn. Repeat row 2, changing yarn color after every 4th row. Continue until desired length.

Eyelet Chevron Wrap
By Yazmina-Michele de Gaye Intermediate Crochet

Display it as an elegant throw or wrap yourself up in the delicious soft cotton.

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